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Johnny walker May 11
I drive home from town usually about midday having had  a coffee and bacon bap then to shut myself away
closing my
to world outside then fall to sleep on my bed safe and warm wrapped In a blanket of dreams of my sweetheart
and stay there to very next day when I repeat all of this over again but safe on my bed for
I'm untouchable from danger and worries that lurk outside my
safely wrapped In a warm blanket of so many memories and dreams of Helen the sweetest girl that I'd ever
Silverflame Apr 3
A lonely snowdrop initiate the dance
out in the woods on the bare ground
they emerge, one by one
as shooting stars on a highway
they embroider a blanket of white serenity
to embrace spring and greet her once again
Emma Pals Feb 23
Snowy white Saturday morning.
All is calm and peaceful.
As the big flakes of snow drift down,
They give the ground a big blanket
Everything is so peaceful

Despite the stillness of the world,
Thoughts, still, destroy everything tranquil.
Minds filled with terrible thoughts,
Ideas that demolish all things good.

The snow falls white on the earth.
Blood spills from tired veins,
Turning crisp white snow to a ****** mess.
Red hot blood thaws the frozen snow-covered earth.

Sleeping peacefully, covered by the snowy blanket,
No more thoughts, no more ideas.
A final breath on a
Snowy white Saturday morning.
The snow is falling outside and apparently so am I so here's this piece I wrote this morning
Kora Sani Feb 19
you gifted me
a blanket of sadness;            

still i shiver              
slowly, but surely
i become devoid of emotion

i perform a smile
here & there when i need to

it's enough to get by

but it's still lonely here,
sitting next to you

your eyes meet mine
& now we both know
though we pretend not to see,
our future is clear

we will meet again one day
for now, it's goodbye

i'll keep this blanket you gave me
if ever you should need it
but it's tucked away now
beneath the base of my bed

it's not easy for me
to watch the past die
but i still hold on
though a loose grip, indeed

in time i will let go
for what will be, cannot be
if what was, still is
Keiya Tasire Jan 30
Winter's pallet of white
With graying hues of brown and blue.
It's a blanket rolling from hill top
Around the edges of the lake
Into the valley below.
I dig under the blanket
Revealing the sweet tender grass blades
Just begging to grow.

Where is the sun?
Do come and usher in the delight of spring.
I long to hear the songs of the birds
And the fluttering of hummingbird wings.

Higher and higher both the sun and moon transverse the sky
Raising above the tops of the cedars, furs, birch, maple, and larch.
My heart delights knowing
Our small spring will soon begin to flow.
The stink cabbage, horsetail, and asparagus will sprout.
The poppies and wild roses will soon begin to glow
With the colors of spring.

Hurry sun and warm our path.
Do make short the days of splitting
Cutting and carrying wood.
For I do not know how long he will last.
He says propane may be better.
We both chuckle and laugh
Awaiting the colors of spring
Knowing they are just beneath the snow.
About January the wood pile starts to decline and the sun teases us with a week of warmth and sunshine before heading into the last leg of winter. We are hoping for an early March with warming weather.
javert Jan 9
This January, fog slips thick fingers through the hair of the trees,
wrapping them in blankets against the cold and against the sun.
Streetlamps and headlights make halos
of red, yellow, green, white,
carving slices into the air,
the same at three as they are at six as they are at nine as they are at--

And something whispers to me that elsewhere there is snow.
It’s only getting warmer.
It’s only getting warmer.
Dell Dec 2018
People are changing as I stay the same
Leaving me behind as they grow.
I was only ever a game.
I've always known
That it was a matter of time
Before I became old.
They pulled and plucked at my
Heart strings
Until worn and broken.
They dirtied me for
Their own pleasure.
I was new and pure,
Now I'm used and nobody wants me.
Everyone has grown out of me.
Like an old baby blanket.
This is my first poem so Hello guys gals and non binary pals.
Anya Nov 2018
Some say to fear the dark
Yet, unlike day
It offers a sense of comfort
Enveloped within
A blanket of invisible space
Free from searching eyes
And the terrifying
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
this blanket is new
completely different lies one it
from a huge bear of
medvedy which I caught a long time
long ago this blanket is new

this blanket is new it lies
I will save and protect it
my safety lies and pride
and honor and great inspiration
this blanket is new

this blanket is new
it was a knight it yes when
it was both fish and sea and stars
it was everything and especially bear
yes this blanket my new lies so there is

Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Gold melts away
the dark blanket
as if a sign to start

be ambitious
he whispers

you answer back

and slowly block the
gold penetrating through the window
with your blanket of doubt
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