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You’re like the last part of fall
When the leaves all fall off
When the good part’s gone
Who you used to be was so fun

The thrills of new seasons come and go
And all you’re left with is the cold
Without the magic of the snow
Who you used to be was so good

When everything has turned to grey
Without the peace that comes from rain
When all the colors fade away
Who you used to be was so great
Jealous of a person that I don't even know
Angry with the person that let me go
I hardly recognize who I am anymore
Never have I harbored this much bitterness before

Walk me through the differences between me and her
Like walking the whole distance California to Virginia
A task so vast it seems insurmountable
Tell me what it means to you to promise things in double

Do you take her to the same places you and I would go
The thought of her tainting our lookout is enough to make me burn
Take her hammocking in our tree in the park close to school
At galaxie view remember when it was my body lying next to you

West Beach, Thousand Steps, Newport 56
Huntington, Laguna, San Diego for a switch
There is nothing new you possibly could do
Drive the whole coast searching, but you and I did that too

I hope I drive her crazy
I honestly hope she hates me
I hope I cause you lots of problems because your dreams still portray me
Realizing on the daily how you mistakenly betrayed me

I hope when you're with her you feel haunted with regret
I hope the thrill falls flat and conversation lies dead
And you walk away painfully aware
Of the fact that what we had was rare

Not every girl can take the late night thoughts you gave me
If you write her paragraphs past midnight
Then you're downright ******* crazy
Playing house with every person who is duped into the role play

If anyone asks, jealousy made me
Mia Aug 5
That spark
I remember feeling so alive
So happy
We didn’t care about anything else except the moment
We weren’t worried about what people thought
We were true to ourselves
But that’s the best part
We didn’t know it then
But we know it now
Tiana May 1
Looking for that thrilling chase,
Where knowledge is armour
And passion is sword,
Where bravery is known as 'explore'
when adventurous spirit runs through your veins
Meysa Apr 15
my lover
he once told me
that he would like to be tattooed onto me
but between my ribs pounding with the octaves of his words
my skin delirious for his curious touch
my mind
immersed with the thrill that he brought forth
I forgot to tell him

I forgot to tell him that I didn't like tattoos
- on the new lover
Look at the world from the Window of heartland
Calling on me in the mid April
To take you to a forest;Perhaps
To walk on the edge of a thrill
My feelings are touched;Both with passion & ration
I might've flied thousands of Miles;When you decided to be the Reason of my smiles
Motherland isn't a place;As fatherland is a  feeling you can never leave it behind a window screen!
Sedate me with your stare
Bring me high, above the clouds.
Your touch is exhilarating;
In the cover of darkness our hearts meet;
Our fingers, our thighs;
A secret is burgeoning.

You keep on stealing from me.
These glances.
Stop. Don't stop. Take it all.
My doors are unlocked.
But what does it all mean?

It's so exciting, this one-sided romance.

In my mind I rest my head,
On your shoulders;
Sighing longingly.
My hands reach out to you,
Yet our hearts never felt so far away.

Can I tell you my secret?
Your hands are rough,
But I want it around mine.
Do our lips fit like gears do?
Come on, lets fan the flames,
Of this candlelit romance.

Is it really you I'm meeting in the dark?

My head keeps hitting the window;
Potholes on the road.
Another day. Another dream.
Chilly air filling the void.
The airwaves between us are silent.
Am I a fool for honing in on your signals?

It's so exciting, my one-sided romance.
I was preparing myself to hear this news.
Its okay. All I can do now is laugh.
But I'm still a bit envious,
Oh well. I wonder when I'll feel like this again.
Empire Mar 19
It’s still surreal
I can’t believe it
I... I did this
God... what have I done?
Why am I covered in lines?
Marks of illness and self hatred
Truly, I loathe few things more
Because I see all of me
And you should stay away
I will destroy what’s close
As long as I get a thrill
Dominique Jan 26
Scratching itches with bottle caps, grooves
In my brain cut from diamonds and blood
Flinging my shadow like darts at a wall
Frustration, when dizzied, transforms into love

Scabs and guitar riffs I'd shred with my teeth
Gnawing her lips to bake blackberry flesh
Stamping on baubles, an aureate hail
In a winter that reeks of sweet summer death

This circus of wildfire charcoals my hair
I'm yearning to stay but it blazes me out
Cold air and bored stares, a knock on the jaw
I thought I had finished bedazzling myself

I've underwhelmed the brightness I chase
Adrenaline fawns over prettier girls
Cold and alone in a fitful night's sleep
When you're fevered and worn, the splinters stick deep.
I can't tell whether I had fun last night because my insecurities were going insane
I reckon the girl only kissed me because she was high but there you go  
So this poem is about feeling like you don't fit in somewhere that excites and warms you so much :)
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