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Jay May 27
Summon the great wall,
The one made of flesh.

Don't worry if you don't understand:
I'll be your guide.
behind the curtain
is uncertain
flowers and claps
a window perhaps
or just a glass
for a glance
into the past
after all
it is behind
it’s this wall
that makes me small
it’s this mind
that makes me fall
may 2021
Mel May 13
History likes to repeat itself
But sometimes it likes to change
The curve in the river
Will start going straight
And the walls on the castle
Are now crumbling down

But then a new river is formed
And a new wall is built
And history starts all over again

Maybe it does repeat itself
05 - 13 - 2021
I'm trying to get into the habit of writing more and writing more on themes but I've been stuck between work and school :-(
Carmen Jane Apr 16
We both built brick walls in front of us
From time to time we push one brick out
To see the other, but we always miss
We never look in the right place...
kevin wright Mar 8
A vertical canvas for artists and disguise
Graffiti scrawled by revolutionaries
Banksy and friends mollified
Peed on by the territorial scenters

They divide us all
Suppress or embolden
Keep others out and us in
A place to hang our trophies

I feel it's angular form
I cannot see through its opaque intensity
The smell of fear is held within
A ritualistic cacophony rings out

This lifeless structure
Sees no boundaries
Bonded by graft
Politics rules its being

Designed to control
Boxed in our own padded cell
We bury our remorse or pains in the wall
Ready to tear down that sponge and start again

Two stones in a line-up
Three interwoven
Four in a tower
One to knock it all down

Two walls guide today’s journey
Three a perpetuating maze
The fourth outside of this dimension
The last is for us to climb

We travel with an invisible wall
It protects our flanks
I scatter saffron when I take the air
The walls outline enlightened

I look forward to the day when I need no walls
Fabric heavenly constructs
Transparent and naked
I can run with this wall
Designed to defend us but eventually they destroy our free will.
Alice Jan 25
you told me I don't have to be okay all the time
you told me you still loved me no matter what

its hard because I want to believe you
god, I want to trust it so badly

but every time I've put the walls down
lay down my defense

the only thing i've been left with is
ash in the wake
Where every touch carries love
Every hand carries help
And a tiny crumb satisfy all
That is home

Where every tear is shared
Every hug carries a warmth
And every word carries laughter
That is home

Where I find strength to fight my wars
And courage to face my fears
Not because I am strong
But because I have helping hands
That is home

Where despite my faults
I still find comfort
And the cold hands of failure
Does not win it all
That is home

Where hands are joined together
To help each other get the victory
And they never stop trying
Until everyone is smiling
That is home

Where you run to
When all the world reject you
Like ***** rags with no more use
And you find a hug, a warmth and a word
That is home

My home
A place I always want to be
My home
There is none other like you
When every wall carries freedom
That is home

Every step away from you carries fear
Everyday away from you seems so lost
I miss all the love all the warmth
The smiles and the laughter in my home
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
I helped build high walls
Set up defenses as well
Blocking out the pain
It worked for a bit
William Marr Dec 2020
One answer
to each call

Happy and content
though the faint voice I hear
is from my worldly self

not from God
AnxiousOcean Dec 2020
I have been writing poems
As if I am forging my own armor
Yet it seems that what I have made
Is more than just a hefty covering
But layers of sky-piercing barriers
And armies of unfamiliar soldiers
With their faces reflected in mine

Yet with all these defenses
It still won't be enough

For the words I bleed fail to nourish
The wise owl I aspire to become
And the weakest of the weak
Isn't invisible behind thick walls
Nor will he ever be invulnerable
To the crippling echoes from outside
And to the storms he sewed himself

But as I am doomed to break
I will always be bound to fall as well
Down the rabbit hole of poetry
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