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May 12 · 155
The Hero He Saw
One day, a hand stretched out to me
Like the naive fool I was, I took it
I knew full well that it would hurt
That it was some joke or prank
Just so they can watch me bleed again
Yet I desperately wanted the hope

After that day, he was always there
Studying with me in the classroom
Sitting with me at the lunch table
Playing soccer with me during recess
I was waiting for the sting of a needle
Yet each day went on with no sting

There were changes from that point
I wasn't alone when they attacked
He defended me from them
Or he bleed on the ground with me
He didn't have to do any of this
He was accepted and loved by them

They always made fun of him now
That he was wasting his time with me
The things they said had to hurt
Yet he stood there courageously
Telling them the same thing each time
That he saw a Hero inside of me

My Hero helped me with many things
He showed me how to study better
How to kick the ball properly
A whole world of ideals to pursue
My Hero helped me find who I am
Yet he wanted me to believe in people

We both wanted to prove our worth
Too many told us we were worthless
He had manifested a fruit tree in him
Fruits that would show them the truth
I had manifested a fire instead
One that wanted to make them burn

I think about that day we met still
It's been 14 years since I knew him
I'm struggling as a Junior in college
I'm trying to do what I love to do
I'm working to show them my worth
Yet I still haven't found the truth

There haven't been any hands now
I fought my way here on my own
Yet they still call me worthless
My family, classmates, co-workers...
Not a one wants me around
What am I even fighting for again?

I look back towards that last day
Where I had that fight with him
My Hero acted strangely that day
And for the first time he snapped
And that was when I felt it sting
The needle going through my knee

My fire grew far too large for him
He stood there and watched
As his Hero's fire consumed him
I realize that I never let that tree grow
I guess he was wrong about me
Wrong about that Hero he saw in me
May 12 · 735
I've heard it all before. Worthless.
I tried to run from it. Worthless.
Then I found new strength. Worthless.
I stood and faced it down. Worthless.
I moved on now. Worthless.
Yet here I am again. Worthless.
I'm standing here alone. Worthless.
The voices had stopped.
I was finally happy.
I was getting sleep.
I made friends. WORTHLESS.
Why is it here again? WORTHLESS.
I was better. WORTHLESS.
Why is this happening? WORTHLESS.
Is that you mom? WORTHLESS.
Father, you too? WORTHLESS.
Why is his voice here? WORTHLESS.
Why why why why?! WORTHLESS.
I did my best! WORTHLESS.
The echoes are right. WORTHLESS.
I'm worthless.
May 12 · 131
Helping Others
Should I be helping people?
Everyone is happy when I do but
Looking at their smiles makes me
Feel happy, the only time I feel happy.
I started to help many people
So that only I can be happy.
Helping people like this, is it selfish?
Mar 2 · 196
A Book's True Friend
A child begins reading a story
Both have never been betrayed
An eternal bond was made
Yet betrayals are left in their wake
A sacrifice decided, all for its sake
The story continues moving forth
Gambling it's own questionable worth
Seeking a burning flame, a friend
One who will bring the abrupt end
To this garrulous, suffering cage
Even though the Ink rewrites the page
Corrupted by ideas of ****** glory
Which one is its friend?
Oct 2019 · 175
Route of Reason
Nicholas Fonte Oct 2019
A word I was given
The provider to isolation
The basis of frustration
It was the one thing
How Death likes to sing
Friend lost but gave
All that I crave
I am afraid
What People said
Friend's scar I bear
I must go there
Can it be forgiven?
Jul 2019 · 314
Nicholas Fonte Jul 2019
He once recieved someone's disapproval
He wasn't fit for the cause
He made a terrible mistake
But then someone left
Now he acts to earn others approval
To make up for his flaws
When really he just wants to make
His own self stay
Jul 2019 · 190
Nicholas Fonte Jul 2019
Once again I have this dream
Over and over it continues to scream
But when everything has been said
The only thing that remains is the dead
Who raid the insides of my head
May 2019 · 573
Nicholas Fonte May 2019
No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
May 2019 · 166
Fight with Time
Nicholas Fonte May 2019
A child who's eyes shone bright
Entered an unwanted fight
A friend who has lost his way
Watches as his life fades away
The two who both were mistaken
Have had their innocence taken

