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isabella Jul 21
My greatest enemy,
Silence. My most wonderful dream,

Silence that hangs like a thread,
Silky, soft, bound to break.

Silence that wraps around you,
A warm blanket of comforting.

Silence that wakes you,
Awash in that moonlight glow.

Silence that defines you,
Fiber, soul, essence, and heart.

Silence that you wish would just,
Stop being so deafening.

Silence that suffocates,
Then lets you breathe.

Silence that opens a window,
More than your eyes ever could.

Silence that makes me afraid,
Lifts you up on angel-like wings.

Silence that is too short, too long,
Too silence-y.

Silence, that doesn't sound like a word,
Until you hear it.

Silence that sits there,
Waiting, wondering, thinking.

Silence in the darkness,
The most comfortable moments,
And the scariest.

I've never learned how to be silent,
In the proper way,
Until I met you.

You, who uses silence,
You, who knows silence,
You, who is silence.

I can't say I know you,
But I know silence,
Around you,
Lying together,
Arms tangled.
Smiling in
E Jun 26
I met a girl
Her name was Katie
She sang the blues
Loved scary movies

We fell in love
And for a year
She was a blanket
Warming me up

It’s been a decade
I still love her
I’ll never get over you
Are you there, Katie?
Reappak May 28
The night sky,
Wrapped inside blankets
A coffee, a book,
And skies full off stars!
spacewtchhh May 20
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
I just wanted to hide the transparency of sadness from my blood
I once opened the curtains, hoping sunshine would give me warmth
Then they asked why is there a stream from my eyes
I said I want to finally be honest to you
Then they said it's not the right thing to do
I said this is what I feel from behind
Then they asked why do I let the heart consume the mind
I said to myself this is enough
It shouldn't have been done
There's no difference anyway
Then it struck me like a lightning
I'm floating on the flood from the heavy rains
And it shouldn't have been done
I shouldn't have wished for warmth
When all I got is a storm
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
Haley May 20
I’m like a pillow,
Soft and squishy.
I just need my blanket,
Before I get too cold.
Reading and this popped into my mind
Maria Mitea May 17
the blanket hugs Earth's chest, and
steps move holding a bouquet of sunflowers while
gazing like a thief, whose big eyes are
rolling on the ground, “don’t you see how steps flow with
Parisian prudence, I am brave and happy on top of Your Eiffel.”  When?  the eyes become wizards of clouds, and
“I”- Rest in wonder. How Long?
LC Apr 24
whenever their words are sandpaper
that aggressively rubs her heart
and forms stinging cuts,
her hands always reach for
her soft, fluffy, warm blanket.
as it envelops her in its warmth,
her heart heals the cuts
and becomes soft again.
#escapril day 23!
Mrs Timetable Apr 11
Covering my exposed
When you know it’s cold
Warms my whole body
Because it’s love
That it knows
Making sure I’m warm enough.  It’s the little things
Amanda Apr 10
Memories comfort
Thoughts of your love keep me warm
A mental blankie
I changed the last word at the last minute as you can tell by the title
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