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Apr 2017 · 6.0k
"City of Gold (Icarus)"
Lani Foronda Apr 2017
My dear Icarus,
Have you brought tales of gold for me?
You-- the master of self,
The one who held his own thread and shears.
Don't share of how hard you beat your wings
But how the air beat against your brow.
Don't echo your father's faded cries
But sing the songs of the Aegean sea--
Sing them only for me!

My sweet Icarus,
Is the world as grand as the travelers say?
Are crumbling maps and hand-spun tales nothing to compare?
I've read of Sicily, where your father rests his mourning head.
I've traced its rivers as they curved against my torn papyrus.
Sicily, the land of Aetna.
Oh, to watch the land shake at the beckoning of her call
(Oh, to fly free of these labyrinth walls)!

My darling Icarus,
Tell me-- is life better above the blanket of Grecian blue?
Is it better than what the Fates designed?
Is it better than what I hold today
(please, let it be more than today)?

My beloved Icarus,
Will you give me your wings--
The mingling of feather, wax, and dreams.
Will you give me your wings and
Your will to yearn higher and higher

So that I too can reach the city of gold.
May 24, 2016 + March 3, 2017
Jan 2016 · 886
Winter is coming
Lani Foronda Jan 2016
Winter is coming but I fear I am not ready.
I may have spent too much time chasing sunsets that I've failed to notice the leaves changing.
Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns--
They came upon me before I had a chance to grab a jacket.
Now I'm left outside shivering.

Longing for a warmer day.
But the only day is today,
And I am at a loss.

The leaves are finishing their descent, eagerly awaiting to see their friends once more.
And as I watch, I am envious, so envious.
These leaves-- they are quick to change.
Quick to adapt without a single worry of what's next.
They know that reunion is coming soon.
Soon they will feel the rough edges of those they grew up with.
Soon they will echo together.

Winter is coming.
Winter is coming.

They whisper quietly as they crunch underneath my boot.

*Winter is coming.
Come quickly, dear friend,
For winter is coming.
December 2015
Lani Foronda Aug 2015
"You cannot save him."*
I used to think that I could
Be a knight in shining armor
With my sword in the air and my head held higher.
I thought that I was better than what the mirror showed me.
***** streaks across my face?
            *War paint from my last battle.

Scuffed up shoes and calloused heels?
            Proof of a great highway escape.
Rope burns across my palms?
            A reminder of how strongly I held on.
However, someone should've called a magician because I’d become the next grand illusion.
            I was the backdrop
            The focal point
            The uneven lines
Which strained your eyes and made you feel as if something more was present.
But really— the trick was on me
            Because I wasn't a knight in shining armor but a child with a toy.
            I was a lifeguard who’d never learned how to swim.
            A fireman who choked on the flames.
            A therapist who’d never sat in her own chair.
*I was just a girl with a heart one size too big and mask worn too well.
April 19, 2015 / August 20, 2015
Jun 2015 · 665
queen of hearts
Lani Foronda Jun 2015
I’ve always believed in closure but not when it pertained to you. You were more concerned with the queen of hearts and having the upper hand (rather than holding the right heart in your hands). You always desired to see what was up the other player’s sleeve but never checked your own. Poker face was not a mask but rather a lifestyle— one you played too well and too often for yourself.

There was never a big picture or a great road ahead of you. Only pit stops for the wandering souls. Life became less of the destination and more of the journey (little did you know where you were headed). You grew to care more about instances and examples rather than purpose and decision. You lacked depth and I pitied you for the shallow grave you had begun to dig.

And perhaps during those finite moments of pity, I realized that closure never existed to you. You see, closure meant answers. And answers meant words. And words meant speech. But the only tenant you contained in your vocabulary was silence. Silence was your upper hand while I was just another player in one of your infinite card games.
Lani Foronda Jun 2015
i will see you around sounds much better than goodbye.
June 06, 2014
The feelings I felt a year ago still reside in the pit of my stomach.
Lani Foronda Jun 2015
I'm starting to
find that there
is bittersweet
relief in letting
go of the things
that i had so
desperately clung
to because maybe-
just maybe- I never
really needed them
in the first place.
I'm beginning to
understand that there
was and always
has been
between us. And I
suppose we didn't
want to admit that
what we had was
the one thing
we both knew we
never would need.
September 19, 2014
Jun 2015 · 469
Lani Foronda Jun 2015
you said you’re on a quest
to find the blessed rest
which can make a person feel whole—
and thus ease your burdened soul.
so with a wooden ship but neither compass nor crew,
you set sail across the seven seas in search of what man knew.
you argued with the fates
and begged the gods to open the gates.
you refused to entertain the silence of your mind,
and scorned the stars of the sky for not being aligned.