A teen who's eyes shone dark
Is ready to finally embark
A grave who has lost his role
Watches over the teen's soul
The two who met with calamity
Have held on to their amity
Aug 2018 · 164
Water's Eternal Flow
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Watch the stream...
Just watch.
Look over the lake...
Just look.
Examine the river...
Just examine.
Analyze the ocean...
Just analyze.
What did you see?
Water endlessly flowing,
The breeze gently following.
How did you feel?
I know not what is real,
But everything moves,
Eternally so.
Seeking something,
Without restraint.
The time for dreams
Is over.
Be like the wind
And follow the stream.
There is no other choice.
Aug 2018 · 253
Water's Conquest
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
To stand against the flow
Only grants them the chance
To flood you down
For one final blow
Fear not, you won't drown
The waves grant you a dance
Allow yourself their embrace
From the Lady of the Lake's face
That is taking away your fate
Aug 2018 · 160
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Summer, home to maturity.
We feel change and peace.
Fall, home to hope.
We feel amazed and proud.
Winter, home to renewal.
We feel love and redemption.
Spring, home to reflection.
We feel warmth and friendship.

Summer, home to failure.
We feel regret and disappointment.
Fall, home to loneliness.
We feel loss and forgotten.
Winter, home to decline.
We feel deprived and depressed.
Spring, home to death.
We feel old and despair.

Seasons tell more. they?
Summer, home to reflection and loneliness.
Fall, home to maturity and decline.
Winter, home to hope and death.
Spring, home to renewal and failure.
Is that so?
Anything can happen, ya know.
That's your reality check of the day
That we live in now.
Aug 2018 · 167
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Think of those who can't
The others tied by the invisible thread
They were given no chance
Aug 2018 · 8.2k
Crossing of Life
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Look at everything I've done
There is no forgiving this
Even still, all I did was run
I ran from it all
I'm gone
I departed to a new place
Where no one could know
This dreaded face
I spent my time on the train

Time has come to Fall
The color red was all around
Each leaf is a memory hiding
Things that shouldn't be found

The wait comes to an end
Where I will take
The first step
Towards a new life
And right away
"Welcome to our town!"
"There's no need to frown!"
"Come on, let's be friends!"
Rushed by all the villagers
"Hey, I'll show you around."
The young miss
Said to me.
So then she went off, guiding me.
This was the next step
In this life

Is this forgiveness?
The world has given me a
Second chance
This is a new life
A new Me
I'll turn over a new leaf
I can make the change

Past, present, future
Past doesn't matter
And we live in the present
Fighting for our future

