Jack Jenkins Nov 14

a familiar stain on my mind
falling into the cracks i bear
bask in the uncertainty
drink in the doubt slowly
allow the ghosts
of your past to soothe you
learn to let go
& talk to yourself in the
keep losing yourself
just let it go

"Oh there's something in my mind that's killing me; there's something that this life's not giving me..."
Chloe Nov 7

Every day I wake up feeling like a different person.
I have different thoughts.
Different feelings.
Different goals.
Some days I am unsure of who I am.
Some days I feel like I am exactly where I need to be.
Some days my body aches and a simple task like brushing my teeth exhausts me.
Some days I feel like I can do a million things at once and I can't sit still.
My mind is always moving.
I constantly need a change.
Being capable of doing the same thing for a long period of time has never been normal for me.
Always changing.
Always moving.
I've tried so hard to settle down.
To stay in one place.
To be normal.
What is normal, anyway?
Maybe I'm not meant to stay in one place.
Isn't that what life is supposed to be about?
Seeing new things.
Meeting new people.
Making memories.
So maybe I don't always know who I am.
But if I did know, I don't think life would be as fun.

Steve Page Oct 30

Embracing the collective.
Grasping the nettle.

Hugging the toilet.
Regretting the rebel
in me.

Good times in retrospective.
Lure Pot Oct 25

I will break the fear of loss
And I’ll take the full moon
I'll be brave in the voyage
I am a mania young
I'll enjoy everything.

I will know the unknown things
I'll change the world into heaven
I'll turn the darkness into light
I am a mania young
I'll enjoy everything.

I will not ignore my duties
I'll smile in the success
Then happiness will come
I am a mania young
I'll enjoy everything.

When I confused about my dreams
I will never lose my confidence
I don't want dispute with anyone
I am a mania young
I'll enjoy everything.

Shadowhollow Oct 12

My nose an angry red
My eyes cloudy with tears
My throats raw with sobs
My pale skin has become paler
My dark hair , a curtain of protection
perfect symptoms of a cold and a broken heart

I guess a cold is what I get when I live in England , but as for the broken heart? That's there for a different reason .
Silence Oct 7

My depression is like when you get invited to a party, but you don't wanna go but you know you should go
My depression is like when you try to get out of bed, but you just can't
My depression is like that aching pain in your chest when you feel bad for blowing someone off, but you can't help it
My depression is like that distant old friend who showed up to the party without an invite
My depression keeps me from doing the things I love most

this is my first one so if it is not that great, I'll try and get better with feedback helping me grow

Please prayers this evening. .
I  have  the flu in my chest...
Feel so drained breathlessness. ...

Mims Oct 2

So I thought I was depressed again.
Which is like,
Totally confusing because I was depressed last week and I shouldn't be due for another 'episode' for at least three days

Turns out I'm not depressed
Just severely ill
But its funny how I mix up all the symptoms now
Like being tired all the time
Or the headaches
Or the lack of appetite

So this was really confusing to me,
Cause I'm a girl who likes to eat,
When I'm healthy,

And mom kept asking me if I was okay,
Over and over
And I kept saying yes, I'm fine..
Just the usual.
Mom says I'm a little more pale then usual
A little more tired looking
And I say "wow thanks mom, like I totally care about appearances right now" and I laugh

And she doesn't

I only realized I was sick when a doctor told me I was,
Which is completely different from being depressed because the same doctor tried to tell me I wasn't

Sooooo confusing

So I'm actually sick physically for once?
Not just mentally.
Isn't that funny.

Got a nasty cold last week
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