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دema Oct 16
settling for less is the war
everyone's trying to flee from,

but in fact,
settling for less is
an extra shot of espresso
in the coffee that we
drink each morning
in an attempt
to avoid being alone
for the rest of the day.
Bullet Sep 15
I’ve been smoking a lot more
I’ve been drinking a lot less
Which is better or worse
******* how about you mind your own business
Another night
i lay to rest
With all these words
But what a test

Find the meaning
say what’s best
But sometimes it’s  
just saying less
Karijinbba Aug 16
The tiniest it is the more
views globally it begets.
The longest, the less views
and fewer comments
Thank goodness
this is about tini poems
not lovers inch plight.
By; Karijinbba
if less is more I get views.
the daggers pierced through,
when i thought i had an armor on;
i barely felt the stinging pain,
i barely bled before my eyes,

i carried on until i looked at the mirror;
i forgot how the sharp tip should have felt,
it pierced through my own flesh, armor-less.

Ken Pepiton Jul 1
We celebrate, don't we.
We celebrate celebrity, don’t' we.
Fame and fortune, apprehended while still alive,
we celebrate such aims
hit. Right on.
We worldly humus beings,
highest bits of the dust of the earth;
self evidently know, in side, on the
inside of what we are,
there is an idea of being measured for worth,
by the joy you
use by right to stir the old ideas that once formed gods.

we feel the flow, we know more blessed to give,
than receive, given and given
evidence of all we know we never see
overwhelming the hope
deferred heart sick
deception post reception, too late,

the fix is in. The heart is new, not twisted, designed,
with that magnificent aortal vagus CNX action,
swirling the field of all we imagine into


Hide, and watch… there is no whimper
when this bubble of been
is popped.
But its not a bang, more a hiss
or a sigh.
traditional medium, words,
thinking, the thinking thing seems to think
something is
missing a sense of
mass and matter whats whats whats
first things first
wise arises as a character trait,
wait - there was a chance all hell could be imagined
as real as any thing, so we made some mods on V.2.1,
biome factors...

-- time, yeah, time is a factor, but not luck…

patience, per
fect love casts out fear, not
perfect aim.
good wins, try again

Fear not. Death has no sting.
That's it, God's own
fear fix, so low we go with this sci used,
just right, so
life always wins,
using sci-,
hence, no lie forms from truth,
no imaginable evil ever exists, never is perfectly empty.

panspermia pandaemonium psy=sci

wit use of knowns, we try
umph, and be come

at worst a proven unthinkable thing.

celebrity (n.)
late 14c.,
"solemn rite or ceremony,"
from Old French celebrité "celebration"
or directly from Latin celibritatem
 (nominative celebritas)
"multitude, fame,"
from celeber 
"frequented, populous"
(see celebrate).
Meaning "condition of being famous" is from c. 1600;
that of "a famous person" is from 1849.
When the old gods withdraw,
the empty thrones cry out for a successor,
and with good management,
or even without management,
almost any perishable bag of bones may be hoisted into the vacant seat.
[E.R. Dodds, "The Greeks and the Irrational"]

From <>
Absorbing biologists zeal for their role as the Lorax, speaking for the trees.
Weinsteins, Bret and Heather, Dark horse on youtube. They have inside knowledge of our carnal nature's will to play a hunch.
Cattatonicat Jun 22
This place
Is rampant with
People who choose jealousy over love
People who takes their anger out
To those who are in a less advantageous situation
People who would hurt their loved ones
At the sound of their ego crashing

What do we do?
Less time just dreaming
Less time overthinking
Less time rereading
Less time receding
Less time reminiscing
Less time revisiting
Less time missing
More time living
Ruheen Jun 3
That's what's gonna **** me,
A little
The middle of a
I should really stop saying
'Cause that's what's gonna **** me,
And now I'm dead.
But let's
Keep this
To myself.
When the heartstrings have severed
I trust romance a little less
In attempts to save myself
From more emotional stress

Though love without the flame
Cannot be love at its best
But I am scared that I'll burn out
And be broken like the rest

Emotionless and tired eyes see
That true love can be intense
Full of tears and excruciating pain
Crying over something so complex

After every fresh new heartbreak
My heart still fails to address
Why after every heartache
My mind bleeds in protest

Because after every broken love
There is more that I suppress
In order to protect myself
I just love a little less
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