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Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Love is a pain!
End of the day
found the cure
that too was love!
TheGardenOfWords Dec 2021
Bones decayed
Muscle & skin flayed

Near decade long agony endured
Endless wait for no remedy procured

Persons laugh and gibe
Hellions unable to repent or apologize

Lovers leave or never give a chance
"Meeting you was an unfortunate circumstance"

21 years of life lived
Nothing but difficult and destructive
Thought my first proper poem on here should be about myself
Wilkes Arnold Oct 2021
As a child I was told to take shelter in a storm.
"Wait for danger to pass, where it's safe and it's warm."
Was the plea sent down wet steps and the outmatched door
To chase my staccato strides.
I'd lose it, if I could help it,
In puddle waves and wind-whipped tides
Over rocky shores and steep divides
Then stroll down the lane with thunderstorms n' hurricanes.
While the sky cracked with tension and the red oaks strained,
I never felt small nor ever afraid,
Of the forceful rumbles their limbs obeyed,
I felt alive n' emboldened by every squall
Raised higher and higher by the climatic cure-all
Until I could meet it face to face n' eye to eye
And hold its gaze, as though it were mine,
Until the blackened-beaten town and the next day's fight
Seemed bold but inviting, a blinding light.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2021
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep...

I'm as Scared As You
Hidden in The Upstairs Room
One Hundred Years
And A Thousand Hours
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

Please sing me a Lullaby
One of Faith and Doubt
Or of How Beautiful You Are

Dream with me One More Time
Underneath the Stars
On A Night Like This
Far removed from The Empty World

Maybe Someday
We'll be free To Wish Impossible Things
Like Dressing Up in our finest and dancing
Where the Birds Always Sing
Or picking Bloodflowers
On The Last Day of Summer

It would be Just Like Heaven...
All song titles are by The Cure.

In response to BLT's "Band Challenge." The challenge is to construct a poem using song titles from one band or musical artist.

Jamadhi Verse's "I Will Follow" inspired me this morning.
Anthony Pierre Apr 2021
Let scarlet feathers go
as love does exiled too
One hundred leagues
One hundred Roman feet
One hundred prosody

For Augustus' dreams
condemns me treacherously
and I cannot breathe
Each gasp for life is death
Each death a new stanza

Let scarlet feathers go
as love does in exile, too
across white cloudy fields
beneath the asphalt sea
Let scarlet feathers go free
Ovid's Cure is certainly poetry
Sergio Gonzalez Feb 2021
I see a candle
Losing its flame
Losing strength
With every drop
Of the pouring rain

Others see it and pity its demise
While others murmur
Judging what it did so wrong

No one will ever understand your problems
Because no one will ever be you

I wish I could solve your problems
But who am I,
To cure you

But when the waves come against you
Don’t falter
Because you’re more resilient
Than you’ll ever know

I’m looking for comfort
In all the wrong places
I’m searching for comfort
In all the wrong times
I try to find my happiness
To patch this hole in my chest
Never mind the cost of time
Him Feb 2021
You don't even love me, o you don't even care. When we are together, I can't tell if you're even there; I reach out for your hand, but you pull away.

You don't even love me, o you don't even care. My eyes begin to water then I hear you say. "Ty, be a man and put away those tears. Or are you still a boy, even after all of these years?"

No amount of wisdom could have made me prepared... to wake up in the morning and realise that you weren't here. You said that we'll be together forever, so did forever end yesterday? Does the end of forever, begin an eternity of pain?

You don't even love me, o you don't even care. Yet I'm still wishing that you were here; you're the cause and cure of my heartache.
Maybe if you were here, I'd be able to smile all the same.
Hammad Dec 2020
While world hovers
uncertainty and hope
Distancing is the new Cure
Dave Robertson Dec 2020
Sunday night
fever dreams grip
as Monday sneaks its sickness in,

The working week, an ague
of shivered sweats and broken thought
without the salve of your talk,
your medicinal tongue

Longer days hide Friday night
and recovery
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