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I shut my eyes for a moment,
Listening closely to the rain drops against my window.
The louder splatters on the Zinc,
And the solem whispers from the cold wind.

Moments like these,
Ignite my subtle yet firery desires.
My hollow heart summons you,
Reminiscing on your gentle touch never felt,
The feel of our dangerous passion.
Though our lips are yet to touch.

©Karen Thompson 2020
This is roughly about female desires and wild mannerism. Years before now, it was seen as a taboo, female desires and pleasure.
If a young woman showed signed of wild mannerism of some sort, then she would have been seen as 'one who needs a leash'. I tried comparing that with how they treated rumored witches in the second stanza.
She doesn't just 'summon' anything. She summons the image of a mind in her mind. Basically daydreaming.
Renounce the orders of a novitiate
break free of cloisters and other taboos
discover sensuality on the skin
like a herpetologist might
the claws against your unfondled, convented *******
scaly underbelly slithering across your stomach
new sensations, new desires, a new world opens up.
Take me with you
where the women are free
Where *** is not a taboo
Where love is not a luxury

Where I can watch flowers bloom
Where I'm content & complete
Where life begins & death lives
O'Divine animal Friedrich
For the love of Nietzsche and his final book Ecce Homme 'To become who you're'
MelaninInked Jun 3
I remember that night
I saw you see me dance
I remember that night
Yes, I saw you see me see you

You made jokes
You tried to hide behind them
You made jokes
But I saw right through them

I kissed you
I lay my head on your chest and listened to your heart beat
I kissed you
You have no idea how badly I wanted to

Things changed
Things really did not go as planned
Things changed
You had a girl and I had a stand

We crossed the line
We knew we were both unstable but still
We crossed the line
Ignoring common sense we tread deep waters

You lost nothing
You kept your girl and your dignity
You lost nothing
But I lost you and my dignity

Here you are
Here you are building my playlist and gallery
Here you are
Present, available but not mine

I still feel you
I know it's uncalled for and wrong
I still feel you
Despite knowing full well that I'm playing fool

Probably shouldn't
Probably should give my heart a break
Probably shouldn't
Knowing me I might down one and confess I love you
You know that person who you will forever have some sort of tie to because you had a good thing going but it seems that they are your Tapu. Your forbidden. Though it seems you are both too hard headed to accept facts.
Keiri Nov 2019
My kidneys are failing me
But I have failed them too
I tried to **** myself
Yes I'm starting on a taboo.

But I do have to admit
One very sad little fact.
I never wanted to end my life
It all was just one sick act.

I know, it's low.
But don't cheer up just yet.
If I did it for a lack of attention
that you didn't give, and I didn't get.

Then what does that make of you?
Do you feel any better?
I still managed to harm my health,
Not dying doesn't end my letter.

I need love and acception
So I happen to just ask it wrong.
People make mistakes,
And I've made them so long.

I at least care to come clean,
I have the feeling, I'm never seen.
I speak the truth when I say,
I've never chosen the wrong way.

I just needed you
And you needed me too
I'm not there, but neither are you
It's not fair, but we're not seeing through.

We're both wrong
And no ones right.
And now you're gone
And I gave up the fight.
telling the truth is really hard. If you made a mistake, you process it by taking responsability... I've never done that, and my conscious carries a loud. A loud that's keeping me from being happy
Marri Oct 2019
This is forbidden;
You and I.
Like the moon and the sun sharing the same sky.
Our hands weren't meant to touch,
But they did,
And in that moment it all became too much.

We are forbidden;
You and I.
We are the reason Angels cry.
Our lips weren't meant to meet,
But they did,
And nothing else could ever taste as sweet.

We are the ones who planted the forbidden fruit.
Don’t fight it-- Let the seed of desire and sin take root.
We have tasted the knowledge,
Good and bad,
We have left the garden, for good, only to remain unfed.

You and I are forbidden.
Outcasts, lepers, and rejects.
We are the fruit you so humbly deny.
We are the everlasting sigh.

The fruit that grows from our tangled limbs are sweet and ripe.
The leaves that sprout from our hearts are twisted and right.

Taste us.
Taste us.
Taste us.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019 strong she was,
for being so delicate,
I asked her how her molestations had happened,
so she could express herself & maybe make some sense of it,

she said she didn’t exactly know,
I asked her if she’d ever gone to the police,
she said definitely no, I asked her why not,
& what she said next seriously surprised me,
she said she never wanted to get the men in trouble,
because she felt sorry for the guys,
as much as they’d abused her,
she had pity for them & always tried to empathize,

this hit me like the heaviest of epiphanies, tears hit my eyes,

she said she’d talked to each one,
after they’d done what they’d done,
she talked to her father,
& also to her grandfather,
she told them she understood it wasn’t their fault,
they had a perverse disease that became a problem,
or more specifically a distorted sickness,
& that this cycle had to stop no there was no other option.


I shouldn’t have to be the voice for these girls,
& be the one that talks about ****,
she shouldn’t have to share these secrets with me secretly,
because these things shouldn’t happen in the first place,

but this is not a world of should’ves’ & could’ves’,
this is a world of exacts,
this is a world of loud brags & silent abuses,
& I’m sick of this sickness what’s wrong with us?...

excerpt from poem #32 of THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide 9/9/19 here:

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Bhill Aug 2019
**** it they said, without bowing their head, and forgot to mention they knew.
The story was told, of a trail of gold, that seemed too good to be true.

That trail it seems, was really a dream of the man that guarded the book.
The book was so old that the pages we're told, were faint, and gobbledygook.

What would you do if your trail's taboo, would you continue and go on your way?
Or change up your course, find a new source, and see how it plays out today?

Brian Hill - 2019 -
What would YOU do?
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
It’s been a week since the crash, first there were many of us, then there were few, then there were two, and now there is one; I am the one who survived on the others.
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