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Laura 2h
We sit next to each other
In the mezzanine
Of the crowded theater
Our matching purple outfits
Far too dressy for the occasion
But who cares
We look damn good

You put your hand out
Palm up
And look at me
As I smile
My coy, giddy smile
And place my hand on top
Interlacing my fingers with yours

The lights dim
And the show starts
But you never let go of my hand
Even when it gets weird and clammy
You never pull away
Even when I snort into your shoulder
And wipe away my laughing tears
You still hold onto me
You gently stroke my arm
Your warm thumb
Against my smooth bicep
And I can't help but smile

I look over
And catch you staring
Which makes me blush
And get coy again
The mezzanine
The balcony
The floor
It all disappears
When I feel your touch
Your light touch
Just glide over my skin
I float to another dimension
When you lean over
And kiss my cheek
Only coming back
To the mezzanine
When I open my eyes
S Rose 13h
At least tell me...
Never knowing is the hardest chore.

Through my eyes,
You could be out with a friend,

You may have taken a leap,
Never to be seen again.

Perhaps you’ve decided,
We’ve come to our end.

‘Tis all fine, indeed.
But at least, tell me,
So I can finally be sane once more.
Laura 1d
I wish you knew
What it felt like
To be abandoned
Just so you'd know
How much it means
To me
That you stay
Because no amount of tears
Or thank yous
Could ever sum up
How grateful I am
To have someone
Who doesn't get scared
When I get scared
No matter how often
I tell you
I love you
It'll never be enough
I'll never be able
To show you
Exactly what
My heart is feeling
Because you
Came into my life
And put my heart
Back together
You saw the scars
The blood
The tear stains
The piles of shit
And you put it back together
I didn't even have to ask
I'm glad
Nobody has ever hurt you
The way they've hurt me
I just wish
You could somehow understand
How much I've been hurt
To see how much
Your love
Means to me
Krysta 2d
Has my skin turned into chainmail,
Or am I just heavy with missing you

My hands shake, how could they not
without you to hold them steady

Has my heart turned into a ghost,
Or did it just sneak off to be with you

My mind wanders, how could it not
without your heart to be my North Star
poesuer 6d
I needed to write something

Maybe about how after you went I was only left with smoke dancing in the streetlights

Or about how the stars were so pretty when my eyes couldn't make out your silloette anymore and all I could do was look up

I thought about writing about a dying lover, a ghost that I could still feel clinging to my body

But that's just not right

You're still here, my halcyon boy

You didn't smile like thunder and go away,
No funeral blues today

tether holding me to earth, I can still reach out and hold on tight

My boy, we won't see each other much

And it'll take some time

But somewhere down the line

We won't be alone
Deemz 7d
Your silence is the only part of you that still speaks to me,
and when I can't hear your voice anymore,
the fog reveals the distances you aren't willing to travel,
what's the point of reaching out to someone who doesn't want to be reached?
faith autumn Sep 9
I drove down the back road last night
For the first time since you've been away.
It was dark
Just how was the last time we drove down it,
But this time,
You weren't there with me.
I can't wait for the nights
When I can drive down it again
With your fingers interlaced in mine.
I can't wait for the nights
I have to fight speeding home
Because it took too long to say goodbye.
Annie Sep 3
Twisted tummy
24 hours to get to you
I cannot chew
or swallow
or drink properly
it is all soggy cardboard
dans ma bouche.

Before I get to you
my heart stammers
a million times a minute
and I cannot
for the life of me
relax one little

Slow and steady
I attempt to breathe
but my body won’t be fooled
it knows you are nearer
to me.
Krysta Sep 3
Let me hold onto you
Not like a leash
Chaining you to the ground
But a kite string
Helping you learn to fly
faith autumn Sep 2
I'm at a loss of words,
And this time
It's not for the usual reasoning
That you astonish me
To a point of speechlessness.
This time it's because
I miss you
And I'm struggling to speak to you
Without those three words
Tumbling out of my mouth.
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