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Enveloped in the warmest of
blankets, tears
whispers in the night, I speak of
yesterday's coffee stains and
3 years worth of scars.

The swarm in my head is a hell,
Bees and wasps, echoes, oh well
I used to listen
now all the screams turn silent,
because I've drowned.

Drowned in despair, in fear, hesitating
always sitting away, away from falling
falling is what I've done with you
you've caught me
but I feel like water and dust
how are you able to catch me even when I feel like
I am in between your fingers, slipping?

Why do I break my own heart
with the fears of yesterday
when you're here with me today
Why do I **** myself over and over again,
despite having two lungs
and breathing
but not feeling like I'm living,
yet you come in and hold me anyway.

Tenderly, you remind me
todays and tomorrows are all we have
to watch our flowerbeds grow
gently, you watch me
sleeping, dreaming, laughing
crying, breaking, burning
you watch and listen
I am my own and whole myself,
the cracks haven't healed

yet you stay and hold all the pieces,
these cold fingers and shaking hands
have caressed many faces,
and you watch me still while I
take the pieces to rebuild.
Thank you, babe.
sara Sep 25
You are in my dream,
clear as day,
almost in reach.

I am running towards you,
your arms are open,
there is that rare smile on your face.

I did it,
we are almost there,
its not that long.

A clock falls from the sky,
ticking slowly,
the one thing keeping me from you.

keeping me from waking up next to you every morning,
keeping me from holding you,
keeping from protecting you.

I'm still there,
as close as I can be with the obstacle in my way,
but I cannot do anything else but stay there wait.

I am waiting for the time to pass,
I see you fade away slowly,
I sit there wondering if your image will last.

Time is plentiful,
but days I get to be close to you,
they are limited.
EmilyBatdorf Sep 23
I’m tired, the kind of tired that makes you want to curl up and
forget the day.
My blankets, soft, warm, green,
will heat me up and soothe away my fears.
I’m tired of watching you beyond the glass,
it’s frosted with distance, indecision, and
I see your figure though the pane and want to call out,
bring you in, give you cocoa, and fall into a pile of ease, and
natural love.
Fall back in love with me.
Leave the cold and come back into my arms, I’ll keep you
from the world,
and we’ll
hide away,
warmed by wood and fire.
I’ll stay by your side
My love, my life, my happiness,
bones Sep 21
Trees of auburn and gold,
Where time is irrelevant and love is bold,
Waves gently stroke the shore,
You are mine and I am yours.

Hues of red and pink flood the sky,
Buildings are covered with neon signs,
Dozens of petals decorate the floor,
Suddenly you’re not that far away anymore.

Sunlight dances off the leaves;
Glistening and sparkling in all shades of green,
I wonder if you still feel the same way after,
I look into your eyes and I’ve found my answer.

The pitter-patter of rain against the window,
I turn and I see you drooling on your pillow,
I let out a chuckle and gaze at you in awe,
For you are mine and I am yours.
inspired by Bruno Major's song; Places We Won't Walk.
maybe some day we'll be mumbling our goodnight's into each other's shoulders instead of texting one another.
I'm not within 60 miles
And not even 600
But if you could see my barbaric eyes
When I look at your full figure silhouette
You'd be amazed how fire can burn
Even long distance.
Äŧül Aug 24
The easterly breeze softly whispers
Only your sweet name in my ears...

I whisper back your name in the air
Hoping my message to reach you...

One day by your side you will find me
Yes, we're so much happier together...

Oh dear, you are of course my heart
And definitely the heartbeat within...

Come, hold my right hand in your left
Rest your right hand on my shoulder...

I shall hold your left hand in my right
And I shall grip your waist by my left...

Let's meet at a place beyond any light
There you can find your name glowing red on my chest...
My HP Poem #1763
©Atul Kaushal
Where was my lover?
I cried myself to sleep, ricocheting the echo of his absent voice on the walls of my interior.

The broken record finally fixed itself.

I laid my head upon his soul and absorbed the warmth of companionship.
My arteries plucked one by one,
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves m—
Effort flowed effectively from the standing petals and then he came along.
We combined together to make a beautiful flower. Shades of happiness and love.
It was our heart, not his, not mine, ours.
Prithvi Gude Jul 28
When the sun goes down there,
It rises up here.
When you go to sleep there,
My day starts here.
When you stop shedding tears there,
A smile starts here.
When you get cuter there,
I blush over here.
When the smile ends there,
My day darkens here.
You’re back in India there,
I’m back in the US here.
But baby, you know what?
I love you, no matter what!

~ PG
Kimberly Jul 21
I love him.
760 miles away I love him.
I hate not being near him.

I need you near me now.
I miss you.
Come back to me please.
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