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SkinnyGuy 14h
I hate to let you go
But your happiness  is far
more important than mine.
Fly high my love
EmotionalPoet Jan 12
Don't have much to say
Just writting, my heart to obey
Everything hurts so much today
Everything falls along, but not my way

I, a slay..
A clueless little girl, so gray
No way for me to go, affraid
Scared and alone once more, no hey!
Can't believe what my eyes saw today

Why do I feel so alone again, Sunday
Another week has passed away
I'm scared to ask for help, I pray

My lips where yours, your prey
My hips you touch, no shame
Is that your new girlfriend, Fray?
I can't believe what I saw today..
Wrote this in 5 minutes, had to, had to release some pain. I'm sorry it's not perfect
Stephanie Jan 5
that man...
he's a goner trapped in a physical flesh
he trusts no one
well, I guess
and hatred is feasting his soul
he's a stranger everyday and no one
knows him
that man...
he's good at deprecating himself
in his mind, you'll find an eccentric kind
of chaos
in his heart, it is over a negative hundred fahrenheit
-- stonecold.
but that is my man
he is a beautiful chaos
I see him as precious as a water to this earth
I want to hold him moreover a forever
until he bleeds no more
until he could smile a genuine one
until his heart becomes warm in my embrace

but my man clothed himself
in thick sheets of anxiety

yet, I will reach brokenness to cover him
with my love, I'll do it until it fix him

yes, I really love that man.
i love you so much that im willing to risk brokenness to hold you and protect you from any kind of pain
blackbox Dec 2018
Another night savoring of loneliness,
when he stumbled upon a pretty countess.
Her gleaming eyes ready to cast a spell,
as she goes round and round on a carousel.
Galloping up on the wooden horse,
wishing to get ahead of time,
She couldn’t care less about the crowd
as she took off on cloud nine.
Enchanted with her grace and beauty galore,
He didn’t realize he was a mere paviour.
Expressing his love for her will be nothing but a crime,
When a voice interrupted his thoughts,
“Get off lady, you have no dime”.
Embarrassed and disheartened,
she ran off into the woods,
That moment it struck him,
she possesses no worldly goods.
In the hope to chase her through the blur,
the only fear in his heart was of losing her.
There she was sitting alone by the pond.
One gaze, and they instantly felt the bond.
She sobbed “I’m no princess”,
but he firmly said “will you be my bride?”,
And, this is how their love story began,
on a beautiful Carousel Ride!
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
I render a wounded apology
for I've caused the hurt,
for I've ruined the peace
you were looking for.
Forgive me
for i am too nascent
in the handling of love.
And tell me how
a person used to so much loathe
adapts to the selfless love?
Because i too would someday learn
the art of holding you dear.
Don't leave,
Stay near.
BEK Nov 2018
I was like a third grader on Show and Tell day with a boring rock collection
Although it took me years to create
And much resiliency through countless voyages
I had no intention of having it on display

But you were there
A rare and unique beauty
For you, my show went on and on
I displayed parts of me, piece by piece, by piece
Hiding nothing away

"This is from the time I sat on the beach and let the waves form me."
"This is from the time I was boiling hot and shot out of the earth."
You politely asked questions at first
An "ooh" and "ah" here and there
You're kind in that way

"This is from the time I surrounded myself with lots of other broken rocks for far too long."
"These are my remains from the time I jumped off a cliff."
I forgot to practice good showmanship
Leave them wanting more
I thought, maybe if I go on, you'll stay

"This is from the time I was under enormous heat and pressure."
"This is from the time I stumbled down a gigantic mountain."
I was consumed by the hope of captivating you
Maybe there was at least one noticeable rock in my bucket
Or perhaps a chance that I have quite an impressive array

I regained my senses
The clouds of hope that had muddled my view had now cleared
I noticed I ran out of "cool" rocks
Or maybe I never had any
I realized that I lost your attention long ago anyway

You were preoccupied with thinking about how cool the magician that came before me was
I thought, "Pleh, how cool is creating illusions and disappearing just to reappear in a box somewhere in another room or making you jump through flaming hoops?"
Or maybe you were anxiously awaiting the Show and Tell Grand Finale
The kid with the adorable puppy
I guess I really can't say

I decided to end my show with a bucket full of unseen rocks
I walked back to my desk shoulders slouched
Head slumped, level with the creaky old floor
I made a wish for the magician to return to thrill you with endless spellbinding tricks
Or maybe you'd be able to go home with the kid with the puppy
How cool is geology anyway?
Crown of grace on his head,
Life on his lips,
The world on his shoulders,
Love in his arms,
Hard work in his hands,
Strength in his legs,
Endurance on his feet.

Mind filled with burdens,
But a heart so kind.
Peace is his breath,
Love,his language.

Empty stomach,
Yet feeding others.
Bleeding,hurting internally.
Yet clothing others' wounds.
Nightkeeper Nov 2018
we are selfish
we are selfless
and there's no in between.
JDL Nov 2018
   to hollow,
  The Torch of
   the selfless
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