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Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Don the mask and join the parade.
Twirl twisted to the tune and turn and wrench some more
To the bang of the drum, bangs three twelve eighteen
Flail hysterically to the hand jive, 30 50 90 .
The dance abruptly ceases..
Encore! Yell the crowd.
Jasmine dryer Sep 2019
Sit on the ground
watch the parade march around
go through the whole town
no one notices
that jugglers are choking
and the little kids are smoking
the balloons are deflating
everything escalating
and its so frustrating
but the pills are sedating
Bhill Jun 2019
Who led the parade
76 trombones did
Along with cornets...

Brian Hill - 2019#137
That song in your head helps with word creation....
Star BG Mar 2019
A place where dark becomes the light
and inner candle burns so bright.
Where dreams center to grow and sprout
and feel great peace so one can shout.

A place where love drifts in the clouds
and sounds of birds play nice and loud.
Where you and me can feel as one
inside the night and setting sun.

A Wonderlands not far at all
It is the place where we stand tall.
To face great change for fear to fade  
replaced by love do join parade.
Inspired by Nikole L Thanks
Patrick longed
for Deo
and shared
a wafer
and where
we'd detail
a hamlet
to spite
a hornet's
nest with
a sparrow
on the
hedgy ledge
on the
south shore
and trump
New Yorker
a day in new york
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