pretty lies and pretty smiles
poisonous kisses and ravenous wishes

you, another monster obscured by
sweet nothings laced with deception

me, another innocent prey to
your pitcher plant

can you tell me
how the kindest boy
can turn into the most cruel

i should've known
i could've stopped it

but the traffic light was broken
and i hadn't stopped
so i crashed with full force

but let me tell you a secret
i had seen everybody stopped
but i closed my eyes and felt the thrill

'loving you can make Jesus cry'

You walk very slow.
Your face is aglow
With the light of the fire
As the flames dance higher.
You stumble and trip
Do a twist and a slip.
I reach out my hand
To catch you if I can.

Your eyes are tightly covered
Their beauty undiscovered.
Your arms stretched out for balance
Reach out and grab the valance.
It tilts, almost falling.
Your name, I am calling.
You dart away and giggle
And do a happy wiggle.

Off the blindfold comes.
Your smile shows your gums.
“Your turn,” you whisper.
Your laugh is even crisper.
I take the cloth and sigh
You think you are so sly.
I wrap it ‘round my head.
I rather would be dead.

To my face, the dark blindfold clings.
My arms shoot out like little wings.
I strain my eyes, try to see.
Your arms wrap right around me.
I stumble and catch my self,
Standing up beside the shelf.
I find my way all around
My feet gently graze the ground.

This isn’t so bad I conclude.
It isn’t so bad, me and you.
I wander some more, back to the fire.
I take off the cloth and then inquire.
“Why did you do this?” I ask you so sweetly.
You adjust your dress, ever so neatly.
“I’m a kid.” You respond.
“This little game with strengthen our bond.”

Benji Platski Feb 23


We have become angels
Soaring in an Ocean of blue
Like gods we view the world
As a child views a toy

Life, such a universe in itself
Now barely visible
Only but specks in our vision
Worth more than the world

We the few know this sight
The world lit up in the dark of the night
The air is calm at earth's height
The hands of nature carry us on our flight

We soar like the eagle
Dive like a hawk
Our eyes captivated by the wonder
The beauty of the sky
We have become proof
That impossible
Is but a big word
For small men

Alas, to see the water rush over the falls
Mountains turned red and orange
The world frozen, white as the clouds we live in
A serene home in the sky
A mesmerizing view of the earth we walk
All the beauty of the world
All the wonder in which we partake
Does not compare
To the beauty in your eyes

So much more to see
So much more to know
For at the end of the day we will run out of space
To explore the earth which we grace
With Our presence above
We have seen all there is to see
All there is to know
All that exists on earth below

But although I may spend a lifetime searching your soul
I will never reach the end
Of your beautiful sky
And lost in you
Is where I will happily die.

Crimsyy Nov 2016

Pull me,
play this tug of war
until I can no longer
bend back for you,
as much as I love you,
I cannot split myself in half for you.
I hope you understand,
I hope you see
I cannot feed this
masochistic thrill you seek;
I want to feel, feel, feel so badly
but not bad enough to taste blood,
but badly enough to give
all the right pieces of me
to the right person.

annie l hayes Sep 2016

Standing on the lip of a ledge,
Quivering, like a blade of grass in the first autumn breeze.
With raw adrenaline pumping from the top of my head
To the tip of my fingers,
I take deep breath in,
And jump.
The sense of rash, unrefined surf engulfs my body
As I plunge beneath the ill-tempered waves.
My feet taste the thick sand and I shoot up, breaking the surface.

Kaya Aug 2016

Today I wanted to step out
Today I wanted my feet
to feel the heat
of the blazing sun
I wanted them to burn
with goodness, I wanted
them to burn, creating thrill
and a new me


Tony Luna Jul 2016

The thrill is not far away
I don't want us to be astray
This one thing i will speak of
Is not pressured like a dove

I've been preparing for this say
Knowing now is the day
To ask for the nights adventure
The moods will change like temperature

gabriela Jun 2016

i've been looking for
a thrill lately.
not the roller coaster riding, sneaking out
at two in the morning type of thrill, but
the type of thrill that evokes enough
curiosity to make rebellion
look like nothing.  
i'm talking about
the thrill that makes you want
so much more than what you are given,
so you avidly seek out
the unknown in hopes of
having the taste of adrenaline on your lips.

Kim Elaydo May 2016

Oh, the thrill,
The pleasure, the pain —
Static —
Electric shock.
My body tenses
With every touch
Of his gentle hands
My body jolts,
My skin crawls —
Of satisfaction
And hunger —
Wanting more.

"I think I love you," I say as he puts on his clothes.
"No you don't," he replies with a grin
"You're right." I smile back.

He walks out the door.
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