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JoyAndPain Sep 2021
A Nice Soft Blanket
Coating Everything I See
A Soothing Shadow
#darkness #haiku
Sarah L Apr 2021
the sky pulls its downy clouds
eastbound, up to her horizon,
for the spring is cold and
she is resting.

the sky, as cool as ice,
filters through the feathers,
hints of her just beyond
her night-darkened blanket.
the sky reminded me of putting a downy comforter up to the light.
its so much easier to climb
into bed and pull the blanket up
past the legs that held you up all day
and over your head that's so stubborn
where all your dark shadows live

crawl back into a hole
where you can wrap yourself
in the blanket that weighs to much
to move even the slightest to get out
and walk three steps to the fridge

so the blanket gets bigger
and your body gets smaller
till there is nothing

but a blanket
                   for someone else
i've been under the blanket for so long that my body holds only the weight of the blanket i thought to be so safe

there are mistakes but nothing is ever perfect :)
Samantha Dies Feb 2021
I wear the night like a blanket.
Do you find fault with this?
Can I not stay in the darkness?
Why do you judge me my comfort?

I wear the night like a blanket.
It covers me wholly.
Hides my insecurities.
Gives me confidence to be….

I wear the night like a blanket.
It calms the racing thoughts.
It shuts the thousand eyes.
It enables me to breathe….
And live.

I wear the night like a blanket.
It envelops me in warmth.
It allows me to speak aloud.
It helps me to hate a little….

I wear the night like a blanket.
And should the sun come out,
I hide under my covers.
Away from the thousand eyes.
A frightened child inside.
Leaden sky blanket of soaked thoughts
Adding wars back,
Giving the pale impression of illness,
Enthusiastic thunders,
Changing weather,
Swirl of birds
Darkness reflection of a world beyond
Changing weather,
Prosaic surfing, swivel,
Swirl of conspiracy
Conspicuously visible,
Relented turf
In a bout of self-pity.
Awake from this tragedy
Of disillusion
Finding the way to a clean resolution.
Enjoyment of theories
Look for heaven.
Where is my perfect heaven?!
Write of December. Inspired by 'A tragedy in heaven.'
Savio Fonseca Nov 2020
Our Nights have never been,
so Romantic Before.
When U are in My Arms,
I can't ask for anything More.
U unwrap your Feelings,
by the touch of My Hand
and pour out your Passions,
like the Grains in the Sand.
As We go rocking Our Bed,
on sheets that are Blue.
Our Nights turn Wholesome,
Our Dreams come True.
I keep touching your points,
under a Blanket so Warm.
U Moan like the Waves,
that are caught in a Storm.
ag Nov 2020
I got used so much with your words that it’s the only thing that I’m trusting between us. But by the time you hold me with your arms, I never thought I could love you more than I am giving.

I admit, the world is really scary for us, yet there were no days that went by of me thinking ‘why’d you still choose me?’. But I never heard you stutter on how much you would love to choose me countless times.  

Here we are, hiding under our blankets while sharing the moments being alone together and how we just realized we’re too comfortable with our own skin.

But blankets can’t hide us long, can it?
izi Jul 2020
My greatest enemy,
Silence. My most wonderful dream,

Silence that hangs like a thread,
Silky, soft, bound to break.

Silence that wraps around you,
A warm blanket of comforting.

Silence that wakes you,
Awash in that moonlight glow.

Silence that defines you,
Fiber, soul, essence, and heart.

Silence that you wish would just,
Stop being so deafening.

Silence that suffocates,
Then lets you breathe.

Silence that opens a window,
More than your eyes ever could.

Silence that makes me afraid,
Lifts you up on angel-like wings.

Silence that is too short, too long,
Too silence-y.

Silence, that doesn't sound like a word,
Until you hear it.

Silence that sits there,
Waiting, wondering, thinking.

Silence in the darkness,
The most comfortable moments,
And the scariest.

I've never learned how to be silent,
In the proper way,
Until I met you.

You, who uses silence,
You, who knows silence,
You, who is silence.

I can't say I know you,
But I know silence,
Around you,
Lying together,
Arms tangled.
Smiling in
E Jun 2020
I met a girl
Her name was Katie
She sang the blues
Loved scary movies

We fell in love
And for a year
She was a blanket
Warming me up

It’s been a decade
I still love her
I’ll never get over you
Are you there, Katie?
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