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Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Watch the stream...
Just watch.
Look over the lake...
Just look.
Examine the river...
Just examine.
Analyze the ocean...
Just analyze.
What did you see?
Water endlessly flowing,
The breeze gently following.
How did you feel?
I know not what is real,
But everything moves,
Eternally so.
Seeking something,
Without restraint.
The time for dreams
Is over.
Be like the wind
And follow the stream.
There is no other choice.
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
To stand against the flow
Only grants them the chance
To flood you down
For one final blow
Fear not, you won't drown
The waves grant you a dance
Allow yourself their embrace
From the Lady of the Lake's face
That is taking away your fate
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Summer, home to maturity.
We feel change and peace.
Fall, home to hope.
We feel amazed and proud.
Winter, home to renewal.
We feel love and redemption.
Spring, home to reflection.
We feel warmth and friendship.

Summer, home to failure.
We feel regret and disappointment.
Fall, home to loneliness.
We feel loss and forgotten.
Winter, home to decline.
We feel deprived and depressed.
Spring, home to death.
We feel old and despair.

Seasons tell more. they?
Summer, home to reflection and loneliness.
Fall, home to maturity and decline.
Winter, home to hope and death.
Spring, home to renewal and failure.
Is that so?
Anything can happen, ya know.
That's your reality check of the day
That we live in now.
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Think of those who can't
The others tied by the invisible thread
They were given no chance
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Look at everything I've done
There is no forgiving this
Even still, all I did was run
I rand from it all
I'm gone
I departed to a new place
Where no one could know
This dreaded face
I spent my time on the train

Time has come to Fall
The color red was all around
Each leaf is a memory hiding
Things that shouldn't be found

The wait comes to an end
Where I will take
The first step
Towards a new life
And right away
"Welcome to our town!"
"There's no need to frown!"
"Come on, let's be friends!"
Rushed by all the villagers
"Hey, I'll show you around."
The young miss
Said to me.
So then she went off, guiding
This was the next step
In this life

Is this forgiveness?
The world has given me a
Second chance
This is a new life
A new Me
I'll turn over a new leaf
I can make the change

Past, present, future
Past doesn't matter
And we live in the present
Fighting for our future

"Hey, miss,
Let's strive forward in this town...
This is now my town
Our town
Something far greater
Than even destiny.
Ha ha an interesting take on this game. Wish I put more references in to there but hey, I love how it came out.
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Islands, Mountains, Forests, Swamps, Plains
We all have trekked through the lands
With our very own hands
Spending away the clock
We can't escape the fate
No point in trying to Negate
Which may come as a Shock
But let things Nourish
And everything will flourish
After all you don't want to miss
The sky's Last Kiss
For each verse
Is our curse
Because they are Always Watching
For you to make the wrong tap
So they can spring out their trap
An obvious reference is an obvious reference. Also I want to add that their are two lines that match each other but dont rhyme on purpose. Anyway I hope you enjoy this quirky piece!
Nicholas Fonte Aug 2018
Keep in mind
That it is at the center
Of the rain
Is where you will find
Mixed in with the pain
And every tear
And fight
And even more
Remains untouched
There is no fear
Just joy
All is great
Is blessed in corruption
Sewn with despair
Drenched in the same rain
That is where you will find
There is nothing to compare
From within the disruption
Yet out there is a place to be touched
Just like a dream or nightmare
Are what decides this fate
He who is locked in the dark
Looking for her light
The choice is ready to embark
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