Your voice has taken refuge inside my mind
Your loving words resonate through my head
Painting soft violet skies amidst the constant
storms that are my thoughts

Your smile, as intoxicating as ever
I suspect when God was designing you,
He had a plan to create a smile so heavenly
That it makes people’s heads spin

Because your love makes my head spin
It’s odd, how my favorite feelings can be dictated
By someone so, so far away

I crave the warmth of your presence,
To close the familiar distance between us
Not having to imagine what your lips taste like
Are they perhaps as addicting as the sound of your laughter?

My hand and yours entwined
The spaces between our fingers fitting together ever so slightly
A perfect match, like a key to a lock

Baby, you arms, they look a lot like home
And I want to come home
So far away
"Only until then"
  "Only a little while"
     Never soon enough
Thanks for reading
If we're so close
I'd no longer stare at photographs
No longer read between lines
I could just touch your face
Look into your eyes
And finally know my place.
We could either play pool
Or sit at the park
I'd hear your stories
While you are looking afar.
Then slowly, I'd take each chance
To watch you from your side
And wish for myself
That I could call you mine.
But the first thing I should wish
Is that we'd be so close
I'd no longer have to stare at photographs.
Z 3d
How far can it go?
My undying love for you
Will it reach you?
I hope it does

How far can it go?
Your patience for me
Will you choose to stay?
I hope you do

How far can it go?
This relationship of us
Will it be forever?
I hope it is

How far can it go?
This whisper of confession  
Are you listening?
I hope you are

Distance between you and me
A challenge for us to conquer
But no matter how far it is
My loyalty will forever be yours
I can smell you on the sheets
of this shitty hotel suite.
A numbness cascades over me.
Listless, I dream of what could be.
I try my hardest to be tough.
I am prepared, with fisticuffs
to wake up next to you one day.
Though now I feel tired and grey.
I know I'll have you back with time.
Tender love rushing back sublime.
The Final Frontier”
Planets, stars, the moon, the sun

Now I won’t write some cliche about how the sun dies every night to let the moon live
Or how the moon only shines because it reflects the sun's light
Or just about how awesome the sun is
and how it keeps us alive

But I will write about how beautiful a full moon is on a cold dark night
So big, you could almost touch it
It is still so far away

Sometimes I see the moon
And burst into tears because
I cannot feel the moon
Only the cold chill of night

The moon is an art piece
You could call him god's masterpiece
Indescribably beautiful

The moon and its power over the ocean
Controlling its tides
Sometimes strong
Sometimes weak
Always present
Its as if the moon and ocean
Have a commitment
That is really forever

The moon- a chunk of the earth
That just strayed
A little too far from home

The moon and his many phases
Yet he is still one in the same

The moon- a contradiction
Hiding away
Before showing his true face

But let me tell you a secret
This isn't about the moon
This is about my heart,
Being four thousand eight hundred and five miles from its home
A whole different country
So far out of reach
A moon, For only my eyes to see
We were on the phone when I sang 'Hey There Delilah' to her.

3:03 a.m.

She was smiling and I was in tears
when I replaced 'Delilah' with her name....
Rosey Feb 3
I miss you.

That's all I got to say before you left again
I choked on the familiar ache
Bit back the bile it caused
Spit out when my heart won anyway
I've been real dark recently. Sorry! I have one more dark thing planned ;)

Please comment :)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tell me why every love song reminds me of you
I just want you to know your the star of my eye
Shit sometimes,
this doesn’t even seem real
It’s like your the perfect guy
And I’m so lucky to have you ,
But I want to know where ya head is
I got a penny for ya thoughts
Baby boy don’t get stuck
I’m trynna give you the world
But I have to figure out how to love my self
I had crazy first love and I really can’t explain it
He said my love was toxic and couldn’t take It
Told me I became a routine
He grew tired and kept lying
And what’s even more fucked up every time I stood trying
Until one day I had enough of the crying
Told my heart to let go and let god
Then came you and there was a reason not to give up on happiness
Hand crafted and designed it was just too odd
I thought you could’ve been mine back in 09’
But I was scared to tell you how I feel
it’s 2018 now and I just want to heal,
I understand the situation is different
But I’m sure of many things
Like my feelings for you will only grow
I can’t tell you how I feel that’s something I could only try to show
I am not supposed to feel the way I feel about you
But I do
Yea it’s sad but it’s true
I think I fell in love with you far before I even knew
I want to say if loving you wasn’t right I’d go left
But I can’t
When we kiss I feel the next 50+ years of my life
And that scares me
I would rather have quality then quantity
And I would rather you not have a plus one.
This is selfish of me to think it could be so easy
But shit happens and life throws unexpected moments
I don’t regret falling for you please believe me
I would do it all again but correctly
And you know what I mean when I say that
Being with you makes my heart race
I’m praying to god to keep you safe
I want you to be happy even if that’s with or without me by ya side
I won’t ask you to send me paragraphs about how you feel about me
I have to much pride
Do things because you want to not because you feel like you need too
I’ll kiss your flaws and marry your insecurities
I’ve told you how I feel about you
So this is all on repeat
I miss you , I miss you a lot
In my heart there’s an empty spot
Waiting for the next time I see you
I’d do anything to come home to you
Never take you for granted
Because I know how it feels to wake up one morning
And have everything taken from you
You say I’ll get tired of you
But I’m scared I’ll want too much of you
And you’ll get tired of me.
Don’t get tired of me.
Madalyn Jan 25
Empty Embraces,

A title once prideful;
now lost in consciousness.

Calloused; dazed.
time wasted,
filled with empty company.

Physical disfigurement,
from a bond so abstract.

Contravening crescendo;
entwined in fabrications of nostalgia.
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