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Betty Oct 2022
My fern child
a little frond all rolled up tight
forever hiding from the light
why is it you are not like the others
a clever sister and noisy brothers
some of us find we can thrive in shade
I guess that's just the way you were made
Zywa Aug 2022
It does not exist,

real life is an invention --

of the shy people.
"De kennismaking - Faxen aan Ger #1" ("The introduction - Faxing to Ger #1, November 16th, 1994, published 2017, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
Lacey Clark Feb 2019
When I am fond of someone,
I've always hidden.
Locking eyes with someone I'm so curious about
just has this feeling that makes me want to hide.
I've always hidden.
Behind mom's leg,
behind my locker,
in the details of my lunch,
in my comforter,
in my headphones,
in my fantasies.
Sophie Mar 2022
A moment in time and space,
a white scar against a fawn hand
indigo iris inside a colorless eye,
and burning rose into pale cheeks.

This was permanence, before it was
torn apart by its own user,
in anxious desperation for the
imminent future, which promised
absolutely nothing to her.

And they wondered why she couldn’t
get on with the others.
More to be seen and less to be
a quiet life to be lived out,
alone; painlessly.
a girl who cannot fathom the external world in relation to society or other people. she cannot make herself perform for the others, which is all they want her to do. she is promised nothing in return, and should only hope for the best outcome in life, but she does not feel the need to make excessive efforts if the outcome is not fixed, or if she should not get anything she wants. she wants more certainty in her future, she doesn’t like the open-endedness of things. she would prefer to live alone in peace than take big risks without knowing whether or not they will pay off
Don't overthink, don't tense your nerve'...
Not only our tangent is different but I'm also standing alone upon a messed up curve..!
I'm an unsocial guy and it's very well known...
Don't try to find me out, I'm lost in the illusion of my own..!

It's not so easy for me to walk on the given way...
It's not so easy for me to give  instant reply on — what you say..!
It's not so easy for me to follow your set norm'...
Whenever I try to do so... I'm stopped by my inner storm..!

I'm the one who tries to live under the table...
In the company of yours, I find myself uncomfortable..!
I run away, whenever I hear your call...
It's very tough for me to be friend with you all..!

It will take some time for my shyness to end...
It will take me some time to make new friend'..!
So give me my time to stand with you all, on the same line...
Until that moment, let me live in the space and thought of mine..!
Hey everyone,
I hope u all are good. Wasn't active here from past few days coz of the reopening of my university campus but now I'm back. It feels so good and relaxed to be here. As I'm back now, I'll start exploring HP again...

[Ignore it...(just wanted to share somewhere)
Went to my clg last week for the very first time...I'm about to complete my bachelor's till next year but when I entered, I got the feel of a fresher. Everyone appeared as a stranger to me and cuz of my shy nature I didn't get the opportunity to interact with others. Although I don't like to make friends yet I think interaction is important. But I think I'm little different and I need my time to be comfortable even to interact with my classmates (physically).]
Nat Jul 2021
I ask you please to fuse my flesh
Let me be some other thing
Let my voice fade on the wind, I'll
Forget what it means to sing

Structures crack and atoms melt
I beg you to relinquish me
Stress will drag me to the ground
This cruel responsibility

Don't dare to cry, I cannot scream
Please let my words be hollow
I'll lock away my simplest dreams
For fear someone may follow

Burn up all the evidence
Please dissipate now on the breeze
Hide this body out of sight
Sink every thought beneath the seas
Leave nothing but a silent eye
Nat Jun 2021
The antithesis of Icarus
So feared the sun
That they never left the ground

When things are amiss, remember this
The sun can wait
Till you're six feet underground

The shrinking violet's
Purple petals wilt
For fear blooming might offend

The setting sun will
Keep tick-ticking till
We're all helpless in the end
Lacey Clark Jul 2020
do you think
wallpaper wants to talk
to the people in the room?

don't you think there's wisdom
in wallpaper?
how it absorbs the stories and
the spinning revolving door
of people who come and go
Sophie Sharp Jun 2020
Why do I always sit alone?
Why am I afraid?
I just can't ever condone
The stupid things people say.

Is this problem theirs?
Or is it purely mine,
I guess nobody cares,
For me nobody pines.

Why don't I loosen up?
Why don't I just have a drink?
Because my head is way too full,
I can't even hear myself think.

I know I don't need to keep this up,
I could just please the crowd,
But so far I've still got some luck
I don't want to run out.

Some day, someone will get me,
They'll understand my ways,
Then together we can party
For the rest of our perfect days.
MsRobota May 2020
I prefer silence
because I am shy and awkward
but I hope you stay

because I like
the sound of your voice
it's sweet and strong
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