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Nigdaw Sep 16
Speed king

Stolen car
Tyre scream
Rush, adrenalin

Forget cops,
Don’t stop
In flight
Across night

Take your fill
Ride the thrill
Like a wave
Surfing on danger
Pushing limits
Better than any pill

Charred remains
In the countryside

Someone’s pride and joy
Will be announced dead
On a doorstep
In the morning.
For the sake of a stunt
For the stake of a thrill
Every single time I decipher
A metaphor or a puzzle
From way above the clouds
I rush a kamikaze rhyme
Into the open void
Near fatal crash
As if it were a drogue parachute...
Alex Gifford Aug 16
You feel the rhythm of the music,
as it bounces through the floor.
You hear laughter and excitement,
the suspense of what's in store.

Then you walk up to a lady,
and you ask her for a dance.
Don't be nervous most are friendly,
this won't be your only chance.

If you're a leader with a purpose,
and your follower has grace.
You combine into one being
with a smile for each face.

Then trust will turn to tension,
and this tension is a whip.
That cracks loud like the trumpet,
every time momentum flips.

The adrenaline of falling,
the connection of a hug.
Either focus like an artist,
or it takes you like a drug.

Every hour feels like minutes,
you forget the world outside.
There's just motion and the moment,
it's a rollercoaster ride.

When the sun goes up that morning,
and you rise up out of bed.
You keep dreaming of that freedom,
It won't get out of your head.
Try swing dancing it's a complete blast. This is what it feels like. I hope I can motivate someone to go out and give it a shot. Tell me if you do!
Abinash Aug 13
Life you are going on a path
And I am following you,
Not questioning but just following you…

I don’t know where you will lead
Or where you go
I don’t know what danger I will face
Or fears I have to overcome
I don’t know what sorrow I will go though
Or who I give sorrow too
But I am still following you not questioning

In hope of
What joy u will make me experience
Or the thrill of adventure.
So life,
I am following you not questioning…
Bhill Aug 4
Leave it Open...

Have you left your mind wide open
Is there things that must be spoken
Remember life here is a balance
We all have lots of talents
Those talents are ours to share
And sharing can make you aware
Being aware of others skills
Can lead you to life changing thrills....

Brian Hill - # 194
Sometimes your mind is so ope. That all your brains falls out
Empire Jul 29
Apathy is rather dangerous
Isn’t it?
I just don’t care.
Not sure I want to care
I could do anything
Because it wouldn’t matter
If you don’t worry about others
You can do whatever you please
Danger, warnings, signs
Utterly meaningless!
Feels rather free.....
When emotion dies
When your chest grows cold
Heartbeat sickeningly steady
Breaths a bit too even

Do I run to pleasure?
Find myself a lovely vice
Intoxicating, sensual, invigorating
To awaken my spirit

Perhaps pain will do
Play with the little silver toy
The one with the sharp tip
Jarring and thrilling

Take some risks
Cause why the hell not?
Shock loved ones
Laugh at their concern for you

When the heart turns to stone
Anything, everything
Is fair game

So, what shall I do with mine tonight?
Empire Jul 10
I feel

It’s been a while
Never felt so...

                         so human.

Living for a thrill
                                         maybe it’s cheap

I’ve found this place
This sweet spot

Me                          and.....               ­         her.

Where I kindle her fire
Let its warm glow fill me
But retain my control
It’s lovely
Quite thrilling
I am

Maybe she’ll take over soon. I might let her
Empire Jun 6
See, I don’t want to be loved, do I?
Because if I am loved
There are expectations on me
I have to at least try to be worthy of it
But the darkness is calling my name
And it calls so sweetly
It’s made me promises
Of which I’m sure it can’t fulfill
But it’s so exciting
New and thrilling
To try
As long as I’m loved
I have to show restraint
So watch me push you all away
So you’ll just let me drown myself
In my own blissful irresponsibility
Surrender looks so easy and I’m so tired of fighting...
No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
Kenji May 13
I might just be too good for you, or you too good for me.
So immune to love, so unchangeable.
Will you take me in?
You did many things, that I liked.
And your name deserves to be in my heart.
But you sleeping with a frozen heart and it belongs to someone else.
You made me feel so real, so unacquainted.
You brought the thrill, the risk, the rush.
I live for danger...
I haven't been around town in a long while, with you.
I apologize, but I've been trying to get over you by seeing them.
And you wished me good luck, to find somebody to love.
Honey please, don't leave.
I just might be too good for you.
Unrestricted, so priceless.
I'm everything.
I deserve it.
Take me in
The Town _ The Weeknd (Inspiration)
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