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Anonym May 15
Even in the crowd of people
I'm feeling so lonely,
It seems like every where is evil,
I'm falling in obscurity slowly.

I feel nothing,
I feel everything,
And that's all in the same time,
And that's how I feel it all the time.

I'm so tired of living,
I know I am nothing,
Who belong to no one,
Who don't know how to have a fun.

Here's no place in the world for me,
And I even don't know who I want to be,
No chasing for my future living,
I don't have a think who I'm being.

I'm walking down at streets in the loneliness,
In awareness that I'm truly ******* mess,
Some people have a god bless,
But I'm cursed, I guess.

I'm wearing the eyeglasses and the jacket with color of the darkest night,
The sky is middle of purple and blue,
It's a little bit cold, 'cause the sun isn't still bright as it might,
I try to think straight, but I'm ******* crazy and have this clue.
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Nat Lipstadt Apr 10
bless the parents

who grow their worry lines,
a slow etching upon their face,
every night, a fractional addition,
what will the future hold for the children,
wandering tween wondering and wonderful

I am among the parental plenitude, who
struck a deal with the authorities of life,
pleading, demanding, coercing, begging,
take my years excess, give it to the children,
and spare them famine, thirst, war, sickness...

give them children, and spare them too the worry,
ban those crinkled lines, provision only smooth faces,
never let them never wonder, the accursed how,
will they be alright, & let them read this poem,
and laughing ask the surrounding atmosphere

whatever made the old man write such nonsense?

April 10th 2021 @5:38 AM
By small and simple acts and ways
Our futures come to pass
And so we ought to choose today
The ways that bless at last

For time speeds by and races on
And seeds we’ve planted grow
Then let’s arise each waking dawn
And act on what we know

Small and simple will often lead
To great and glorious things
So set good habits with all speed
And watch the wealth this brings

Dream big indeed, and make a start
Small steps will do just fine
Leverage time - it’s just plain smart
And works with laws divine

Let “small and simple” work in you
Develop heart and mind
Then confidently follow through
And live what you’ve designed
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By small and simple things, great things are often brought to pass.  Dream big.  Dream very big.  Then take concrete (and sometimes small) steps toward your dreams.

This is Prosperity Poem 115 - and I simply do one poem per week.  Time takes care of the rest.  Commit to positive habits, and time will take care of your future!
rig Feb 26
thank you so
god bless you
but which one
Idklove Dec 2020
Poetry is the blessing 
Like a girl standing under the sky full of stars
Tell all the truth
Just right in front of me
And kissed me 
Hold my hand until I recognize her touch 
Down to my core
Sergio Gonzalez Sep 2020
There’s something in your eyes
That yells out to my soul
I tried to reach perfection
Only to end up on the down low

I missed the point of living life
Living more than material things
More than the chase of hopeless love
Past all the little things

Past the bad moments in life
I tried to find an answer,
To the emptiness in my heart  
Sometimes I wish God could talk back to me
But in the good moments
I’d ignore every single advice given to me

We are all alone
But that’s not necessarily bad
It’s in these moments
Where we find the answer
To who we truly are

To find your peace
Time is a blessing
So use it wisely
I hope you take these words with gravity
Moomin Jun 2020
If I pray for peace
Then God would have to change the minds of half the world
If I prayed for health
Then I would not be responsible for how I live
If I prayed for success
Then I would become just another master with slaves or fans
If I prayed for wealth
Then I would not be content with God's gifts
But if I prayed for wisdom
Then I would know what to pray for

“Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth, as it is in Heaven” - Jesus Christ
JC May 2020
To you I pray
In this time of decay
So normal days may come someday
To you I pray everyday
For the bad things to go away
But I don't want to disobey
So to you I trust my day to day
And trust that it will all go away
To you I pray.
Praying is all i can do during this pandemic, so lets pray together and trust we will be heard.
Dr Zik Mar 2020
We are happy with You
O my Lord!  Bless us
Dr Zik's Poetry
A beautiful Ziket
Hi to all my friends and sorry for coming late.
Actually I was busy in travelling.
22 March, 2020
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