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Can I please just go home?
I don't want to exist anymore.
Just seems horrible.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to exist.
Nothing bad has even happened and I just don't want to ******* be alive.
Johnny walker Aug 30
Sometimes I feel the world has got It In for me or maybe I'm  to blind to
Blinded by grief the loss of my sweetheart so I'm not best happy with this
So If the world has got It In for me makes very little difference  
Nothing much I now want to do without my sweetheart so I quess I'll hang around
try and pass my time left here In this life and wait for the Angels to come
Johnny walker Aug 29
I've lived at times a difficult life never always been easy
being abused as a child didn't give me the best upbringing
never had the love
of a
It angers me greatly when hear of people who commit despicable crimes and the experts say oh they came from a poor background absolute utter
You've been treated badly
the last thing you would want Is subject another to same suffering you had suffered they are evil
people simply
I have a twenty year old son
because of his mother's illness I raised him and he's turned out to be the best son one
ever have so kind and helpful totally free from knowing of my own
In a coloured world
You're black and white
In this sunny life
You're eternal night

In my course palms
You're silk liquid
In this broken home
You can't fix it

But in my eyes
You're a dancer
And in my mind
You're already mine
But I'll write you a love song anyways.
Johnny walker Aug 19
I fear the end of summer the coming of snow and Ice bitter cold of winter again I'll face alone when around lays
But I will still be here with only thoughts of Helen to keep me warm through the coming winter
Far removed from the world outside my door where I will stay until the thaw the melting snow waiting for the
Daffodils and tulip I planted many years ago will come to bloom again In spring to remind of my
I have no thought but for her
and I will be here when all the birds return from their winter break to build their nests to raise their
It's only thoughts my memories of Helen that keep
me through the winter days for I'll still be here when summer returns to warm
my heart
Please write back
I can't save you
Until Wednesday
But please write
I still have dreams
About seeing you
And it breaks me
I saw you last night
At a Panic! concert
You were hurting
Even there
My mind is reaching out
But I don't think
I can reach you
This time
It's been thirteen days
And I swear
I'll never stop thinking
About your purple hair
And your bands tees
All the reasons
I gave you my number
To begin with
I want to sing to you
With my awful voice
To make you laugh
To draw on your hand
Is all I need
You're beautiful
And funny
And I'm nothing
If not a cliche
I guess that's okay
As long as you are
Still with me somewhere
Things aren't easy but I'm starting to look forward again.
Keiri Jul 29
Every time he coughs my heart skips a beat.
Every time he's silent my worries gain more heat.

Every time he sneezes time stands still.
Every time he cries my spine remains to rill.

Every time he falls my courage drops an inch.
Every time he's sick my mind starts to flinch.

Don't take my baby from me please.
Every time he licks his fur, my heart can rest at ease.
All who have pets that ever got sick probably went this through, yet how many times people told me I overreacted. Right now my pet Draco is what keeps me from hurting. When in a depression some times the smallest things can get you out just as much as in. For me, it's my little furry ball of joy, so when he get's ill, I feel this and exacly this.
Johnny walker Jul 21
Soon the winter days will be upon me and that's where I'll suffer the most for no kiss from her lips or warmth from her
will I feel just the bitter cold  that waits outside my door to come In the bitter cold of winter with nothing to warm
the one who could has sadly
moved to Heaven soon all the trees will stripped bare of their leaves
branches glistening with
frost since Helen
gone Its the winter I fear the most nothing but artificial heat will I have niw which Is no match to the warmth from beautiful
Johnny walker Jul 13
I sing my praise to my sweetheart Helen each
night before I go to bed
I say a prayer for
She was my world and
all I needed for I lived
for her God rest her soul
Helen In his keeping
I'll sing my praise to my sweetheart Helen to
whom I've never
stopped loving God
take care of her she's
In your hands
A hym for Helen I'll sing her praise she In God's hands now
free from pain
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