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Nicholas Fonte May 2020
One day, a hand stretched out to me
Like the naive fool I was, I took it
I knew full well that it would hurt
That it was some joke or prank
Just so they can watch me bleed again
Yet I desperately wanted the hope

After that day, he was always there
Studying with me in the classroom
Sitting with me at the lunch table
Playing soccer with me during recess
I was waiting for the sting of a needle
Yet each day went on with no sting

There were changes from that point
I wasn't alone when they attacked
He defended me from them
Or he bleed on the ground with me
He didn't have to do any of this
He was accepted and loved by them

They always made fun of him now
That he was wasting his time with me
The things they said had to hurt
Yet he stood there courageously
Telling them the same thing each time
That he saw a Hero inside of me

My Hero helped me with many things
He showed me how to study better
How to kick the ball properly
A whole world of ideals to pursue
My Hero helped me find who I am
Yet he wanted me to believe in people

We both wanted to prove our worth
Too many told us we were worthless
He had manifested a fruit tree in him
Fruits that would show them the truth
I had manifested a fire instead
One that wanted to make them burn

I think about that day we met still
It's been 14 years since I knew him
I'm struggling as a Junior in college
I'm trying to do what I love to do
I'm working to show them my worth
Yet I still haven't found the truth

There haven't been any hands now
I fought my way here on my own
Yet they still call me worthless
My family, classmates, co-workers...
Not a one wants me around
What am I even fighting for again?

I look back towards that last day
Where I had that fight with him
My Hero acted strangely that day
And for the first time he snapped
And that was when I felt it sting
The needle going through my knee

My fire grew far too large for him
He stood there and watched
As his Hero's fire consumed him
I realize that I never let that tree grow
I guess he was wrong about me
Wrong about that Hero he saw in me
Nicholas Fonte May 2020
I've heard it all before. Worthless.
I tried to run from it. Worthless.
Then I found new strength. Worthless.
I stood and faced it down. Worthless.
I moved on now. Worthless.
Yet here I am again. Worthless.
I'm standing here alone. Worthless.
The voices had stopped.
I was finally happy.
I was getting sleep.
I made friends. WORTHLESS.
Why is it here again? WORTHLESS.
I was better. WORTHLESS.
Why is this happening? WORTHLESS.
Is that you mom? WORTHLESS.
Father, you too? WORTHLESS.
Why is his voice here? WORTHLESS.
Why why why why?! WORTHLESS.
I did my best! WORTHLESS.
The echoes are right. WORTHLESS.
I'm worthless.
Nicholas Fonte May 2020
Should I be helping people?
Everyone is happy when I do but
Looking at their smiles makes me
Feel happy, the only time I feel happy.
I started to help many people
So that only I can be happy.
Helping people like this, is it selfish?
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2020
A child begins reading a story
Both have never been betrayed
An eternal bond was made
Yet betrayals are left in their wake
A sacrifice decided, all for its sake
The story continues moving forth
Gambling it's own questionable worth
Seeking a burning flame, a friend
One who will bring the abrupt end
To this garrulous, suffering cage
Even though the Ink rewrites the page
Corrupted by ideas of ****** glory
Which one is its friend?
Nicholas Fonte Oct 2019
A word I was given
The provider to isolation
The basis of frustration
It was the one thing
How Death likes to sing
Friend lost but gave
All that I crave
I am afraid
What People said
Friend's scar I bear
I must go there
Can it be forgiven?
Nicholas Fonte Jul 2019
He once recieved someone's disapproval
He wasn't fit for the cause
He made a terrible mistake
But then someone left
Now he acts to earn others approval
To make up for his flaws
When really he just wants to make
His own self stay
Nicholas Fonte Jul 2019
Once again I have this dream
Over and over it continues to scream
But when everything has been said
The only thing that remains is the dead
Who raid the insides of my head
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