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Jack Harrell Jul 2019
Somethings I do
Just for me
Paint this picture under my tree
Pull out all my drawers to find one tee

Drive the hammer
to hit the nail
Swing my car  
to set sail

Hit cruise control from my chair
Stare off until I get a cramp
Lay in by bed and make basecamp
Randomly run my fingers through my hair

But that’s fine for me
It’s not all for you
Some parts are lies
Some are true

I can’t have everything I want
So I’ll imagine the rest
Even when I drift off
I’m never at my best

I’ve never fully realized my
Never completely fulfilled my

If life is a game
Forfeit and forgive
Kasey May 2019

My nails tap against the plastic of the desk. Waiting.


I scratch my shoulder awkwardly. Anxious.

A sudden movement. My heart sinks before thudding.


I chew my lip, terrified of what’s waiting for me.

Taking a deep breath, I gather my courage and sigh.

I let myself fall.
Mishmak grak tak
fak shzak clack nak GRSHAK
rage **** Fak

shnk klnm fm ttmmmn
flnm shtum
frustration f'n

mrrrrow cow, SHOUT
now wow you dare, OW
how why please no
stop why now  go


Stop with ease, I don't want angry
I want calm

There the same though aren't they?

I'm experimenting with using other forms of expression, just felt like trying something new.
Evan Sep 2018
Thud Thud, The Boots of Warriors thunder onto the Boat.
Crash, Waves bang against the mighty longship.
Boom Boom, under the Jarls orders the drums of war sound.
Bang Bang, The mighty ships land on scottish shores.
***** *****, Viking Mail and shields clash with the Claymores of Highlanders
Bam, Bam, The chieftain and the Jarl do battle.
Bounce, the Jarl deflects the massive sword with his steel shield.
Whoosh, the Jarl has fallen to the ground, Will a sword clash with the Chieftains or does the Jarls Saga end in Valhalla.
Just a poem i wrote in school, it won an award for the best onomatopoeia poem in the class
Specs Aug 2018
Have you ever noticed that when you do something brave–
Something rattling,
Something that makes your heart bounce,
Something that steals the breath right out of your lungs–
That the world keeps spinning?
Time doesn't stand still,
It ticks on,
Passing by,
Moment after moment.
The earth keeps the feeling of invincibility just out of reach
After you've tasted one drop.
People don't acknowledge it the way you think they will.
That moment is gone in a few whispering breaths,
And it is forgotten by all but you.
MicMag Jul 2018
A collision!
Everyone frantic
All worried about

The people
     Are they ok?

          The damages
               How much to fix that?

                    The traffic
                         How long is this gonna hold me up?

But maybe...

   C  ould we all just stop for a minute and
   R  ecalibrate our priorities to truly
   A  ppreciate the incredible variety of
   S  ounds joining together in perfect
   H  armony as the cars smash into one another?

Go ahead
Call me calloused
But listen:

Squeal Screech Honk Bam Boom Smash Bang Clank
Wham Crack Thwack Rattle Whoosh Hiss Gasp

But mostly
That unmistakable
Hauntingly mellifluous

Gray Jun 2018
You tossed me on the heated ground.
The way you could just get rid of me makes me astound.

One moment, you’re holding me tight in your firm hand.
Now I am resting here on the scolding beach sand.

I understand that you were once thirsty,
But was it worth it because now this place is *****?
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
You wish to
Drip and Drop
Then to Splish and Splash
But when you get there
It is nothing but
Zip and Zap
When they all enter
The room
And Lub and Dub
Appear out of nowhere
And we hear
Nothing but
Swish and Splat
And we embrace
Every star
That was once
So far
And you have found
A brand new
Drip and Drop
For with no scream
You Splished and Splashed
Your last
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2018
Zippity Zappity Zap
  Jolt yourself awake
    Zippity Zappity Zap
      A spark of inspiration
        Zippity Zappity Zap
          Bolt over to the goal
            Zippity Zappity Zap
              Shocking that you failed
                Zippity Zappity Zap
                  Linger in my thunder
                    Zippity Zappity Zap
BC Jaime Mar 2018
he was a tambourine
competing with the guitar,
and drums

In the orchestra
he was the conductor's baton
drowned out by the oboe

When he went solo
he was a harp
graceful, delicate
his strings plucked
by angels
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @b.c.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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