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People will still talk
But I don't have to listen
Others will continue to expect
And define my existence

They will try to take away
What's left of my childlike innocence
And even then, what I do
Is none of their business

How can I feel okay?
As they become restless
When I don't conform to their way
They only see it as reckless

Their shallow mouths spew words
Bringing upon damage that is endless
With the intentions to help
Yet, I feel more helpless

Childhood criticisms cling to me
Leaving me defenceless
Whenever the guards of my walls
Become tired and careless

I thought it'd be easier to live
If I was just passive and selfless
Until I was driven to the point
Where I couldn't tell what was precious

I now learn it is okay
That I don't share the same ethics
The differences in me
Shouldn't make me apologetic
yellow soul May 12
I heard you been calling me crazy
Saying I be tripping on a daily
I know you just trying to break me
I’m sorry baby but it isn’t working
You always had a vibe like something wasn’t right
Now I understand that you couldn’t get any sicker
It was two days ago
You said that you loved me
I remember it clearly
It was right before you
Hugged me
****** me
Told me you would never put another girl above me
But I guess things changed
You made a deal with a homie
Who really didn’t know me
And that’s when you called me
Wait no
Just forgot that you are immature
Straight up insecure
You let my inside to a dead that was premature
Boy you send me a text
Telling me to start looking for my next
Katie Apr 6
The trees lean in
To hear the secrets
Of people passing by,
Carried by the wind.
don't listen to that "rumors"
they're words without any superiors
which give you unnecessary errors
you don't need them in your sources

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.

To see " Those "Rumors" " and my other poetries you can check this link. It is my poetry blog.
My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care -E
Ayush Bajpai Jan 27
See the sky it so highly appreciated. See the world it is so highly criticized. See the bird it is so highly glorified. See the rain it so highly envisaged with love.
See the land it is so highly sensitized. See the oligarchy it is so highly honored. See the hollow it is so highly rectified you see. See you, you are cherished and entitled with glory. See me, you shall find the disgrace and the coward traits in me. And see again the crazy going jolly fellow who stood there, see again the jumps he took for you, see a good one and take the rend of repent of the renounced rhetorical risky rumor. See again what THEY did and see again what you abide by...
[And see again the crazy going jolly fellow who stood there, see again the jumps he took for you, see a good one and take the rend of repent of the renounced rhetorical risky rumor. See again what THEY did and see again what you abide by...] This extract says, "the one who was always with you in your all good and bad times who was always happy like a mad in your victory, improved himself so much for you only so as to become capable. You will find that he is the best but it is too late as the rumor which you heard from the world about him had caused an inferior complex in your mind and that compels you to regret about your blind faith in those good to sound rumors which are now renounced and then you realize that the life which you thought that you only abide by yourself was a lie or a smokescreen but actually you were abiding by the cruel world or society which can never see true love growing... "
Secrets, Secrets under my skin
And you act like you know where I have been
Lies, lies you think your right
But you can tell your lies with all your might
No one will believe you because you lie through the night.
Rumors, Rumors about what I may have did.
Everyone believes them and it spreads like sins
Secrets, secrets tell me what you said
For everyone believes I messed with him when I never did
Liar, Liar you know what you did
Don't act all innocent for what you said.
Karma will get you in the end
You are too full of sin.
Penny Rhode Jan 7
I hung her from the ceiling of a stairwell.

Looking down on two lovers pressed together
forced to watch upon her soulless sinful body,
as it allows foreign hands to mutilate her morals.
The arch of her back from being limp and lifeless.
Tears fall from her face,
each kiss tightens the noose.
The two mistake her tears as paralyzing pleasure.
She grinds her body to his hoping to become one.
For if they are one, is this truly wrong?
She envisions wedding bells,
hoping that her delusion will forge the knife that frees her.
She truly believes her breathless state is a result of pure ecstasy.
Unknowing that the further down his hands go,
the closer she comes to the grips of hells fire.

The rope breaks crippling her life

She falls to her knees suffocating.
He takes advantage of her weakened state,
her tears bring him joy
Breathing falls flat as he leaves her there
Hopelessly she grasps at his ankles
Screaming as regret cuts her wrists
One step at a time the vision of him disappears.
As her body cries in the corner,
Her soul lies in a pool of red regret

She, died in a stairwell.
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