so with questions unanswered and feet more calloused than before,
you altered your course to a more distant shore.
to a land a man once spoke of where the sun did not exist
and where life flourished when midnight was kissed.
a place where the only music heard was the laughter of souls
and the only thing which existed was man’s fleeting controls.

and though the months have turned into years
and nothing has changed—especially not your fears,
i hope a morning will come when our feet touch the same ground
and the great unknown is at last safe and sound;
i hope a day will come when the only thing forsaken is your desire to roam
and you—you, my dear friend, can finally come home.
june 24, 2015
I am still praying for you.
Jun 2015 · 1.1k
june 11, 2015 // 1:05 am
Lani Foronda Jun 2015
you still exist
in the crinkled pages of my notebook.
last autumn i dog-eared the top corners so i would find my way back.
your veins dance with the curves and loops of my
the contours of your dreams lay in the indents of my ballpoint pens.
your fears bleed black and blue.
your voice--the raspy scratching of graphite before bed.
my sentences often sit incomplete because that's how you left--
in the middle
without warning
because you lacked a single transition.
your breath echos at the turn of every page
inhale--look back
exhale--look forward
(i can almost feel your lungs working alongside my own).
your blood runs red as i scribble across the pages--
at times i am in a frenzy, lacking control as my hands skirt along the paper.
other days, i am silent, waiting for my hand to pick up the pen
and bring you to life.

i keep telling myself that
you still exist
in the crinkled pages of my notebook
every time i close its covers shut,
i can't seem to find you.
june 11, 2015
1:05 am
Lani Foronda Apr 2015
will you tell me of the hues that drip and bleed onto your canvas—
the streaks
the smudges
the smears.
are they the ones flowing through your veins
to reach that place I long to call home?
or maybe the ones residing in your eyes
behind the mask you too willingly wear?
will you
show me the color of dawn
when darkness sheds its skin and kisses goodbye.
the amethyst seas
where sirens beckon from the deep.
the color of blood
when it meets oxygen’s lips.
the strokes of rain against the window pane
where you spent your autumn afternoons.
the cups of undrunk tea
that your mother left sitting on the kitchen table.
will you
show me the hues of your paint-stained hands
that I have yet to hold
so maybe—just maybe—
I too can see the colors you see.
February 27/April 22, 2015
9:09 pm
Mar 2015 · 507
i am not my dreams
Lani Foronda Mar 2015
i gave up on my dreams tonight
but that doesn't mean i've given up on me.
you see, i am many things
i am a daughter
a sister
a friend
a student
a writer
a dreamer
a disaster
a believer
a human,
but one thing i am not is
my dreams.

i used to believe that i could only be one thing
and this one thing
was the only thing.
thus if i could not be this thing,
then i would be nothing--
absolutely nothing.
it's taken me six thousand seven hundred and sixty days
to admit that this one thing
is nothing
in the midst of He who is my everything.
March 12, 2015/March 15, 2015
12:32 am/12:56 pm
Mar 2015 · 741
7.2 billion and counting
Lani Foronda Mar 2015
i can't help but feel sad
over all the people i'll never get to meet.
never feel the calloused hands that have turned the earth inside and out
never see the eyes of those who have chased the sun, moon, and stars
never trace the constellations they weave in their heads.

this world is overrun with beautiful souls
but not enough me-
why can't i have more hands to hold the ones stretching out to me?
why can't i have more legs to carry me further across?
let me meet them halfway
between "what i know" and "what i could know."
let me go
i beg of you
please let me go.

there are so many beautiful souls
but not enough me-- not enough me.

so instead i will embrace the bodies before me
i will hold out my frail hands
and read theirs like they're the last book i'll ever read.
i will be afraid to blink
in hopes of watching every sunset they extend.
i will carry their hearts wherever i go
and wear their lives through each season.
march 09, 2015
11:39 pm
Lani Foronda Mar 2015
i wrote you a letter the other night.
draft after draft
i shoved into my drawers-
this isn't what i want to say.
this isn't enough.
why isn't this enough?

