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Jaxey Sep 19
if you're ever wondering if you're in love
just think of that person as a flower
if you came across them
would you pluck it for yourself
or water it
would you water me?
we are cut from the same cloth
you and i
we do not know how to be anything but
the giver
the helper
the lover
who bends over backwards
with no fuel
we split ourselves open for others
and wonder why it stings
when we sew ourselves up again.

Esther L. Krenzin
Niki Gray Jul 28
Think about your self less
and your community more
plant the seeds of success
that open prosperity's door.
In a world that is so full of selfishness it is important to remember to strive to leave a legacy that will remain when you're gone.  Thank you to my family and friends who encourage and support me.  Syd, James, Jimmy, Todd, Sheela, Courtney and Christian.
Love yourself,
so you can love others better.

Trust yourself,
so you trust others better.

Take care of yourself,
so you can take care of others better.

Be kind to yourself,
so you can be the same towards others.

Do it for yourself,
because self less
without self
just leaves you with less.
When you say you
would take a bullet
for me, I secretly
hope the bullet goes
through you and into
me, so I dont
have to live without
So yes,

She’s known sadness.

Maybe you couldn’t tell just from looking at her.But shes been hurt far too many times before.

That’s why she is so kind. She knows how it feels to be shattered. So she promised herself that she would never let anyone else she knew, feel like they weren’t good enough. Or feel like they didn’t matter. Even when she herself believed she didn’t matter.

It’s kind of ironic though isnt it? How the people who have been hurt the most, the ones we expect to be weak….are actually the people most capable of loving, healing, and nurturing everyone else.

Theres something about the energy people like her give off. It’s like everyone around her could feel her goodness and knew that she was approachable. People came to her for advice, called her just to cry, listened to her wisdom…

And even when she couldn’t figure out for the life of her how to help or save herself, she sure as hell could help others in that same darkness.

And she did.
Iska May 23
there once was a girl born with a fire heart.
it danced beneath the layers of her skin,
burning so brilliantly
you could see the flames blazing within.

when she saw the monsters
lurking within the darkness,
hunting those with no light to burn
this little girl gave them her flames.

and for once,
the world was burst into a brilliant light.
it pulsed and danced across the stars
with the potential to burn away the endless darkness

but what this foolish girl had yet to understand
was that there was only so much of your fire heart
that you can give away before you are left with
nothing but simmering embers inside.

on her knees she was smiling,
seeing all that her fire has saved.

only to be burned with her own flames.

she has out lived her purpose
so they left her to be devoured
by the very monsters
she had protected them from.

only to realize that these monsters
weren't nearly as bad as the ones
who now walked away with her flames.
Richie May 2
I have been contemplating for days now or even more.
I even seek for answers from you but all I got was nothing.
I don't blame you for that. You're just being you.
I have reached to the point that I secretly ask for you to stop reaching me out.
And, I blatantly ask for a cool off, a break, a space but you refused.

There's one thing that I am sure of, I don't want to make arguments with you.
Though, the quest lives on and it's getting arduous.
At times, I'd end up crying and felt hopeless.
And, I feel like I'm being subjugated by this quest.
I prayed so hard each day and even ask for a sign that could shed light to all this.

Just this day, an unexpected realization sunk in to my mind.
At first, I thought that I just fell out of love. Subconsciously, my mind was fighting over it.
This what actually prevails, "SELFLESS LOVE".
Often times, you would hear me asking for you to message me in the morning, at noon, at night.
Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
But, it's all fair.

I said, "I LOVE YOU" and your consistent response was, "As it should".
Again, it is still fair.
I'm not being sarcastic here. But, I truly understand what you are trying to imply.
You are just expressing your thoughts and what your heart is actually telling you.

I have realized that at this point, you don't love me in the same way that I do.
Though, I know that you truly care about me in which I am very grateful for.
And, it would be very unfair for you to do things that you're not comfortable with.
It is always good to let things flow naturally not forcibly.

You would still hear me saying, 'I love you' and asking for you to message me but it's not something that you are oblige to do.
It's just me trying to be sweet? to be cute? (I don't know how you would take it)
I perfectly understand what "SELFLESS LOVE" is.
I don't worry about the outcome or whether I am giving more.
All I know is that I love you wholeheartedly and I don't expect something from you in return.
..."To love selflessly, makes me feel good and whatever I'm getting, it's always the right amount."
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