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Rumors are just rumors.
Unless a lot of people believe in them.
At that point, it might as well be fact.

Even if you've never done anything wrong before.
Even if said rumor seems completely out of character.
It sounds true so it must be.
Surely anonymous person number six isn't a liar.

And yeah this may have ruined your whole life,
but others thing you deserve it so it must be true right?
Those hateful words they used must be hidden with good intentions.
Because it must be true.

Even if it isn't.
If you know, you know.
Monet Echo Aug 1
Life is full of little birdies
Whispering here and there
They sing and dance and flutter about
Overly eager to share
the walk through the dark forest,
with these trembling legs full of fear.
the fear of hissing coming from a height,
And the rumors of a living giant bear.
the crying trees suffering from blight.
hands start shaking, whenever I try to write.
the experience was honest and real,
that roar if lion I still can hear.
MoDavid Jul 27
I have died a thousand times, yet lived a million more
Swept in the natural flow of whispers through the night,
Evolving ever so slightly through the passage of time.
The mind’s colorful fruit slowly fixing my frayed fibers.

I am immortal, yet nevertheless dynamic, but still unchanging.
I may fall with the leaves of autumn, only to return the next year,
To haunt the minds of peoples beyond, and coat their lips
A golden hue. Shall I tarry any longer in pen and paper?
A little cringey imo... it's an oldddd poem

Oct 14 2018
How many times must a rumor be told
Before the truth is revealed?
All of this gossip is getting old,
And it is time for our wounds to be healed.
Don't talk about someone behind their back
Unless you can say it to their face.
Don't tell your secrets to soon.
Let them all out at the right time and place.
Make sure you can trust someone
Before you tell them you hurts and fears.
They might not be the person you think you know
Even after all these years.
I'm tired of the rumors, gossip, and lies.
Why can't we all just get along
And put an end to all of these depressing cries?
-elixir- Jul 17
How long till your
tongues stop
spitting arrows of
assumptions of
delusional malice
against me?
Does it feel good,
to stoop so low
for your apparent
that you deceive
yourself into spewing
lores of lies?
These arrows will miss
me, as I sway to
my nature of mind.
And you will go on
how long?
Among the piles of ***** clothes
Beyond the stacks of dishes
Lives a girl you’ve passed before
A truly absurd missus.

She shows the moon her moonlight
And showers in the rain.
If you glanced your eyes upon her
You would wonder if she's sane.

She wears two different shoes
One black and yet one red.
She even has three hair colors
That grow out of her head.

Her skin is very spotty
White patches all around.
Her head is red and blistered
With scales like dragons crowned.

She has teeth like a vampire
Some pointed and some straight.
I’ve been told she bites people
Who touch her by mistake.

Some people say she is a fool
Who hides behind blue eyes,
Or say she is a tyrant
With a torso full of lies.

Some people say she's misconstrued,
Not odd deliberately.
“Perhaps she's a mishap of God”
They say concernedly.

She laughs at jokes not funny.
She does everything wrong.
One time she walked around the town
With her dress tucked in her thong.

I heard she drinks alcohol
Like it's her morning kiss
And slurs her speech suspiciously
In an evil nasty hiss.

So if you see this missus
I’ll tell you what to do,
Just walk right on past her,
Until you’re somewhere new.

She is not worth your time
Not a second or a split
Not a minute or an hour
Not a day and not a tick

So simply just keep walking by,
Your dignity in check.
Keep your eyes on the horizon
And she's gone within a sec.

Don’t dare to look too closely, ma'am,
Fear what she may do!
If you gave her any time of day
You’d find out.. well.. she's like you.
EP Robles Mar 29
the mouthOFnoise eats the silence;
everywhere NOise!)turns my insides(
out/-of Tears i said to the mother
holding empty children's shoes

EyesofSorrow drowns her sight:
only to eternally see all horror
with sightless eyes that diligently
cry-/i once had a great Love that died

                      the Ghosts of
Antikythera's Cell Machines burn
the sharp edge of decaying reality;laboriously
the longest Legs of Time march forth as it
steps over my shortest Thoughts within the

:: 03.26.2020 ::
EP Robles Mar 29
It's a complicated world
ruled by pain and fear
Everything's 'will you swim
or will you fade'
the smallest things
hold us back
the madness outside
these walls
are nothing compared
to what's within my halls

Brain traffic: s/o confused
grid-locked & neurotically fused
Drain my Soul
Brain traffic: over/used
fear-****-fed till your dead
then Life's on hold
it's all Inside your head

:: 03.27.2020 ::
Sharmila Juliet Dec 2019
I wanted to spread my fragrance like
Flowers do. Nothing I did wrong. Just
Strive to make me stronger enough.

Don't know where and why it ***** you,
As the way I am living my dream. You
Started to knit the invisible web of
Despise and slander for me with words.

Without any real facts your defaming
Words made my dreams full of
Nightmares and screams. I started
Fearing to consume which I adore.

My fragrance become poisionus gas
For my ownself to swallow tarped in your
Pointless whispers. Still, Do I need to let
You decide my life? No, Not any longer.

I am going to spurn your bruits
with my
Smile. Make you long for the thing which
Now you despise by achieving my triumph
As I wage a war of one, My armaments
Can't fail me now.
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