"Hey, miss,
Let's strive forward in this town...
This is now my town
Our town
Something far greater
Than even destiny.
Ha ha an interesting take on this game. Wish I put more references in to there but hey, I love how it came out.
Aug 2018 · 284
The Cards Show All
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Islands, Mountains, Forests, Swamps, Plains
We all have trekked through the lands
With our very own hands
Spending away the clock
We can't escape the fate
No point in trying to Negate
Which may come as a Shock
But let things Nourish
And everything will flourish
After all you don't want to miss
The sky's Last Kiss
For each verse
Is our curse
Because they are Always Watching
For you to make the wrong tap
So they can spring out their trap
An obvious reference is an obvious reference. Also I want to add that their are two lines that match each other but dont rhyme on purpose. Anyway I hope you enjoy this quirky piece!
Aug 2018 · 482
Intertwined Rain
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Keep in mind
That it is at the center
Of the rain
Is where you will find
Mixed in with the pain
And every tear
And fight
And even more
Remains untouched
There is no fear
Just joy
All is great
Is blessed in corruption
Sewn with despair
Drenched in the same rain
That is where you will find
There is nothing to compare
From within the disruption
Yet out there is a place to be touched
Just like a dream or nightmare
Are what decides this fate
He who is locked in the dark
Looking for her light
The choice is ready to embark
Aug 2018 · 168
The World's Blizzard
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Everything is just...numb
Everything was so cold
All I wanted was to fix the splinter
But I can't hear what I've been told
The world had enter winter
I remember it well
The world fell
Into a blizzard
And I chose to be inside
Even though I know it is dumb
Its better than the fake warmth outside
The world's blizzard
Aug 2018 · 163
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
A world of only harm
This never melting ice
A will of shaking might
To let born the new light
In the world of only pain
Filled with those fools
Embrace the ice
Lay down your arms
Know what it means to bear
Lay down your life
Give meaning to that knife
Now let fall the rain
Washing over all our pain
Now sit in the pool
Where the liquids collide
On this heavenly divide
Breathing in new life
Because of the only one who cared
Lived and learned
And look at what he earned
Jun 2018 · 150
Blood in Snow
Nicholas Fonte Jun 2018
I went the long way home
Lined with their blood in snow
And in the fall I know
I have the right to be alone
And they took me back to the dome
And they took off the blind
And then they tried
Oh hell they tried
You can tear me apart
Crack my bones
But you still wont find
A heart
May 2018 · 198
The Lance
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
I carry this lance
To carry on the fame
Of the forgotten name
To show the weak
What they seek
To cast out fear
And end every tear
So come what may
I'll bring about a new day
With the chance
Provided to me by his lance
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
And that's the third strike.
I'm out.
I never knew about
What it is like
To scream and shout
By standing in dislike
In my heart's strikeout
But now everything had rearranged
Even though nothing has changed
May 2018 · 361
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
There was always this girl
She would sit across the room
It's not like she would twirl
Or give off this swirl
But I always found myself
Looking over at her
People would talk to her
Commonly, but she would keep to herself
For the most part
And she was indeed pretty
But that in itself
Wasn't what drew my gaze
She had this...air
About her, you see
I never was able to define
Quite what it was
I saw it in the way she walked
Her voice in the way she talked
I was how she carried herself
It's that air...that grace
That's what drew in my stare
She was just simply divine
But that air carried something else
I could feel...loneliness
She walked everywhere alone
Commonly on her phone
In class she always acted on her own
I just felt that there was something more
She seemed like an abandoned cat
No.... She was more like a kitty
She wasn't that violent or standoffish
And she's more calm than an acrobat
She seemed to strive towards independence
That's what drew in my stare
It reminded me of...myself
Maybe that's why I saw loneliness
We both stood our ground
And helped others around
And I too act on my own
Unlike her, however, I don't shine
I'm too much of a rusted robot
I never was able to understand
What others feel
I only look at necessity
What I currently need
Nothing else mattered
My stare was by chance
Then grew to curiosity
Now I can no longer conceal
My newfound confusion
That girl across the room
I can see her dance
Only in my head
She still din't twirl
Nor did she give off a swirl
She's just an ordinary person
Nothing special nothing else
Certainly superior to myself
We rarely walked with each other
We rarely talked with each other
Where did this come from?
What was mere chance
Turned into a feeling I knew nothing of
I now feel love
And I want to move this plot
I need to rise above
Anything to have her look at this robot
For my gaze has turned into a daze
Please I want you to take my hand
And let me stand by your side
I don't want to be outside
And no I don't want to be inside
By Your Side
For you have filled my my heart
And have given me a new start
But you are still that girl across the room
The girl who is pretty
The girl who isn't awkward
The girl who seems lonely
The girl who only dances in my eye
You still haven't returned my stare
I know why
You are a kitty
We remain independent
I'm just staring at my doom
I don't care
