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Seanathon Oct 6
Steady shadows wince
At the sunrise smiling wide
Seeing it's lover
Saying casual goodbyes
To it's famed fling named goodnight
Sunrise Fling Tanka
LK Aug 22
Maybe it was a coincidence,
Or was it destiny,
But it was June,
And the world felt empty,
It started with a kiss,
Then a sip of wine,
And our souls went skinny dipping in a summer’s night,
One confession after another,
Said “call me friend, but keep me closer”
Suddenly it was September,
What felt like a moment became a memory,
All’s left was accessory,
A sweet sweet burn of sun,
And old summer wind,
A summer fling.
To my summer fling.
Haruharu Aug 2
Billy from Belfast.

Oh, I wish I could explain what you did to me..

I close my eyes and I can still see us there,
on your tiny balcony.

The silence of our dreams covered by a voice that sings about an unknown future.

The sun dancing on the rooftops.

You are me and I am you, a soul connection out of this world..

A silent minute for our fallen hero, Chester Bennington.
A cheer with Stella.

Tired legs running, empty streets.

Our laughter echoes, a dead bar street.

A lost phone, a search for an open supermarket.

An empty beach, no life guards on duty.

My head on your chest, shared chemistry.

Your lips on my forehead..

Oh, how the morning sun hit your face.

I wish you'd realise how beautiful you are..

I take a sip of your ****** drink, I smile and take your hand.

Sticky salty skin, the heat of the rising sun.


Sand in my cup, I see you watching the horizon.

I look at you and I wonder..
Can I have you?

...Billy from Belfast.
Bella Jul 30
Headlights, electric blood in my veins
Streetsigns, driving in the fast lane
Summertime, everything has some pain
Starshine, my sorrow, my goodbye
And wait
kl Jun 29
to be touched
with a gentle hand

lines drawn
like contours on a map
painting the valleys
the peaks

i lost myself with you

i ran down from my mountain
i stood at the edge of the woods
and you took my hand
and i didn't let go

you were patient
with a honey soul

a compass
guiding us safely on
i wanted to stay
i did

but i missed my mountain

freedom doesn't feel so safe
i need the heartbeat of the wind
it doesn't hold on
and i can run forever


you are a finish line
arms to collapse into
to be held in
to be loved in

i was not made for such arms
japheth May 23
it was
an emotional fling
—we both cried.

i cried because
i couldn’t have you;

you cried because
he’s with somebody new.
Mysidian Bard Apr 20
Two tear-stained petals
now lifeless upon the ground,
asking why they fell.
David Hutton Apr 8
Affection for you I can't undo,
Adhered to you like a tattoo.
I'm a substitute, I know.
Hard for me to let-go.
Painful to dry the ink you dipped into.
Psychiatrist Eric Berne states in his book *** in Human Loving that "Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner."
Angel'Lea Mar 29
My Summer time dream

Let's do Summer time things

Take me out for ice cream

Watch it drip down my seams

Let's have Summer time fun

Bathe in Summer time sun

Let's have Summer time drinks

Staying up while the Summer sun sinks

Let's watch the Summer sun set

Let's make Summer fun bets

You lose you buy a Summer rose

If I  lose I lose my Summer time clothes

Let's see Summer time scenes

Make love under Summer time beams

Let's make Summer time plans

Let's have a Summer romance

Let's make Summer time goals

Taking Summer trips on the road

Let's tell Summer time secrets

Sitting around the Summer night fire pits

Let's share a Summer time kiss

Let's live in Summer time bliss

Let's plan for future Summer times

Drinking iced tea under Summer sunshine

Let's make our Summer time scheme

Hotter than Summer time steam

Let's make the Summer time dream

Last longer than the Summer time seems

Let me wear you like Summer time bling

But only for the Summer time King

Soon we'll fall back on Summer time dreams

Till' then enjoy our Summer time fling
Axel Mar 25
when the rainbow appears,
the birds fly above and the clouds disappear
the memory strikes in and the the feeling leans
the moon shines through the windows and leave me glowing in the dark

the stars are align and the light is making me blind,
the flowers bloom as the sun hits
my heart beats as your smile is in line
my eyes are closed when I feel your touch
and my roses are velvet when you're smiling too much

it took a year to get away
it took a decade to drive away
it took a while to step ahead
but it took only a second,
just a second to write this poetry
just a second to write a song
just a second to imagine
and just a second and you can see me beside you in tears that are already clear

an angel,a devil;
a Paradise with a little bit of Hell
a pair of eyes and I can hear a bell
a gleam of smile and I can already tell
a gold star that I see when I look up
a gold moon that I want after a break up

Aphrodite with a little bit of Zeus,
that's me
that's my personality
that's how I breathe
that's how I live
and that's how i live within the breeze

a glimpse of sunshine on Friday night
a storm of fire on 11:31 in the night
a forgettable memory
a short-term period
a pout on the lips that I crave
a white crystal skin that is brave
and 7 perfect things that I admire
and a blue heart that I always desire
but you're not the one that'll stay
you're not the one that's warm
because you're just a forgettable, a lovely-hate alarm.
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