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Man Apr 9
his teeth were rotted out
but he left no time
for regret
for there is no regress
from the state he finds himself in

how it had come to this
boy, he didn't know
fervent drug use
frequenting their misuse
forget it
for tomorrow, is another day for worry

humbled by his lack of knowledge
beset, on knowing's acquisition
further than the last day
faster too
father lost himself to his ambition
Mark Wanless Mar 1
i want power i
want all power and i will
misuse it greatly
NAL Dec 2020
I made the mistake of believing
I could change you when I can't;
you don't intend to, so how could I?
You made the mistake of believing
I was wrapped around your finger,
and would never leave you, but I will;
just give me some time.
**** Yourself (Part ||| ) - $uicideBoy$
NAL Dec 2020
how could you contribute so little,
but control so much of what we had?
how could I give you everything,
but never get what I give back?
I duckinf hatw you- GHOSTMANE
KG Apr 2020
How fair was it to blue the steel
clarity could have won.
if not for Celsius's involvement?
Fahrenheit would brighten her blade, yet subtle the temper of rash and shade.
A time of second guessing to absolve the fatal ring, I time the wager to the crashing of stones assembled once again to hold
your hammer.
Their unnatural order,
yet cannot reclaim the zeal.
We talk and whisper in sorrow and/or regret, the passing of beauty astonished, fallen,
before the plummet of regret.

The absence of the leap
Repeats whn I fall asleep.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Rasputin's ***** is unique
Preserved in Russian
Museum of Erotica
Thirty centimetres long
One wonders
To a human it belonged
Mad Monk he was known
1869 he was born
At 42 he was in close
Proximity to the Queen
Historians believed
He seduced noble women
His influence had grown
Offence Aristocrats had shown
They planned his ******
Poision, cake and wine were offered
Frozen river his body thrown
Preserved his ****
For posterity to come
Not only for its size
Horrible consequence
Of its misuse to be precise
Warning writ large on the ****
Men never misuse your stick
Russians take pride over
Having the biggest one
Americans' presevation
Of Napoleon Bonaparte's
Just a 'pod'
Some living ones
Claiming as long as
Forty five centimetres
Turned out to be fake
Do they consider themselves 'Donkeys'?
One wonders
Blue whale is the real king
With **** as long as
Eight feet
Rasputin immortalized
For his misdeeds
With a **** of one foot
Leaving clear message
To the posterity
Never misuse theirs'
Or meet Rasputin's fate
To know about the Russian Museum of Erotica and see the photo, google.
Ashton Jul 2019
it's wood cut and clawed
markings of years of

built to be sturdy and strong
it's legs stir and shake
with every new addition

even bodies

til one day

Luna Jay Dec 2018
A priceless piece of art in her precious gallery.
Punctured with a nail, she hangs for all to see.
Her creator, unknown.
A man masked in grey-
Took his artwork by the hand,
And traded her for pay.
Time spent perfecting; now long gone.
The Act or Art itself had gone all wrong.
The linework snakes through unknown feelings.
Canvas skin, your paint is peeling.
And here you sit, sealing
Your patches with rancid untruths.
These abused blue hues
He uses so aloof.
As your are hanging, with no tongue left for maiming,
He finds a new soul he believes needs framing.
You and she shall be the same-
Abuse and misuse are
Engrained in the brains
Of the women he has tried to tame…
But he is no artist.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Pretty pink princess with wetness
Dripping down her thigh.
Puddle humpin’ *****
Pumps the water
While she cries.
Take it down the throat and hope
He doesn’t make you ride.
You’re haunted-
But memories taunted.
Hope the feelings subside.
And hope you don’t choke
Playing ******* with a hard rock.
Stop, you slithering snake.
I provoke the stalking of the body,
The watching of the skin.
Pretty pink princess
Soaking in the sin.
Satin curtain, forced open.
Moisture beaded on the fabric.
Crushed velvet on your tongue-
Here is where he wreaks his havoc.
A blank canvas for him to abuse
With bruises of all different colors.
Of course I let him have it.
He got into my mind.
Used his knowledge that I was the
Only princess of this kind.
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