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Pizacas23 Nov 24
You know how stupid I am?
I let you hurt myself as long as you will become happy.
flamingogirl Nov 3
multiple times
you remind me of my beauty
because I can no longer
do this for myself.
You tell me that one day
I will believe these words.
They will eventually sink
into my DNA.
You tell me the words will
one day feel real and until they do
you will continue on.
You do not make me
feel ashamed that these words
are foreign to my diseased brain.
While you call me breathtaking
I tell myself I am not deserving of breath.
Your words restore me.
They keep me alive
until the next dosage of
your selfless reminders.
call me selfless
she said with a grin
yet behind the sinking smile
lay the actual chagrin

call me selfless
despite what we know
peering into minds
what secretly lies below

call me selfless
she said laced with pain
although it may have been stricken
the grief reigns supreme again

call me selfless
i respond with a tear
i’d give so much more
just for you here
Mind is wack
Life is wack
Idk but I’ll probably be posting more so there’s a plus
You are an antique , a relic or maybe an old bottle of wine,
every time you ask for me , I get shivers down my spine.
Your aura is the reason I'm nervous and unsure of myself
'cause all I want is to be a silent observer on your shelf.

You say "there is nothing to loose other than yourself", on the news,
but how do I believe in this when I have your motivation to loose.
All I care about is still intact and fueling my happiness
so maybe I should imitate you again and be the "casual selfless".
Sometimes I feel I can look up to my reflection in the mirror and feel good :)
chi Sep 10
love isn't selfish its selfless you give even if you dont have any left. love isn't screaming shouting nagging love is caring, telling the person his wrong, and trusting, trust him through it all. love isn't always nice but love will surely bring you light.

love isn't focusing on the imperfections love is seeing past it and still feel the affection. love isn't forced conversations or pure negation, love is nonsense talking and affirmation. love isn't perfect, love will bring you rain but love is love and happiness will always reign.
—g l
when i was young i always asked the question nobody can answer “what is love?”
Ocean Jul 21
Before I fell in love, I knew it's a facade
A mirage of peace in the restless desert,
A timeless voyage with broken clock
An illusion, an intimidating tempting illusion.

Before I fell in love, I knew I shouldn't,
I knew I shouldn't trust a stranger with my vulnerability
I knew I shouldn't give false hopes of light to my dim eyes
I knew I shouldn't let the ice in my heart melt.

Before I fell in love, I knew love is above all
Before I fell in love, I knew love is as selfless as selfish
Before I fell in love, I knew love is all I needed
Before I fell in love, I knew love worths every breath.
Completing Writing Prompt
Void Jul 10
He devoted his whole life
To people he called his friends... his family

He spent his time
His energy
His loving care
To listen and offer guidance

His family
Was perfect
From the outside,
Looking in

But no one ever
Gave a thought
To the pain that he was in

Through all of his struggles
He stood strong
The years had been ******* him for far too long
And he bore his burdens alone, time after time

Not a single friend
To confide

Not a single kin
To offer him wisdom

They were there
But they never cared
As they were always complaining selfishly
Of their petty qualms
To which he listened

It's not that he didn't try
To seek refuge in them
They were too consumed
Basking in their own greed

To hear





They never could see
How broken he was
Until it was too late

They should have

They should have

But they simply had no time to spare
This is not necessarily a true story, but simply a warning to care for others as they care for you. Repeated kindness is rarely returned. Be aware. This happens more often than the average person realizes.
They say the sun,
was selfless to a fault,
he died everyday,
to let the moon get,
a glimpse of the world
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