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leeaaun Dec 2022
not everyone can see love
smiling in the eyes
it's a trick
given as a treat
to those who dare
to fall in love
Jade Oct 2021
Come hither, Dear Hallows Eve
and covet these sickly sweets  
till porcelain heaves
poor uvula cleaved,
by Sir Grim Reaper’s teeth—

till eyes do burst
like pop rocks cursed
upon the ghost’s white sheets.

Come hither, Dear Hallows Eve.

Come forth, This Villain’s Night,
fair ghouls, you need not hide
and spectres: don’t be shy!
deliver your joyous frights
the witches do abide—

unearth your tombs;
prepare the brooms

and sweep across the sky

on this Villain’s Night.

Come now, Halloween!
hear October’s screams;
the heart’s curdled beat
against my haunted dreams
from which the darkness seeps.

You call me sick
you cry out “trick”

but still I stick to treat—


Come now, Halloween!
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
Be assured, the sun always rises
through out morality.
Re, nach einmal, crows caw,
and race down the valley
laughing, beating the call from the roosters.
Re joyed be,
re joyed being, noise of life in morning,
caws of crows,
calling crows.
and tweets and peeps of tiny things,
wake us all to be once more
users of light made in life,
doing duties,
crowing and cawing and
stretching and yawning and such.

oh, what a day!
Mitwoche, aber mas, mucho mas,
este dia, este dia
Vvoden's tag aqui, we rejoice
and be glad as on any given Wednesday,

as though it were like any other fine day
to begin in,
in relation to light letting
letters let the sense
of life seem true, sure things, can't loose,
choose, this day,
realizes its possibility… being the basis,
the one event that must occur
as in the night,
the earth must turn,
doing the actual cycle of living
in quanta mediated reality, ones in order,
this day
digital squawking alarms, flashing
red-lights and green, signifying
oomph enough, trickle
charged to aid my being connected…

to the task at hand,
this is the given
I choose to pay a whole day worth
of rapt attention… drawing on
power stored in darkness,
dripping into day, clepsydra wise.
Wiping sleepy from woken eyes, to see the old new.
Good morning, my fellow tricklers of the charge that makes us think,
we make life work. In letting words say all thy mind might wish.
Simon May 2021
"The Swindle", is a possible escape plan in order to divert attention completely away from the VAST majority of preying eyes!
"Why!?" And..."why now question it...?" Whatever the situation, you need to be wary of totally undivided attention...,since you are not alone...of an obvious disguise (upon an even more obvious "swindling" act).
"The Swindle", is a countermeasure towards shameful results (for oneself). That is...if your simply caught in the act...
"Look closely or you'll miss it!"
You said with that sly grin on your face.

My ring you had in your hands disappeared in a blink of an eye.

So did you but this time you didn't warn me.

Trying to put myself back together
low poetry Dec 2020
she is not enough
i’m nothing special
*** is lot of fun
but not my passion

this feeling is a ***** trick
or, maybe, i’m just being ****
i don’t know
and i don’t know whom to ask
life is like hardest math task

she made me think that my heart is closed
but i’m crying while reading Mozart story
they made me think that my problem is dose
but without it i’m angry, sad and worried

i will stop rejecting and gain control
input some shrooms and rock and roll
you know
i’ve closed my heart intentionally
my hell is in the others, eventually
J Dec 2020
don't have time
to be reading
paragraph after paragraph,"
she typed.
I have time
to trick you
into thinking
you can open up to me
about anything,"
said her actions
Austin Morrison Nov 2020
I always liked magic.
Being tricked into believing things that are not real.
I even decided to learn it for myself.
I got so good that I managed to trick myself into believing we would work.
The feeling you gave me was so magical, I should have realized it to be fake.
You got under my sheets then vanished, as if you were never there, to begin with.
I played it off thinking you would pop up somewhere else like it was one of my tricks, but you never did.
Left searching alone for so long, I grew tired and impatient.
I have lost my love for magic even though I still managed to be tricked.
I have learned I was never a magician, just a jester playing the fool.
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
I sit before this bottle trapped in paralyzing fear
Remembering a prophecy once told to me in a previous year
An Oracle once said to me that upon my endeavors I'd find a Genie
To not be fooled and that I must think freely
That I'd be her master but really her servant
To proceed with caution and be vigilantly observant
That she'll try to trick me into falling in love
And under her magic I'd be blindly trapped of
That she'd look like the woman of my dreams far more beautiful than a model
But you can't marry a Genie even if you polish the bottle
It's been over a century since the last time she was active
From the bottle to which she's eternally held captive
That I wouldn't ask for my wishes to be made real
But instead with her I'd attempt to strike a deal
I tried to throw it away
But it found its way back to me
I tried to move away
But its like the bottle only followed me
Seems I have no other option but to fulfill this prophecy
With that lingering fear that she'll get the best of me
Hello there

insect buzzing through the air

why don't you come & sit in my snare...

                                  ...I mean chair            

I have six legs, see?

I'm just like you

oh, these?  my arms?

why yes, there's two

so come, little one

dawn has begun

take refuge from the sun

in this hammock I've spun

there, isn't that nice?

what?  your legs?

you said they won't move?

there, there my winged friend

I know just what to do!

Beware of insects with arms.
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