Nicole Dec 2017

They will find you intriguing and alluring
For how your eyes shine and your manner of speaking
They will tell you how attractive you look
Dressed in red and the vibrant colors of summer
They will seem genuinely captivated
By your wit and gentle thinking
But once you start slipping and showing them your little flaws;
how you laugh loudly when you find something amusing,
how you cry while watching because the scene has touched you immensely,
how you seem to always be so strong and independent, but deep down you crave for someone genuine- an adventure and a home in one,
They will start fleeing
Backing away before things get serious,
they will only be there for the thrill of making you fall
They will.

Only the One will tell you how beautiful you look dressed in pajamas, eating pizza at 1am.
Only the One will laugh because he finds your laugh genuine and heartwarming
Only the One will see all your flaws and love you even more for showing them.
Only the One will ignite such a fire in you; the kind that burns with promises of adventure and whispers of home
Only the One will know of your dreams and silly ideas, and will help you achieve them- together, while building a lifelong commitment
So you see, only the One will understand
Only the One you will genuinely love.
Only the One will.

Charlotte Dec 2017

Twisted metal
The thrill of it all
His hand cold instead of mine
God punish me

Just over a year ago my ex and I were in a car accident and this sorry poem was the creative result of that.
Frank DeRose Oct 2017

Jumped out of a plane today.
Willingly, knowingly, and confidently.

Climbed 14,000 feet in a plane with two benches and 20 people


Waddled out to the garage door
A gaping hole in a metal tube hurtling through the sky






Free fell, 120 miles an hour toward the unforgiving earth.

Sometimes I wonder about God.
He made us dumb enough to want to do this,
For his laughs? Or ours?
Of my own volition (and at a high velocity) I plummet to what could easily be my death and last memory on this earth.

I give zero fucks.

It was the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

The parachute deploys,
I am tugged upwards.

My instructor spirals us downward,
Allows me to pull and steer.

I have no clue what exactly to do and try to follow his cues,
But I know one thing

This shit is fun

Our childhood's prime game;
Creating a paper plane.
Making it fly high,
But it never reached the sky.

We would continue to raise the bar,
But still we wouldn't get very far.
We would trust a redesign,
But never anything different from our own design.

We would work soley for ourselves;
To keep the success to ourselves.
We would spend all day redesigning a paper plane,
But never on redesigning our life's shame.

We live for a paper plane
And its thrill - day by day.
We would accept our life's flaws,
But never our paper plane's flaws.

We would live for irrelevant people and objects,
But never for our own salvation.
We would live with a self-opinionated attitude,
But why do we now live with our opinion based on that of the world?

We live like a paper plane;
Flying high, just to be redesigned.
The world never helps us stay sane
As we're always seen as a failed design.

Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017

You can taste it, can't you?
The nectar of the forbidden fruit,
the music that dances in your ear.
Crashing on bed,
the sheets ripple as you're lost to the
Your heart's aflame.
Tendrils of adrenaline begin to spark
and spread through you, from the
fingertips to your bedroom eyes.

the silk sheets caresses massage your body.
Strokes like gossamer wings
flutter in you,
around you.
The golden sax becomes a sensual purr,
as you are kissed by the smooth
sounds of sweet murmurs.

Tongues are chisels
that leave you some sheen.
Fingers are brushstrokes,
that combs your chest and
forgets no details
as it traces shapes over
your goose-prickled flesh.
Writhing in the pleasure of
golden smoothness, with
lucid silhouettes of heated
summer layers during wintered nights.

The sax growls through your ears,
and all that is seen are its glittering lips,
the promise of the sweet doom and amour fou...

nothing is more
nothing is more
enthralling than
thrill of the illicit.

A candied fingers to your lips...

This is kind of a first for me. I never usually write these sorts of poems, but hey! First time for everything. I was listening to some jazz music and man,
there is nothing more sexy than the sound of the sax to me! I just let it flow while writing.
Kerri Jul 2017

Engulfed in fear
She stood before me
Shedding off
The ragged gown
Of her childhood
That weighed her down
For 20 years

Embracing the thrill
She flew into me
Her naked scars
and brave truths
That somehow
Made her shine
More beautifully.

Reaching the
Deepest place
That we had ever been,
Our tiptoes grazing
The blazing fire
That simultaneously
Sparked our
Bodies and our minds.

A universal understanding
That we've finally
Made it here together,
Hearts dripping
hot metal,
Synchronized souls
No longer lost in between
The swings of
The pendulum.

Dave Legalisa Jun 2017

Mixed magic of beauty and pain,
for her fate was in too much of blame.
Beautiful life severely stained,
considering her life was in much of shame.

Sharp as knife, noise as cry.
She murdered someone with lunatic lies.
Gaping at the streaming blood as it dries,
for she’s wholly distained in all of her life.

It wasn’t her fault to be this way,
for she was abused and in deception.
She never rummage of any ways,
until pictures of knives came into her vision.

Dark as night, red as blood.
Wishing the happiness she never had.
As she threw gaze at the corpse once again,
a perfect strange feeling suddenly came.

What was that feeling? What did she feel?
Sort of regret, sort of gladness.
She cannot say, she cannot tell,
for she finally felt the essence of happiness.

No more lies, no more cries.
Her life sustains and sadness will die.
No more heartaches, no more sadness
for she killed someone who caused darkness.

Every villain has a story

You walk very slow.
Your face is aglow
With the light of the fire
As the flames dance higher.
You stumble and trip
Do a twist and a slip.
I reach out my hand
To catch you if I can.

Your eyes are tightly covered
Their beauty undiscovered.
Your arms stretched out for balance
Reach out and grab the valance.
It tilts, almost falling.
Your name, I am calling.
You dart away and giggle
And do a happy wiggle.

Off the blindfold comes.
Your smile shows your gums.
“Your turn,” you whisper.
Your laugh is even crisper.
I take the cloth and sigh
You think you are so sly.
I wrap it ‘round my head.
I rather would be dead.

To my face, the dark blindfold clings.
My arms shoot out like little wings.
I strain my eyes, try to see.
Your arms wrap right around me.
I stumble and catch my self,
Standing up beside the shelf.
I find my way all around
My feet gently graze the ground.

This isn’t so bad I conclude.
It isn’t so bad, me and you.
I wander some more, back to the fire.
I take off the cloth and then inquire.
“Why did you do this?” I ask you so sweetly.
You adjust your dress, ever so neatly.
“I’m a kid.” You respond.
“This little game with strengthen our bond.”

Lucas Kyle Feb 2017


We have become angels
Soaring in an Ocean of blue
Like gods we view the world
As a child views a toy

Life, such a universe in itself
Now barely visible
Only but specks in our vision
Worth more than the world

We the few know this sight
The world lit up in the dark of the night
The air is calm at earth's height
The hands of nature carry us on our flight

We soar like the eagle
Dive like a hawk
Our eyes captivated by the wonder
The beauty of the sky
We have become proof
That impossible
Is but a big word
For small men

Alas, to see the water rush over the falls
Mountains turned red and orange
The world frozen, white as the clouds we live in
A serene home in the sky
A mesmerizing view of the earth we walk
All the beauty of the world
All the wonder in which we partake
Does not compare
To the beauty in your eyes

So much more to see
So much more to know
For at the end of the day we will run out of space
To explore the earth which we grace
With Our presence above
We have seen all there is to see
All there is to know
All that exists on earth below

But although I may spend a lifetime searching your soul
I will never reach the end
Of your beautiful sky
And lost in you
Is where I will happily die.

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