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mark soltero Sep 25
i don’t want to lie
even if im embarrassed
im beginning to see the truth
it resides in your eyes

the reflection of myself
it’s beginning to lose power over me
i can’t tell you why exactly

the power you’ve given me
it seems to have rusted your soul
oh what id give
to go back and change that

my soul is drowning
grasping on to what it can to float
freezing slowly as it inches closer to the edge
to shield me from the wrongs within myself

your warmth protects me
it exposes the purity from inside
but how i wish i could protect you too
mark soltero Sep 25
the touch of the midnight hour
gifts me your soul
you make me feel real
all to question what is
this seems undiscovered
the thoughts of the unequivocal reality
how can it be
am I worthy
of you for you to be
present entropy
breath out our lungs
our bodies pour
bloods bursting throughout
the world sleeps
while we barter affection with each other
spent just below the ether
will thy beloved end me
if you don’t need me
Crystal Fang Sep 19
"mentally I'm here"
I say, holding
a piece of my childhood
because I wish I was there
but really, I am neither
here nor there;
mentally I am
Dominique Sep 2
unwashed shrimp; sick pink wishes
putrid puking and hot weather flashes
headaches and nausea for forgetting me
raw plates of karmic misery, i drank too much

I'll weather it with you through the phone
congealed seafood skies when i was alone
bred the bacteria that made you so ill
petri dish summer, i never wanted
to **** you, i drank too much

forty degrees like a tenerife beach
maybe from now you'll remain within reach
below the surface marine life bubbles
the fish of my thoughts will swim out of trouble
from now on
maybe I won't drink too much
don't wish death on friends, no matter how much they ignore you
tmartin Jun 12
from time to time
the idea of writing down
everything i feel
sickens me
Heal the world with your magical touch O Savior,
Your supreme creation has become tired and ill.
For the sake of the old and the new
You come down,we have become weak.

We realised our wrongdoings as we have darkened your blue sky..
We choked your mighty oceans with plastics.
We filled your pure air with toxic fumes
We made your green world barren
Now we deserve to be rebuked

We are your transgressor

Our mistakes are unpardonable
Our sins are grave

But O Lord!
We need your forgiveness for those who have done good,
Sheltered the needy and saved the sick and offered food.
We need you for those who are born today
We need you for the mankind to stay.

Come down O Krishna in any form as we are in deep pain,
Come down ... O bountiful we need you again!!

Bina Mukherjee
Moomin May 20
If each of us could share a little piece of your pain
The way we share your love
We would
If we could endure for you
To give you gentle rest
We would
Yet no darkness can overwhelm your light
No amount of pain or tears can change you
You have taken what this dying world deals out
And you keep your integrity
I have seen forever
And touched the newest day of hope
And I want with all my heart
To share it with you
I wish you sunlight on your golden hair
And new warm winds on your gentle face
I wish you laughter in your baited breath
And sweet hope in your heart
For this cage won't hold you for long
And you will not always hurt
Yet you will always be loved
And you will always be
For my beloved daughter - Rachel, who endures a lifelong illness
an ill did blow in
on the east's virulent wind
carrying a malady
Kvothe Apr 12
A thunderclap.
Rain follows.
A sound like rot
slaps from your hollow chest.

Commuters meerkat,
as you challenge
the Silence.
Prunes for faces,
fleeing you.
Peeling from your presence.

Does it betray you?
An unspoken wall.

I hope you washed your hands.
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