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Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
Trying to avoid the routes everyone else travels
I take remote side roads and superfluous detours
seeing sights unseen and grass that’s green
until gravelly roads are met by tired tires
breaking down in the middle of nowhere
with nobody around to help
I can see the freeway from here
where cars flock together
while getting to where they want to go.
Khaniek Sep 2021
I’ve been far too comfortable.
That’s not true.
I’ve been tolerating my discomfort, living amongst my pain, cuddling my burdens and stroking my grief.
I’ve mothered my depression into adulthood.

Far closer than my shadow it has become molded to me. A second skin.
It smiles with me,
We model new shoes, try new food and do crazy things together.

Every news is the same.
We’ve lost interest in this world.
If you had options, would you stay on this planet? Exist in this universe ? Is it that the stars  are against us ?

We don’t have options though, do we..
With each heavy breath,
it is enough that I still breathe.
Leocardo Reis Apr 2021
To say less
is more telling
of how I feel.
Oh, how life seems
so loosely constructed.
We never express ourselves honestly.
One must infer meaning
from shadows;
we understate ourselves
or even lie,
in hopes that in this
the truth can be understood.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
Leaning on femininity as an excuse

Me being the opposite gender equivalent to being handicapped in a wheelchair

But biological differences are not a disability
They are unique birth attributes
My extra chromosome doesn't make me less of a person it just makes me less of a man
I am thankful to be a woman but I definitely feel the gender inequality we face in this country
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2020
Sky is vast
painted in
blue opulence.
But the eyes
are on
the small earth!
دema flutter Oct 2020
settling for less is the war
everyone's trying to flee from,

but in fact,
settling for less is
an extra shot of espresso
in the coffee that we
drink each morning
in an attempt
to avoid being alone
for the rest of the day.
Bullet Sep 2020
I’ve been smoking a lot more
I’ve been drinking a lot less
Which is better or worse
******* how about you mind your own business
Radhika Lusted Sep 2020
Another night
i lay to rest
With all these words
But what a test

Find the meaning
say what’s best
But sometimes it’s  
just saying less
Karijinbba Aug 2020
The tiniest it is the more
views globally it begets.
The longest, the less views
and fewer comments
Thank goodness
this is about tini poems
not lovers inch plight.
By; Karijinbba
if less is more I get views.
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