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Pigeon 10h
I always said the world was too small. Grain of sand on an infinite beach type ****. So small that you could get a reasonable understanding of its history and diversity in just one human lifetime. It’s limiting, right? Like ****. We’re just one planet in a constantly expanding universe that’s full of planets.

It feels big now, thanks to you.

Too big. I’m overwhelmed by the distance between you and I, I think about it and I get woozy, nauseous. Two little fish on opposite sides of a big pond. The biggest pond. The ocean. I wish I could shrink it down and make it small enough that you and I were next door neighbors or one town over or **** it lll settle with driving distance. But this? It’s too ******* much. You’re a world apart, so far that your sun rises and sets on a different schedule.

I worry if I see you again it won’t be enough. The distance have driven me mad, I’d long to be closer even when our skin was stuck together. I fantasize about curling up inside the confines of your ribcage and resting my head on your still beating heart. It’s not enough to be close to you, ****, I want to be part of you.

The way you’re a part of me.

I never liked blue eyes until yours, you know. How odd that they’re the same color as the thing that separates us.
You were standing in front of the crowd
Wearing the color of purity
White as the cotton and clouds
Clean as your intentions on me.

I walked slowly towards your way
Wearing the color of romance
Red as the rose and fire
To make your cold spirit warm.

As our bodies embraced one another
Two hearts made a distinct harmony
Even the great Bach won't understand
Love is really unexplainable
It is maybe the eyes to hear
Or perhaps ears to see.

krstjn (life exp.)
We are kingdoms and oceans apart
Met you in a southeast land
Love united our frozen hearts
I held your caring soul
You accepted me as a whole
Another chapter unfolds.

krstjn (life exp.)
at night when i'm looking at the moon,
i wonder if he's looking at it too.
but he never is
instead, he stares into her eyes where he sees heavenly stars
he prefers the twinkle over the plain moon.
we're miles and miles away
but the moon meant to me that we were always under the light of the night.
but he saw the myriad amount of stars
and found one much closer to his home.
now i cant help but think of him as i look up at the stars.
Annie Nov 27
I love you;
despite everything.

Despite all the times I’ve
broken down into nothing.

Despite every shade of green
I’ve ever turned.

Despite the space and time
between us like a hopeless
black hole.

Despite the nights spent
sitting at windows, waiting and

And despite the fact that
everything about this is killing me
from the inside out;

I love you.
Kore Nov 20
bite the bullet
         jump in
to love
        with me

loving me
in me
        with me

it's yours
Zuzanna Nov 18
If only I knew
How your laughter sounds like
How your hands fit in mine
How your kiss lingers on
Then maybe I'd know
If I'm really in love.
Guess who has a long distance relationship with the cutest ******* earth?? Its me ******* Too bad I'm literally in a different country rn ****
the security cameras
at the station
have it on record
that i
adore you
One and Only Nov 7
There are pictures I have kept
Saving each for the feelings brought back
But I cannot send them,
I cannot right now.

There are pictures I have kept,
Kept for the memories we had.
I’d love to send them
But would it be bad?

There are pictures I have kept,
They still live in my phone.
Reminding me of you,
Is it so bad that I want old to be the new?

These pictures I keep,
Tell me of our love,
Tell my heart be strong
tell me to rise above.
I dunno if it’s okay for me to still be clingy and lovey and all that. I want to, trust me. But is it okay for you? I want you to be happy and if in any way I’m stopping you please tell me. I love you so much ❤️
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