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I actually know how this was going to end,
the great war ended badly for the both of us,
and it's just me in despair again,
so i drove my wheels faster than light
the road became a curve and i was in parallels
t'was a mess, i'm in my next getaway car

i was in my highest in those moments
you threw me, i was at my lowest of lows
maybe it was pathetic of me to think you were different

i know i left you in the blue,
never thought the right thing would be so wrong
you were sunshine, and i was definitely midnight rain

I hate your wit and how childish you are,
where my days were filled by your nonsensical jokes,
where i would swore by your calls,
i hate how i could not live without it
i hate how f*cking tall you are
'cause someday i'll be finding myself in the same crowd as you
and you're the first thing that i will sight
i hate how i remember every detail of your voice, style, and face
i guess the rumors were all true
tall, dark, and beautiful
he flies away and saves someone else
Lily Priest Apr 2021
You made me soft;
A Marshmallow drop that melted sweetness,
and tasted like nostalgia on your tongue
In that place where camps fires smoked and we smouldered,
Orange with a glow
that crackled envy,
I saw forever in those flames.
Just a little tiny taste of eternity
Reaching for me, as I reached for you.
I curled and crisped,
Dribbled into that abyss
and bubbled up in the heat.
The loves that last a summer and burn out quickly. Old memories and old campfires remain.
dailythoughts Mar 2021
water flows in waves hitting the shores sweetly
sun shines in grains hitting my face gently

ice melts in drops hitting the sand softly
fire sparks in lights hitting the wind warmly
Why would anyone ever let you go?

When summer breeze isn't even a match for your warmth and tenderness.

More lovable than the sun at the sunrise.

Sometimes the flame is too hot to touch, and then I'm hiding under the tree.

But your figure won't fade, nor rough winds make you decayed.

Like a flower that's waiting for its bee,
your presence is the only one anyone would want to see.
Meeting you at time like this feels like meeting summer in the middle of December
miki Aug 2020
on a hot july night
i remember looking up to the sky
and getting lost in its stars
and how they would twinkle
almost like a quaint little village during christmas, or
a sea of fireflies in the forest.
but even the brightest star
held nothing over you
and the way your eyes would glow in the 6am sunlight
or how you could see every star inside your eyes.
their glow was enough to light up 1000 cities in their darkest hour.

it’s like you were the universe
and i was merely a speck
who got to experience your beauty,
and so i extended my hand to you
only to be met
with the emptiness that had taken its place.

i had been forbidden from your touch for more days than i could count.
but i still reach for you hand
that one day you will be there to meet my grasp.
and wether it be in the 6am sunlight, or the 10pm moonlight,
i only wish to love you as i did
once before
colette alexia Aug 2020
I knew him 63 days
We'd been together for five
But he was never one to be afraid to speak his mind

He told me that he loved me that drive
Taking me home for the summer
That we'd spend apart each night

He said he loved the way I kissed him
We started out over long distance, I tried so hard to make sense of it
The way my heart was feeling things without my permission

It's funny now to talk about those first days
When we couldn't hang out because of your roommate
You asked him how he'd feel about you taking me out on a date

We went to the sunset but we didn't watch it
Too busy talking with our hands on each other
It was clear to me then that we were in trouble

You said I'm the only girl that you'd called baby
I said you're the first guy that I let taste me
I don't even know what we were really saying

I had one hand in your hair and one on your chest
You looked at me and said you didn't want nobody else
I said don't say it if you don't mean it

I knew on the day you picked me up from the airport
In your ripped blue jeans and your dark, black t-shirt
You were someone that I actually cared for

We were both young, but you were younger
Something that I often even forgot of
Must have been the way you talked to my father

Or maybe what you said when you left for the summer
Abi Jul 2020
They said it was just a summer romance
They said that it was an off-brand love
They said that we didn't even have a chance
But I knew that what we had was something so much more
I knew in the way your hand fit mine like a glove
They said that when the summer ended so would we
That we'd be better off if we set each other free
But I knew it was real I was absolutely sure
But you let their words cause you to doubt
You let their lies creep into your mind
And when doing so you left our love behind
We could've made it if only you would've fought for me
But instead, you let your mind wander too far and got lost at sea
They said I'd be okay and I'd move on soon
but they didn't know how it felt when we kissed beneath the moon
If only you would not have questioned what I knew for sure
maybe we could have it all and even a little bit more.
Still, to this day my heart belongs to you
I wonder if yours is still mine too
Please no rude or hateful comments, I'm still a new writer
Luna Jun 2020
Every summer afternoon I sit in my porch,
And admire the most exquisite view,
Sun rays embracing the sunflowers,
Loving them in a way no one ever cares to do.
colette alexia Apr 2020
The moon was big
And our love was bigger
I said anywhere you go
I would go with ya
Because I love the moon
But the view is better sitting next to you
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