Waves are no match for a brick wall
They try to grow and stand tall but that wall makes those waves seem so small

The waves are attracted to the wall's hard exterior
Or maybe they are just used to feeling inferior
Maybe they want more

Spinning and spinning it all keeps going
The waves keep flowing
All they want is to keep growing

But they are stifled by that lock
By the brick who calls all the shots
By the wall that holds the waves in their spot

So what now?
What comes next?

The wall keeps standing
The waves keep churning
They keep yearning
Mindlessly flowing
All the while knowing
That the wall will keep them from growing

Maybe they both want to be free
To flow, to be alone, to grow, to be stone
Maybe it's freedom they both will never know

Because the wall stops it all

Arjun Raj May 11

Some walls are built to remain
While some others are built to defeat
While some, are just built to reminisce or reflect.
They either keep you in..
Or keep you out,
But you are only confined by the ones you make for yourself,
Because boundaries are not made,
It’s created
So, think beyond those walls
And make the world truly yours.

Vexren4000 May 5

Skin stretches out along,
The roads of veins and muscles,
Covering the fragile,
Structures of function,
As some bulwark,
Against the elements,
And reality,
Skin only goes so far,
To protect,
The cowards of muscles and bone it covers.
Hidden behind a layer,
Of thin cells.

Jay Apr 7

Struggling with this mind block.
Wasting my time staring at the clock..
Waiting for you to destroy that block.
That wall that's in front of the both of us, blocks the beautiful view, and yes I mean you.
With that wall in front of the both of us,
I see nothing but a dark view.

Am I in a dark room?
Or is it just my life without you?

I've been afraid of the dark since the day I've been out.
That's why I paint to make my world full of colorful lights.
But how can I paint when I got no paint?

Since the day you built that wall.. All I see is dark holes.
Just like my soul.
So paint will you come back, and hold me to stop the pain?
I'm just here trying my best to climb that tall wall, waiting for your call before I fall..
I don't even know anymore who's stronger anymore.. Me the lion or that dark shark that's standing still..
Hard to climb..
Hard to leave behind.
I'll stop with the knocking and just sit there on that bench waiting for you to climb up and help me get through.

Hard to breathe cause you already took my lungs..
And it's hard to keep punching when you already feel the weakness in your knuckles from the first punch..

Praline Poet Mar 31

She is all I need
And she comes home
Looking around with eyes like hooks
Chronically, desperately searching
for something to talk about
something to do
something to say
What are you running from?
She is all I need
And I tell her
about the snake road, winding in my brain
And  she doesn't get it
Like when you turn a corner
Hit a wall
She can't help
She's a mirror
reflecting what I say
I know what I said, mama
I know what I said
I'm a tomb
And I need to be excavated
Dig deeper
But I'm left digging into her

Zan Balmore Mar 30

You've expressed you feel a sexual disconnect.
Feel yourself some kind of alien pilot.
What's love in this, this human shell?
What's self-respect, esteem as well?
You're fucking weird and that's okay with me.
You told me for the first time, I'm queer.
That's cool. If I'm your nympho, you're my ace pilot.
You're ace as fuck default, I'm gray ace at best.
Why do we sit this dusty rock ridge between worlds?
If you're one, I've seen this alien's appeal.
The most delicious sight of your skin shown will have to go on ignored. And that's fine. That's fine.
I'm your little nympho.
You're my ace pilot.
And that's fine.

Love all over again.
Luna Marie Mar 26

You always ask me why,
it's so hard for me to get close.
But when I actually try,
I lose my fingers and my toes.

I hate giving my all
and getting nothing in return.
And that's why I build my wall,
before I crash and burn.

Can you please stop playing with my heart? It's physically hurting me...
Jennifer Ale Mar 21

The wall is a place where dreams can happen
Look to the left. Why?
Screams emptiness at you
To make you regurgitate your thoughts
Into a blank place.

Give me your mind
The wall screams silently
One colour one tone one grey
Wall, another grey wall
Making up my grey home

I am in the corners of your mind
Says the wall
The wall laughs at me for it can be as still
As I ever could be
I long for quiet- I long for space
I long for emptiness no emotion no pace
Forever still like the wall

I envy its maker. Man.
Man made wall.

Zoe M Cripe Mar 21

I built a thousand foot high wall,
Had it protected 24/7,
Yet you still sneaked past my wards.
Or maybe I even let you in,
Maybe I thought you’d find the broken pieces and make me right again.
Do you like jigsaw puzzles?
Because we can make this a game.
As long as you don't leave me,
Wounded and unfinished and a figment of your imagination.
I'd change the past so we can have a future.
I held your lips under the moonlight and forgot you were a rose.
How careless was I,
To think you'd clip your thorns for me,
Let me in,
Let me see your beauty.
How stupid,
How injustice,
How humane.
I built a wall to keep people like you out,
And then I made a doormat that said,

The Trumpoet Mar 19

Donald Trump's unleashed a budget
with fanfare great and loud;
And if you helped elect him
you are, no doubt, standing proud.

Such joy and happiness you'll feel
and oh such special thrills,
to find yourself in bankruptcy
from rising healthcare bills.

With public education trashed,
most kids will come out fools,
but so glad for those richer kids
in better, private schools.

No more funding for the arts,
oh what a lovely treat,
to walk past starving artists out
panhandling on your street.

When you drink water from your tap
and start to gag and choke,
be grateful that the E.P.A.
has gone right up in smoke.

If you're old and your Medicaid
won't cover that prescription,
will "Proud to die before my time"
be on your grave's inscription?

So where will all the savings go
from all this cost reduction?
Be thrilled to know it will buy more
weapons of mass destruction;

and it will build a monument
to Trump, so we will see
a massive wall, so broad and tall,
as useless as is he.

Though into pain and suffering
your country will be slidin',
your vote for Trump has given you
a budget you'll take pride in.

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at: www.trumpoet.com
Link to video of this poem: https://youtu.be/MezXd9qR8QA
Written: March 19, 2017
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