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Arcassin B Oct 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Seeds of evil will grow and puncture any wound from the stomach up leaving illusions and wild fascinations,
Just as worst as Gotham City but without the bat blinded from the truth of situations,
Fathers and mother's crying ****** ****** for children's dissaperences on the come-up,
Will another person with black skin that didn't do nothing will end up shot up?
Times are hard I understand but there are things bigger than me and you bickering now,
Any fact about the world that I would kick to you , you'd ignore, you're afraid somehow,
If you're someone that'll rather be home saving up all your money while joining a crowd,
People in the afterlife will be amazed , progress would've paid off, I'm proud.

Purpose follows any plan and any agenda , *** Created purpose so he knows what all applies,
The masters of war correlates with Hades leading to the end of some of our lives,
Some will stay and fight , some will run away and some will just hide and decide to flee,
Strong will survive and weaklings stay behind , don't want to be known as someone cowardly,
False prophets that pretend like they help in any situation would just get you lost,
Like a broken record spinning the same thing like a loop **** , there's no earthly costs,
Battling things in your mind but need some medications to hopefully warm the soul,
Stop hiding behind security looking for clarity , you need to be bold.


She said love was overrated and all I did was just drop my head,
Thinking you were happy,this was fake,I'd rather die instead,
I'm just playing baby,I'm not tryna' get you scare tonight,
Teaching me humility,there is no more room to cry,
We've both had broken hearts and nothing can replace the hate we feel,
Determined to show you a compassionate side so you could heal,
**** the stars and **** eclipses,don't have to bring you the moon,
Even though we don't conversate,I can't wait to see you soon,
Dreaming of a day where I could be the one to laugh with you,
I'm finding the nerve to have the courage not to deal with you,
Learning all the lies and all the secrets that you hid from me,
Now I think it's time for me to teach you some humility.

ALC Oct 4
This is my safe place
And its my jail cell.
I cant stand to be in here
Now that I’m not well.
The walls confine me
And torture my soul.
The window it bribes me
To jump through its hole.

My room is my safe place
It hides all my deeds.
It allows me to let loose
And be a little more me.
But now it’s my jail cell
Binding me in.
I can’t stand to be in here
Where I fear there’s simply no end.
Anya Sep 25
I look at novels
And I base my life off of it
Often has me feeling disappointed
Then I wonder,
Is it the excitement,
Or the predictability?
The adventures
Or the security?
That everything’s going to be alright
I find
I don’t really know
But I still appreciate my life
I love it
I really do
Wouldn’t a perfect life
Be boring?
Cat Lynn Sep 14
It's is your security that will pay the toll...

Your confidence will be forced to pay its loan...
And it will be left with a heart of stone...

Any object of hope will be forced to be sold...
and your soul will be left bankrupt and cold...

Fear will make your emotions pay a price...
....so what are you gonna do? Pay?... or fight?
Poetry Aug 15
Love can breathe life
Bring life
Be life

If you can love yourself enough
To believe love
RH Fists Jul 17
with the opportunity to fly,
heaven-bound with relentless cadence,
over unbound oceans of endless thought,
i still prefer to glance ashore from a shore,
Standing still with normative idealism,
bound to false securities of pragmatism,
and perpetually doomed to drown,
if ever setting foot in water.
It is in the righteous man's destiny to decided whether he is to become the sheep or the shepherd. How he kindles his ideas will determine his fate.
Anya Jul 13
Why should I?
I ask my insistent self
And instead of
Giving me some convincing reason
She says
Why should I?
No matter what others say, the only one who can truly understand or at least speak for ourselves is ourselves. Also bringing the idea that the only way to be content isn’t to look for external answers but to be happy with ourselves.
Mom would say, “Your dad has friends,
Black friends on the police force, of course
We don’t set down to eat with them.
It wasn’t safe to say to her, “Ahem.
Did you hear what you just said?”
She’d swing one upside my head
And it would be like a garden gate
But with the weight of her stout arm
And the harm she could do with that
Sat me back down on my bony ****.

I wrote “black friends” but that is because
That was not the word she used, applause,
Applause. Clean it up for the publishment,
Don’t cause a resentment for the wrong reason.
It is never the season because I am white
And it’s never right for me to say the N word,
Haven’t you heard? They can, and I can’t
Even in a rant that describes the horror
Of living in a half right, all white world.

My fingers permanently curled into fists
So hard to resist saying to my parents
“You daren’t speak like that to the preacher
Or half of my teachers because they’d see
Just how deeply grained racism can be."
And both sides would take it out on me,
Just a kid, so I agree to hide what you did.
I agree to pretend you aren’t part of the problem;
Another prejudiced person, training me
Explaining to me how life really is right now.

You saying to me “Don’t put your lips there
On that fountain. Some N person might have, too!
And that made sense to you. Perfect sense.
You were that dense, that unquestioning, too.
Ready to do what your white society dictates
And making me into a swinging garden gate
If I don’t toe the line, and hold my confusion
While I pray for no contusion from the slap.
I hold hands in my lap and act submissive.
And I act like I accept all this as right
Because I am white. But, even though I won’t
Say a word at ten years of age, I don’t.
Anya Jul 2
Golden light spills out in between the crevices and cracks
The world seems still save for the slight wave and rustle of each branch conversing with the wind visible to a discerning eye
Somewhere off in the distance a machine rumbles
The click of a light turning off
A voice calls out
Another mutters
Not still
Not completely peaceful either
But not loud either
A sense of comfort
A sense of security
just the way I like it
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