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I don't even know your name,
But I think I know something of
The state of your soul,
My Dear Poet Friend...

For, we're all stricken with
The same disease

A poisonous venom
Which courses,
This very moment,
Through all our veins

A disease for which I have found
But One Cure


And I must warn you,
My Dear Poet Friend,
Not to look so long
Into your own heart

For, there you will only find
The disease

I try to live my life the best that I can without my true love being here hope my tears will eventually dry
truly missing
Two years on since she's
been gone that day the light went out my life a light that once burned so bight never to burn that way
The pain of loss cuts me to bone for she was my life and
I never thought the possilbily of having to live the rest
of my
without her and miss her so
and wish the tears the pain will be no more forever
I miss her my broken
heart will never
Johnny walker Aug 29
Helen was left with no cure for her pain but the last chance was Injections I took to local Hospital
our last
It the first I have
ever seen a doctor show tears when he had to
tell Helen they couldn't her give the
because It would affect her breathing her last chance had gone and she'd
left with unbearable
as she looked at me with tears In her eyes I knew the pain for her to much to bear and I'd eventually lose her to  
Mitch Prax Aug 24
you are the sunshine
to my storm and the cure
to all my chaos

10:04 PM
Feelings fluctuate
Doubt sinks the once enlightened mind
Pills can comfort
They can also damage and blind
Balance takes strength to master
On the Trapeze of emotions and Life
The beam is the tool
That your hands hold on to
to guide one
Back to the solid grounds
Underneath the healing light of Strength's Sun
thesa Aug 5
i'm paralyzed
my eyes hurt and i can't stop
the voices inside my head

tell me
which sense does the cure have
when i was comfortable
in my insanity
Ineffable Jul 27
you're the only thought in my mind,
You're in my yesterday, you're in my tomorrow.
Love likes ours is so pure,
It's a disease without a cure.
If it's wrong to love someone, then it's a crime I'll commit without hesitating.
Aa Harvey Jul 22

De ja vu.
De ja vu.
Things happen sometimes that have happened before.
Find a way through.

Not all destiny paths lead to the same finale.
Life improves with age, but always slowly, gradually.

I am not as young as I used to be.
I am not the same version of me.
I improve with age, fading every day.
I am not your remedy, but we could find a way.

I self-repair with your care.
I need your help as well.
I know what I need and just like air,
I float along giving life to all who I can tell.
Help me to help you out of your Hell,
So just like you I can repair.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Alexis Jul 10
many preach of being immortal as a cure,
but i see no greater curse
than living--
not even living;
simply existing
until the Earth itself
takes its' eternal rest .
i have never been afraid of death anyway.
Ray Dunn Jul 2
Curse or cure?

Call me what you will,
I'll always assume it's a typo.
I'm just typing things that should drafts but I know I'll never touch again
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