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Narendra 17h
A man sits at the edge and stares at the wall
A door closed here, a doorman too tall.
You can’t pass, No reason to be told
But do stay here, the door may open before you grow old.

Restless is this man,
Let me cross this wall, I may already be late
The water is flowing on other side while deserts lay here
Shade of Green trees on other side, the sun burning men here
Storms stay silent here while the breeze sings on other side
Oh. Please let me pass.

Frustrated with silence, Man decides to force his way through
Probably the hammer will break this wall, maybe the keys will open this door
Maybe the tunnels will find their way and the ropes their hold
May the lies convince the doorman, May the ladders make me rise.

He brings his powerful hammer, all his keys and his ropes
Prepares his ladders and tunnels, with lies full of hopes.

The doorman laughs at the man, what makes you so hopeful
You know nothing of other side.
The water flows on other side but maybe drinks are not for you
The trees are indeed green but perhaps shades are not for you
Breeze does sing there but the songs are not for you

Oh mighty doorman, but my heart is set
How can I go back now, the lies have been told
May be there is no hope and no more truths to unfold
May be this wall is the end and its grandness my fold
But I still open my cards, for this beauty mesmerizing my mind
Waiting for me, singing in the trees, drinking my wine….
mrc Feb 5
you can't shake hands and greet people with a smile through a wall.
Wall, Wall, Walls, I love Walls
Let's build some more walls
Here wall, there wall
Everywhere wall wall

Existing walls are not enough
More walls are a necessity
Fools, I am not talking about walls of room
I Know, they are enough for you and me

Even if they are not, I don't care
House and homes are your private affairs
I do give regards to your freedom
I don't interfere with walls of your room

I am not going to shell out a penny
For your homes and rooms, honey
I have much more to think and do
I have to make much more walls

Walls on the open lands, walls on borders
It will save us from our enemies
It will save us from terrorist and drugs
Human traffickers too, only fear the walls

You morons, why don't you understand
It will save us from illegal immigrants
I mean the animals and birds of foreign lands
Entering in our country without proper visa

If you still feel, the walls are enough
Be assured, I will demolish them all
Then rebuild new magnificent walls
All walls will become a masterpiece.

We can opt for walls of iron and concrete
Even we can go for walls, made of pure steel
A new history of walls need to be written
Walls, walls everywhere, here wall, there wall

I will even try to build the wall between peoples
Wall between open hearts, Open minds
Wall between open thoughts and thinking
I vow to work for the walls, I love Walls
Lets Support Walls. Celebrate Walls.
molly Jan 25
this country would be so different
if we built a mirror rather than a wall
we could see that our reflections
aren’t so different after all
Omar Jan 23
I write to you

pages of my lost years


between the absent present

and the distant past

I write to you

my thoughts burn out

in my mind

and the smoke comes out

from my ears and mouth

the cloud weeps over my head

and the flower blooms inside my heart

I write to you

my words turn into chaos

into fictional stories

turns into a trifling joke

without meaning

without taste

I write to you

like an adult

would do

but your love taught me

not to grow up

to remain a child

and just let it go

I write your name

this time on the wall

with a yellow chalk

and sit there

watching the drops of rain

dissolving your four letters name.
Eric Jan 15
Is it right to have suicidal thoughts?
And having feelings of being lost.
Stuck in my head reading the same passage.
From a note I wrote in the past .
When things were hazy, but still the love last.
Now beaten and torn . I feel like giving up.
I feel like going to that place ,
Where everyone says my past can be erased.
Sadly even when I do , it won't be like that.
I've done wrong in my time .I deserve some torture.
But it's all the same here Apon this Earth . It's all torture . Live everyday with stress and anguish. I'll die without receiving my first wish. Is it right to have suicidal thoughts like this?
Justyn Huang Jan 11
I was not born into a world of Hate
I was born into a world,
that has taught me such-so.
For the world is naturally cruel
In a way
But on its own - teaches us things
Immeasurably profound that kindness alone
Is unable or unwilling to say.

But neither was I born into a world of Love
but rather the choice of it or lack thereof
for the world could be fought, lost or won
On a page, with a pen;
With our arms or our walls, closed or open:
IncholPoem Jan 11
Really  a  wall  
is  needed  for   migrants !

Is  the  great  wall  of
China  will  come

to  be placed  on

U.S.,  Mexico  border  area.

Is  the  German  wall
would  be  replaced  in
U.S.  and  Mexico's  border
to  be   a  killer  wall.

  Really  wall  is

                     very  well  for
migrants  to  show    rights
and their  livelihood    rights
Mrs Robota Jan 10
I am a grey wall
stained and full of cracks
but you've hung a frame
with a memory of us
over each *****
and you've spilled words of love
over each stain
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