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derblue 5d
Timing plays a big part
I thought I was ready
Ready to start again
Good thing I pulled back a little
Now all that I built
All the sweat & blood that I shed
Bore fruit

Now we are both ready to start this journey.
They say timing plays a big role in a relationship. I never had a ton of patience when it comes to relationship, I was always in rush. I never want to be left out. She made me realize that's its okay to wait for the perfect timing. No need to rush things and eventually everything will fall into place.
Zywa May 6
Cold rain being blown

under my hood, the shelter –

of the mosquito.
Collection "PumicePieces"
Deeply I am lost
I feel my navigation
has spun outta control
I was content knowing
my destination
I felt secure sailing
through life
Knowing my gps
was in hand
I couldn't get lost
I had someone whom
I could call
so now
I'm lost at sea
I have lost my gps
How will I sail in life
now that
my call is no longer
a minute away
my navigation has
Will , I just drift on land
Will , I sail again
I just don't know
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Zoe Mei Mar 16
Brown hair drip
drops down onto
black squishy flip flops
seamless white plastic shower floor.

Then it is tan sand
and saltwater spray;
and the great gray-blue ocean
lies before bare burrowing toes
and air vent breaths
are washing tides
and the shushing breeze.

She is naked and young and alone
tan, svelte and smooth
squeezing sea from dark tangled hair
on a beach
where air smells sweet
salt, not stinking seaweed
and everything the temperature of her body.
The sun burns not too hot or bright
in pastel-streaked sky
rays not of needle glares but cotton.

The standing,
quiet calm
no chatter but seagulls
air enough to fill both lungs:

a world that is plush and halcyon
and needs no reason
I wrote this poem when I was super anxious (obviously in the shower), and I just needed some fantasy to feel okay.
Moss Mar 7
I don't know how to say just how I feel
He does that to me
Takes the words out of my mouth
Makes me feel complete again
They dashed me against the rocks
He saw the good and picked up the pieces
Put them back together
The pieces that were lost he replaced
He tells me he loves me
He'll wait for me
And this time I believe those words
I know he means it when he says that I am perfect
It's not always easy to believe
But deep down I know
Its the truth and that one day he will hold me jn his arms
Tell me how much he loves me
And I will feel safe
I love him so much ^^
I wear the night like a blanket.
Do you find fault with this?
Can I not stay in the darkness?
Why do you judge me my comfort?

I wear the night like a blanket.
It covers me wholly.
Hides my insecurities.
Gives me confidence to be….

I wear the night like a blanket.
It calms the racing thoughts.
It shuts the thousand eyes.
It enables me to breathe….
And live.

I wear the night like a blanket.
It envelops me in warmth.
It allows me to speak aloud.
It helps me to hate a little….

I wear the night like a blanket.
And should the sun come out,
I hide under my covers.
Away from the thousand eyes.
A frightened child inside.
a smidge of rain Dec 2020
The car envelopes me in a blanket of warmth.
It's not comforting or safe-but almost
it reminds me of the smoke from a cigarette-far too harsh and absolutely disgusting
it's as though I've been put in too thick of sweater for the time of year
the hot air has caused a fog to develop on the windows the vast cold meeting the sticky heat and it just glazes over like the fog that encompasses my mind sometimes
I wish to leave this blanket of warmth.
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
dog  dog breath  dog ****
smells like security now
in days of our need
CarolineSD Nov 2020
Flying on an old wooden swing set
Green paint peeling off the sides
Sunlight descending through the spaces between the leaves
Thick on the branches of the old oaks
I never thought I would
Leave behind

She’s kicking high now
With spindly legs
And tipping her face upside down
Laughing like a child
Laughing though life would
Place a sadness in the world
Little by little.

I walk through the edges of the garden in a different time
My voice is hers and mine.

I will always love you
Hopeful little thing
Trusting that these ropes will hold forever
Looking back at four walls that will never crumble
But they did
And they do
And you knew, you always knew.

And if you could only hold onto one solid thing
And if you could just be bright enough to save every one

And isn’t that why you were always smiling?

Such a happy child.
Such a happy child.

And I want to tell you it is ok to stop smiling
And it is ok to let the swing fall down from the sky.
And it is ok that things die right there in the middle of the light
You try to bring.

I like you anyway
And I love you anyway
And I will swing beside you
And hold your hand and we can lay back our heads
and laugh and laugh and laugh
And maybe that will finally

Be enough

And I can forgive myself.
to the inner child..what would you say?

"I will always love you how I do
Let go of a prayer for you
It's a sweet word
The table is prepared for you

Wishing you godspeed, glory
There will be mountains you won't move
Still I'll always be there for you
How I do
I let go of my claim on you
It's a free world
You look down on where you came from sometimes
But still you'll have this place to call home always."
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