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Owen Feb 23
I want you with me always,
on every breath I count.
Your touch
never leaves, like the tattoos
on my skin.
Everything you are
lingers in my mind
in my very self.
Leaving your side
is losing a limb, a part of me,
the heart of me.
I know
I'm too cliche,
but all I want in this frigid world is to stay
with you.
Franziska B May 14
Our friendship is a lighthouse,
you shine when I can’t see.
And when the storm is raging,
you show me where I’m meant to be.

Darkness might surround me
more often than I wish.
But when I see your light,
there’s nothing that I miss.

Our friendship is a fortress,
thick walls will keep me safe.
And when the enemy arrives,
You’re the ones that make me brave.

They might get to hurt me
and tear down my defenses.
But you’re my secret weapon
with you, my strength enhances.

Our friendship is a beehive
we work to keep its function.
Our characters as fundaments
and love as our production.

Some might tell us it won’t work,
or that we would drift apart.
But what no one of them sees:
We’re family by heart.

Our family is like different bodies
that walk in different ways.
With eyes that see different directions,
different aims at which we gaze.

Often we are highly distanced
but know where we’ve begun.
And even though our ways are different,
our hearts will always beat as one.
Pyrrha May 11
I text you when I am scared or crying
I ask "What are you doing?" or "How are you?" to set my mind at ease
Because knowing you exist is soothing in itself

But you've stopped responding

The lifeline-
Cut and abandoned
I still ask how your days is
But you don't answer

Because you've stopped trying
Pyrrha May 6
In the silence I find comfort looking out the window at the beautiful sky above me, knowing that somewhere in this world it sees you in the ways that I can not
That when you step outside the sun embraces you and holds you in the warmth and gentleness that I long to
And when it rains you can hear, see and feel me for within every drop I am with you in these unknown ways
Because in these ways, through the distance between us we are connected
When I glide my hand along the sunbeams around me I feel the traces of you carried back to me

When the sun sets and darkness surrounds me I feel your heartbeat in the quiet
Under the moon you are reflected in the light, dancing off the beams of her mystical magic
And the dazzling sea of stars calm me in their endless cosmic stretch
For if the stars above can live so far from the people who adore and love them
Then the distance between us is nothing

And I feel comfort knowing you can feel me in these ways that I feel you
When I close my eyes, in this way the distance fades away
So when you step outside, feel me in the warmth of the sun
See and hear me in the pouring rain
Watch me dance in the moonlight
And forget the distance in the stars perpetual range
ari Apr 28
a dream in which
i finally was enveloped in your arms again
being held tightly
the dreams are getting more frequent
with the idea that my one chance to see you this year
will be ripped away from me
i want to write songs with you again
i want to see your perfect smile
and listen to you talk about
your anxieties with me like i'm an old friend
why must you live so far
why must we be years apart

i miss you
forbidden love
Ray Ross Apr 25
I want nothing more than to feel the texture of your skin
As your arms and legs are tucked around me
In an embrace no more than sweet,
Like we were the night you told me that you love
The way I care about the simple things
And how you think I'm so comfortable in my skin.
I want nothing more than to listen to your heartbeat,
As I lay my ear against your chest,
And you speak, talk about anything,
And I can feel and hear your voice vibrate and listen to the
*** *** ***, the beat of your heart that lulls me so.
I want nothing more than to feel your chest rise and fall,
To feel your breath get soft and steady
And know you feel peaceful with me.
Majesty upon beauty upon brilliance it is
It must be, to have brought you into my life.
There is nothing more peaceful than to lay with you in bed, being held by you or holding you.
And there is nothing in this world that I yearn for more.
See you in June, my darling love.
Owen Feb 25
We are going to be okay.
Now that I know what it is to be loved by you, I could wait an eternity for our  moments together.
Every day I have with you ends far too soon.
Each day away from you, feels a lifetime.
This distance apart is our price to pay,
but we,
we'll always be worth it.
My heart is across this country.
I could hear as the rigid solitude knocked on my window,
I stand up with my trembling legs and look out through the glazier blot.

Dark towers of the night looming, mantle the Moon's light
Of which fairies were buried by fiend  of the shadow.

The beast huddled,
And with that, solitude also forsakaned me.

Emptiness, that I became,
Like a void spirit,
Who is silently striked by the devistating fist of scarcity.

Since the Moon was locked up in a faraway cage...
Shoreless the dark night, which burns between us,
And racking me for an endless time.

I am a bird, which pursuing its warmth,
And flying trough the stiffed mainlands.

I am a sunflower, which lives for the Sun
And nervously golden colour of it
feared from others.

I am an asterisk, which devouted to the Moon
And relishing its dim beams.

But I would rather be a shooting star once,
Than a callow craven.

I would rather wait among Time's grains of sand that snaring backwards,
Than becoming a desolate corner of life.

I wish the solid smoke of darkness would just fade away,
So my blinking eyes would know where to reach for you.

Frigid the scrapering, destitute nothingness.

Only you could smelt me, like the sunny sky a bird.

Deprivation of yours is devouring me,
Like affection my sanity.

Please bring back the Moon,
Because the night is perishing my Sun.
I never really wanted you to call me every day
I wanted you to want to
And that's why it was too much to ask of you
Mica Kluge Apr 18
If you'll be the moon,
I will play the sea.
Wherever you go,
Love, call back to me.
It’s not about the leaving; it’s about the coming back. 4/17/2020.
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