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Emily Mar 31
It is so sad that you feel bad
We both know that the situations are bad
"I understand" i say, but you blame me for not letting you stay the last time you spend time, with me.

I wish I could bring back time,
Where i was spending my whole day and night time, with you,
I wanna see you one more time.

I wish you got stuck with me forever,
Until the pandemic is over.

I wish I can see you again,
I will continue to wish till I can see you again.
A wish that I don't know if it will come true.
But I know one day everything I wish will come true.

So I will wish again and again for your safety.
Please stay healthy, until i can see you again.
This thought of mine are so heavy,
My heart are so lonely
That's why I am writing right now, my dear. It is so lonely here

See you when this is all over, my dear.
Zan Mar 20
I long for the day...
That I can lay my head on your chest..
and you can play with my hair.
This will be when life is best..
when you and I can breathe the same air.

I long for the day...
That I can kiss you...
and hear your heart beating with mine
This will be when I can give you a hug anytime I need too..
when we can be together, finally, ill be fine.
the thought makes me cry
Nero Mar 14
I want to be your protection
Want to keep you safe
Want to hurt who dares to judge you
Cause my darling, you are perfect

I want to tell you you are amazing
Beautiful, and kind
Want you to believe me when I say
You are worth your breath of life

But all I can do
Is hope my words get through
On the other side of a screen
Alice Mar 9
but now that I've found you
and you're millions of miles away
it hurts worse

come home
Is there something wrong with me,
For feeling like I do?
With so many beautiful eyes around me,
I only want to be seen by you.
You have doubts cause there are others closer,
But I only want to be held by you.
I was doing fine alone,
But now I can hardly breathe without you.

There are thirteen hours between us,
After the sun sets you begin your day,
But I miss sleep just to talk to you,
And then rest easy knowing you're okay.
Is it okay to fall this hard?
To feel as if nothing else matters..
To throw my heart to you across the world,
Knowing if you don't catch it, it will shatter.

I can't stop myself from trusting you though,
Because everything's so much better,
When I let all my walls down and love,
Your love warms me like a sweater.
I hold on to hope that I'll be with you someday,
Doing all we hoped we'd do,
I believe if I keep holding on,
There's no way you won't come through.

I know there's nothing wrong with me,
I'm just learning how to trust.
You've given me something to believe in,
After so many promises crumbled to dust.
I won't feel guilty for trusting you,
As long as your love is guaranteed,
Because a life with you is worth the risk,
Darling, you are all I need.
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Diksha Dhiman Jan 17
Every moment far away from you
Is cherishing how much my heart is close to you.
                               -diksha dhiman
"You signed up for this."
"You knew what you were getting into."
"You knew it was going to be hard.
So stop crying."

It is easier said than done.
When half my heart is gone.
Terra Marie Jan 6
Run toward the light
Deny it’s fading.
Almost grab it, but just miss
It goes down, First to red
Away to purple and blue like the
Circles under my eyes that show how little sleep I’ve gotten
Fade to a lengthy black and it’s
Called night.

Night used to be your voice.
Your voice used to be
stars dotting my darkness
Like a depth of imagination
that made our words
Into something other than just
words softly spoken.

I’d run my hands down
the whole length of you
Through those miles
Speak of touches that we’d never fulfill
Fade into orange morning with
tender whispers
That were never enough for you.

You eventually said you loved me.
I still don’t know if it’s the truth.
My heart still aches for you though
I never told you because I wanted to seem stronger
That I fell for you too.
The distance that ended any hope of us
Neither of us could live with it.
Neither of us knows the truth.
An unknowing distance.
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