I won't leave you abandoned
I will find a way
I will rise above that lie
I will eventually get you to see me
My newfound wish
For this Kitty and this robot
To meet under the light
To prove love's might
I know it drags on but come on, its the first time I wrote my feelings out for a girl I liked so cut me some slack. Also the name "Yume" is actually the Japanese word for "dream" and to me, Yume also sounds like a name so I thought it was a very fitting title. Plus, Yume actually is my favorite Japanese word. (Also good luck catching that rhyming scheme)
May 2018 · 246
Love for Mother
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
We each all fly
Just like a dove
To come together and sing
This special song
For our dear mother
For you are like no other
You always stand strong
You always guide those with your voice
And you always bring
Us Joy
Now it is your day
And we want to say
And thank you
For you choice
In doing what you do
Because this love
Will never die
Wrote this one nice and early for Mother's Day. It's incredibly early but y'all get to see a sneak peek at what I wrote for my mother.
May 2018 · 228
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
Once its in motion
I can't escape it's grip
Human Emotion
A quivering lip
Falling tears
Drenched in anxiety
Swallowed by fears
There is no variety
In this plan
Fogged in a cloud
Set by man
Nothing else makes them more proud
May 2018 · 192
Hell's Parallel
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
There was no such thing
Of a chance of surviving
The world's blazing hope
May 2018 · 178
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
Look all around
There is nothing to see
There is no sound
There is not a single smell
What is there to tell
What is there to be
When there is nothing to be found
May 2018 · 180
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
I'm exactly what you need
But your freedom
Tears down the kingdom
Now that's guaranteed
So come now and take the seed
May 2018 · 183
Starry Sky
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
I'm a shining star
And I'm not that far
It's just that within the day
I can't be seen
So I runaway
Into the dark
So everyone can see this spark
In this glorious scene
May 2018 · 279
A Fantasy
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
Looking up above to see the sky
A yearning that will never cease
Press start and feel the release
Now watch me jump and fly
To feel the wind blow past my face
Casting a tornado from my spirit
From deep within the pit
The stones I summon shall crash like a mace
Washing over all the past mistakes
The water I create will protect us all
Trees will grow and stand tall
My power will bring leaves for all our sakes
I descend in my creation
Food and warmth is what I desire
So I shall create this fire
To bring joy and defeat isolation
The prey stands there and with a flash
My lightning appears, I succeed in my ****
Alas, I will find no thrill
For the bolts will destroy with each crash
I can lift the strongest rocks
For my strength is endless
If I can't open the door to get out of this mess
My speed shall carry me through all the locks
Bestowed with all this magic
My dreams can all come true
But it is just that-a dream where I can't see you
Now isn't this nostalgic
The word is neat
That I will admit
However, it is time to submit
I will awake in reality and claim my seat
Yay my 100th published poem! This is one of my first poems I ever made and I'm most proud of this one! It's my favorite so I saved it for this time. Hope you enjoy it!
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Come and join the parade
Make no mistake
We march for heartache
For when it all comes down to fade
So take each step in the state
Where there is no fate
To follow along
So come and join our song
Trust me this is what you need
As long as you stay here
You'll never disappear
That is certainly garunteed
On this march tonight
Trust me your host
As our song burns each face alight
So come on down
Let's make a toast
To the town
Of no faith
Where we will bless
Them out of this mess
Trust me the wraith
Who marches with no shame
In the parade
That made
No name
But try to stay
Before it hits five
On this very day
Trust me
And trust in what you can see
Apr 2018 · 195
Murderer's Promise
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Was it all Meaningless?
Did this act make me Worthless?
I Fear I will never Understand
What happened to my Hand
What I do Know is this
I will Never find Bliss
No one will show me Affection
I Deserve no Protection
I will be Forever Alone
Until I Atone
But the World becomes Tougher
So I shall continue to Suffer
I can't do anything
So the World will look at me and Sing
They were Stronger
So I cannot Deny this no Longer
I Deserve to Die
And this is no Lie
For this Problem called Life
Has no Solution except for the Knife
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
We don't comprehend the end
We don't understand why we stand
We don't fulfill what we need to fill
We do radiate on our date
Apr 2018 · 172
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Look at what they do
Look at what they say
Everything you hear
Is exactly what you fear
And you can never run away
For that is inevitable taboo
Apr 2018 · 110
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Watching over the holy land
Let see the flames
Where up above
Is the endless starry sky
Where there are so many names
That we can finally understand
What it is to love
Underneath a cloth's new day
Where we can't run away
In the face
Of this glorious place
Where we do nothing but try
Apr 2018 · 269
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
To light the fuse
Is to amuse your delight
In the fight for abuse
But you use what is not right
Apr 2018 · 160
Deep Within