i couldn't sleep because the words
the words kept eating me alive.
they've made a home inside my feeble
feeble lungs.
my ribs hug them-
keep them warm and snug-
remind them to stay.
i inhale "where-are-you-are-why-aren't-you-here"
i exhale "    "
my words
they sit
and sit
and sit
(i mean, where else would they go?).
i'd tell them to you but there's this thing called distance
between us;
i'd tell them to you but you're right in front of me.
so instead i wrote you a letter the other night
in hopes that maybe one day i'll understand.
march 04, 2015
12:38 am
Nov 2014 · 390
1:12 am
Lani Foronda Nov 2014


November 07, 2014
1:12 am
(note: that fine print said "i still feel something for you.")
Oct 2014 · 439
you are loved
Lani Foronda Oct 2014
you are loved
not for who you are
or what you can do
or what you may offer.
you are loved
not out of obligation
or tradition
or personal gain.
you are loved by choice-
and my God, how He loves you.
He loves you like a father loves a daughter
because after all, you are His daughter.
you are His child,
close to His heart,
held in the palm of His hand.
He loves like the ocean-
stretching on farther than the human eye can see.
His love is
and constant,
washing over you
every second
every minute
every hour
every day.
His love encompasses your entire being-
who you've been
who you are
and who you will be.
He wraps you in His love
until the person you see in the mirror is not you but
so i pray and pray and pray
that there is a day-
and i know that there will be-
when you can see that you are loved.
October 17, 2014
Oct 2014 · 1.5k
September 28, 2011
Lani Foronda Oct 2014
If you promised me you'd stay,
Would you spend the night
And tell me it'll be okay.

Hold me tight
Never let me go.
Wrap your arms around
My fears
My failures
My faults,
Make up for what I can't do.

Catch the tears I cry.
Wipe them away.
Tell me tomorrow's coming-
A brand new day.

Just hold me
And never let me go.
September 28, 2011
Oct 2014 · 586
Your eyes say you love
Lani Foronda Oct 2014
Your eyes say you love
But all you do is hate.
You've given me your words
But given her more.
Tell me what does your heart have in store.

Is it me?
Is it her?
Will you ever make the choice?
Cause I won't be here forever
Waiting for you.

Each day doesn't seem right.
I see you
But you're always in her sight.

The whisper voices swarm into my own ears.
I want it to stop
But it's all I ever hear.
Their words
Strip me of my joy.
Their eyes
Follow me around.

Screams of lies
Echo through the halls
Trying to tell me that you love me.
But how can that be true
When you're never with me
But always with her.
Their words pierce me within;
Each word sharper than before.
I don't know how much of this I can endure.
Cause with every step you make
Every word you say
Every breath you breathe
You take a part of me away.
The halls
They whisper through the crowds.
Words I'd never say
Words I'd never hear.
I try to block them out
But they still come in
Breaking my walls
Shedding all my tears
With their lies.

I can't see the truth in your eyes.
Tell me where did it all go.
Is what they say true?
Is it me who is wrong?
Have they been right all along?
Was I the only one-
The only one blind to you?

Their words suffocate me.
The truth is plain to see.
But no, I can't.
I'll never accept it.
February 2010
Inspired by  "In Pieces" : Linkin Park
Oct 2014 · 417
Lani Foronda Oct 2014
Paint me a picture with your words.
Sing me a melody so sweet.
Take me by the hand
And together we'll run.
Run straight to the moon
Where they can't reach.
We got the world in front of us.
The stars shine for us-
Cheer us on.
For the galaxy can't keep us apart
When you're holding half my heart.
January-March 2012
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
Lani Foronda Oct 2014
we're more like trees
than actual human beings at this point.
tangled at the roots
but branching out to our own directions.
October 04, 2014
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
You're the dream
          I don't
               Want to believe in anymore.
September 21, 2014
Sep 2014 · 465
You don't know
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
You don't know how it feels
To second guess myself.
You don't know how it feels
When someone tells me otherwise.
I want to trust you.
I do trust you.
But I know what it's like to be an option.
I'm not even sure if I'm your
Or third.
& let me tell you,
It's not fun.
It's not pretty.
And above all,
It's not fair.
I've been trying to be real to you,
And then she comes along.
Of all people.
Of all timing.
It's her and it's now.
I pray
And I h o p e
That you aren't lying.
I pray
And I h o p e
That you mean what you say.
I pray
And I h o p e
That you aren't going to just leave.

