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Shanghai Jul 2022
And finally she walked away from the waiting shed called option.
I hate it
When death becomes
An option

I like it
When death is not
The only option
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2021
If one can't understand
The world
With two legs

Stand on one

One will
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Mantra
Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
The event, perhaps
advent, first ever any thing,
where nothing had  been, not a thought.

I think.
Then, when nothing was over
and everything we know now,
began, light
was not the first thing, the idea was.
Be for
Word one. Hmmmmm or um or am
it may have been, I heard from
a transcribbled  myth
or a legend as old as any
meme-level memory mortals have
made-up from remaining
tidbits taught to any next gen thing.
Assume light is as fast as the expansion,
couple of Planksecs,
and it is at the edge of ever,
never before,
never busting beyond the bubble we be in,
dead center,
the physical middle of ever,
continuous now,
nothing to stop us imagining we,

disagree, now, after all's been said and done,
and things run on,
de iffing chaos as the live evil force itself,
ever teaching any mind co-operation
in time… swirling beauty in bands of invisible
galaxies, barely seen even now, we
see what we are told we see,
and expanded to
original intent, at the scale of precision, which
now requires
of those who wish
to know truth init's entirety,
faith in the wits who invented the lenses
we imagine we see through into-ity ever
This day began this way. Everything already,
readable, as it were, once, with us,
before our story folded,
stapled and refolded and bent to allow
the data-based
mass enlightenment I deal with now,
mere data,
knowledge, knowns known more
than I may think or ask,
available on our distant viewing apparatchik
network of nova sensorium's newest equations
that balance at perfectly predictable
infinity… or do not work.
Pop. Bubble after bubble falling
through the quantum foam.
Come on home.
Live and learn, do the math.
Or wait to see
somethings never mattered
up to now, and now, you know,
you did, some how. That's good.


here we are, after all.
On course, of course;
here has more spectrums to be on.
here has more curves to miss,
here has
turns that twist us back to
sudden- seeming
now, still
is near the only value add
we ever hope to hear.
Cold or hot or just
right, fine
sifted patterns from the echo, wa wa wa

did we get so serious we lost the place
we held
positive on a negative pole,
an aberrant position
erring ever from
the straight point to point pattern
of pro gression to non
aggressive agreement in the we we were
- per haps, as babies we were thought
coyotes, little devils of trickery wu,
so we were swaddled in goat' wool,
to provoke this itching and pre
vent this whole idea, you
thinking wild,
unglossed abnormal canine thought…

like a dog, dreaming of the chase.


Only chase real rabbits, that's
Greyhound wisdom.

Pookas are always worth the chase,
real or otherwise, if you see one,
chase it.
On the bus,
or off, Cassidy was a character,
sure as any in literature,
an archetypical untamed man,
by most accounts, possessed
with a wish to die young,
and be famous for ever having been
a penniless drunkard's form of a man,
an unnatural scion of lost and beaten men.
So, that spirit lingered… in my past that
ran to catch me here
today, in the pattern recognizant

aha, I know
this voice… I knew that spirit,
merry prankster splashing in Burro Creek,
before the bridge existed,
oblivious to quick sand my mother
warned me to be aware of,
as she had learned the hard way,
there is solid rock below the mud,
hold your breath.
--- a new me --
Burro Creek, survivor of the crossing,
since ever was.

Survival is always good news.
Mission accomplished, it is finished, fini.
Peace on earth, good will
to ward men {wombed and un}.
That is a message, an angel, judge it.
They call that
The gospel, in my realm.
It is finished is considered grace.
The truth makes free, grace makes useful.
Infinite grace, with a bit of funny math
for making nextifiy tests, t'
keep the kids sharp.
-- slow lane -- this is…

The good spell, I tell my self I know.
from nearer than we can imagine
possible, posited
in a place called here, at that
point, nearer than we
thought, here
where I exist, the ego me, floating
on that same old ocean of opinions,
lapping at my shore.

This must be that sea, they think
is where all eventualities
congregate to wait
for everything
to finish the pattern, to the nick
in the stick that told us when
to begin, this
once, once more.

I was convinced.
I was never invincible, to my defense,
I built the wall that hides my best
from pride's envaluing scheme,
best of the lot,
without spot or blemish,
make this the one we take,
leave the ring-straked, spotted and speckled.

Holy is pure. Pure is white.
This is where we find the stragglers,
carrying the cross of Jesus,
while marching,
as to war.

We sang that song in public school,
when music was a given need
each allegiant took to heart,
Onward Christian Soldiers,
-- mind wanders
7  trombones, and 10 clarinets
led the big parade, with one bass drum
marching as to war,
to destroy what Jesus did not finish,
followed by the lesser corps,
of boy scouts,
with only fife and snare.

Then came the grand equestrians,
all who owned a silver saddle,
passed as knights from when
our fathers stole this land.

My family had the contract to follow up
with shovels and barrows on wheels.
We were the signal for
next phase, of hell's a-poppin-days…

the Burro Barbecue in Bullhead City.

Long ago, there was one red light across the river,
a porch light on a trailer, behind Laughlin's first bar.

---------- Faux Nostalgian
algia alegian re alegian  pain of-
pain felt,
fear of-
fear felt,

Great line in the movie, Boss Level…

geek says "Childless by choice."
Hero replies, "whose choice?"

