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Crow Apr 2023
aboard the aircraft metaphorical
bearing those employed
by companies large and small

a moment arrives when the cryptic
overhead lights instruct
that the time to leave has come

passengers are led to the open door
at the rear of the fuselage
where they will leap into the mist

the happy few will be strapped
into a designer backpack
filled with a carefully packaged parachute
of luminous gold

others are handed
a sturdy bundle which holds a
lifesaving paraglider of shining silver

a group somewhat more numerous
gratefully accept their sustaining dome
of spun silk and exit with confidence

the greatest number will be in a line
leading past a toilet paper dispenser
each individual to be ejected will be allotted
a single sheet

the one ply tissue will be printed as follows
“Grasp tissue firmly on opposite sides
hold tissue above head parallel with ground”

a hearty cry of “Good luck!” follows them
as they are assisted through the door
by a well placed boot
basil Oct 2020
i still listen to our song

i just cry at all the parts
that are supposed to make me smile
ingrid michaelson said you'd catch me, baby
Myka Jan 2020
someone once told me:
"falling in love
is like skydiving
without a parachute."

i guess i'm never doing that,
unless an angel catches me.
keneth May 2019
on a boat, fighting waves of doubts

on your ocean of lies and  its fiery souths

i was struggling to find the other end

an imbalanced pole on your world's ends

then you came down, like jesus reborn

you had all the light and the wings, I could have sworn

i snatched the wings and escaped your menace

so i flew until i couldn't see you anymore

the sun scorched my skin so i hid in the clouds

but they fogged up my mind like how you fog me up

your love lies beneath each thin air I breathe

so i suffocated until i couldn't breathe

my wings were tired and they couldn't flap another round

so i held on tightly to my parachute

I slowly drifted down, down and back down to your crust

until i found myself on your comforting waves

comforting waves of lies

so i drowned inside your depths

and i found myself trapped inside your flesh

on a bed for a night and insomnia for tomorrow

this is how we're gonna be, a forever daydream in every night
a modern icarus with a parachute that keeps falling back to you / strange
Tint Feb 2019
Yesterday, I saw her stroll
with that melancholy
she masked with gold
Outcasted. That's what she thought
it's what she blames for being choked
Unconsciously she bolted fast
to the secret house where no pain lasts.
Parachute series.
Danielle Oct 2018
I’m not sure what jarred me loose,
Maybe the medication,
Maybe the ***,
Maybe the drinks I had sitting here,
Maybe just the texting,
But something just shook off the ashes and rose.
Something shifted, something SHIFTED.
I want to run, HA, no going back.
I got my parachute, time to fall and see where I land.
I think a bit more raw then I'd normally write, but I'm feeling raw tonight.
pluviophile Jun 2018
always scared to
but i realized i did it
before i ever thought this through
i don't know how to feel
accomplished or afraid
because i think i fell to hard
for you
before i jumped
i should have gotten a parachute
LizO Mar 2018
The instructor grins at me from under his moustache, then shouts – IT’S YOUR TURN
I am ready.
What a performance!
One step out of the plane and already off my feet,
Out of position on the positioning platform
Earth zooms past underneath at a
Ridiculous rate
With one last look into the instructor’s mocking eyes
I let go

The world moves
Too fast to understand it
Reality unravels
As frantically as the chute’s cord
Falling free,
Falling free of control,
Of responsibility,
Of burden
The whooshing of the wind merges
With the words
Screaming in my mind
My mouth says nothing
Unheard, unseen, suspended in a big O
Falling free

The world quickly slows, my mind both fuzzy and clear, I calmly descend
In a gentle invisible lift, leisurely viewing the emerald English countryside, such
A beautiful sight to see, but my wonder and awe is
Sharply interrupted,
By a voice in my ear, bellowing –
Assume landing position!

A short wait,
A hefty bump,
A forward roll that a Ninja would be ashamed of, and
I’ve made it.

And I lie there.
I lie there,
Arms and legs outstretched, a smiling simpleton
Trying to create a snow angel in a grassy field.
Then I remember
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