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A word I was given
The provider to isolation
The basis of frustration
It was the one thing
How Death likes to sing
Friend lost but gave
All that I crave
I am afraid
What People said
Friend's scar I bear
I must go there
Can it be forgiven?
He once recieved someone's disapproval
He wasn't fit for the cause
He made a terrible mistake
But then someone left
Now he acts to earn others approval
To make up for his flaws
When really he just wants to make
His own self stay
Once again I have this dream
Over and over it continues to scream
But when everything has been said
The only thing that remains is the dead
Who raid the insides of my head
No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
A child who's eyes shone bright
Entered an unwanted fight
A friend who has lost his way
Watches as his life fades away
The two who both were mistaken
Have had their innocence taken

A teen who's eyes shone dark
Is ready to finally embark
A grave who has lost his role
Watches over the teen's soul
The two who met with calamity
Have held on to their amity
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Watch the stream...
Just watch.
Look over the lake...
Just look.
Examine the river...
Just examine.
Analyze the ocean...
Just analyze.
What did you see?
Water endlessly flowing,
The breeze gently following.
How did you feel?
I know not what is real,
But everything moves,
Eternally so.
Seeking something,
Without restraint.
The time for dreams
Is over.
Be like the wind
And follow the stream.
There is no other choice.
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
To stand against the flow
Only grants them the chance
To flood you down
For one final blow
Fear not, you won't drown
The waves grant you a dance
Allow yourself their embrace
From the Lady of the Lake's face
That is taking away your fate
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