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you held me close to you,
and I felt your heart beating
deep inside of your rib cage.

I closed my eyes and listened
to the rise and fall of your chest,
hearing the soft thump of
your heartbeat and imagining
that if I stayed still for long enough,
I could melt into you.

for the first time in my life,
I felt like I belonged.

you made me feel like
I belonged with you

like I belonged on this planet.

like I belonged here, right here,
secure in your arms.

I haven’t felt safe
since you let go of me.
lost 5d
... and i lay there,
listening to your heartbeat. the soft laughs we share as we exchange kisses;

i never knew it'd become my favourite sound-

your laugh, your heartbeat;

you are my whole world.

as i lay there, peacefully with you,
you've made everything whole again,

my world; until the end.
I know I have a chaotic mind, but if I was a moth would you keep me safe at night? Maybe help me find the light from time to time?

And sometimes I can’t find the right words to say, but would you feed me flowers if I was a butterfly for a day? Maybe keep the birds at bay?

What I mean is; you make me less mean and I really mean it. I hope you don’t get sick of me...yet.
A week after my relationship began I awoke in the dead of my sleep next to my partner at 8am with this poem stuck in my head.
ibkreator Sep 19
and that's perfectly accurate
as its not yours

and your only job is to get you
Zywa Sep 17
The small grocery

is a dark hole, the front room –

of a hoarse old mole.
“De heilige Rita” (“Saint Rita”, 2017, Tommy Wieringa)

Collection "Germ Substance"
Believe me
As long as
You are confused
It's not your home
If your feet pause
It's not your home

With due respect
Keep on walking
Where you
Genre: Observational
Theme: Destiny
Psychostasis Sep 3
My house walks.
She's pretty unique in that sense
She breathes with a passion very few get to witness unless she wish it
And carries herself in the stance of a headstrong and charismatic woman

My Home speaks
With a demanding voice that snatches the attention of the soul
She speaks words riddled with experience and wisdom
And laughs like the first song you've ever heard.

My peace of mind travels
It rests on the shoulders of a beautiful vessel created to match the soul and mind of my home,
And unfortunately

When she's roaming, my house no longer has my home.
To Breazy
bloodKl0tz Sep 2
i cant remember what it felt like to be a child

there are vague grasps at a feeling

of security, not yet shaken
in adults who are able to know and to do and to decide
r Aug 31
Caged bird set free
but what is she free from?
Security, protection and a helicopter that span above her head...just to make sure.
She’s free from a myriad of ‘where were you!’s and numerous raised words.
She’s free from a yellow orangey pink sunny kind of life.
Now the bubble’s popped.

She only has the yellow orangey pink of a sunset,
that’s where the problems really start.
It all began with a simple search for a cure.
But tomorrow is filled with fear for sure
Crocodiles and snakes will now need to lure--
Who will go to jail next to keep the nation “secure”?

The Filipino ferocity is finely defined.
We will always fight until the end of the line.
For the justice, we’ll charge then add a finel
Everything that has started, finds an end in design.

What would the past “terrorist” Jose Rizal say
If he knew the elected far from duty astray?
Would he join the gagging nation in this age and day
For rights and freedoms nabbed like thieves all the way?

Politicians aren’t gods to be expected of mercy.
So we’ll do all the work and then make them see.
Do they witness and laugh, lay back, take it easy?
Are their souls still present or just absentee?

Do they not hear all the people who sing
In the Kawit-like pride at independence’s first ring?
Where now is the candidate who won by promising
That he’ll be fine in hell if we were paradise-living?

Everyone who was chained will meet freedom too.
Just so if peace was the goal, real and true.
Won’t stand anymore for a sky in dark hue.
There’s a change coming in the way the wind blew.

Don’t walk away, and keep your eyes open.
Listen to what was spoken, read up on what is written.
History will remember all our actions taken,
If to God, people, or nation, your loyalty was given.
This is the most direct translation of the poem "Ano Na?" Which I've written in Tagalog. This piece was written from a deep place of anger and disappointment in newly "improved" Human Security Act of 2007, and the methods the administration of my country has executed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original Filipino version of this piece is set to be published on Panday Sining's Karatula VI.
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