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Sarah Jul 7
Every day at nightfall
the sun sets herself on fire
in an immaculate public display of affection.
Vibrantly glowing in shades of vermillion
before vanishing beyond the horizon,
surrendering the day to the darkness of night.

Her departure, a self sacrifice,
generously offering her light so that
the moon may shine so brightly.
Share the light. Be the light.
I know that when I’m gone
you will mock me for my selfishness
for taking my life away from you
but please know,
that I lived my life bound by selflessness
I lived to serve and please
I recited my poems in rehearsal
so my last words could comfort you
and you’d never feel to do the same as I
I scar my flesh to bear my cross
So you may never have to.
Please know,
I lived every day confined by others needs
I listened to your woes
I starve my body to bear your cross
So you may never have to.
Know that this last act I take isn’t selfish
That my last act is one of freedom
It will be my only act of self-indulgence
in my life of catering you.
my final act is one of freedom
I died to please myself
دema flutter Jan 11
it seems that i gave you happiness,
all of it,
all of the happiness in the world,

even the little bit that belonged to me..
flamingogirl Jan 8
Swaddled within your arms,
I feel my worries rush away
from my thoughts.
I am left with only
complete clarity
about my future with you.
My anxieties
seem to simply evaporate
when our limbs intertwine.
He’s the one. I just know it.
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
You know how stupid I am?
I let you hurt myself as long as you will become happy.
flamingogirl Nov 2020
multiple times
you remind me of my beauty
because I can no longer
do this for myself.
You tell me that one day
I will believe these words.
They will eventually sink
into my DNA.
You tell me the words will
one day feel real and until they do
you will continue on.
You do not make me
feel ashamed that these words
are foreign to my diseased brain.
While you call me breathtaking
I tell myself I am not deserving of breath.
Your words restore me.
They keep me alive
until the next dosage of
your selfless reminders.
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
call me selfless
she said with a grin
yet behind the sinking smile
lay the actual chagrin

call me selfless
despite what we know
peering into minds
what secretly lies below

call me selfless
she said laced with pain
although it may have been stricken
the grief reigns supreme again

call me selfless
i respond with a tear
i’d give so much more
just for you here
Mind is wack
Life is wack
Idk but I’ll probably be posting more so there’s a plus
Akshat Agarwal Sep 2020
You are an antique , a relic or maybe an old bottle of wine,
every time you ask for me , I get shivers down my spine.
Your aura is the reason I'm nervous and unsure of myself
'cause all I want is to be a silent observer on your shelf.

You say "there is nothing to loose other than yourself", on the news,
but how do I believe in this when I have your motivation to loose.
All I care about is still intact and fueling my happiness
so maybe I should imitate you again and be the "casual selfless".
Sometimes I feel I can look up to my reflection in the mirror and feel good :)
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