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nevaeh Sep 28
i already have a kid

she steals my scrunchies
and knocks my **** over
she eats the feathers off of my dream catchers
and sleeps on my chest
she bites me all the time
and apologizes with dead crickets
she chews apart all of the wires in my house
and frequently gets her head stuck in cups

she's a little ****
but she's the best baby
(the only baby)
i could ever want
🖤 my baby
A black cat stands staring
Eye's wide and glaring
The tip of its tail twitching
Before it pounces upon its toy

A haunting meow in the dark
Paw's clawing to leave its mark
Prowling around the ground like a shark
Before it runs around in circles

Batting a ball on string in combat
Atop of a tall tree it sat
It's teeth baring as sharp as a bat's
Before promptly losing balance and falling to the floor

A black cat in her home to stay
Is ALWAYS in the mood to play
You came upon me
Stared at me with
Giant gleaming eyes
Kissed my arm
Said hello in
Your own words
Took a quick bite
Came back around
Kissed my hand this time
Said hello again with
Your special words
Then went back
To eating your kibbles
My cat sounds like a real romantic
charles hope Jan 28
As she sleeps
There are sheeps
Not a peep
Or a roar
From a kitty
Who thought
The moon was his friend.
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Of fur friends I am a fan,
Have you tried a Catscan?
I wander the dark backyard,
Finding Kitty is really hard,
Where are you now, naughty thing?
Do not me any dead mice bring!
I do not need such morn offering,
Catscan for you, do please come in!
Giggles, feedback welcome.
Moth Aug 2019
sweet little kitty
with soft fur and gentle purrs
who wouldn't love you?
All the sweet kitties at the Humane Society make me squeal! Who would get rid of all these adorable felines? I wish I could adopt them all.
She's my Kitty Cat.
When I pet her,softly..
She purs.
Music to my ears.
When I'm scared or I am Lonely
She rubs against me, oh so gently.
She doesn't have to say a word.
she already knows.
How I feel.
So true to my words.
She cheers me, with her eyes, as she sees me grow.
Never selfish.
However, not quite an "open giver"
She knows how to give me passion
Shows the world her own unique  and  hot "fashion"
Inner Beauty
and some soft fir.
Watch us stroll down the road
Enjoying one another's company
as we push off
Life's gritty and heavy loads.
Arisa Mar 2019
I am the slither of fur in the night,
Glint of moonlight which captures the sleek
of a cat's back
And the ghostly glow
of a cat's eyes.
I once saw a beautiful black cat while walking home one night.
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