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Let scarlet feathers go
as love does exiled too
One hundred leagues
One hundred Roman feet
One hundred prosody

For Augustus' dreams
condemns me treacherously
and I cannot breathe
Each gasp for life is death
Each death a new stanza

Let scarlet feathers go
as love does in exile, too
across white cloudy fields
beneath the asphalt sea
Let scarlet feathers go free
Ovid's Cure is certainly poetry
I see a candle
Losing its flame
Losing strength
With every drop
Of the pouring rain

Others see it and pity its demise
While others murmur
Judging what it did so wrong

No one will ever understand your problems
Because no one will ever be you

I wish I could solve your problems
But who am I,
To cure you

But when the waves come against you
Don’t falter
Because you’re more resilient
Than you’ll ever know

I’m looking for comfort
In all the wrong places
I’m searching for comfort
In all the wrong times
I try to find my happiness
To patch this hole in my chest
Never mind the cost of time
You don't even love me, o you don't even care. When we are together, I can't tell if you're even there; I reach out for your hand, but you pull away.

You don't even love me, o you don't even care. My eyes begin to water then I hear you say. "Ty, be a man and put away those tears. Or are you still a boy, even after all of these years?"

No amount of wisdom could have made me prepared... to wake up in the morning and realise that you weren't here. You said that we'll be together forever, so did forever end yesterday? Does the end of forever, begin an eternity of pain?

You don't even love me, o you don't even care. Yet I'm still wishing that you were here; you're the cause and cure of my heartache.
Maybe if you were here, I'd be able to smile all the same.
Hammad Dec 2020
While world hovers
uncertainty and hope
Distancing is the new Cure
Dave Robertson Dec 2020
Sunday night
fever dreams grip
as Monday sneaks its sickness in,

The working week, an ague
of shivered sweats and broken thought
without the salve of your talk,
your medicinal tongue

Longer days hide Friday night
and recovery
GQ James Dec 2020
The symptoms of pcos are endless,
It causes many issues for the ovaries,
There's no cure for this but there need to be one,
It makes it harder for her to get pregnant,
It makes it harder for her Emotionally,
It makes it harder for her Mentally.

God has the last say in all of this,
Don't worry for those who suffer from this,
I know it's painful and draining,
Don't give up on having children,
It may be difficult but it's not impossible,
Never knew much about this,
But wanted to speak about it.

Many women are battling with this,
It can be easy but in due it will get easier,
Hang in there and keep the faith,
God has the last say not the doctors,
Anything is possible through the grace of God,
Miracles happen everyday.

The anxiety and depression can get the best of you,
Hold on to your faith,
Stay prayed up,
The symptoms will have you Emotional,
But there's nothing you can,
This is a test so just keep fighting,
God will see this through.
s Nov 2020
You're my malady
You're my cure
When you cause me pain,
I wait
I know you'll find a way
To make me smile again.
Love can be a person
A person can be love
Love can be an illness that leaves a note
That the person you love is the antidote
Orakhal Nov 2020
places ruly afflict just cause
lie sanctified unyielding defiant deliberate
charged to a million suns set forth on lights white fire impeach
aspired desperate disfigured and dignified to all most boastful delinquence desire stolen secure relentless to graw clammer and clout pulling breaches stalk iron chest to chalice and grail.

silver mercy flakes barron mould ascent on bony spines charm
spell callous minds avarice bewitched harbour unforseen,
heckle at the foot heels dying emporium

ruins tailment elemental laments servile to serpent repertoires repent
reel rush electric thru bloods furious vein
flush nerve flow once stung to phallics blackened bee hive
now sweet suckle to babes lips honey comb
tickle throne to snakes hiss kiss at queens heat
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
Love is a cure
Still don't overdose

Fatal it is
Genre: Mininalist
Theme: Acknowledging Human History
Author's Note: Someday it'll make a sense
Hammad Oct 2020
The world has turned
upside down,
distancing - is the new norm,
We are not supposed
to shake hands - anymore
The Paranoia has the world
In its claws,
Survivors are quarantining - at home,
and fear is running
through our veins
but we don't really need
millions of vaccines
that I am Sure
if we could just
have "A Contagious Cure"
that we pass it on
like a Virus...
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