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No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
Ken Pepiton Apr 16
Had me a purgatory day,

spewed my guts under the torturers
inquirical miracle twisted
all to hell, seeking truth

that fits the story the fire maker
said I knew.

Had me a purgatory day,
spilled my gut on youtube comments
no mind in a state of right useness

is ever going to believe,
believing being so

these days. Those days

Had me a purgatory day,
A poem about ***** of various sorts.
Scarlett Apr 12
let me purge
away my sins
gluttony is an
endured stench
if I peel away
this being of mine
would you feel
my heart clench?
to love, a little too much. to fear it all far too often.
Tony Tweedy Mar 27
If E=MC squared and I am 9 stone why cant I get up in the morning?

If all things are "relative" why haven't I heard from any of you?

If nothing moves faster than light how does that cold drop of water beat me when I go to the bathroom in the mornings?
Yes I know...
Noon Otto Mar 17
You're worthless.
You can't even go a day without eating.
Even when you do you stuff your face just to puke it back up.

Why don't you just end it now?
You're **** and no-one will ever want you.
Much less want to be with you.

You think that we made you tired?
That we are what's making you sad?
No. You did this to yourself, you worthless, **** *******.

Why can't you be strong like the other girls?
Why don't you just quit eating and have discipline like they do?
We know it's because you're scared. You ******* coward.

Even we aren't the worst things that you deal with.
What about your little "habit?"
Be it drugs, self harm, ***, purging, or alcohol. Just take your pick.

You deserve every little thing that's happened to you.
You'll never be enough.
You aren't worth it.

You never were.

Ana & Mia
Oops I'm depressed
Megan H Feb 26
I remember the feeling.
Like I was getting rid
Of every foul thing inside me.
I would feel so-
But at the time
It was better than feeling everything.
And sometimes I would just lay there
And I would cry.
I was so ashamed
Of my bathroom coping mechanisms.
Brush my teeth
So the acid wouldn't make them yellow.
Appearances seemed to be important.
Had to be thin,
Had to be empty.

I didn't realize then
That I was wasting away
That there was another way
To purge my feelings.
But I know now.
I know now.

You saved me.
I have gone 2 years without my eating disorder! I'm a little fluffy now, but I'm proud.
slice into my subconscious
to bleed nonsense
onto the page
for everyone to scoff at
as I doggypaddle the waters
that many have drowned in
I can't swim worth a ****, and these waters are freezing.
But someone once told me that the truth is in there

Eleanor Sinclair Oct 2018
I hope my body forgives me
For what I’ve put it through
I hope one day I see
The truths I heard from you

I promise I will try
Not to starve myself as often
But there will be hiccups and lies
As I chew and chew to soften

The food will make me sick
Though I may not mean physical
But still they call me “thick”
Thin is paradisiacal

I’m sorry some days I can’t keep down my food
Or I can’t even look at the label on that junk
I know it would taste good
But it would just add to me another flabby chunk

The number doesn’t matter
It’s arbitrary really
I’m stuck like the mad hatter
And the mirror floats about freely

Yes I’m scared to death
But the death is so enticing
I push and pull each breath
But the sharp oxygen is slicing

Tired and alone
I wander aimlessly
With no place to call home
I can’t say I do so blamelessly

It’s my fault I’m so messed up
But I want that skin and bones
I rinse my mouth with a cup
After throwing up dark tones

I hope my body forgives me
For hurting it so greatly
It’s not who I want to be
But I’ve gotten much worse lately
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