--- Badfinger - half of them chose death over survival.
--- if it matters when you know
--- I skipped the 70's … so the soundtrack's new…
I heard about you…

looking back in time on a line I never walked,
as it were,
on first pass through the realm of ever afters
past lights shone, blinking,
settings seeming chaotic in tri-colored quarks
it all works out.
Rock 'n'roll f'ever, a post-pubescent poets dream.

First, learn the game,
then learn the rule it rode in on. Who is teaching
the next best
move. Ai do believe my loop expanded now
you are here with me
in the mix
confused as reason for knowing quarks come in colors.
Love comes in colors, too.
Could be coincidence.

--- Old Osiris, man, he hard t'****.
Ham 'n' Evans, not so hard. They lost the will to live.
The seventies ate many couldabins.
Freewill or fate, knowing was a factor.
Money had a finger init right, bad, the whole unbitten apple
idea attempting to tweak the future
from the past…

how long did those trips last? Radioman,
can you imagine,
all along its been this one song

Taste, and see. know you know.

sapient (adj.)"wise," late 15c.
(early 15c. as a surname)- {eh, a family name?},
from Latin sapere "to taste, have taste, be wise,"
from PIE root *sep- (1)
"to taste, perceive"
(source also of
Old Saxon an-sebban 
"to perceive, remark,"
Old High German antseffen,
Old English sefa 
"mind, understanding, insight").

From <>

Nothing eastern in the idea. Makes me think
what if,
long ago, knowing was a given, not a taken thing?

Isha, you may call her Eve,
or Mito-mom;
she's our most recent common ancestor,
after her,
as a species, we
came to be namers who knew, sapient sapient,
the dominant multicellular life force
on earth. We are her mitochondrial line,
there are no others.
Users of new knowns,
conscience guided
**** Sapien squared, that's us,
tuned to a thought that better
is never worse,
try… learning to talk with no one to talk to.
Imagine that.
… back in garden after the trick,
she knew…
--- C'mon, taste, you've no idea what death is.
She persuaded him to taste.
And there the story verges from the one you know.
It is a book, it wont shut up. No, it's a river. No, a plane word realm...
didn't come easily to her
she could see
every reason to
not be brave
wast the last plan
the last option
that she would take
RQ Sep 2020
Let me go if I am an option,
Let me go if I am not worth your time,
Let me go if I don't matter to you,
Let me go if I mean nothing to you,
Let me go if you can't make time for me,
Let me go if you are ingoring me,
Let me go if we aren't fated to be,
Let me go and you can be free.
Let me go please. I am not an option. I want to be a priority.
Simon Aug 2020
Styling someone is never the option for truth too supplement facts, altogether! It's probably because truth towards an option of essentially giving someone such an "option" as too never style them (first and foremost)... Is simply because those very facts are supplemented too such a degree, that everything falls apart from both decision-making and choice! Logic doesn't rule anymore! Nor does a sense for reasoning, either. Therefore, what are you truly left with then...? Easy. As it could never be as simple as styling someone who doesn't have the very effective option for truth too supplement facts over the "long-drawn-out haul"! Mostly because ALL things with purpose in mind, essentially won't ever (anymore) have it's sense for duty in hand, either. Meaning your left with the only comparable stationary meanings that will tempt the negotiations of many things too remake sense...once again. Even if it takes longer than what was fully expected (not the first time around). Whereas it wouldn't have taken as long when the very unexpected "anticipations" were completely expected (the second time around). Giving hope too an even newer sense of logic that doesn't have anything too truly do with normal reasoning, anymore. Actually, it NEVER did! Why do you think hope is an offerable cause too mandatory "enlightenment"?! Hopes grows into the shape or form of "believe", after all. (Leaving little powerful things both such as "decision-making and choice" entirely scrunched! While being also compressed "too death"! Too much between!) Which slightly contradicts logic ruling as it ALWAYS should. Or essentially, ALWAYS did! Especially when that very sense for reasoning becomes (all the more) valid (first and foremost). Conclusion... "Styling someone is never the option", because you essentially don't have anything more equipped than regular truth which prompts joy into hope growing and amassing into believe. Which actually creates the sense of reasoning that breaths logic into it's very surroundings.
PS... "Styling someone is never the option"... All for truth too supplement facts, altogether! Again...and again...and again....
The joy in styling someone is nothing more than the failure for truth! Only when your willing too truly adopt that very specific feature... Is when the obvious would come running at you with a very "engraved" knife!
دema flutter Jun 2020
I have come to realize that the hardest thing
to do is not picking out an option from two that
are very similar in nature, but rather putting myself first.
Jenny Jun 2020
I am a poet's poem
but was never a choice to be taken.
Never be an option. Let them choose you because it is you.
a coward holds the lovers card upright in his hand
told them both he’d take to the promise land
torn between two queens, all confused
didn’t want to leave any of them bruised.

a naive youngster held the fool in reverse
fell for all the tricks and games was the curse
she gave in full but took none, always came at second best
time wasted being used, finding out again she was just the guest.
a man afraid to choose so he led both on because he didn't want to hurt any
a woman believed him and she was always an option but never the choice
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