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The screams
As I head south
I hear them
Echoing my name
As if
I am leaving
A whole world
For a dystopia
Of love
This poem is generally me struggling with the way my life is turning out right now. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right door to open? Was I meant for this life?
night will hide my children
from the ****, screaming light
here among stars and shadows
no **** can *******
the peace within this night
echoes from their sighs
fall silent with their tears
songs they sing to stay awake
no mortal soul may hear
mother comes to kiss their eyes
they hide, but she can smell them still
night will keep my children safe
from the light that comes to ****
Thunder echos in my voice
lighting in mind's eye
not a rolling type of noise
it doesn't have to play, or try

Down from the mountain tops
like a song from long ago
it never pauses and/or stops
but in rhythm, beat, it grows

Swelling through the fields of green
with a melody not denied
simple washed and clean
angels, demons, unified

Thunder screams and beats
behind the backwash of all pain
heaven and **** can finally meet
like no throttle on a train

Racing too the final end
a sound no way I can refute
bouncing round and round again
spirit dead and destitute

Heed the call and live the tune
just another song from birds
beneath the sun beneath the moon
not sure exactly what
you heard
Ever sing a song over and over?
So much that it is committed to memory?
Yet, every time, the hair on your neck stands up, your heart "feels" and your spirit soars?
Past the pain and past the joy, past open and closed
To the whispers in the wind
The answer you seek
Is buried deep

don't try to hide
light is shown
and shadows faded behind
There's a sharp frosty switchback that never sees the sun in winter
  skies of blue. The frost heave cut-bank rocks tumble down to the
side of the road,  in the ice shard mottled ditch lay frozen stiff

Tall Sitka spruce marbled gray shadows mat the sparsely traveled
  corridor, paved with potholes, where the roads have no names
Sometimes listening quietly to the bare stillness, there are
  rhetorical questions heard in the silent reverie's say:

                        "Have you ever been afraid?"

The tree-line gaps above the jagged gray stone ravine, disappearing
  down the rugged mountain shade, falling into the pillow-top fog bank blanketing the canyon's murmurs below — headed towards the ocean

Crystalline spring waters gurgle up roadside — out of nowhere,
  where tired boots stand in reverent contemplation as it all sings out  harmoniously to the trees in the key of silence;   it was there
  in a gust of restless forbearance heard the frozen peacefulness  say:

                         "Have you ever felt alone?"

Gathering a deep breath of marbled gray shadows, silence bears
  a loud holler's scorn — echoing back and forth down canyon walls,
with the spirit of a voice a multitude strong,  evanescent
                             as winter's outgoing tide.

                      January 2019 — Jesse Stillwater
winter thoughts mused by an understanding poet friend's words
Lucy Dec 2018
Dare I
the Chasm’s part
that mirrors,
in the dark?

It takes
the words
I know so well
and binds them,
flips them,
in its spell.

No more
know I
what they should mean,
my words
in Chasms
are unseen.

And when
my words
I cannot find,
the Chasm
takes my mind.
I wrote this after I got into a fight with my friend.
I’ve been hearing echoes in my head,
I walked and followed the trace,
Listening to them, the whispers said,
“I need you here... right now.”
They led me to a door, it opened.
I went in and there I sat.
They told me stories that were familiar.
Suddenly, the more I hear, the more I feel.
An emotion I can never conceal,
I finally remembered and shed a tear.
They waited me to say a word until I asked,
“Is he still there... still caring?”
Speaking like I had someone beside,
I woke up in my day dream.
I asked the girls,
“Oh, the voices, voices, and whispers
Did you hear them anywhere?”
They shook their heads in a silent no.
Confusion was what their faces show.
I finally recognized,
They’re the voices living in my mind.
At last I realized,
It was merely me.
K Wolff Oct 2018
I took a walk down memory lane
Through moments of  happiness, fear and pain -
To look back and see how i've arrived -
Spurs me on with a stronger stride.
I feel that I've owned every mistake -
And healed moments where my heart would ache,
To view life through the objective lens -
Pulls me through days where it feels like the end
Echoes of the past follow me through life
To remind me of much kinder times.
Sometimes i feel really sad about the crazy decisions i've made.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
You are the only
Privilaged Anonymous
Travelling through the soul
With a free pass

Carrying a robust hope
Stirring all senses
Untangling memory
Intoxicating thoughts

All in honesty
Holy heartbeat
In a familiar rhyme
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Sync vibes
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