liv 4d
you told me not everyone is mentally ill
and i stopped to think
i couldn't imagine what that feels like
do they wake up smiling
or is it just a facade
can they hold a conversation
without spacing out
do day to day tasks
without getting overwhelmed
it's just really hard to imagine
but then again
i don't even understand
my own mind
everyone i know is mentally ill including myself
invisibly ill
tainted blood,
coursing through my veins
but still,
John D Feb 3
Tick Tock
The clock inside me,
runs me ever so tightly
I hear the wheels in my mind
tossing and turning
I want these empty feelings to stop
but I know fate is inevitable

Tick Tock
The days of my life,
are set in a timer
The living air I breath
are soon to cease
The thoughts I feel
will soon lose meaning
A poem that I’ve written years ago, hopefully it is still well today (:
I had a little headache
Slightly increasen over time
Nothing really
I'm not fine
My throat is harsh
My ears do sing
with a gentle humming pain
Excruciating is my head
Body shivers
in my bed
Tonsillitis has come a calling
Like a torturis leeching stain
Creeping in  
Keeps you unaware
It's so unfair
Then devours you whole
In a torrent of fevers, delirium
right down to your soul
Feel like shit
Thank goodness I'm on respite
Rosey Jan 26
I wanted to ask you a question
But I collapsed when I went to pray
I was wondering why my fingers were so cold
My body shaking, suddenly drowning in the covers
Couldn't stand to sit on my knees
Could barely breathe,
I missed the pillow, hit the headboard instead
Younger me wanted to ask why she was sick so often
Why hospital rooms were so barren and how nurses could avoid falling in love
God, I wanted to ask you a question
But the room was fading away
Full tilt,
I wanted to ask why I couldn't hold my body up to speak to you
Why this white room is so cold
Every once in awhile, my body reminds me that I am still ill, and my mother reminds me that we can go to the hospital if we have to.
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ST Rossa Dec 2017
I suppose that one day
I will be dead and you'll live on;
even when you find out,
you'll probably be feeding your children
with some other man.

But in that moment, all of our nights
will shatter the windows of your house
and maybe just maybe you'll once again
dare to read the poems that
I wrote to you so long ago
when I had not given you up yet.

In another moment
reality will not be fooled,
and then you will know
that nobody felt you like i did
but I'll be dead by then
and in the far of distance
the echo of all the memories
that in the warmth of your arms
I felt eternal.

As if I would never die,
away from you.
Stella Dec 2017
You'd ask me
Hey, how 'bout this evening?
I'd chuckle bitterly
Nah, so very sorry
I'm busy today
There are just too many things

Indeed, It was a simple excuse
Suppose if it fooled me
It would do it for you

In bed, gazing at the chipped lilac
Sheets reflecting one's disposition
Disoriented, down and done
Cough till the cows come home
Stress cheekbones a little
Part the ripped lip
Enjoy nostrils red as his roses
Chloe Dec 2017
I am a monster created by the thoughts in my own head.
I will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world,
Then in the same breath I will make you feel like you are worthless.
I will tell you all of the things that make you beautiful and then point out all of your flaws.
I will take up all of your attention,
and then I will threaten to kill myself if you decide to leave.
I will love and cherish you,
I will hate and despise your existence.
I will do something wrong and pretend I am the victim when you confront me about it.
I will take everything you have,
And I will leave you when your world crumbles.
A poem about the stereotype around people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I just got out of a long term relationship and I have realized that I have shown a lot of abusive characteristics and it saddens me that my partner put up with it for all of these years. I don't want to hurt anyone else.
Jessy Dec 2017
It’s funny
When my stomach hurts
Or I’m throwing up
Or I have a headache
I can stay home
Take the day to relax, get better

But when my brain’s suffocating
When I feel like killing myself
When I cry myself to sleep
When I feel numb to any physical feeling
It’s not a valid reason to stay home
People tell me to get over it

What’s the difference?
Being mentally sick is the same thing as being physically sick,
Maybe even worse

But if you can't see the pain
Then it’s not there, right?
there is nothing profound about my faux-addiction, the prescriptions mean nothing to me-
they don't even get me all that high

they don't taste good and nobody thinks I'm cool

all I'm doing is emulating people that would rather die then take a long hard look in the mirror

but I'm so damn vain,
self pity is not the reason I do this to myself

I just like to self destruct from time to time

the odd attempt on my life or a few bruises here and there

I just love to die

let me be mortal and ethereal at the same time

when I'm on the verge of a mental break because I 'forgot' to take my medication
the feeling is breathless, fucking angelic

it gets me closer to godliness than anything else
"dying is an art like everything else / I do it exceptionally well." - Sylvia Plath.
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