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Oct 2021 · 1.4k
Sailors Night & Sirens
Apon one stormy cold night,
the stars came out to stay,
as the moon lit up the sky and the sailors sailed away.
A storm began to brew, amongst the ocean waves,
but somehow it grew bigger and the death of one gave away.
It got cold and darker, as the night started to sway,
but a voice was heard from afar so gentle, calm and sweet.
Her voice was like magic, in the times of despair, please will you come and save me for as i'll die under there.
The voices came closer, and i seen her golden hair, shining like molasses through a stormy autumn night.
My boat seemed to swish and swash as i fell through a crack,
landing under the water freezing to my death..
a warm light came gleaming through a tunnel close by, she grabbed my arms and brought me back to the shore, i woke up the next morning and couldn't remember what' was spoken for.
Laying underneath the sun, dried up on the sand, who was that young lass, and where did i see her last?
Oct 2021 · 1.3k
Mouths are wide,
Hearts are heavy,
People become synchronized.
Spell it out loud and fear the scream, as you tie knots in your hair and the knots spread throughout your nerves while pinching a vein.
You want to let it out, and run wild and free but you continue dreaming until you snap back into the faceless, crappiest reality of your life, wondering what your supposed to do when all of it's in front of you.

Kiss a empty liquor bottle, light a cigarette, *** the next man on the corner of a street or maybe your piercing your finger to a button that will continue to play feeding your gambling addiction as the rhythmic vibrations game throughout the day.

Starvation on the streets, looking for change to feed the drug addict and we say their bums but then we look for the next common day to acknowledge a mental health disorder as we make fun of them fools running wild with fear and hoping today is their last day unless tomorrow brings back gray skies in hopes to find blue diamonds, yet unable to ever shine.
All kinds of addictions that will kindle your brindle.
Oct 2021 · 261
Sing the song we sing,
Live the love we love,
turn your heart away,
to climb the highest mountain.
Find your soul and hope to God its not gonna rain,
live a time, where memories collapse you.
But time will tell the moments we make, it's going to be okay...
but here's the thing, We talk to ourselves in a mannered tone, but underneath the spell of a clicked phone, we know, we hear it, your words spit out your mouth like it's a fever, sing the song, you know it's in your heart, live the love you love to be.
Oct 2021 · 817
Death is a premature kiss that stains your lips under a cold hearted spell that casts amongst the brew of a witches bell.
We sing along to every song, and one that continues to play over and over again is the song of death.
Sep 2021 · 258
Last Kiss
Last night we had a kiss,
and i hope it wasn't our final bliss.
Your lips are comforting, like a blanket wraps around a newborn.
Synched eyes melt from underneath your heartfelt ocean bay.
Hearts erupt like a volcano and you seem through my heart tubes as they tie knots together continuing to pump 100 beats per minute.
Pounding headaches and i can't do this, i'm ******* choking on my own heart right now
Sep 2021 · 1.4k
Love's Gamblet
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice,
Lust is ****** up,
and love is nice.
Lust can fool you,
to thinking you love,
or she/he loves you,
But be careful of the wolf
that will attack you.
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice,
love is ****** up,
but also nice.
Keep that in mind, when you sing this song.
That love is not the game yet for the lust we play.
How it tricks us into being the fool of a lusters game.
The game of love, comes far and wide, but beware of what will **** you on the inside. Lust is the mantle of the party, keep your heart open and eyes open, for what may **** you is the beast within the cupid tail.
Sep 2021 · 1.5k
Silence is still
Silence is still...
A Rose thorn ****** into the darkness of the night.
Ghosts and ghouls wander a yard of thee,
ones who sheltered by the tree, 6ft yonder.
A veil blows as the river flows,
lost bride who can't find her ride.
Chills of the midnight light ***** down
unto your spine and you begin to run,
but their following you, chasing you-
and they won't give up until you're out of luck.
Angels fall and lose their wings to grow again and recover
their ancient beings of heaven's dream.
Silence is still,
Morning comes to greet you,
and all the spirits of the night find a place to rest,
until the next time, they may deplete you.
NOTE: The day time is beautiful, but the night is when magic happens and all things truly come to life. All the memories, spirits, time lapses of horror and pride, come to haunt you or love you. It's up to you to decide your fate.
Sep 2021 · 2.5k
Cloud 9 Lovers
Holding your soft hands and dancing through sunrays around in circles as we smile and cherish each other's comfort through the loneliness in our hearts.
Golden hour peaks and you sing through my treasure chest filled with open treasures of golden honey, and that honey drips down the surface of my fingertips as we kiss each other in a warm gleam of freedom and surpass realms of stars and dreams.
The honey trickles our kisses and makes a sticky hot mess under the steaming sun as it begins to set through white fluffy clouds.
Feeling high like cloud 9
I want to feel your chest pressed against mine, forever and key it into a lock that cannot ever be undone.
I love you.

