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Aaron LaLux Sep 16 strong she was,
for being so delicate,
I asked her how her molestations had happened,
so she could express herself & maybe make some sense of it,

she said she didn’t exactly know,
I asked her if she’d ever gone to the police,
she said definitely no, I asked her why not,
& what she said next seriously surprised me,
she said she never wanted to get the men in trouble,
because she felt sorry for the guys,
as much as they’d abused her,
she had pity for them & always tried to empathize,

this hit me like the heaviest of epiphanies, tears hit my eyes,

she said she’d talked to each one,
after they’d done what they’d done,
she talked to her father,
& also to her grandfather,
she told them she understood it wasn’t their fault,
they had a perverse disease that became a problem,
or more specifically a distorted sickness,
& that this cycle had to stop no there was no other option.


I shouldn’t have to be the voice for these girls,
& be the one that talks about ****,
she shouldn’t have to share these secrets with me secretly,
because these things shouldn’t happen in the first place,

but this is not a world of should’ves’ & could’ves’,
this is a world of exacts,
this is a world of loud brags & silent abuses,
& I’m sick of this sickness what’s wrong with us?...

excerpt from poem #32 of THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide 9/9/19 here:

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Bhill Aug 27
**** it they said, without bowing their head, and forgot to mention they knew.
The story was told, of a trail of gold, that seemed too good to be true.

That trail it seems, was really a dream of the man that guarded the book.
The book was so old that the pages we're told, were faint, and gobbledygook.

What would you do if your trail's taboo, would you continue and go on your way?
Or change up your course, find a new source, and see how it plays out today?

Brian Hill - 2019 -
What would YOU do?
It’s been a week since the crash, first there were many of us, then there were few, then there were two, and now there is one; I am the one who survived on the others.
Celina Apr 14
i am watching you play the piano from across the room
your eyes are shut, your lips mouth silent words
i see the melodies flowing through your body
your heads nods to the beat of the song
i hoped you wouldn’t notice
fiery brown meets icy blue
you smile kindly, i don’t
you are a taboo
you belong to someone else,
she is nice and kind like you are,
maybe she will be the love of your life,
i on the other side will be a silent admirer
you will never read this, i will never tell you
i am the quiet writer, you are the loud musician
i am thinking about you while you are thinking about her
a poem about love that wont be returned
clever Apr 4
it's better when you whisper it
even though we shouldn't
be talking about it at all
Lori Mar 6
I cried myself to sleep as the thoughts of my fingertips on your skin lingered in my mind and how every time I'd think of our love I'd think of a taboo
You were always on my **** mind
Maria Etre Mar 4
What's wrong with loving everyone
is that not all know how to
love back.
Van Byrde Oct 2018
her heart beats a tattoo
against my belly
her head rests
against my chest

giving love to a monster is taboo
and when she does it,
she thrills me
again and again and again
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Rule was there
Crossing the border
Beyond the wall
Is the illness

All stayed normal
That curious one

Who turned out to be
A gladiator
Genre: Observational
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