The night slows to a halt and I turn off my lights. My sheets are untucked from the foot of my bed, which really bothers me. I frown slightly and attempt to tuck them in until I remember you. How you sleep with your sheets untucked because you are too tall, and your feet dangle off the bed. How you never sleep with them constricting you. I stop what I’m doing and think. Maybe I can try to sleep without my sheets tucked in. It’s worth a try, because if I’m ever going to sleep in the same bed with you, I’ll have to get used to it. I lay back down with a slight smile on my face and drift to sleep, dreaming you were here, my toes peaking out from beneath my blankets.

Bina Perino Nov 27

I dream of you.
I dream of your strawberry
Ice cream tiles while
Under a blanket stitched
By mother’s hands of
A color just the same.
I dream of your sidewalks
That lead your crowds
From halls to kitchens, breezeways
To basements, with echoes
Of girls’ stolen virginity locked away.
I dream of your stream
Which was my playground,
Rolling between trees
That tower like your
Cylindrical pale columns;
I dream of you when
I am a stretch of highway away
In a tiny town that guards me,
Keeps me safe and hidden.
I dream of you when
I will never see your gates
Because my childhood heroes
Have all turned into ghosts,
Haunting every room and hall.
I will never visit your crowds
Because they have painted my father
As a hero and his heroes as saints.
I dream of you when
I no longer find truth
In your books and murals,
Rolling through time,
That towers like your
Cylindrical pale columns.
I dream of you.

Poetic T Nov 24

Where one could only place a thought on  rest,
but for a moment, reflections that are addressed  
on eyelids needing the collection of bedtime unrest.

My blankets are woven in comas of oppression
as when my eyes are entombed and depressed.
No one realizes that when they pass this dispossessed
huddle, lives life never given a moment as were oppressed.

For below this perceived cluster of a homeless man dressed,
is the dignity of man once upon a time blessed.
But I fell or stumbled, now my body slumbers on a headrest.
All that others see is a robin who lost his dignified vest.

hiver is the french word for it
but sally calls it blanket time
even though it's cold
yes, the trees may shiver
but the snow and ice
just looks like a coat
if one thinks like that
like sally
they are not then cold

Sparks Fly Nov 3

All her clothes
pooled on the floor around them

His hands were seeds
planting a luxuriant garden of
exotically alluring flowers
on every risen goosebump
as though they were lush soil beds

The only clothing left on her
was the warm luster of his body
on top

blanketing her

Hailyn Suarez Sep 20

Seeing through eyes blanketed by a
Fuzzy blanket, only intended for winter recess
Winter recess where the snowflakes drift in and
Out of ocular view, demanding to be looked at.
Japanese paintings folding, unfolding, transforming into
Little blurry bubbles of dark greens and
Blackened blues.
Glorious sunsets, smearing the sky with red hands look
They’re dry and hands cannot rub enough waterfalls and
Raindrops into them,
Leaving spider webs, fresh with rouge.

Written in common room of Marcy.

and there you were
in all of your broken beauty
under a blanket, covered in music

Alexa Sep 17

this blanket
you used
when you came over
now smells of you.

it smells good.

i know because i've wrapped it around me,
hoping to preserve its scent.

you smell so nice
i don't know how to describe it
but you smell so nice.
Lyvana Nyx Aug 21

Soft memories
Seep in
Like warm hugs
On cold nights
Easing the ache
Of my failing heart
For a little while.

We all have different colors
Imprinted in our souls
Wrapped up in a warm blanket
Of flesh and blood and bones
From the moment that we're born
We feel the seismic waves of love
And the truth is that there's nothing
Below us or above

My skin is your skin
Worn out and paper thin
Write your story on the surface
Let it bleed into your
Shadow sins

My skin is your skin
We end and we begin
Carve your dreams into the sand
Let them wash away
The ashes in your hands

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