The memories we make feel like a never ending escape through Alcatraz.
A portal so clean and pure.
Being in love, feels like you're high.
p.s: I never been high, only high on love.
Sep 2021 · 4.6k
Midnight Smoke
Cold damp skin,
Midnight clouds deepen within,
raindrops brew unto me as i whip out
a tasteless, tarry, smoky cigar.
Feeling the pain of nights rain,
Train horn rings through my veins and I pierce
my cold lips to the plastic casing of my fresh cigar to
continue keeping me feeling alive.

Opening tunes of musical melodies, bringing me a nostalgic time lapse of pain and pleasure.

Thinking of my life as it passes me by,
a bitter, strong taste of smoke hits my tongue, but i blow out the tar filled air out through my warm mouth.
It continues to rain, when i always feel the pain.

Living life as a misfit, unwanted, unloved and always forgotten.
As my dart vanishes into the air, i look through the dark park across the street and remember last nights nostalgic memories of us dancing together to someone else's house party while the live band plays symphonies and rings unending beats into my hair.
Sep 2021 · 1.2k
You heard me,
that's what i'll always be.
Maybe not to my eyes,
but to yours they will see.
Different is the word to describe
the abnormalities in ones self of
I' am different because your music taste is awful,
but who am I to judge ones flavor in artistry.
You **** me in and ******* out like a dragons fire.
I' am the girl who you never thought you'd heard.
Different is what they call me, and in some other terms
just a freak in disguise.
I' am different, or maybe just a freak.
Aug 2021 · 16.0k
Now you know your ABC'S
Adult ABC
A is for *******
B is for *****
C is for **** hole
D is for ****
E is for everything that you are
F is for *******
G is for Gory holes
H is for hemerroid
I is for invulents
J is for *******
K fly a kite
L is a loser
M is for moist
N is for nuts
O is obscured in your
P *****
Q is for *****
R is for the Reassurance that you need
S is for ****
T is for ****
U is for Underwear
V is for ******
W is for wort and
X is for ***
Y now You know your life is full of
Z zest
Aug 2021 · 524

Aug 2021 · 1.7k
Karen's Song
for the karens of the street.
The karens of the world,
you ruin out the people's peace.
Your hair is frizzled like a you got electrocuted,
your feet smell like vinegar and your ******* smells like ****,
but wait, not the one at the bottom, yet the one at the top right in front of your lips, that's right it's your mouth and all i ever see from it is the garbage that comes out.
So please kindly would you do,
shut your ******* trap,
everyone will be happier when you're out
with a clap!
Hurray, hurray,
the karens are out,
But wait, here they are coming back again,
to see what's in store for them once more.
Pitches and forks and all things that stork the time between
a karen and the normal people who just want to live free.
*******, *******
in a British accent.
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Moon is up
Moon is up, stars are out, lighting up the night sky...
i see your face through the window trace and i want it too,
oh you see, it is me and you, whenever you're in doubt i'll always be there to catch you when you fall, so tell me now, tell me then, i will always be with you till the end, sing me a song about how long our loves gonna last.

Moon is up, and sun is down, never again will you be without,
every night it's dark outside, when i'm lonely i always count our memories through the stars, that you will see me and I will see you again.
cause whenever you're in doubt i'll always be there to catch you,
there to be with you and hold you, oh.
Times of change and we fall out of place,
but the only thing that will ever remain,
is the love in my heart,
love in my heart
for you....
A song I made.
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Ocean Tears
The sound of an oceans breeze upon the shore,
the subline of every hearts broken sore.
Tears drip down my eyes,
and I see the way you move your lies.

the lick of sweet sweat slips down every curve of your collar bone,
tasting every inch and it fills my mouth,
with a salty embrace.
-Ocean Tears-
Not al poems are about me, but these are short forms of my little stories.
Thank you.
-Ocean Tears-
Aug 2021 · 105
We never know what the day will bring,
today we're here and tomorrow, who knows?
We wake up and see the sunrise, and then
if we make it we may see the moonrise as the sun sets.
Life is flashing,
before our eyes,
and if we do what we love,
then we know we've lived,
as for yesterday is history,
today is the present,
and tomorrow we hope
will come.
Aug 2021 · 1.0k
Dear Stalker
Dear Stalker,

