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Louise Jul 2022
I am known to have several hobbies,
as I also have significant prowess in each.
Because in anything that I do
and whatever I want to try,
I always do it naturally and good
just like a bird taking flight.

When it comes to new interests,
I am simply the best student.
I learn and plan carefully with method
and execute flawlessly with madness.
Calling and pulling down rain like a God,
I water my passions like lilies in the garden.

When it comes to new knowledge,
I am a servant yet the queen of this village.
A newcomer gangster who rules the streets,
I am feared in every turn and corner.
Yet an overqualified maiden on the sheets,
I am tenderly adored and kissed better.

When learning about new languages,
I dedicate it only for the arts and letters.
Speak foreign words like it's teenage love,
I've sworn this is only on paper, not my lips.
Sing fluently like my head with heels above,
I swallow my pride and swing my hips.

When talking about arbitraries and goals,
I am never not in the know from the get-go.
I am an angel who sets and builds the stage,
when I show up, nobody feels the breeze.
Yet I am the devil that gambles and trades,
in my refusal everybody finds their release.
Jack of all trades, master of none
I love films!
Some long others short
I've lost count how many I've bought
I love films!

I love films!
Black and white to colour
A cool dvd cover
I love films!

I love films!
Box sets, special edition
Today's new acquisition
I love films!

I love films!
My moment to be free
Sat with my cup of tea
I love films!

I love films!
Simply put they're the best
What do I love? You've guessed!
I love films!
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
Inspired by my love for films
Zane Smith Jan 2021
with someone to have a good time.

Romanticize simplicity with yourself

Go to the grocery store
Get some coffee
Go to a view
Find a new place you've never been
Buy art supplies
Get lunch
Find a recipe
Go thrifting
Hang out at a park
Watch a movie
Read a book
Listen to music
Go somewhere you haven't in awhile
Feel the energy in a metaphysical shop
Doodle on something random
Wake up early
Make a charcuterie board
Light a candle
You attract what you put forward to the universe.
FiguringItOut Apr 2020
Martial arts have been part of my life for a decade and a half.
I became fluent in hand to hand combat and weapons like the staff.

I took punches and kicks to my throat and groin,
Bled and cried while paying them coin.

Became an assistant and eventually a teacher,
To children and adults, passing down wisdom like a preacher.

I got my blackbelt and could win at sparring.
But despite all the injuries and countless scarring,

Conditioning my hands to break boards and bricks,
I could never catch a fly with a pair of ******* chopsticks.
Jeramy Souder Jul 2019
Hobbies are there to help distract our minds
Something to take the edge off
Good or bad, taking many forms

My hobbies haunt me
Addiction in disguise
Dragging me down the dark path

I cannot stop
They do their jobs
Keeping me from the thought of you

I have hobbies
Some I cannot escape
I hope you don’t have the same
Happiness is tears of laughter,
video games with your redheaded son,
rescuing a baby ferret to look after,
or telling a ridiculously cheesy pun.

Happiness is a home cooked meal,
your mom randomly giving you a hug,
a Harry Potter sticker on your driving wheel,
or seeing summer's first June bug.

Happiness is your dad being proud of you,
Momma's homemade queso in a crock ***,
an ocean wave so stunningly blue,
or learning how to dance in an empty parking lot,

Happiness is running two miles,
sitting in a pew singing "It is well",
watching the Netflix Ted Bundy trials,
or a collection of Galveston seashells.

Happiness is driving through Spring,
a spontaneous trip to the Houston Zoo,
or twenty percent off a James Avery ring.
But mostly... happiness is me when I'm with you.
Archive that text message
and print out that photo.
Tomorrow isn’t promised
and the future is unknown.

So be a collector of moments
and always hoard the keepsakes.
They’re not just meaningless accessories,
but tangible smiles or heartbreaks.

Movie tickets and keychains,
birthday wishes, and card games.
Photo albums and Summer rain,
love notes and paper planes.

The people in those memories
will come and go over the years.
But they'll be remembered in the saved
tokens of the past or in your nostalgic tears.
Jade Quirk May 2019
I was a curious child, as all children should be.

My parents let me keep my dislodged teeth.

I started collecting,

I wanted to have a full smile.

Not only that,

But I had red clay that I made heads with;

How cool, would that be,

If I could make one with a smile?

Needless to say, I didn’t have many friends.

What I had were smiling heads.
True story. I don't think I was a lonely child, just an alone child in her world.
To hold pages
In your hands
Is a world

The bubbling brook
On the river's edge,
The fierce knight
Nearing the stone ledge

in the ink,
in the structure.

There is peace
In this,
Until life
is Colored,
and whole
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