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Empire 9h
When you start to feel nothing
Just empty inside
Sadness becomes inviting
A tantalizing high
It’s dark and dangerous
But compared to feeling cold and empty
It’s the best thrill
Madison 1d
I crave a new feeling.
That near death thrill,
The one that makes you feel so alive.
The falling,
But never landing.
The light,
Followed by darkness.
The knowing,
That you'll only be guessing.
I'm bored.
AmeriMav Mar 11
When I see your face
Sensations overwhelming
Thrill my pulsing heart
Haiku form
Empire Mar 5
I hear people
Speak of such things
Such feelings
Such thrill
Something utterly
But that makes
You feel

Something that
Provides escape
From the harshness
Of reality
Something that
Floods the
Mind and
With bliss

But I
I have so many rules
So many regulations
That I am not allowed
Something so

So instead,
I pretend
I write
I read
Reaching for that
Which I am
Not allowed
My ever-elusive
Al-Sayyari Feb 3
Push your WILL,
rewire your nerves,
it WILL ****,
with eerie swerves.

Push your WILL,
reprogram your mind,
it WILL thrill,
with thoughts refined.

Push your WILL,
renovate your life,
it WILL shrill,
with aching strife.

Push your WILL,
release your tears,
when time stands still,
you’ve conquered your fears.
To a beat of a heart
I can write you
A Song
and with every word like
Michael Jackson Thrill

But waste my beats and
I’ll twist every word
like a
Rope Around Your Neck
**** You.
Oh you know dating be crazy.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Still single?

I feel blessed
Ordinary humans
Can't handle

What i'm destined for.
Genre: Viva
Theme: If the question is concerning, let the answer be divine
How is it?
jlf Oct 2018
for all the turbulence i sought
and sought
i was pretty good
i was so good

i battled through all the chaos
my kite was finally flying

but i snorted so much ritalin
my pupils are tar pits
and she calls me a hedonist but
i don't know what that means

i do know that
i fear neither death
nor consequence
you can treat me like your last meal
always at my most decadent

i remember i need to eat
then delete the thought
the only thing that sustains me is the rushing

by now
you should know that

it's all about me
we did the maths remember?
hypomania is like having low grade superpowers that you can't co-ordinate to do anything other than self destruct
emily Sarker Nov 2018
My goal was never to be your first love.
My goal is to be your last love.
That's why even after you told me you loved me,
I still go about us as if I'm chasing you.
never stop trying to win the heart of the one you truly love.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
That magical moment
the first time making
love, the excitement
of taking each others
Cloths off
The first time seeing
this girl you love
Stood completly *****
before you, heart
pounding excited below
you can longer hide
the first time you place
your hands on her
beautiful body and
draw her In close bodies
together ***** kissing
You lay there afterwards
can  feel your self-smiling
Inside the first time you
really feel alive, this girl
you love has turned you
from boy to man In that
Magical love making
Experience nothing to
making love for the first time nothing
Compare bare flesh touching hand exploring each other
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