Cold hands,
I think I'm starting to miss you;
Someone I know that's not here,
a person distant, but yet so close.
-It's funny, I've never spoken to you-
But eye contact is all it seemed to be.
We live different lives, with our families.
But once a while, we gaze eyes, and see
each other through the haze.
I think i' am attracted,
strings attached,
but our ends
could never
I find it funny,
How someone I seen stalking me,
could become my own obsession,
that I think of every day.
It's unhealthy;
and that's why I chose to stay away from you.
But somewhere deep down inside me,
I think I love you too.
I' feel weird.
Aug 2021 · 823
Mikey's World
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice;
everything looks nice.
Your wit and charm,
sends long walks of
harmony into a world
of a never ending
Put's on his best smile,
but he will always be
a broken man.
Stay's at home,
I try my best to
console him and he
Put's his head high,
and thinks no one will
On the way, he imagines
reactions, that someday
he will have a perfect world,
made the way he wants it.
Making plans for Mikey,
to make sure he's a happy man.
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
Laced Together
I want to keep a pair of your shoes;
(not just any pair of shoes)
But ones that you've walked in,
shoes that have ***** laces and have tumbled in dirt-
Because when I' am old and you shall not be here;
as I lay in my bed once again alone-Your shoes will
always be there-
to remind me of the journey's-
you walked in throughout your life and ours.
We are the soul, which is underneath the foot,
as we plant our bases at every stem-
By having your shoes;
they can be entwined with mine.
As a peace offering, that we've walked life together,
and those memories can go on rewind.
and i don't care how stinky they may be...
Aug 2021 · 266
I'm craving something real,
something more surreal.
Wanting to get away,
from this ugly summer day.
Missing the fall, and the snow..
isn't that funny, don't you know?

Closing eyes, dreaming of other times.
Wanting to live back in the golden days.
Visioning a quest, something to put me
to the test.

Sparkling waters;
clock birds cuckoo once it strikes twelve.
Life of the moment, coming to an end-
as the birds nests make final amends.
Aug 2021 · 98
Your depressed;
I'm suppressed.
Where has our time gone?
From happy days to moments of despair; -
Thou I yearn to see your sapphire eyes light up again in happy smiles and all do best.
But time's have changed;
for better or for worse...
and here I' am chasing your shadow;
You're a deer in the headlights baby.
Come a little closer...but don't be scared.
Aug 2021 · 111
Pale Viscosity
You pour into me like a *** of hot water simmering into the abyss of a lover's chamber where there is no where else for me to run yet into the arms of a man who has nothing to give, and always tends to fall.

Why do I love the broken?
Why do I love the untamed and depressed version of you?
Because I remember what it's like, to chase a shadow and never stop running until destined to be out of breath.

The deer in the distance see's you and you know that it's true...
because every soul of a witches truth casts a spell on you.
You're thick like molasses and lookin like something that came out of empty ashes.
Aug 2021 · 896
Honey Water
A warm cup of water,
Teaspoon of honey,
Squirt of lemon...
oh so, Sweet, sticky and ****,
that is how I like my honey water.
Something warm for the heart.
Aug 2021 · 1.4k
Life's First Words
When I think of life,
I see an empty canvas ready to be painted upon,
or open blank pages that are waiting to be written on.
A baby is born, their first words in a book say;
"where am I?"
"what is this world"
"this is so cool"
or some babies have an anxiety
"bring me back into mothers womb?"
"I' am scared, what is this?"
But as you say, they do not know how to speak our language, maybe not by tongue but in their little cubicle minds...they have a language we once understood then only time could tell....
When I think of life,
I see empty pages and canvases waiting to be spilled onto,
but some art dusty and rusty, gone through 0-100 and have no space left but to die and leave it to the rest, because all those pages have been fulfilled.
Life carries on, into the next barrier of a woman's womb...and that is truly where the first page starts, or the first speck of paint draws...into the ****** of a fruitful woman most babies will call their mother.
Life and death
Aug 2021 · 638
Centuries and Memories
As I grow older I want to look back on the good times I've had, but would it be weird if I also said the bad?
Because without the bad times, there couldn't possibly be any good times?
Footsteps on stones, gravel and bones,
I want a memory to last a life time that surpasses me beyond the stage of deaths door steps.
Where will I go, where will you go, when this life is over?
Every morning when my eyes open, my nostrils breathe the dusty particles of my dusty bedroom floor...but the comfort is within, knowing to be here.
Time's stand still, but not for long when you're half a century gone.
Aug 2021 · 204
It's not a phase,
Yes, it's a dream,
But one that came to my reality...
It's not just a dream,
yet a life style that I will always remember.
Aug 2021 · 92
Day Dreamer
I have been a day dreamer since a youngling,
and will always continue to do so throughout my living days.
happiness comes through dreams,
and when you believe in those dreams
you can really see
your true
Nearly 5 AM in the Morning...
and I hate the night, but love it's true colors of darkness within a light so surreal you can truly feel.