I know it isn't always the best-
But then again,
It's not always the worst.
So say you'll stay?
Even just for a minute or two.
Or maybe even fifteen.
Cause just a second seems like forever
Before you slip
May 01, 2012
Sep 2014 · 301
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
Just let me burn the night away.
Burn it like the bridge once laid.
Watch it turn to ash
As the wind
F      a      r
F                a              ­r
May 01, 2012
Sep 2014 · 687
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
The only person to blame is yourself.
You believed his words.
You decided to trust him when everyone else said not to.
You stayed when everyone was screaming to go.
You had hope when really they just wanted to see you fail.
You made the choice.
& now you get to suffer the consequences.
May 17, 2012
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
my heart
already yours.
August 17, 2014
Sep 2014 · 466
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
don't be my distraction.
don't be my reason why.
i don't even know you
and yet I'm wanting to make you into something that
you are not.
September 11, 2014
Sep 2014 · 340
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
I have nothing left to write with anymore.
My fingers can't hold a pen.
My fingers can't type.
My mind is blank.
B l a n k.
I'm drained.
It's like every feeling I had before
Has shrunk until
They disappear.
Everything is gone.
Everything but
All the hate has come back
And beat love to the ground.
My heart aches for something more
But what is there left to offer?
I'm but an empty shell.
I gave all my love to someone
Who gave it all away.
& when I thought I'd try again,
I fell short once more.
Told myself I'd be careful
That I knew better,
But I guess I didn't learn my lesson before.
I wanted to let you in
And keep you in store,
But you shut the door.
So now I'm empty on
& I don't know what I'm going to do.
May 7, 2012
Sep 2014 · 512
y o u a r e n o t m i n e.
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
y o u
a r e
n o t
m i n e
and when i really think about it,
y o u
n e v e r
w e r e.
people have always been fickle
a constant storm of maybe-yes, maybe-no
in a world craving for certainty.
i thought that it might have been possible for you to be the one thing that'd never change,
but, oh how wrong i've been.
you are not mine.
you are His.
you have always been His
even when you didn't want to be.
you have always been His
even when you ran far                   far                    far                  away.
you have always been His
even when you said no.
you have always been His
even when you said yes to me.

you see, what i have failed to realize is that i own nothing.
nothing is mine.
all that i am
all that i have
is God's.
after all
who am i to say such things when He first gave them to me?

mother and father,
i cling to you so desperately but
you are not mine.

brothers and sisters,
whether by blood or choice
you are not mine.

pen and paper,
i have loved you for so long but
you are not mine.

and then there's you.
there has always been you
in the background
in the limelight
always somehow present
that somehow in my mind
i deemed you mine.

