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Haley Lana Mar 30
You find me.
In the church bells of a Hozier song,
the sheets that without you feel wrong,
you bind me.
You remind me,
of our sunny morning walks,
of our silly grinning talks,
when you find me.
You touch every thought,
my eternal leitmotif;
no such battle fought
as with you, my heart-thief.
And I want to write words,
tell you how strongly I yearn,
but my mind sees absurds:
so each letter I burn.
And I'm terrified, paralyzed with fear;
I dread your heart will cool,
that you won't love me, my dear -
that I've been but a fool.
Chasing dreams, all in vain,
as I wonder who warms your bed;
So far away, across the pain,
racing terrors in my head.
An ocean between us, worlds apart,
I crave desperately for your embrace.
Yet still I'm silent, intrepid heart -
a grave of sorrow, sans your grace.
(for G.)
Gabrielle Mar 13
I got on the go-away train
The same one I wished on while you were gone

My bags all packed for the plane
One last hope left in the side pocket

A hope you might not let me go
Squished between my toothbrush and t-shirts

But we both listened to the whistle blow
And you watched the go-away train take me

How could you let there be oceans between us?
When I can barely stand a centimetre

Why, when you just sit there motionless,
Do I have to crawl the earth to keep up with you?
Josie Feb 17
Long distance stares
Blurry, nondescript
I've been leading you
Into an abyss
Saw your smile turn
Into a frown
When I'm around
If you look deeper
You'll see the mask I wear
Is only for you
Ostef Jan 28
I can feel you in ways I've never felt
my mind, heart, and soul feel you in ways they've never been touched
my body feels like the negative polarity and you're the positive that is always drawing me to you
I can't stop myself from wanting you

night or day, the bandaids I've used to keep you out are unsticking
thoughts of you come leaking into my mind
smoking, drinking are some of the habits and bandaids I've befriended
but even those betray me

so here I am writing to the abyss of the world
searching for a relief but
no matter what
I know this is a bandaid too
if only you knew
my only remedy is you
sometimes I miss this person so much when I know I shouldn't, and can't but I thinking about them and I know they think of me too but the timing is just not right.
I have known them for over 4 years and  we have always just nearly missed our timing. I guess **** happens for a reason Im just trying to figure that out
Gabrielle Dec 2023
I feel it most when he’s gone,
At first it doesn’t feel like much
But the bruise on the cheek where he kissed me
Only gets sweeter to the touch

Like salt left on skin
From a swim in the sea
The remnants of him
On my body debris

My heart is bleached
By the sun of him
When he leaves, I’m still his
Every bone, every limb
This poem is about missing someone.
White Shadow Dec 2023
In the quiet hush of evening's embrace,
I sense your absence, a lingering space.
Moonlight mirrors the glow in your eyes,
Yet, without you, it's just starlit skies.

Your laughter, a distant, haunting song,
Echoes in the silence, where you belong.
In the symphony of memories we share,
I find you in every whispered prayer.

As time dances on, a relentless tide,
Longing for you, my heart can't hide.
Each sunset a reminder of your touch,
I yearn for you, missing you so much.

In the canvas of dreams, you're a vivid hue,
A portrait of love that continues to grow.
The miles may stretch, but love persists,
Aching for the day we reunite with bliss.

May every breeze carry my love to you,
In the longing, may your heart stay true.
Until the moment when distance will cease,
Know you're missed, wrapped in love's increase.
Caosín Dec 2023
Like Persephone, when you're
Gone from me, you
Leave behind the
Wintertime, snow falls
In your wake, and I
Can't help lying awake
Thinking of
You, and the flowers
That you grow
In the cold, dark, earth
Of me.
Song time again! Wrote this one recently. Inspired my my long distance friend who is the utter light of my life.
Chelsea Quigley Oct 2023
For you I would take a bullet
Shot straight from the gun.
I would stand you aside
While I usher you to run.
I would slowly die
In a cloudy haze,
Knowing your the last thought
On my dying day.

For you I would bear your woes,
Until my mind goes astray.
Until my heart can't take it,
But for you I would stay.
I would take your hand
And place it in mine,
Hold my other to your skin
And stare in your eyes.

I would hold you gently,
Until you trust the touch you feel.
Put my hand on your face,
The other to your waist,
To show you this is real.

For I would do more than you imagine,
As these words speak no volume
To the passion
That I would give.
I would do more than words,
My sweet flower,
For no man like you seems to live.

But alas,
My lover,
You and I must wait.
As our lives
As we uncovered,
Are ten thousand miles away.
This poem is about a personal experience, of finding true love so far away from me! Consider it a blossoming long-distance relationship. But I have found love again, and could not be more grateful. If you too are in the same position, this is for you. Please enjoy!
Renée C Aug 2023
that I will take home with me:

park benches in the sun

your hand in my hair

the care with which you cook

wordless touches in the morning to say we're awake

my fingers on your neck

forehead kisses

smile lines


windswept hair


blister bandages

morning stubble

sunscreen stains

your mother's cooking

dog fur

sleep-rasped voices


train selfies

reaching for your hand

a neon dancing fish

your grandmother's coffee

your lip ring against my mouth

five thousand three hundred twenty-seven miles

one date seed
Reflections now that I'm home
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