The moon gather's within the stars as company to shine you.
Sometimes the clouds will cover the moon, like a blanket as he lays his head to rest, that's why he's called the man on the moon, not for the person who claims to have walked it, but for the face engraved into the bright shadows and creviced surfaces surrounding the molded, circular not so perfect Moon.

Thank you Moon for keeping us company...
But why do I hate the night, because your time goes faster than day. When your lover is with you and it's time to say goodnight, those are the times I despite.

The beauty of the night, is very real and wish...sometimes...could be longer. The only moment where I get to feel free.
Now is time for me to try and sleep, only if I can..
some nights, my thoughts race like a mustang in the distance of a field of golden wheat grass.
So I come here, to vent only read my poems back at myself.
I will try to sleep.
Aug 2021 · 2.0k
Reminisce Love & Dreams
Some days I see myself outbound like an 80's movie...
living life day by day, wondering what lays ahead of the play.
I love life, because of the good and bad, but off course, bad things can't cut it, but we have to get what's bad to get the greater things in life.

No, no silly, i' am not talking about politics, or the crap happening right now...but the adventures in our personal lives that we go through every single day.

Being with you tonight was like two fishes who swam together in lovers hearts, synchronized in nostalgia.
When we lock eyes, emotions spur into greatness.

You held my hand as we walked underneath the starry night, so quiet and dark, playing hide and seek around the truck parked in the front yard, and as i looked back at you, we swung a hug in each other's warm arms along with a never forgotten kiss.

Your kisses, one by one, are always cherished and never forgotten...also when you're leaving to go home, i take a photograph of your lips in my mind, how they feel pressed against mine.

As I walk underneath the pear tree nd lights flashing underneath from the garden below shining unto my minty laced robe of satin, catching your eyes once again on mine in a new pictured memoir.

I love nostalgia, who doesn't?
it helps you feel like you belong...
when no one else is there to help sing your song.

