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Maria Etre Aug 23
A (b)old
heart **(l)ds
more courag(e)
and (s)atiates
more mind(s)
for knowle(d)ge
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
Nicky Aug 9
And there she sat with her little black cat and her cauldron of herbs and spices
Book of shadows in hand, perfect spell planned, her magical aura entices

So it be, good luck she'll see, taking her darkness away
Bless her soul, keep her whole, lead her to brighter days
And into the universe it goes, energy far and wide
Patience needed, till the spell has succeeded and on happier days she'll ride
Devine Freyde Jul 27
I am me
You are you
Let me be
You have no clue

Stop talking like you understand
I'm tired of swimming toward your dreams
I can hear my heart stop beating
Drowning in my own feelings
A shattered mind lost in sand
Catastrophe appears on my screens

But i'm no ***
No one in particular
The most ordinary thing
Full of aspirations
And colors

I'm not going back to the corner
I'm gonna run farther
I'm gonna make it better

The fire ignites
The ocean send its waves
Raw emotion spilled into motion
It's not broken it's golden

Why should i listen to others
When i own the colors
It's not only a caption
It's satisfaction

All the beautiful colors
Took a long time to show
I do not fear it
I do not hate it

I'm proud
I'm shining colors
You can never see
JV Lance May 25
Life is not totally happy
It is not as easy to say easy
Or it could not be like a taffy
That is so sweet and tasty

Because life is full of mystery
That it can happened a day
And you cannot escape away
But you need to face your way

Like a cloud in the sky
Sometimes it could be hazy
Just go in a side to cry
And let it in to fall and dry

If you feel failed to try
Don’t worry, we will still lucky!
‘coz He will help us in everyday
And that is our Almighty.
Psalm 37:5 "Commit your way to the Lord. Trust in Him, and He will act."
Tim Mahon May 2
Get out of here
Can ya hear?
Get out there
Life ain't fair,
Life's a fair.
People running ‘round with no emotion do not care
Splitting up the money, Bernie Sanders, get your share
20,17 LGBT the love is in the air
Take a deeper breath because the oxygen is just not there.
Cops performing routine stops
Druggies performing knockout drops
Presidents older than triceratops
These ***** are dropping like stocks
Stocking the ballet box
Like an unorthodox Goldilocks paradox,
Like a Manchester protester avoiding his arrester by
Throwing rocks at the child molester.
This world, hurled into a mess a sin,
You gotta guess who to bless
When they press us in.
Yes we win
Unless they oppress children.
We will express distress like PETA and animal skin.
These streets ain't safe anymore
Gang recruitment at age 4.
You should no more and know your
Liberties that we fought for.
In that field the opportunities it did yield.
We acknowledge that college provides more knowledge
But turn a blind eye the the diabolic alcoholic,
I don't know why,
I don't know how,
I'm standing in front this large crowd.

I close my eyes and I squeeze her hand,
As I stand on the the land where I've been banned.
The executioner stands with scythe in hand
As he cuts the rope according up plan.
I float above ground uncrowned and ******.
Our society is jumbled, just like this poem. We are persecuted for voicing beliefs and in the same sentence told to be tolerant of others.
Xaha Apr 18
I thought I found comfort in the hollow of your chest
But baby these feelings
Are too hard a test.
I can’t forget your past -
Can’t separate it from mine.
We’re bound together
By fragments of time.
When your heart was at peace
And your mind was at rest
And I lay at your side
I felt truly blessed.
But it always interfered -
This uninvited guest.
I should’ve known Better.
I should’ve at least Guessed.
Vexren4000 Mar 29
Warmth of sunlight,
Radiating from sunbeams,
Pouring down upon the winter frozen lands,
Signaling spring to come,
And bless the land with flowers.

People come

If I speak
I always get connected
Though they have,
Nothing to do with it
I always get,
Connected through heart

Then I,
Start to dream
within the dream I invite them
secure place to stay
expecting much comfort, i hope them to feel

The journey begins
I get much connected
Though they may have,
Nothing to do with it.

At one point, dream stops
They move on,
I try to move

They say goodbye
Literally I don't know, what to do
without returning, last bye
I carry them in memory

Stay blessed
What I wish,
I wish my good memory
Somewhere it may be you

Even after.
Genre: Love
Theme: Journey of togetherness.
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