Poetress2 Jan 2
I met an old man,
at the park yesterday;
Although he was quiet,
he had much to say.
I sat down beside him,
this one with no coat;
My heart, truly touched,
as he shook in the cold.
He appeared to be hungry,
it was simply a hunch;
For he watched me intently,
as I ate my sack lunch.
I held out my sandwich,
to offer him some;
His reply was, "No thank you,
I've more than enough."
I was puzzled at first,
so I asked what he meant;
"Everything that I have,
has been Heaven sent.
I gave my own lunch,
to a poor, hungry child;
And the look on her face,
put on mine a huge smile.
I watched a young man,
shake in the cold;
So I gladly gave him,
my warm, winters' coat.
To a family of five,
who had not a home;
I was able to bless them,
when I gave them my own."
I sat in still wonderment,
on that icy, park bench;
As I then understood,
what at first he had meant.
I then realized,
this man I just met;
Was full of ***'s love,
was truly *** sent.
Poetress2 Dec 2018
Please bless the children,
all children everywhere;
Those who have full closets,
those who've nothing to wear.
Those who have warm beds,
those who sleep on the floor;
Those who receive attention,
those who are ignored.
Those who have full tummies,
those who hunger inside;
Those who know what love is,
those who are denied.
Those who laugh and play,
those who never smile;
Those who have sweet dreams,
those who's dreams defile.
Those with lots of love,
those who never feel;
Those who are quite healthy,
those who are quite ill.
Bless the little children,
where ever they may be;
Bless the little children,
bless them, if you please.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
"Oh how my poetry as Improved through help
and kindness of all on
this site So much Insperation
write even more poetry
have gained so much by
reading the poetry of my fellow Poets friends on
this site
You are all helping so much with my griefing sure have up and down days,
But I'm becoming a much stronger person thanks you guys
so I like take opportunity to thank each and every one of you, and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas And Happy NewYear
Bless you all Johnny
Written as a thank you to all at Hello Poetry for being here for me In time of need
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Incredible new friends, I've found through this
site, I have discovered friends that without this site and the wonders of
Technologies that being
the Internet
I would never
have known any of this
and would have missed out an opportunity to know all you lovely kind people and to read all their poems and stories very big thanks to you all you're like a family to me love you all
bless all of you
Kindest regards Johnny
Just a few words to express my true feeling towards all the kindness shown to me by all of you which mean so very much to me you'll all helping so much with my griefing bless each and every one of you
Gods1son Nov 2018
I had to allow some things go away
For better things to come my way
I (almost) cried for some things that I had to give
But the pain is nothing compared to what I received
Letting go creates room for more to come
Giving is like a seed planted
that becomes fruits to be harvested
It's only in the dictionary where
Reward comes before sacrifice!
ChildofGodyay Nov 2018
Hopes and dreams.
Shunned before my eyes.
Put out by cold fingers.
Lost in time.
White walls, repeated calls, weeping white walls stared straight back at me.
And loneliness was all I see.
How one took in biscuits and cups of tea for acquaintances.
And tears told bedtime stories to lonely ones.
And if time permits, their families would come and take a look.
Only to meet another tear.

But, maybe hopes and dreams still survived, and tears are not the end of bedtime stories.
To cause urgency and to cause me to love.
And if time permits, maybe one can be set free.
Behind those dull walls lay lives to be changed and eyes to be opened.
Only if time permits.  
Maybe this place isn’t so hopeless after all.
:) hope you all have a blessed week ahead!
Remember to pray and to spend time with *** whenever you can :)
Henry Brooke Oct 2018
I'm writing to make you smile

hoping you, reading, understands
Im really eager to give out an open hand and hug you

Hello Poetry Reader its nice to meet you!
Weve never met yet, but give me the shape or form you want, Im your mother and you father, your kin and friend. And Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

I sense unlimited talent in you,
did you know we are all quite like gods ?

Yet we are so small
were tall.

Im a young person from Europe irl,
wishing to make you happy.

Im not religious, this is my prayer for you.

Ive never done this, but it feels so good wishing you the best.

You should try it too.

I wanted to write a poem,
but was in one of those moods where
you have the title out before the body.
A Head-only beast.

At least here it is.

I wish you happyness!

See you around,


wanted to try somthing new.

ChildofGodyay Oct 2018
stop using your freedom as something to cover-up the evil you are doing or have been doing.
its like using a song filled with life to cover-up death.
what. a. waste.
what a pity that such a thing would be used so wrongly.
its so selfish and evil, to make use of this free gift that Jesus suffered persecution, mocking, being looked down upon, being called a demon, and to die to give to you freely, to use it to cover it up for the knives you placed on someone's back, or the bullet you shot, with the body in a sack.
what a shame.

what a shame.

why don't you use that freedom, when the chains are gone, to give *** what he deserves. All respect, All honour, All praise, All worship, All you have.  Your life.  And use that freedom to share the Gospel, so that Jesus could free their chains too through you.

its a shame many, many of us, and even me, would do such a thing.
forgive us Lord.
we have forsaken you, and abandoned you...
this is probably not a poem but meh.
1 Peter 2:16
Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants for ***.

*** bless yall!!
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