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Ripples in a slow river, lazy,
Flowing down time for thee,
All the nostalgic memories,
Ghosts of the survivors, yes,
Living in our hearts to bless,
Then we'll all fade away into space,
Floating away in the ripples of grace.....
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Steve Page Sep 15
And when you BLESS
Be prayerful,
careful to be mindful
that God's presence is vital
if actions are to be blessful.

And when you bless
just stopping and sitting
signals that you're willing
to be hearing
while your tongue stays stilling.

And when you bless
yes feast over several courses,
invest is slower morsels,
be someone who pauses
to hear other people's stories.

And when you bless
and not just in church,
but with imaginative verve
serve all of your neighbours
even those who are homeless.

And when you bless
yes dare to bare
a little of your story,
more of the messy history
that brought you here.

And, less you think
that you might have impressed,
be mindful that
we all put on our pants
one leg at a time
when we're each getting dressed, yes
we all equally need
God's ever forgiving kiss
so with no eye on who's looking
- just BLESS.
Notes from a Sunday sermon.   Love a good acronym
a mill
lies on
this street
then these
colors are
sweet by
the shifts
that bind
those sheets
willfully blessed
in their
must kind
of wheat
now it
fed the
mush in
their *****
a mill of bleeds
Kamilla Jun 10
nearness which draws out a familiar comfort
nearness which blesses me,
my quivering fingertips, grazing glittering ivory
just a hint of your curves
just a tease of your gentle arch
First I am the architect
Using matter, pure and fine
I make the life that I intend
But in pattern, and design

Second, I am the builder
Taking steps to make it real
Shaping matter to my form
I create my life ideal

Then third, I am the owner
Using all I’ve built, with cheer
This is what I’ve labored for
I’ll enjoy life while I’m here

Then fourth, I am the teacher
Sharing truths that help and bless
Truth One: You are the architect
Of the pattern you express
This is prosperity poem 34 - you can see it on a background here -
Bless me not with
Rings and things!

Oh, bless me not
With wealth!

Bless me not with
Pow’r of kings!

But bless me by

…For anything
That tempteth

Mine heart away
From Love –

Yea, life itself
To part with! –

If rest not but

God is everywhere around us.
God helps us and guide us.
God is in everything, in flower, in wind, in the air. God everywhere. God bring us a bless, happiness and calmness. God it is patience, God it's acceptence. God it's a gift we all have inside us.
When I was a kid always thought whatever would
ever be abused as a child
didn't really give a
Didn't think I had much
of a future, you see not really much going for
me abuse turned me Into a recluse
Its Helen that turned my life around gave me confidence that I never had for twenty with Helen
I lived the
Had no confidence as a kid through child abuse never
had confidence or believe
In myself
So caught up by the world
     And its cares
But ye shall seek God
     Thy Kingdom above
And remember,

     From worldly things
          You must be free

So caught up by the world
     And its dares
But ye shall seek God
     Thy Kingdom abide
And remember,

     Thy grace and love is
          More than enough

So seek it!
Be blessed! So God bless you and those around you! And everyone! This has a part 2
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