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Afreen Apr 18
As I tread through the
murky waters,
The apparition whispered
the joy of pain as
we treaded further,
into the tunnel.

With just a quarter left,
to the end,
the apparition left me,
all alone and murky,
constricted in my own mind.

The tunnel, with time,
taught me the joy,
within me, hidden
as I whisked to the end.
To be soaked in the Love,
in the Universe.
Ken Pepiton Feb 28
Buckthorn, as a med we ate
to ease a belly ache,
cascara sacrada, relaxative
pro-vocatuer, speaker to the gut beyond
first taste, you
buckthorn berry purge, my gut

for goodnessake

swallow whole, don't ever
ruminate and appear
not to know
cow stupid-blissity, duhll, un
to an honest cutting edge, behind
a persistent point
insisting on forming, con forming me,
the ego in main-mode, re

maining reasonable in face of facts,
liars prosper.

Good enough. Now, betting begins.

Will, mine or thine, one is free, the
other is me, a mind in a word world with

vectoring paths into any ever we image,
conversation, forms of words
filled with saliency,
line after line,
salutory aspirations to rise above the fray,
to see,

-- the lie exposed is the truth.
So simple a five year old knows when she's caught.
Willow bark tea and chamomile make me smile at what my grandaughter imagines knowing after a walk with me, in my dottage, in the purple phase of spring.
Big Virge Feb 23
Ya Know... Big Virge Words...
Are Built To Merge With... " The Purge "...

As In ... " The Flick "...
That TRULY IS ... SICK... !!!

But Here's The Trick...
This Flick Has Some TWISTS That May Well PREDICT....

A Future Where SIN Is A... " Once A Year Thing "... !?!

That's Where It BEGINS ...
As Do These Words I've Put Into Verse ...

I YES ...
PURGE The Urge To DENY What Hurts...

So That I Stay Calmer ...
Rather Than Bring The DRAMA ...
Like These ... " Wannabee' Osamas' "... !!!!!

Trying To Play That They HARDER ...
Than A Man Whose Words DISTURBS Their Nerves... !!!!!!

Because My Words ... BURN... !!!
When They INSERT What I OBSERVE About Their World...

Where It's CLEAR That They ... " Think "...
They ARE ... " BIG SLICK "... !!!

When The TRUTH is THIS ...
They're ... FULL OF IT ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Is Why I DECLINE To JOIN ... " Their Kind "...
And Have To PURGE ...
MY Wish To Employ That Which DESTROYS ...
The INFANTILE Noise Coming From These BOYS ... !!!!!

PLAYING That They MEN ...
Til' They Have To DEFEND Their Brand of NONSENSE ... ?!?

Against Words I Express ...
That Lyrically SPLURGE My Wish To ... " PURGE "...
That Bore Like ****** With... SWEATY Pores... !!!!!!

This Flick Fa' SURE Has STIRRED In Me ...
What It Is I FEEL ... Humanity NEEDS ...

BEFORE People ... " En Masse "...
Get LOOSE And Start Acting UNCOUTH...
Through EVIL Moves Like BURNING Roofs ... !!!!!

Because of What HURTS ... " INSIDE Their Worlds "...

A NEED For LOVE And WARMER Stuff ...
Than Acting TOUGH And *** That's ROUGH ... !!!

Maybe That's What WORKS For Girls To PURGE ...
Their NEED To FEEL Something That's REAL ... !?!

But Is THAT ... " The REAL "... ???
That They're TRYING To FEEL ... !?!

Or Just ... "A Deal "...
That Has NO MEAL On Which To GROW ... !!!
Because It Feels Like Their ... ONLY HOPE ... !!!

Any OB1's ........ ?

... NOPE ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Moves Below That Are NO JOKE ... !!!!

Cos' They PROVE What BURNS May Well Just Lurk ...

.... " Internal SCARS ".... !!!!!

Because It's THE HARD That's FUELLING Their Hearts...
of Those Who THINK They're SMART Like ... TONY STARK ... !!!

So Back To The Flick ...
Cos' I Recognise ... What The Movie Implies...

PROBLEMS On The RISE That Are Now WORLDWIDE ... !!!!!
How ... TOO MANY Lives Have Become Contrived ...

Because of LIES That Reside In The Minds ...
of Those Wanting To FIND Some PEACE FILLED Times ...

Yeah I Think It's Time To BELIEVE The Signs ...
That We NOW Observe ... ALL OVER The World ... !!!

BEFORE This World BURNS Because of Our Words ...
And VIOLENCE That Serves ...
Some ... FRUITLESS Hors D'oeuvres ... !!!

It Seems CLEAR To Me That Humanity NEEDS ...
To STOP VIOLENT Sprees That In The Future ... Could Be ...

.... " Government OVERSEEN "....
For TWELVE HOURS ... " YEARLY "... !!!?!!!

Like ... In The Movie... !!!
NOT ON Big Screens But VIA .... " CCTV ".... ?!!?

It Would Seem We NEED To ... " Work "...
To Learn HOW We Should...

........ " PURGE ".......
I really do believe that humanity could now do with, One BIG PURGE !
Lydeen Oct 2018
A finger in a jar,
Spooning out peanut butter,
In a cold empty house.
A pack of crisps.
A crunchy bar.
A sandwich.
Some fizzy.

Pushing the handle,

I push it all back out.
The Tinkerer Aug 2019
These feelings fall like tidal waves.
They're a beauty, so why do I suffocate?
Overwhelm me, I just can't escape,
It's dark, so here, I send up a flare.

It's hard, to keep my flair.
Buried within the world's glares.

I'm making me work,
A body, no head.
Might I have failed?
To accept I'm way too scared.

Letting my world down, myself.
After all I've done, all I've said.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't sad.
My dreams, I know they aren't dead,
In folds, they hid instead.

Don't know why this mount I can't climb.
God knows, for long I've tried.
Blown my integrity, I have no more pride.
I wish I could take this in my stride.

Down the barrel of this gun, I stare.
Not knowing where from here I fare.
No options, no allies.
I don't want this to be just a souvenir.

I'm tired, I'm drained.
These tidal waves,
Where do you take me?
Brought on through stress and the song Purge by bas.
Good name. After purging this here, my headache's subsided.
I'm able to breathe.
It's all still uncertain, come Monday, where I will be. But I need to see what I can do for all of this.
Just give me the options that may work, please. Show me a way.
I still love what I do, I've managed to just hit a wall I can't get through.
Nicholas Fonte May 2019
No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
Had me a purgatory day,

spewed my guts under the torturers
inquirical miracle twisted
all to hell, seeking truth

that fits the story the fire maker
said I knew.

Had me a purgatory day,
spilled my gut on youtube comments
no mind in a state of right useness

is ever going to believe,
believing being so

these days. Those days

Had me a purgatory day,
A poem about ***** of various sorts.
Scarlett Apr 2019
let me purge
away my sins
gluttony is an
endured stench
if I peel away
this being of mine
would you feel
my heart clench?
to love, a little too much. to fear it all far too often.
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