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This comes to more than what I post
The life I lived and the moments I lost
In bringing the dreams together
All my wishes flew like butterfly
Birds shedding their feather
I leave each hope behind
Now I just live and breathe in unrest
Because I have got no conquest
Now all I do is wait
Wait to see what is stored in my fate
To turn my life around.
"...fear is too old in this world,
be the final nail in the coffin...
I used to rush at everything
I rush at every line

Want it now, need it soon
The dates and time combine

I do despair when it doesn't come
As speedy, as accurately

My timeline, my needs!
Oh, my necessities!

But someone reminded me
of how Life isn't a fair game
If I don't enjoy the slow moments
I'd really lose with shame

Shame, because every moment,
every raindrop has its course
It takes a thousand hours to build the clouds
to bring up a push of sorts

Then that HO2 hits the ground
And as they say, "When it rains, it pours."
By then, with hope, you'll be less lost
and a little more than "found"
Nick Stiltner Oct 2018
A soundtrack from behind the blinds,
fleeting and skittering steps into the rocking water,
crossing the ebbing tide's line in the sand.

I cross the barrier between,
I open my eyes and I see
the castle standing on an arching hill
over the snaking river.
The tower reaches high,
stretching to meet the clouds
and the bricks of the walls sit in piles
of rubble, left to the mosses
and vines that drape their faces.

My vision fades to black and it forms again,
the gray sea and shimmering light appear
as i wade deeper, now up to my knees
in the lifeless water.

Up the spiraling staircase,
a glance through the hole in the wall
as the valley shrinks below
and the hazy purple sky
envelopes the whole of my sight.

The water reaches my chest now,
my steps scraping the rocky bottom
and the white moon lighting the path
forward, reflecting in a white sparkle
on the top of the slow moving wake.

The crumbled roof at the top of the tower
gives way to the dark and starry night.
A hazy mist surrounds,
of a cloud slowly drifting through
like an ambling specter,
on the long march home.

I crouch at the edge,
at the edge of the hole at the bottom.
I fill my lungs with a last breath
and dive downwards,
the gray sea covering me
and pushing me into the lightless cavern.

The mist of the cloud passes
and the view of the valley
is cleared.
I sit at the edge of the tower,
with my feet dangling over the side.

Lost in the stars,
once again my vision fades
But the gray waves do not return,
the white moonlight dimmed and extinguished
as I sigh and sit at the top of my conquest
and remember the days i've lost
in the traceless place,
with its tranquil waves.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Before my journey
to King Paul's Palace Gala
I received a note

Being curious
I opened it and I gasp
and I fall in shock

My voice has been heard
Now I'll have a new conquest
But first, a small test

One I'm sure I'll pass
Then my studies will begin
Another conquest
***, I'M SO PUMPED!!!! ^-^
This course will be for ten weeks but I'll get so much out of it!
Interview's gonna be on the 3rd September but man, I was so stoked to hear that they are taking me on! It'll force me to tackle a series of challenges , to learn more about myself, and to conquer some of my fears.
Fingers crossed!
Lyn ***
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
To stand against the flow
Only grants them the chance
To flood you down
For one final blow
Fear not, you won't drown
The waves grant you a dance
Allow yourself their embrace
From the Lady of the Lake's face
That is taking away your fate
Blue Orchid Aug 2018
Time is a mysterious thing. One we think too little or too much about as if it was either an extraneous concept or a recognizable one but never simply an acquaintance. We fear to gaze in to its dark eyes for fear of what we’ll see in its untamed structure. Perhaps we fear the absolute freedoms of it in how all its courses are never underlined by incongruous moments such as once that hunt our very existence. Or maybe we’re jealous of how youthful it stays while we slowly deteriorate to our graves as it watches with indifference.

I wish to give time a gender so it fulfils all my assumptions of it. Perhaps it’s a women, gentle and eloquent; with a heart that grounds the most feral of things. Her touch is knowledge and wisdom but also all things unknown. She is sculpted like the goddess praised while her love burns oceans from existence yet she watches alone from a distance quite unreachable. Lonely everlasting. Nonetheless her soul is cruel and unforgiving; her betrayal unexpected. Her expectations to high that even the most eligible of men would not dare attempt such a futile conquest for to even try would be to fail. However her compulsion is too powerful to disregard so no man sits ideal.

Perhaps it’s a man with a will that is ironclad. His grips too powerful for even the greatest of empires to resist so all chose to bend for fear of breaking. He rules like he makes love, with intensity that shatters all the women underneath him but they still come back for more for his touch, his magic stroke. Non who have been touched by him have ever resisted or those who have were swallowed by the tide that was his fury. Yet his heart is gold and he cares more than he expects as his gifts last eternity and from the sweetness of it,  just a moment.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
The Queen's done her course
Now she studies her new maps
For a new conquest

Her inner fire
It will continue to grow
as will her Kingdom
My current course has offered my group new conquests - new opportunities that will span over 2 months!
I'm definitely going to do them! ^-^
Lyn ***
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