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Rising Sun smiles
At the blooming sunflower
Lady and her love
Haiku 112
We first sexed in a tumbling, fumbling manner;
The time had come, it seemed to us,
To consummate our ****** lust.

The Valley was shakin' to The Rocks,
A popular Irish band;
We'd had our fill,
I sparked the engine,
And parked my bike on Techumseh Hill.

The summit was dew damp;
We spread wide our pants,
Not knowing who should go for whom,
So we relented to the crescent moon;
I acquiesced to the shooting stars
When my eyes kissed hers.

Diverse moons have filled my nights,
Long since the grassy knoll,
Beyond star light.
Grey Jul 18
It’s the little moments that come to mind, late at night & busy afternoons
My mind wanders to the times I spent with you
Looking over in the passenger seat, seeing you there with the map leading home
Our adventures in the black hills, your eyes fill with wonder and excitement
The booth in the diner as we talked about sunsets and thunderstorms
Your smile before the laugh & our random conversations in different accents
Hiking up Bear Butte, teaching the top of the world with the thunderclouds brewing & lighting clashing with the sunset
Sometime I wonder, do you know just how beautiful you are?
Driving through town with your CCR cd playing, you turn up the volume & dance with a smile on your face
Daring, bold & relentless
Also caring, kind & honest
Your sense of style, going from business attire to a T-shirt & shorts
Do you know how beautiful you are?
The passion in your voice when you talk about your hopes & dreams
Beauty was defined in pages of a dictionary but here you are
Days spent at the Lake & nights at the movies
You are truly breathtaking & full of life
She’s the type of woman that you rarely find, once in a lifetime
I can only hope that one day I can call you mine
A hopeful romantic waiting for the day I can shout to world that you’re mine & I am yours
It’s the simple moments I cherish, forever guarded in my memory
Desire Jul 5
Love isnt perfect meeting perfect.
Its a covenant taken in hand: promising
to push through floods and flaws
despite our own imperfections...
We're all human, knowing
darkness and what its like to be broken.
Let love be your light, mending your
broken p i e c e s...
I'm an imperfect man,
but I'm a man to say the least,
and I will continue to push so that
love may continue to increase‼️
johannah May 5
flowing hair,
crowned with white and
yellow flowers
by boredom now
entangled by the summer breeze
I wear a dress,
and upon my thighs
is a book,
stained with my now drying tears.

my dimples gleam in the bright sun,
my heart as pure and light
as the white dogs tumbling
playfully around me
serenity in my heart,
you on my mind,
this is how it should be.
Caroline Ward Mar 10
I put sun cream on in the bedroom
You told me you liked the smell.
Later, sand stuck to it
When your hand was on my thigh
And your tongue in my mouth.
I tell my mother but not my friends
Because it wasn't as good
As I thought it would be
And I'm worried I did something wrong.
The next day
I avoid your gaze in the cafe
But you see me and
You pay for my ice coffee.
We go for a walk
I'm too awkward to say a thing
Our hands nearly brush, never touch.
We reach the pier
And I feel comfortable enough
To tease you about
Your Hawaiian shirt.
You're bashful, tell me it's second hand
And it smells musty, like dust
I suggest sun cream
And you smile, it's not awkward anymore.
You walk me home and
Kiss me before I go in
I thank you for the coffee
And watch as you walk
Down the path
Glowing in the evening sun.
Summer ends
And you promise to call
But never seem to find the time.
I watch your life unfold on Facebook
And we become strangers.
But I still think of you
Whenever I smell
Sun cream on my skin.
Tyler Smiley Sep 2018
I feel nothing but
riptides in my stomach,
lightning pulsing through my hands,
and sunbursts in my eyes.

Accompanied by
pink flower flushed cheeks,
cool ocean fingertips,
and slightly burnt thighs.

are on, but

your headlights
are off.

I always wondered why, but now I understand.
I wanted our love to be known,
not shielded by the four doors of your car.

I don’t want to fade away
alongside the tangerine dream of summer.
elaine Aug 2018
sunkissed skin and sand littered across our bodies, we dance around with passion in the pastures of our hearts.
we let our worries get lost at sea as we hold each other close, slowly piecing  each other together.
we fall asleep under the moon as all the stars watch our love for each other burn with such a passion their once cold souls thaw.
Julia Ruth Aug 2018
It was this electric burn
This insatiable satisfaction
When your hot lips were wrapped around mine
a snake on its prey
The feeling of you kissing me-
a neglected  crave
I could never get enough
And when I had you-
It felt like you were gone
Because my mind wandered off to when I would see you next
When I could get more of you
The feeling of your hands caressing my every curve and handle
The way you tousled with my hair
As you warmed my neck with your hot touch
I could savor this sentiment for eternity
But I must forget it
For I will veer insanity
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