but like i said,
you are not mine.
you are His
fully and forever His.
September 07, 2014
Sep 2014 · 14.4k
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
I want to surround myself with photographs at my feet.
I want to explore and have adventures with my camera in hand.
I want to get up early in the morning to see the sun rise and see drops of dew on the grass.
I want to walk around at night and see the city lights shine.
I want to count the stars as I lie down on a field of grass and play Us Against the World.
I want to write in a leather notebook all my thoughts.
I want to have a bonfire and watch all my memories burn in the flames.
I want to curl up on the couch and read as the sun warms my skin.
I want to sleep at 2 am and wake up to the birds chirping outside my window.
I want to remind myself of why I fell in love with photography and writing.
I want to go back to makes me me.
May 22, 2012
Sep 2014 · 776
It's us against the world.
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
They said we wouldn’t make it
Said we should give up
Before we gave in
But no one knows
No one can see
How much you mean to me
I didn’t think we’d make it this far
This race we’re running
Seems so long
But I know we’ll get there
One day
We’ll look back
And laugh at everyone who said it couldn’t be done
That we were just a hit and run
But with your fingers intertwined with mine
I know we can make it
Cause it’s us against the world
June 25, 2012
Sep 2014 · 421
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
Don't* cover it up.
Don't coat it with sweet words.
The more you try,
The more I know you're gonna lie.
July 24, 2012
Sep 2014 · 1.5k
W e i g h t l e s s
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
You strum your guitar
Like the strings on my heart.
Pluck them effortlessly
To get a smile or two.
& on those summer days I couldn't help but feel
Like a wandering balloon
With nothing to hold on to.
August 26-31, 2012
Sep 2014 · 929
Do you?
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
Do you believe in second chances?
That the world could stop spinning if it wanted to.
That the birds in the sky are free to come and go as they please.
Are you a dreamer?
Do you stay up all night
Just to sleep in all day.
Do you watch the stars dance out the window and wish you were there.
Would you go to the moon and back just to say you did.
Do you believe in possibilities?*
That anything could happen if you just try.
Do you see "what ifs" all around
Or do you simply live in black and white.
Are there hundreds of doors waiting to be opened
Or do you knock at just one.
Do you make wishes on stars
And stay up until 11:11.
Because I do.
September 08, 2012
Sep 2014 · 945
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
Help me
Before I fall too hard.
I'm one step from the edge
And I can't turn away.
September 09, 2012
Sep 2014 · 449
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
It starts off with a little space-
Right there in that mind of yours.
Just in the back
Hidden in the corner
Behind your hopes & dreams.
They talk.
They say.
They whisper.
They shout.
They write.
They type.
The push words like
Not good enough
Never will be
Till they lay scattered on the floor.
The voices outside pile them
Until they push down your walls.
Day by day
The voices grow.
Day by day
The words start to bleed.
They flow through your fragile veins
And into your heart.
Can you feel that?
Feel your heart slow down
T h u m p
T  h  u  m  p
T   h   u   m   p
T    h    u    m    p
Under the weight of their words.
September 09, 2012
Sep 2014 · 3.4k
I should just run away
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
Run away from today.
Leave this town tonight.
Turn my head away
From this forsaken place
And never look back.
Never look back
At my past.
I'll leave all my fears
& start building on new ground.
September 26, 2012
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
"Indian Summer Night"
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
We're stuck
Laying tangled in this mess we've made.
I'm pulling one way,
But so are you.
I don't know what else to do
To make you mine.
I can't figure it out.
Someone send me a sign.
Cause I'm slowly falling from cloud nine
On this Indian summer night.
October 1/5, 2012
Aug 2014 · 6.0k
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
If I listen carefully,
I can hear the lapping of the ocean tide.
The splish
                       of skipping rocks.

If I close my eyes,
I can feel the sun again.
The warmth my hands held
For those few seconds.

If I stop for a moment,
I can still find traces of those stolen moments.
Of that sweet summer
Trailing in the October breeze.
October 27, 2012
Aug 2014 · 476
"Computer Screen Blues"
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Scrunched up words
Held in the palm of my hand.
By own fears.
Forced to suffocate
Underneath the weight of themselves.
November 3, 2012
Aug 2014 · 1.8k
never enough
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
if a picture is worth a thousand words,
then mines must be nine hundred ninety-nine.
November 7, 2012
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
What if this gaping hole in my chest never goes away?
What if instead
It just sits there.
And sits there.
And sits there.
& grows with every sleepless night.
November 13, 2012
Aug 2014 · 303
I don't
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
I don't need to be your everything.
Just let me be someone.
Let me be me.
While you can be you.
So then if life let's us be ourselves together,
Then I think that would be wonderful decision it could make.
November  22, 2012
Aug 2014 · 6.2k
Sleepless nights
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Can anyone hear me
Cause I'm screaming out loud.
Can anyone see me
Cause I'm jumping up and down.
Can anyone save me
Cause I'm starting to drown.
November 24, 2012
Aug 2014 · 599
"Lost Soul"
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Lost soul,
Where are you going?
You walk on a path
A path to nowhere.
Your head is aimed low
With your hopes even lower.
You can't look up
In fear of what might be there.
So you just hold back
And look down.
Down down down
Where your crushed dreams lay.
So again I ask,
Lost soul,
Where are you going?
November 27, 2012
Aug 2014 · 572
The Hardest Part
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Is waiting
For an answer
When you ought to be sleeping.
The Hardest Part
Is waking up
When you should be dreaming.
The Hardest Part
Is smiling
When you feel like crying.
The Hardest Part
Is giving up
When you want to keep trying.
December 1, 2012
Aug 2014 · 251
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Teach me how to love
Because I don't think I can.
My heart's been broken
Over and over again.
Squeezed glue between the cracks
Taped the pieces together
Just for the hammer to come back down.
Thus in your arms I am
Left bruised with nothing more
But stories and scars.
November 24, 2012
Aug 2014 · 589
Here vs. There
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
I don't want to be here anymore.
"Here" is not "there,"
& "there" is when I want to be.
February 6, 2013
Aug 2014 · 470
Lost Time
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Lord, save him
For he knows not what he does.
Lord, save him
For he cannot save himself.
He's drowning in waters
Waters of uncertainty.
He's falling
Falling into the unknown.
He's losing
Losing the fight against time.
Each moment passed
Is a moment lost.
I wish
I wish
I wish
I could turn the clock back-
Take back every word I ever yelled.
Take back the hate I made.
Take back the prison I created.
Put in "I love you" where "I hate you" was said.
Put in "I remember" where "I forgot" was shown.
Put in "It'll be okay" where "It's never going to stop" was proven.
If I could, believe me,
I would.

