To the man who is up all night,
Who some never see.

Isn't it lovely to be?
To be paid to just to watch them sleep.

So peaceful in their slumbers.

You rarely have a thing to do.
Yet you are paid none the less.

But the job costs more than it pays...

And your jabbering keeps haunted minds alert and on guard.

And its hard for you to be alert too...

When you need to be.

For appointments, errands, social activities, and such.

You take care of us...
But you must take care of you!

Oh mystery man who does not sleep.
Be careful my dear.

Someday it may be you,
Restless in their beds.
“I’ll get over you”
I whisper to myself through the nights
memories haunt me
and your voice that taunts me.

But there are tears on my pillow,
tears on the ground.

My tears flow like the ocean,
dripping in slow motion,
scraping my skin
and bringing me down to my knees.

I find myself turning into a storm,
howling like the wind.
Clutching my heart
as though it was ripped apart.

I am unable to escape from the pain and ache
The constant search for your face
in the passing cars and soaring clouds.

My breath is stolen and gut twisted
at the sight of someone similar to you,
face turning to the side your name is called.

When will these feelings end?
When will I escape
from the shadow
that lurks in my mind and heart?

The loss that ran deep,
breaks open through resonating heartbreaking songs.

But I know the pain will wash out
and you will leave me
like a distant memory.

I’ll pick myself up
and won’t be feeling blue.
I know I’ll find love again
if I start loving myself.
Many things to tell,
But my mind is ill
Along with my bruised heart.
I tried, but no words came out.
Death was once
My greatest fear,
Though Life was
Filled with sorrow –

Attended with so
Many ills,
And darker
Still tomorrow

I knew if I were
To Escape,
My soul,
It wouldn’t save

Because this ill
Within would sink
Me lower than
The Grave.
An endocrine and digestive disease
That has filled my life with needles
A skin disease that has a long name
Reveals my blood and bone causing more pain
A damaged ankle for years
Preventing me from running away
The health in a decline
Causing so many nights of throwing up
I am forever unsure
But I can say that I am a failure
I never had a chance
As I laid in the hospital trance
Jack P Apr 16
"ha-.... haiKU", says he,
who has just sneezed violently.
Poetry is sick.
you wanna know what self-loathing in 17 syllables looks like ?
Cana Apr 3
I haven't penned a thing
I've been as busy as hell
The sun is rising
I’ll be back soon. Just dealing with injured family member and blah blah blah blah, what?
Kit Apr 3
My eyes have become a resting place for all the memories I've watched us make, there is such irony in the constant replays
Though you are no longer here, I still see you
Alice Ellen Apr 2
I was a new-born when you promised
You would carry me anywhere I wanted
And at any time I wanted,
You promised me safety
You promised me freedom.

Dedicated and deceptive
You had teased me growing up
But I never would have predicted
How malicious you could be
You fooled everyone, even me.

Parts of you were destroyed
But you always found other ways
To stick out, ugly and obscene
You screamed at me, you harassed me
And everyone else recoiled.

You were ruthless, relentless,
I needed your permission to leave
On the worst days I could do nothing
But lie there and seethe.

You were always there waiting,
Until I was distracted, to capture me
Trapping me in a time loop dimension
Loop after loop after loop;
Like an elaborate knot.

My tongue no longer tasted
My humanity began to rust
Like a corpse and its restless ghost
I was dormant but deprived of sleep
How could I rest under your glare?

Like a deranged anaesthetist
You forced me to the very edge
I hung over that abyss, wondering
If you would let my hand go, or pull me up
Until boredom struck again

Amidst the beeping and droning machines
Serpentine, you still twisted around me
Pungent disinfectant; the white-room scent
And the pointed metal tips
Their shrieking tongues turned to monotone.

Well, organs and cells,
I had long outgrown you and
Your demented, slothful ways
What did we have in common
Anymore aside from me?

But we are bound like conjoined twins
As fused together as can be
I’d die without you, you’d die without me
I aim to live in harmony with you
And help you gain a much sunnier hue.
when just a whippersnapper
   of a little boy
me late mum and octogenarian pop agreed
for doctor removal of my adenoid
less to prevent their only son
   from being coy

than fear of said male heir
   to the harris throne becoming an android
a less than agreeable likelihood,
   especially in tandem
   with predilection of goy

this fateful outcome unfazed,
   this now green giant, not the least bit annoyed
as captain crunch (before childhood didst end
   i.e. distend into middle age)
   beckoned yours truly with “A HOY”

horrified that my parents would be so blithe
   to steer their son clear to avoid
psychotic outcome to deliver obliviousness,
   and thus bring inner joy

so, they sent their peculiar male progeny
   believing himself to be Pink Floyd
who found himself evicted desperately,
   and in sore need of gainful m ploy

so he began his therapy in orifice
   er office of Sigmund Freud
who bore a striking resemblance
   to a wooden pecked prickly shaped toy

   (a pickle iz just a pickle)
this mental analysis delved into past –
   outcome I felt less than overjoyed
despite boss be addressed as Oedipus,

   and pay verbal homage that did cloy
dredging layered past devoid
of love, yet flush with fallacious
   prevaricated abuse from mister Lloyd
Lavinsky, a demon of a grade school bully
   forsooth sanity he destroyed!
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