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pcb Jul 12
When we walked hand in hand somewhere in October,
I felt like the pulse was elapsing.
But when it's just you and me—
voice stolen, head empty,
my heart started to beat as it had always been
just as the first time you sunk deep right in.

I tried.
I try, at least—
to keep us abide.
But again, just as we fell so hard in May,
now the flicker is fading away along a distant noise
As you let me 
slip away from your arms.
Nina May 15

Im just a fling
Someone you toss around
Someone you use to fill you up

That's all i ever be
A toy to you

I'm merely a person
lil Sep 2020
an unfamiliar touch,
a brush upon a strangers skin,
hair trickling between us,
the beginning of our sin.

you were the poison
and i was ready to die.
to drink you down, your flavor in my mouth,
was my final goodbye.
Renée Brookes Jul 2020
I am your fugitive,
Running to escape my fate.
Underneath the moonlight, I feel safe;
Though, I am still the fool.
My innocence wishes to survive your arrows,  centaur; you,
a master of archery.
You haven’t missed one shot on me,
Aimed at my heart, I do not fall.
Aimed at my heart, I do not falter.
Underneath the stars, I feel safe.

I am your fugitive,
Running to escape my mistakes.
Underneath the skies, I have misplaced my loyalty; as such does, the fool.
My heart wishes to love one,
banded with honesty.
That is not you, master of archery.
Aimed at my head, I still think.
Aimed at my head, I still wander;
Away to where I may feel safe.
Grace Haak Jun 2020
so do i love you
or do i just love the way you hold me
and tuck my hair behind my ears
or how you kiss me feverishly
and run your fingers through my hair
or when you stare into my eyes
and break into a crooked smile
or when your hand grabs mine
and leads me to your bedroom
or how you giggle when i brush your knee
and challenge me to an all-out tickle brawl
or when you walk me home
and keep your arm around me at all times
or how our goodbyes seem hours long
and end with a flirty "see you"

but when will i see you next
and why do we have to say goodbye
i will miss your arms around me
and i hate watching you walk away
when will our next battle be
because i don't giggle when you're gone
and is your room lonely without me
does your hand miss holding mine
you never failed to make me smile
or make my eyes sparkle with joy
your hair was so soft and fun to play with
i've never been kissed like that before
i would never tuck my hair behind my ears
do you feel empty when i'm not there to hold
so do you love me

or does this just stay on our street
and will it fade when summer ends
do i let you see my tears
and do i tell you that i love you
or do i smile, shake your hand
thank you for a fun quaran-fling
and leave it there?
because i think i love you
but that's too dangerous
nothing's been defined
and we are in too deep
"no strings attached"
but to you i always will be
and when our thread breaks
so will my heart
all i ask
is that
you don't forget me.

please don't forget me.
vanessa ann Apr 2020
you were my home then,
the warmth in my fireplace, my
chest purifier, key finder;
whenever i leave you clung to me like dirt on the dishes
i carry with me your sickness for
love, for good.

somewhere between morning calls and warm bedsheets, i took
your hospitality for kindness for authenticity for love for truth
i was still drying my hair on your bathroom mat when you rang
the bell, and reminded me it’s time for
my checkout.
—i hope you enjoyed my stay
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by michael r. burch


NOTE: Here “briefling” is a dimunutive of “brief” and also a pun on “brief fling.” Keywords/Tags: brief, fling, man, hatched, hops, mix, ***, spawn, brood, mayfly, plant food
vanessa ann Mar 2020
if i were any good at songwriting,
perhaps i’d be like clairo,
and write about how soft you’ve made me feel,
or the gaping hole you left in my stomach that spells out

if i was any good at romance,
i’d have straight up told you
how cool you were
how cool your creations were
how cool it’d be if we hung out

even as my heart is ablaze,
like sunny hong kong,
the wind singing along,
you are wrong, so wrong,
for this

perhaps i could write a novel, then
of a forbidden love between two lovers
in a summer long, long
except it’d be fiction,
but maybe i’d lie and preface it with:
“based on a true story”,
if it means making a blockbuster,

so come on virginia,
i think we could do it if we tried…?
i love clairo and i loved you, at least a little bit
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