You're so lost
I fear you might never be found.
You wander aimlessly
Searching for something- anything.
You talk
To those whom you can't see.
You look
At things that aren't there.
You hear
The words that no one whispers.

But I know you're still out there. . .
I know you can hear me!
So say something- anything!
Prove to me we'll be okay.
Say that you love me
That I'm still your little girl.
That no matter what happens
You'll still be the same.

So if it be Your will, Lord,
Save him.
Save him before he's too lost.
February 23, 2013
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Mama, don't cry.
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
Mama, don't cry
The house is still standing.
The wind might be blowing hard,
But the windows are still holding on.
Everything's shaking
Nothing's secure
Mama, don't cry.
The house is still here.

Mama, don't cry
We still got time.
Dry those pretty eyes of yours
And crack that smile that I love.
Things might be moving fast,
But that doesn't mean nothing won't last.
I know it's hard
Cause the clock keeps ticking away.
Mama, don't cry.
We still got time.

Mama, don't cry
I swear we're never gonna leave.
We've been through too much
Seen too much
To have to say goodbye.
You've always been our life jacket
Our first aid kit
Our glue
To hold us up.
But the tide is changing,
And it's our turn to be
Your parachute
When you feel like jumping out of this life
We're living.
Mama, don't cry.

There's so much to look forward to.
Time might be erasing
What you've worked hard for so long
To keep.
But that doesn't mean that we can't rebuild on
What's been lost.
March 30, 2014
Aug 2014 · 352
At Your Feet
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
I fall at Your feet
Because everywhere I've gone
Hasn't felt like home yet.
I've been running
Running for a long time.
From my shadow
My home
My fears
And even from You.
The burden I've been carrying
Has grown from a thorn on my side
To a vine that won't let me go.
It's taken a hold on my heart
And wrapped itself around my soul.
The tighter and tighter
Satan pulls,
The harder and harder
It feels to breathe.
I can't seem to get away,
But I will keep running
Until I am free.
I run straight.
I make a left.
Dead end.
I turn around.
I make a right.
There are thousands of twists and turns
In this life that I am living.
But tonight
I fall at Your feet.
So take me as I am, Father.
Broken and bruised.
Scorned and scarred.
Bits and pieces
That I pray can be used.
Redemption radiates from Your touch.
Forgiveness lays in the palm of Your hand.
I have nothing left to offer.
Nothing left to prove
Nothing left to lose
In Your presence.
So take me, Lord,
As I fall at Your feet.
March 31, 2013
Aug 2014 · 386
God, You are uprooting me.
Lani Foronda Aug 2014
God, You are uprooting me.
You are taking me from a place where I knew everything
To a place where I don't know anything.
I don't know where to go
Or who to be.
I don't know people anymore-
Just names and faces.
I miss the comfort of my home-
The sweet relief knowing that I was surrounded
I am human after all.
I like my comfort.
I relish my comfort.
I crave my comfort.
I protect my comfort.
But You?
You are taking me out of my comfort.
You have taken my hand and led me past the precious walls of my security.
You are breaking down my walls.
You are breaking down me.
& I am scared.
God, I am so scared
Because You have never asked this of me.
You have never told me to go four hundred and five miles away from home.
You have never told me to leave my family and friends and church.
You have never told me to uproot myself.
Yet that is exactly what I am doing.

God, you are uprooting me.
You have brought me to a place where I am forced to know nothing.
I'm starting to accept that my knowing nothing is right.
I need to know nothing
But You.
August 24, 2014
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