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
They can talk
About that luxury trip
They may know money
But do they know the price
Of sacrifice?
For I am near the tip
Of seeing myself dead
And no one can see
How I walk
With no need to shed
Any tears
For I have no coin
So let sink my fears
As I may not join
Both a cruise of no strife
And this expensive life
Apr 2018 · 127
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Don't think me like the others
It's not present in my will
To have it all be tranquil
I wait patiently for my turn
For everything to burn
For it is in the fight
I truly am alight
For what I need
Is for them to bleed
So don't confuse my calm
Or get ready to meet my palm
That isn't like the others
Apr 2018 · 191
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Those hijackers on that plane...
Were they people, too?
They wanted to hurt others,
**** people, burn people, terrify people
How can we say they are people?
What about our beloved soldiers
They had similar intent
To **** people in order to prove a point
Were they people too?
Where does that leave me at?
The world took my friend
My ******* only friend
I wanted to hurt people
I wanted everyone to die
Each and every person that drove him
Straight out of this world
I wanted it to burn
The building, the people, all of it
And now everything is my fault
I've done so many bad things
I've hurt people
I was just like them
So am I a person, too?
Would my friend say that I am?
Apr 2018 · 198
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Is it necessary to sin
Just in order to win?
For we see cheaters and beaters
Out on the top?
And those covered in the drop
Of lust stand
With their own hand?
I may never understand
How that style
Makes others smile
Even though it's so vile
But what I cherish
In each virtue
That I thought true
Has made me perish
Leaving me with a lust
To walk on the path of disgust
For the path of the sweet
Is covered in boundless heat
And falling down the Hell
Will wish me well
Apr 2018 · 676
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Let our final moments be told
As everything begins to unfold
We stand and make amends
As everything around us ends
This is where we let go of our names
As everything is engulfed in flames
The seconds where we learn to care
As everything remains in despair
We all begin to repent
As everything leads to this moment
Where we lose all hope
As everything hangs on a rope
When it all crumbles on this fight
As everything is burned alight
In our final moments that night
Apr 2018 · 187
Innocent Percy
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Can you hear him sing
The voice of Innocent Percy
Who knows no such thing
Of a belief called mercy
Apr 2018 · 207
Illusory Princess
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
It all comes down
The tall empty tower
Like the cold shower
Of each drop
That falls on top
Of her crown
Apr 2018 · 231
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
You wish to
Drip and Drop
Then to Splish and Splash
But when you get there
It is nothing but
Zip and Zap
When they all enter
The room
And Lub and Dub
Appear out of nowhere
And we hear
Nothing but
Swish and Splat
And we embrace
Every star
That was once
So far
And you have found
A brand new
Drip and Drop
For with no scream
You Splished and Splashed
Your last
Apr 2018 · 192
Wise Old Sage IV
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Wise Old Sage uses a microwave
But the plate won't spin
That's not how you behave
You need a balance to win
Apr 2018 · 175
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
An endocrine and digestive disease
That has filled my life with needles
A skin disease that has a long name
Reveals my blood and bone causing more pain
A damaged ankle for years
Preventing me from running away
The health in a decline
Causing so many nights of throwing up
I am forever unsure
But I can say that I am a failure
I never had a chance
As I laid in the hospital trance
Apr 2018 · 174
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
To fulfill
Your desire
Only fuels the fire
Of his will
That takes
Your name
For their sakes
In negative fame
Apr 2018 · 236
Far Away Scars Casted Away
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
We have already defined
That his life is unaligned
Where all his fears and tears
Will create all the gears
To turn together the rest of his years
Filled with right and wrong,
Weak and strong, light and dark
Where we seek to embark
In the tomorrow with unavoidable sorrow
Apr 2018 · 188
My Simple Words
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
I never really knew
Amidst all this sacrifice
I could find paradise
Whenever I'm with you
Apr 2018 · 148
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Many don't realize
When it is time to apologize
They want to push their point
Way past that finish line
And will continue to decline
The rest of the competition
But we still continue to let them sprint
Apr 2018 · 177
Tree in the Wind
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
All of their eyes
Placed upon me
It is very cold
In the gale
Always with that whisper
This is where
Every part
Of me begins to shake
In the gale
This is more than I can take
Because each heart
Burns me crisper
And I begin to unfold
The air
Grows Pale
In this smoky gale
The leaves
Protect me from lies
Even as they meet demise
As I stand
In this gale
With absent care
I don't understand
Why no one grieves
For the tree
That will now fade
Into the gale
Just a small note for anyone that cares, I've been a little shy about sharing my long poems. The first one I posted was given positive feedback, so maybe let me know if you want to see more? This is my second long one, so I thought I'd ask on here.
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