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Lori Mar 6
I cried myself to sleep as the thoughts of my fingertips on your skin lingered in my mind and how every time I'd think of our love I'd think of a taboo
You were always on my **** mind
Maria Etre Mar 4
What's wrong with loving everyone
is that not all know how to
love back.
Austin Draper Jan 28
My mind transcends the distance
My mind sets the time
For in my own heart, for you I have persistence
For without love is without melody or rhyme.

But it’s taboo, but it’s forbidden. From across the planet.
But it’s unlikely, but it’s impossible. There is no binding reason.
Love whispered though softly echos into all mountains of granite.
Love we whispered through legions of discouragement fear treason.

I was foolish, to confirm my grandeur but forget the reality.
I now know, that we can reside and comfort in peace.
You were foolish, to not inquire further and to assume a plea.
You now know, I feared to lose it, or distort it where all hope, is to cease.

I had my love destroyed, overcame it through tears wrote.
I had it restored, if but only a blip that kept it’s lungs to croak.
I had envy, I had gushing words of heart’s blood stuck in the throat.
I had you, who denied my lies and inspired my flame to be stoked.

Forged in my mind, I had ideals of eternity in marble.
Worry clouded it, likelihood a dust all consuming of where I belong.
Worry consumed me, if I had failed love once before, what was stopping another garble?
Forged was a fantasy, and all of its tenants were strong.

Auspicious winds, lifting leaves and skirts.
Unwinding gust, breathing our breath for our worn lungs.
Suspicious whistles, as the wind has a partner.
Tainted loneliness, a muse emerges.
Ingrained are locks of Gold, and a heart of indescribable depth.
Near the surface, a wishing form and a tempting being.

Always waiting for the wind to change direction.
Nye ahead must be it’s shrieks of change.
Death graces my cheek amongst this empty plain.

So I look again at the muse, is she here for me?
Enticed tears, and uncovered cracks.
Hearty dress, one of which pearls pale in purity.
Are my eyes working right? Am I amongst a Goddess?
Returning smile, as she welcomes my embrace.
I fell in love with a woman I wasn't supposed to. But I love her all the same.
Van Byrde Oct 2018
her heart beats a tattoo
against my belly
her head rests
against my chest

giving love to a monster is taboo
and when she does it,
she thrills me
again and again and again
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Rule was there
Crossing the border
Beyond the wall
Is the illness

All stayed normal
That curious one

Who turned out to be
A gladiator
Genre: Observational
Nis Jun 2018
So let's talk about suicide
and how it could have taken me
and how it still might.

So let's talk about suicide
and how childs not yet old enough to wake their minds
try to end their lives as we just sit by.

So let's talk about suicide
and how tired old folks cut their time too short
because they have noone to love.

So let's talk about suicide
and how self-harm is cause of laugh
and how one day it goes too far.

So let's talk about suicide
and how I never thought I'd see myself
writing about my own.

So let's talk about suicide
let's talk about mine
my first try I threw my knife before the red shone in my eyes.

So let's talk about suicide
and how my second try I mixed ***, Coke and bleach.
It tasted really bad, but I drank on.

So let's talk about suicide
and how I don't really want to **** myself anymore
but I guess there is something about me that makes me close to it anyway.

So let's talk about suicide
and how my last attempt will be at the bottom of the sea,
drunk with misery, drunk alone.

So let's talk about suicide
let's talk about it because it happens all around us
and talking is the best way not to break.

So I've talked enaugh, now it's your turn
I think suicide is one of the big first world problems we are facing and will be facing as a society in the future. I also think there is a huge taboo about it that only makes it worse, so here is my little something to fight against this taboo. If you've ever thought about commiting suicide, or now anyone who might, or maybe if you just self-harm to take some stress of, please speak up. You don't need to tell me, or make it public like I am doing (under a pen name) but tell someone, preferably a psychologist or a doctor, or at least someone that can get you one. Please don't let it sit inside you because I guarantee you it will grow. I love you all.
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Look at what they do
Look at what they say
Everything you hear
Is exactly what you fear
And you can never run away
For that is inevitable taboo
AnnaRae Apr 2018
I could tell you
Exactly what his hands felt like
As he wrapped them 'round my throat.

I could tell you
Exactly what his breath smelt like
As he whispered maniacal promises to me.

I could tell you
Exactly what my fear from him felt like
As he pinned me ; ripping at my clothes.

I remembered
Every detail of his face
As if sewn into the surface of my eyes.


Now I remember
The first moment I met another
And the moment he introduced his wife.

Now I remember
The first time I felt his hand
Gently cradling my face and his wife’s.

Now I remember
The first night we were together
The three of us a knot of perfection.

Now I remember
The first moment I felt whole
For two hearts showed me genuine love.

Azrapse Dec 2017
Getting attached has always been taboo
For me
The hardest thing in life is probably Keeping people in it
Because everyones gotta go
And you just have to let it go
At the top of the pile,
***, Drugs, Parties and Pampering.

At the bottom of the heap,
Disease, Prison, Debauchery and Punishment.

At the top of the Ego,
*******, Model, Heartthrob and Princess.

For having Ego like they do,
Gangster, *****, Repugnant and Scandalous.

* It is amazing to see,
how these social standards work.
For only THEY can be,
ones who receive these perks.

People of low I.Q., poor looks or appearance, mental health issues, deformity, obesity or poverty have virtually no chance in the criminal justice system all while the most criminally-natured are the psychopaths controlling the justice system. When you get to Heaven make sure to ask Jesus why God preferred things this way.
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