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Love is a warm breeze.
Ah, adventure!
Mainlands die!
The captain sails like a small sailor.
Waves rise like a stormy wind.
Why does the ship fall?
Dying swiftly like a sunny moon.
Love, faith, endurance.
Where is the warm breeze?
All breezes fight rough, cold winds.
Never desire a sunny moon.
Simon Dec 8
The wind's pulling us apart
My words seem to let you down
I don't pretend to replace your art
But your voice's dragging me around
It would be so cool if you showed sometime
That you care and don't want me to drown
Are we stronger than this?
despite my flaws and the vices i'm into
you find the way to love me too
Still, my hearth aches when you push me back
But I get it, "take it slow"
I beg you darling, lets be clear with our thoughts
I can only act upon myself, you know?
So i'll give things time and hope it shows
We're stronger than this, let's take it slow.
Suzy Young Nov 28
We all have times
that shape us
change our views of the world
we feel conflicted
our days characterized
by wrinkled brows and
downcast glances
what will bring relief
the support of those around you
our words may reflect
our struggles
no matter how hard
we try to hide behind a smile
let people save you
allow yourself to love
and be loved
live another day
love another sunrise
love another sunset
love another song
Missing Aug 25
I love you more than I could ever tell
The way you support us endlessly
And bring light as if from ****?
As long as you exist I cease to be free
As it pains me that you are so near
Yet so far. And with it comes fear.
Life is short, and my time with you shorter
Every day passed is a failed attempt
For finally confessing but no, not here.
I love you, I love you, I love you
There’s not a day I don’t think of you
And smile
Even though soon enough you’ll be gone
It’s always worth my while
To tell? Or not to tell? It does not matter
What matters is that you
Are happier even if I have to take the latter
It’s cruel, what you do, you red devil.
It’s not true, it’s not your fault
For you, are simply at a much higher level.
I love you, I love you, I love you
Why must it be so difficult to love?!
You are so high above
Me it’s seemingly impossible to have you
It’s not fair.  You are fair and true,
But what am I, compared to you?
A piece of grass perhaps,
Struggling to survive under your step
Gasping and fighting to make you see
I love you, why can’t you love me?
Jamie Lee Nov 26
I can't seem to comprehend,
this test I'm facing.
I seem to be missing,
the lesson intended.

Am I not supposed to,
be so generous?
Am I supposed to learn,
gratitude in struggles?

Am I even being tested?
Am I searching for something,
that doesn't exist?
A reason for this feeling?

Am I meant to find,
my inner strength?
What is the purpose?
Because I want to break.

How do I face this?
How do I overcome it?
I feel like I'm drowing;
I want to dive deep.
hart Nov 13
sorrow found me when i was young it stood over me in my crib, as the fire burned , as dad shouted and dean carried me out of that house, as i cried for dean when dad left us alone, as i begged dean for lucky charms instead of beans

sorrow waited for me as i grew up he watched over me like a guardian angel little did i know that the shred of doubt i had in my mind was only going to grow as he watched me carve me name with dean in the impala, as i watched dean die over and over, through every demon i killed , every monster i slaughtered , every mistake i made and every slip up

then sorrow won he took me at last using Lucifer as a distraction as he wiggled into my brain and feed on all my thoughts until i was nothing no that's not true i was something, i was ruined, i was empty ,i was nothing but sorrow and despair and the worst part of that is i knew it was there all along shadowing me hunting me like i do monsters waiting for me to give up fighting against it

sam winchester
poem i wrote from sams pov
What we have become is
'easier than'

Easier than fighting,
easier than being alone,
easier than starting fresh with someone new.

What if the only reason we're seeing this through
is some twisted form of convenience?
Some roundabout portrayal of what's easier than
staying home alone in our rooms.
Months and Years of preparation, dashed in an instant
through a letter, one Form or another.

We keep trying to pick up the pieces
because it's easier than looking into each others' eyes
and admitting we just don't work anymore,
if we ever worked in the first place.
The longer I stay in this dark place
the less likely the latter seems, if I'm honest.
I want this to happen.
It'd be easier than being without you.
Would it?
Would it really?
Or would it just be easier than starting over?
Jing Xi Lau Nov 8
The world claims that it has too many writers,
But not enough scientists.
Everyone can be a writer,
But not everyone a scientist.
So cynical.

Now everyone is a scientist,
No one writes anymore,
No one cares to,
No one but I.
You’d think the world needs more writers,
Now more than ever.
So naïve.

The truth is,
The world only has room for science and progress,
Machine guns and machine men,
With machine hearts.
There is no space,
For poetry and love.
This is no place,
For us.
Jing Xi Lau Nov 8
At dusk,
All our labors are ground to dust,
All in vain.
But by dawn,
We shall pick ourselves up,
And try again.
Saint Audrey Nov 7
Conflicting me
How you can't sleep
Despite the way
I hold the shape of you

In restless dreams
Should we be
Together now
Or is it overdue?

It's hopeless, true
Somehow we find
Despite our luck
The tables refuse to move

To sever us
From the past mistakes
We might've made

But time is falling again
And we're falling along side
The sun is burning again
For the first time, in a long time

We're better off
Can't you see
Our lights are dead and gone

Without the light of the world
We can take to the sea

And without a trace, we'll disappear
Beyond the tallest waves
That separate
And in the night

Maybe you'll be complete
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