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Moomin May 20
If each of us could share a little piece of your pain
The way we share your love
We would
If we could endure for you
To give you gentle rest
We would
Yet no darkness can overwhelm your light
No amount of pain or tears can change you
You have taken what this dying world deals out
And you keep your integrity
I have seen forever
And touched the newest day of hope
And I want with all my heart
To share it with you
I wish you sunlight on your golden hair
And new warm winds on your gentle face
I wish you laughter in your baited breath
And sweet hope in your heart
For this cage won't hold you for long
And you will not always hurt
Yet you will always be loved
And you will always be
For my beloved daughter - Rachel, who endures a lifelong illness
Moomin May 3
This wretched woman's time had come
To reconcile her sins and pains  
Her own blood had become her cage
As spirit dripped from her sweet frame

She yearned to reach out and adore
To exorcize her scarlet foe
And find a rare and blessed relief
That only this man could bestow

Her breath in gasps, her heart aflame
She gently negotiates the crowd
Until she spies salvation's form
His garment whiter than the clouds  

With secret prayer she extends her hand
And gently grasps his flowing gown
Desperate that he does not
Notice her and turn around

For this moment she has lived
Enduring lonesome misery
Till hope appeared in prophet form
And a promise that could set her free

But as she knelt with hand gripped tight
The garment's owner sensed her touch
And turned to gaze upon her plight
And stooped and smiled and raised her up

His face ablaze with love and joy
Her spirit soared and her heart did swell
As he praised her courage and her faith
And told her they had made her well

The Christ had conquered blood and pain
And other times the sightless eyes
Had calmed the storm and eased the rain
And even death his will despised

He taught patience and mercy true
To trust in God to set things right
And forgive those who learn to hate
And cease from anger and it's fight

He made no riches, nor praises sought
But humbled he at others feet  
Rejected men's sad power games
And thus selfishness did defeat

Today this world acclaims his name
And sings his praises publicly
Two billion followers know his words
And call us “Christianity”  

Yet, if this world's “Christian” lands
Are grasping Jesus' garment tight
Then why is peace so far away
And nations ready or the fight?

For not prince of politics is Jesus Lord
or king of fury thus unleashed
But for grace and God's own glory
Is he the blessed “Prince of Peace”
John Tan Sep 2018
Face your demons
Don’t drown them with alcohol
There’s no point in doing that
Deep down, you know
It’s only going to make them stronger

Acknowledge your wounds
Don’t try to hide them
There’s no point in doing that
Deep down, you know
You’re only delaying the healing process

You will struggle
You will tumble
When you do
But then you will see that
The only way out is through
All the viruses come out of human beings

Only if we could stop them with just a change in perspective of seeing

These viruses completely make our visual senses foggy

But we only realise it when the cereals get  soggy

That’s when u realize u are at the edge of your life

Having a constant threat of an attack with a knife

You still take risks and try to find the cure

And then realise that you’re extremely unsure

That’s how our life works with all the threats and risks

Until you sit down and enjoy the crisps
this is a poem about how viruses define our life and how life gives us new opportunities with risks and how we need to enjoy even the smallest moments in life
jules kerleen Apr 18
i’ve fallen in love
in the most wonderful, perfect and loving way with the person that simply lights up my soul
he just makes me happy in ways that i’ve never felt before i met him

but he doesn’t love me back
it’s unrequited love
how tragically romantic
he’s always confused and i know that he’s just saying that because he feels bad and I can’t do anything about that at all

there’s no way to change how another person feels
and I, in some way, just have to accept my fate that I will have to go through a heartbreak to slowly and surely let him go
that’s just a way of life.

but all the nights, all the days, all the memories that I’ve truly lived through, that I’ve grown through, they can’t just go away
someone can’t just fall out of love
Devin Ortiz Apr 16
Unreality had started to set in for weeks now.
And all the while knowing a simple sentence could cure;
I ran from the words that I feared to conjure.

Today I thought of the might of the pen.
While stronger than the sword, its duty is at its end.
Most of my writing is on screens and keyboards.
How many generations before its metaphorical might,
Is something that new writers lose sight?

These days, I visualize all words written, as reality's stitching.
A way to dress the wounds of waiting.
A way to hide from a world of my making.
Amanda Apr 15
Cradle my body
Hold me close
Need your love
Another dose
Touch is just like medicine
Better when I breathe you in

Heal wounds with your kiss
Transform pain into pure bliss
Sadness makes me cough and choke
You're the fastest working antidote
You are the medicine for my pain
The Key
That locks
The Door

With the same key
The Door
Genre: Observational
Theme: Solutions ||Vaccine
|| In the background of COVID-19
solfang Apr 2
this feeling
you did not want;
this feeling
that was once mine,
deformed over time;
this feeling,
warped and wrecked,
this feeling,
stomped and threaded;
this feeling,
has no cure,
this feeling,
it hurts for sure.
feeling sad
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