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marjo Sep 28
a place where i ought to be,
somewhere i can be,
a place for my dreams
and nightmares,
but i somehow ended up
anywhere near
but my safe haven.
Nylee Aug 12
it was always this
a routine
it could have been different
but it is in line
going out of line
the usual unusual design
the impending death of routine
the beginning of the changing times.

some days you start
with a want of change,
but the change
changes you in so many ways,
it has its consequences,
constantly changing,
no matter what
and you are stuck in the routine
resist it even if it is a good thing
but mostly it is bad
rarely it never is.

known problems
follows a routine
but unknown
it is a pandora's box
you never know
the enlisted
routine to follow ahead
tweaks and tricks
and, back to the road.

it challenges you
changing your views
doesn't listen to you
you don't know
who to turn to
it is so out of
comfort zone.

I know it is imminent
the make and break of routine
I am rarely going to pass my years
just like this
inside my bedroom
with the closed doors.

It is happening
I cannot follow my previous year routine,
talking to same five people I have known
you have replaced me from your routine,
It is changing, I am changing
so are you
You don't need me the way I do.
Getting out of one’s comfort zone,
Trying out travelling alone,
Making decisions that are risk-prone,
Is no doubt difficult - like trying to live without a phone!

Often leads to breakdowns,
Often makes one look like a clown
And often makes one frown.

But then if one doesn’t live for these things,
They are just like a bird without wings.
Even if their day-to-day life doesn’t sting,
They miss out on life and all that it brings.
Why would that beautiful winged bird run?
Unaware of its wings, or all its wisdom shun?

Could it not see the beautiful infinite sky?
Only crawl, walk and run, will it never fly?
Birds, small and big, in awe of its wings
Surprised, how happily it walks and sings
Its never too late to start, wiser birds say
'To move on ground is a child's play
God blessed you with wings to fly,
Running makes your dear ones shy.'

The bird never seemed to pay heed
Will tree never grow out of the seed?
Grounded the bird practised to live,
He couldn't fly, he was forced to believe
Inspiring thoughts and it did take an airy jump
Far from a flight, it was a little ****
Afraid to fall, the bird never flew
And slowly, was left out of its crew
When you fly, your wings are put to test
On ground, it could afford to rest

Were those wings to go in vain?
Or fooled, to quit the sky to choose plain?
Why would that beautiful winged bird run?
Being unaware, or all its wisdom shun?
دema Apr 11
is such a foreign zone
that I long for,

a land that I can't seem to
be able to spot
on any map,

people tell me
its borders are indefinite,

and i tell them,
please take me
to the mother
I have never known.
I stole a glance,
looked at you from afar,
realized I didn't have a chance...
a chance for you to see the scars.

I stole your words,
tasted your voice,
it was all I ever heard,
realizing it was always my choice.

I stole your attention,
provided you with the spotlight,
gave you everything you mentioned,
Just wished I could have been the one to give you a kiss goodnight.
To the one that gently convinced me to come out of my turtle shell...
Robert D Nov 2019
Putting my thoughts on to paper
Letting the words flow out on their own
Never knew I'd like writing
Breaking out of my comfort zone

Harder than it seems
Trying to express what I feel
Opening my heart and soul
Trying to keep my words real

Looking to what I wrote
From ending to the start
These words have heavy meaning
These words are from my heart

It helps with my hopelessness
Gives me the ability to cope
Writing these words down
Gives me the ability to hope
Chrissy Ade Aug 2019
Fear has taken my left hand
And Faith has taken my right hand,
Pulling me in opposite directions
Like children playing tug-of-war
I’m swaying between the road that diverges
Into a life of comfort or a life of greatness
And I cannot decide who deserves my heart
Does Faith deserve it because it embraces uncertainty,
A tortured game with unpredictable results?
Or does Fear deserve it more because it promises certainty,
An enemy of progress that loathes new adventures?
Faith has taken my left hand and Fear has taken my right hand
I cannot make a choice; they are pulling me apart
Where do I go from here, I’m running out of time
Dshamilja Sturm Apr 2019
I found home
in the numbing sheath wrapped around my heart
covering it like the snow that hugs the hillsides in December
That I look upon and envy
For they are simply resting
Their snow shall melt, and they will be comforted by the warming rays of the winter sun,
They will flourish, bloom and serve their purpose.
I will wither, fade and be erased, bit by bit.
Sometimes the thought of letting down your guard, exposing yourself is terrifying. The power of negative thoughts.
annh Jan 2019
My friend, I would sooner fear the reason why
I did not grasp an opportunity with both hands
And wring the very essence of life from it;
Than I would fear the opportunity itself.
Inspired by an old key chain I rediscovered today - the words 'through unlocked doors' are embossed on the back of it. I think I'll start using it again. :)
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