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Pyrrha Sep 20
I want to tattoo his love for me into the universe
So it becomes permanent and never fades or goes away

I wish I could wrap his words around me like a blanket
So on the coldest nights I can feel his warmth surround me

He's my safe place and kindered spirit
Without him life would be an insecure downward spiral
He makes me feel surreal
you can taste the pain I swallowed on the roof of my mouth
I remember the night covering us like a blanket
and the sun shining light to all of our mistakes
I remember your shirt hanging off my shoulder
and the way it looked on another naive stranger, she wore it well
I remember the scent it carried, the scent of you and me
who am I without this longing that wears the shape of you?
Oh, honey are you cold?
Here some blanket from sweet kisses.
Anastasia Jun 7
i miss you
when you were next to me
and you were warm.
i'm still cold
even with
a deep blue
fluffy blanket
and cheddar-broccoli soup
i'm freezing.
i miss you,
with your grey hoodie
and your smile
that warmed up my insides.
c.b. ♥
Vivi Jun 5
I open my eyes slightly and stare blankly at the window.
My mind is empty as I start feeling the sun on my skin.
All there is is regret.
Why didn't I close the curfew?
I turn over in hope that closing my eyes will make the world disappear again.
It doesn't.
It never does.
I cover myself with the blanket, hoping the darkness will tell me the story
of this warm feeling of memory.
Ah, it was a dream.
It must've been.
A dream about touch and peace.
Once again I try to calm myself.
Maybe I can go back to sleep and feel it again.
A small sigh with a silent prayer slips trough my lips.
I hope the dark gives my dreams back.
It doesn't.
It never does.
abecedarian May 21
upon the thick chill of modern life

she reflects, drawing over the body,
a thin blanket of cashmere,
how it miraculously
denies the chilling, its darkening physicality

I listen in non-responsive, full attentiveness,
thinking perhaps a poem she is demanding,
“we all need more miracle blankets in our lives”
Johnny walker May 11
I drive home from town usually about midday having had  a coffee and bacon bap then to shut myself away
closing my
to world outside then fall to sleep on my bed safe and warm wrapped In a blanket of dreams of my sweetheart
and stay there to very next day when I repeat all of this over again but safe on my bed for
I'm untouchable from danger and worries that lurk outside my
safely wrapped In a warm blanket of so many memories and dreams of Helen the sweetest girl that I'd ever
Silverflame Apr 3
A lonely snowdrop initiates the dance
out in the woods on the bare ground
they emerge, one by one
as shooting stars on a highway
they embroider a blanket of white serenity
to embrace spring and greet her once again
Emma Pals Feb 23
Snowy white Saturday morning.
All is calm and peaceful.
As the big flakes of snow drift down,
They give the ground a big blanket
Everything is so peaceful

Despite the stillness of the world,
Thoughts, still, destroy everything tranquil.
Minds filled with terrible thoughts,
Ideas that demolish all things good.

The snow falls white on the earth.
Blood spills from tired veins,
Turning crisp white snow to a ****** mess.
Red hot blood thaws the frozen snow-covered earth.

Sleeping peacefully, covered by the snowy blanket,
No more thoughts, no more ideas.
A final breath on a
Snowy white Saturday morning.
The snow is falling outside and apparently so am I so here's this piece I wrote this morning
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