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There’s something in your eyes
That yells out to my soul
I tried to reach perfection
Only to end up on the down low

I missed the point of living life
Living more than material things
More than the chase of hopeless love
Past all the little things

Past the bad moments in life
I tried to find an answer,
To the emptiness in my heart  
Sometimes I wish God could talk back to me
But in the good moments
I’d ignore every single advice given to me

We are all alone
But that’s not necessarily bad
It’s in these moments
Where we find the answer
To who we truly are

To find your peace
Time is a blessing
So use it wisely
I hope you take these words with gravity
Tonight **** everybody I'm praying for my own
The ones who are with me
Who wish me well
Those thinking of me
Praying for me
Sending blessings in my way
Please lord bless them too
And after you bless them
Bless them twice
I told them I am alright
They always checking on me
Wishing me well
Today I'm returning the favor
**** everybody
I dont need anybody
I need somebody
Praying for me
Because I am praying for you too.
I hope you praying for me
Moomin Jun 1
If I pray for peace
Then God would have to change the minds of half the world
If I prayed for health
Then I would not be responsible for how I live
If I prayed for success
Then I would become just another master with slaves or fans
If I prayed for wealth
Then I would not be content with God's gifts
But if I prayed for wisdom
Then I would know what to pray for

“Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth, as it is in Heaven” - Jesus Christ
JC May 12
To you I pray
In this time of decay
So normal days may come someday
To you I pray everyday
For the bad things to go away
But I don't want to disobey
So to you I trust my day to day
And trust that it will all go away
To you I pray.
Praying is all i can do during this pandemic, so lets pray together and trust we will be heard.
Dr zik Mar 22
We are happy with You
O my Lord!  Bless us
Dr Zik's Poetry
A beautiful Ziket
Hi to all my friends and sorry for coming late.
Actually I was busy in travelling.
22 March, 2020
Bullet Mar 17
Flower from light
Grow from water
Learn from wind
Die from peace

Bloom baby blue
The age is our shine
The color we find from roots
Rest our soul in the dugout

You are beautiful bless your art
Lay down and spread peace
Seeds will grown from underneath
You are beautiful bless your heart
Oh , to experience,
all I can remember ,
Oh, to hold the subconscious knowledge of all
that has passed through my life , I forget.

To wonder , or to just be oblivious,
to wander . or to search for home

Learning how to Learn again
how to accept all as a blessing in amends
smile upon any day
regarding how it went
Bryce Feb 19
Do not ask me to recite poetry,
nay, not with grape in my veins--

Do not ask me to proofread truth
as the rocks
or the water I drink in my cupped hands

I am a father of simple
child of no one
brother of singing voice
son of music

I am but acids
tripping on acid

i am but time
tripping on seconds

I am but stone
with electric current
reciting current events
eventually distinguished

but not for me
not for these
or time
not mine

this is the curse of poets
the curse of 23 followers
and counting

the liars of open scheme
and dying rhyme

i am the last scream
that bathes in obscene
and truthful
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