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Anastasia Aug 2
When you laugh
I feel like I've done what I was meant to do
When you speak
It's like listening to my favorite song on a loop
When you move
It's like watching a wave dance
When you look at me
My heart rises like a hot air balloon
When you say goodbye
My heart aches for more
I love every single thing about you
Pineapple topped beach palms are tall in the clouds,
Echoes of bells tones trail in the sky so dark blue.
The sun is liquid honey, with a golden candy coating,
It is now that I look up and see my red balloon.

A song of harmonic laughter is full in the air,
Up it floats into adventurous magical territories,
Mythic beasts and sprites follow on clouds and stare,
Ticker-tape string trailing, windy chimed melodies.

The chalk of clouds are pillows filling the sky,
Darker and suspended in mid-animation, dimming.
The balloon floats still-ever higher in the light,
Lighter than ever, above the earth still spinning...
Jo Barber Jun 17
The world was small,
but the days felt big.
They stretched out before me
like big, beautiful balloons,
just waiting to be popped.

Like a child,
sometimes I let one go;
a waste of something good,
but it certainly was eerily pretty
to watch float off into the ether.
Thoughts? Feedback?
Susana May 18
You are the home
from which the love I crave
We’re running out of time
And I’m still flying
A little too close to the sun
That little balloon beneath my chest
constantly filling up with air
As I float
Be careful
or It will soon explode
And it may never even land home
Anastasia May 13
I look up at the sky and see the moon,
Shining bright, like a lonely balloon.
The stars try to convince the moon to be happy.
But the moon’s salty tears slowly fill up the sea.
And this love for you
I have attached to a ribbon.
I have watched it soar
Weaving left & right above
My head.
Half-afraid to watch
Half-afraid to let go.
In the blink of an eye it was over.
The look in your eye attached to a ribbon
dani Apr 18
Ever since I was a little girl
I have always wondered
Where balloons go
When we let them out of our grip
Surrounded by nothingness
In wide open spaces
We watch them float up into the air
So elegantly
They move so nonchalantly
Without a care in the world
They don't know where
Their final destination may be
But I wonder
Something I have always wondered
I grasp it
and discern it's gonna blow out
Yet I never bemoan the moment enduring it
For the smile, it sells upon me
is the remembrance that will never wilt.
kat victoria Mar 23
gravity changed.
it sunk me three feet into the ground.
while you floated away over me
like a red ballon that i had just let go,
to get tangled in the trees.
i waited for you to come back down
get shaken out of the limbs,
by a breeze.
but when you finally came loose
you just drifted further away
from me.
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