I have been a day dreamer since a youngling, and will always
continue to do so throughout my living days.
happiness comes through dreams,
and when you believe in those dreams
you can really see
your true
Aug 2021 · 187
Hey you, yes you...
I'm living life in my own ******* head...
Times of change...dreams are running,
everyone's screaming for something real.
Why don't you come around,
speak with me a lil and see the words in my mind....
Jul 2021 · 1.2k
Flashing lights,
Chocolate delights,
crack a can, sip through it,
blast some music,
sounds like a party?
A party for one...
sorry Shania Twain,
ain't no party for two tonight...
this gal goin solo...
Partying myself, depressed, bored, ugh
Jul 2021 · 109
Cigarette Song
I put a cigarette in my mouth,
i'd light it up then blow it out.
cuz that ain't good for my heart,
and it ain't good for my soul,
but i put the cigarette by my lips,
and i grabbed a lighter and lit the tip,
cause everyone wants to sing a song
that cigarettes are just for fun,
but me, i say, it helps the devil go away....
copywrite: Rosemary Porretta song owned by me.
I've been waiting for you, my entire life...
searching for a love that's true...
but now it's different, when I talk to you,
you seem not to care anymore, but i love you, love you you and you better love me, love me, love me too...
Waiting for days as they pass by subtly wishing and hoping you'll want to see me again.
I lay here sad and depressed...missing you.
If I ran away, would you lose yourself? Would you feel guilt?
For taking my love for granted.
Nothing more to say,
I just love you.
Everyone see's the imperfectness of you, but that imperfectness makes me love you even more beyond what the stars can see.
Jul 2021 · 1.6k
Your Kiss
In the dark, I see your face lined, a silhouette.
Your eyes tracing me as I pace around you along the warm blankets of my bed.
Leaning over, a kiss so soft, plush and impulsive, knowing you're mine, you are here and nothing else at the moment matters.
Warm rhythm of sensations fill our energies, whilst the sound of your wet kiss leaving a wet stain unto my lips...
I love you,
Yes, I do.
Being with you is the shelter when my heart searches for a home,
a home to call to when none other is there, but forever you will be locked into the beat of my heart.
Jul 2021 · 92
People say, poems are for the weak and vulnerable, emotional and sympathetically uncontrollable whack jobs who have no life and just sit there wasting time.
Well here is what I say,
People who write poems are the most unique, beautiful beings on this planet, who distinguish their feelings between love, war and pain, where we have no other place to go, yet to express the emotions of our souls to those who understand how terrible and cruel this world can be.
Man to man, takes a bullet through hand.
Woman to woman, steals the knife of a lover
and stabs it into the chest of open fires...
I can smell and taste the fresh atmosphere of dead ashes across the sudden hot pavement in the midst of dismay.
Lovers die and some people cry, isn't that what we are here for?
Angry faces and sounds of a click, click, click that make you think,
who are we and what are we here for?
Time's of change, ****** fingers stretch across the horizon in the open meadows of the blazing hot fire of evil fortresses.
Look into my EYES and tell me that you SEE ME
Of all anguish and pride into all that we breathe the sun of fire of an evil temptress.
The King wears a Crown
and the Devil sits amongst the thrown where he can stomp his ******* feet into the muddy waters of hell and sin...
Jul 2021 · 2.5k
Something raw,
Something Passionate & A love so lively.
I need someone who will recognize the effort and hard work that I put in to loving them.

I've broken my back, spent my checks on food to make you a romantic dinner, and in turn you LIE and go FLY to another dimension, telling me you've fallen asleep.

I surely and truly do hope that's the answer,
because right now i' am questioning my faith towards my love for you.

How blind can I be?'re right, love makes people blind, but is that really the case when all we want to give and take is a love granted at the stake.

You know I love you,
I' have sacrificed so much out of my yearning days to be with you,
to help all of your depressing problems that you speak of.
I try every day, even when you're battling demons, to stay by your side and give up things i do throughout my day.

To make sure i'm home on time, to speak to you.
And in return you continue to LIE, LIE LIE.
Why, does no body love me?
and if you do, why?
when I question you, you get mad.

I just don't understand, am I a fool?
a fool for loving someone like you?
Please to God, give me the answers as for I cannot give oath to my own love letter.
Jul 2021 · 1.5k
Clocks Talk
Only time will tell they say,
but when you're living in the moment...
time seems like forever, a forever eternity that you been waiting
and longing for, for the most half past hours.

The clock ticks away and you're still in dismay, hoping for that hour to come quicker.
Minds racing, heart is thumping, i want the answer NOW.
You tell me every night you have gone to sleep and that you're sorry about how tired you were....
but now your mother tells me to send fourth a message whether i' am talking to you tonight?
Does this mean you've gone out without a say,
if so then you just cast me a stray.
This cannot go on forever.
I' am waiting in anticipation for morning light, when the answer will come forth a true new site. Please, I need an answer, now....
Jul 2021 · 556
So tired and sick of the games you play;
I really hope you're not lying right now...
and if you are, some day you will pay!
You tell me you've fallen asleep, but is
that really the truth beneath the breath
you speak?
Jul 2021 · 8.9k
Sexy & Raw
My mind raw and twisted,
The soft spell of my fingers touch the leather skinned whip as I expel it against your juicy little ***.
Moments like these are my favorite, when your with me.
He strapped my ankles, wrists and all, to demand a bitter strength ignited in his intentions.
Another spank from the whip, tingly, prickly but yet so swiftly.
Few bruises here and there...
but your little angel love's every last bit of your masculine touch.
Feather me up, through tickles and such,
take me by the hair, and pull me towards your lavishing warm chest, where the sweat trickles down the arches of your ribs.
Feeling you pulsate when your ***** is in me,
as I make you c*m....a little closer to another specious night filled with adventure.
Feelngs of pain and pleasure.
Jul 2021 · 146
Favorite Scents
Things that make me happy and dreamy when the aroma fills the air.
Jul 2021 · 82
Thy heart speaks when you run unto me;
as you painted your footprints through the snow...

like a pack of wolves your mind, body and soul, seek for hunger;
Throughout sharp teeth and eye to eye, you were looking at me.

