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It's scary how you can be so madly in love and lose every feeling in a split second
Reuben F Apr 6
Won't the doorman
Cease to see?
- The one is busy, counts to call!
Won't the dormant
Cease to be?
- The sun is dizzy, wants to fall!
Won't adornments
Cede to me?
- The pun is easy, mounts to bawl!
- Wont the poor men...
Need do we?
The fun is fizzy, Hunts too small!
George Krokos Mar 19
What of life now ill days have come
and fate reveals its time for some;
our lives to date we could endure
but now it seems we're less secure.

The days ahead are fraught with fear
if there's no hope, there is no cheer;
although we ride our current state
that does not mean it will abate.

A way forward we have been told
is to accept the common fold;
get the jab then we'll all be sweet
and each other safer to greet.

For things are getting harder still
as this virus they can't yet ****;
it seems we'll have to live with it
making the most of each minute.

The delta* variant somehow
is the one that's so rampant now;
being more transmissible and
getting a little out of hand.

It's such a pity for the race
now this dilemma has to face;
a slow decline of values past
as the future is shadow cast.

Yet life goes on we see around
people are building above ground;
they're making the most of the rate
banks are lending with in this state.

Who knows how long it will go on
this crisis that seems like a con;
they haven't done enough to stop
the virus spreading as we shop.

Stricter measures could be imposed
but that might mean more to be closed;
life as known may come to a halt
and our lives get a backward jolt.

The vaccines developed to date
are only as good as a mate;
they can't stop or **** the virus
but lessen its impact in us.

O woe be told! what can one do
when all of life depends on you;
man's guilt 'n shame have led to this
because of things hard to dismiss.

In times past the same has happened
and life then was also flattened;
it seems that man hasn't yet learnt
to live life without getting burnt.
Written in early September 2021. *Now it's the Omicron variant.
Ali Harati Mar 5
The ride of the seas
in the mouth of the beast,
The joy and release
of beginnings with ease.

You set off on a path,
with the light in your eye,
But when it’s setting in
you’re attacked by a mist.

You keep sailing away,
with your hopes and your dreams,
But the mist gets thicker
and resolve suffers with.

You question your depth,
and the things you can reach,
The path that you chose
and the means that you bring.

If you can persevere
isolated in the mist,
You’re reborn once again
and the light is released.

Now you set sail again
with new ways and means,
On the way to the way
to the life, you have dreamed.

But beware of the mist
cause it’s lurking ahead,
Once again, you’ll be gripped
Once again, you’ll be ripped.

It’s the cycle for who
enjoy experience,
But when doubt leers in,
you’ll be missed
in the mist.
This poem signifies the never-ending battle between our need to rest and our drive to better ourselves.
German Rodriguez Dec 2021
The air seems to have thickened
Since the casting of Autumn's last curse.
Much thicker this year than any before
It'll be seasons before its safe to breathe again..

In adolescence is where you can find the seed
Germinating the withering Tree of Life within.
Autumn's curse changed these leaves
As the last leaf falls, it will be forgotten.

Shedding that final leaf tends to be the most painful.

She whispered softly to me one night:
"Life through Death is the only way to grow."
Seasons change everything.
Every September has had some type of life changing event for me, good or bad.
2021 has been 2nd hardest behind 1999 when I lost my father.
My Dear Poet Oct 2021
Everything is hard work
except these tears
Allesha Eman Oct 2021
With the sun invested in your patience,
You get so cold when you are breaking
So silence and I exchange nonsensical chats
as silence waits to draw the curtains
and I wait for you to handover your ache
to my extended hand
andTilly Sep 2021
My ship has sailed, but has it really?
There’s too much, too many of uncertain feelings
And the storm in the robes of a lamb

What is missed, does wet mean pleased?
Four-leaved clover, it’s over

My ship has sailed, I’m lost at sea
Or am I the sea, too large to see me..?

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The protector of the commotion
Humor me, human slow as the wide oceans
Blue in the face that never gets too green
Inhuman remains hidden behind screens

Protective smoke and the mirrors
Mirrored to never get clearer

I wanted to be there, I was way too much
Getting there, got nowhere, the whole world to watch
The bright star to follow to forget starts

But bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The ship, the waves, the golden shore views
The ship, the waves, the forever cruise

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

Until you’ll be the ship
Until I’ll be the waves
Carry me always
Lately, most of my poems turn to songs, songs to pictures, and pictures to dust :)
Lune Quiller Aug 2021
You sow seeds of your life,

By your own self.

You wish that they survive,

Without others' help.

You put some water of affection,

And desire for a vibrant leaves collection.

You anticipate it show the true inner reflection.

You wish the plant to grow soon,

It peaks out and sees the brutality.

You take care of it in the blazing afternoon,

So that it doesn't adapts to the causality.

You wish it to grow into a sturdy brawny tree,

Which gives fruits and blooms flowers,

Which can be set free,

And is full of vie and power.

Once it's usual to the surroundings,

People come and go.

And say bad words cursily

The tree- it's morals go low.

The imaginations and expectations

All are failed.

Full of scars and suctions

You now sailed.

Back to - from where you came.

No guilt, no regret, no shame.

You think to earn more fame,

Making your life truly lame.

The tree without you died,

Because it had no hope.

Are you still capable to say "it's mine"

It is long gone.
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