I paused in fear as the lone wolf I am, walking my paths day to day;
something struck me, and it was you, your eyes so deep in a true crystal blue.

Slowly approaching, spirits connected and our cold winters breath froze in the midst of the air.
A break, a pause as we stared right into each others souls while our minds and tongues seek a kiss to remember...
When you connect to the spiritual side of life, you can resemble life between man and animal, knowing that every living creature's desire is to love and make positive connections with an enticing, rich moment of ones true nature.
Jul 2021 · 7.3k
Little Bitch
I would have apologized for calling you a little *****,
if you stopped acting like one.
After the still continue to be a little *****,
but sure, go ahead and turn the tables as if
it's all my fault because you're right and i' am wrong.
You're a little princess walking around with
your high horse and knight in shining armor.
But one thing you don't understand is that if you
didn't carry the possessions you have
then you'd be lost in this world
without a hand.
Little *****
Because you lie then cry for attention,
you seek the pity out of your petty
which has no significance
through the words you speak.
Jul 2021 · 203
My love.
I felt his warm spindle enter my kindling lit fire…
Everything for a moment, turned from ice cold stone
Into a world known that was once untold.
You held me from behind as we entwined our fingertips...
Knowing that it was the heat of the moment...just like
The songs we hear on a summer night radio.
Moments went by, you looked me in the eyes
and you kissed me when it's dangerous...
As you took your last satisfaction breathes,
The moment was true and you knew it too,
Because i love you and you love me….
That’s why it’s another new memory.
you're my soulmate, the perfect match;
forever we will light the patch.
Jul 2021 · 1.1k
Hello Poetry
Hello Poetry,
Started off with "You had me at (Hello)"...
A place where we can speak our minds freely without anyone here to judge us merely.

Thank you to the creators
who've made this website,
as for without it,
many might have lost their lives!

Throughout roller coaster emotions
, some days I find it hard to speak,
so coming on here to share with all to see
is something helpful in my mind, you see
Hello everyone,
I try to make a poem,
Out of something short and sweet.
But I want to thank all of you for
your kindness and generosity.

Everyone here, has emotions that
vary from big and small...
but all the same goes,
we are unique
and that's what brings
us together as a
wholesome community.

Our lives walk on different paths,
and each time the days go past,
we come on here to share our feels,
to help us spread emotions that cannot be felt.
So ever so kind, thoughtful and emotionally heard...
as I Thank You all
to take your time
to read ones poem,
show's the true hearts
of another poet...or simply
you are here to read...
so I thank you for your
greetings and salutations
as we continue to speak.
Thank you everyone.
Jul 2021 · 2.2k
bones, flesh and ripened blood
the moon stands strong tonight
as I wipe the tears off my cheeks
that were streaming down a river so bleak.

Cold heart made of stone,
the chandelier breaks as the broken
glass shatters on a marble floor,
ruining it's beauty ever so lasting..
something's changed
for better or for worse.

Tell me now, as the black gate opens
that we're here for something real.
Roses are red, violets are blue,
but some turn to black
when the shade changes its

Give me the strength
to carry i seek for something new
something fresh, out of the ordinary
and what's true.

Truths hurts and lies create a blur,
both different, but yet the same
substances that will create
pain and all that remains
is the corpses of our
Hearts made of stone, life is cold, what do we do now, just wait for our turn
Jul 2021 · 1.5k
Jealousy, Anger and Grief
Some time's my heart is made of stone
and some days blood drips down it like
a rose petal falls off it's stems in the
middle of a hot summer night.

I get days where i'm filled with
anger, jealousy and then
grieve myself
within until the morning
Just for once, why isn't it me?

Is there a curse, lying beneath the earth,
or is it just me living alone in a life
where everyone seems to be free.
Sometimes my heart turns to cold stone, when the core ignites, my night fills with a hurtful site.
Jul 2021 · 82
I try to be sentimental,
but you keep driving me mental.
Times of change, throughout day to day, see me when
your back again. When you're gone, I see hazes of
a greyish dew, like there's something else that took
over you.
Jul 2021 · 810
Bite the Bullet
Looking out the window,
I mask the houses through the horizon,
to see a vision so true, that can only be blue.
Bite the bullet, see me from dusk to dawn
Every day seems like another one
out the back of a shotgun.
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