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Sara Kellie Jan 15
If prevention is better than the cure
(up the sentence for intimidation)
to much, much, much, much more.
Let me search my mind.
See what feelings I can find.

These thoughts I have
were never mine.
You gave me these.
Did I wrong you somehow?
Was it for your friends to please?
How many likes did you get?

  (black cloth on my head)
For the pain you imposed.
for you,
I have been whispering with the
jury of the (******) self righteous mind
and so,
your sentence,
will take your breath away.

Justice served by any person other than yourself is and always will be empty.
Jenny Gordon Jan 2018 more ways than you realize.


Come, wherefore dredge up Tolkien's silly tale,
With that girabbit hard in tow, as hence
The Scriptures count off Ehud and how thence
He judged ya, Isr'el, killing in betrayl
That fat, fat king ole Eglon to avail,
Me seeing lost visions of the shire for sense,
And Mister Bliss' adventures rising whence
I canna say why, to trip 'long as bail?!
From movies of far distant climes in tour,
With savage ninjas, or the sixties too
And student riots, loss, *** as it were
Their capping triumph of that mixt-up view,
Have I a minute to drift off, all's poor--
Yet why see fables when I half hear You?

01Jan18b know?
Middy Nov 2017
you See Them everyday
but you
don't say
a woRd
just A hello
good morNinG
aftERnoon, evening
some have
hIdden knives
in pockets
some could be kind
some mAy
be drinking the
devil's drink
or sneaking looks
they don't
barely a GlancE
they can't see
or heaR
greeting or
maybe they
artists, painters
predictor Or
an animal
a sad
sOul, a happy
a serious soldier
a helper
a student, a
who will **** milliOns
bUT that
doesn't matter
you won't
see him or her again
Mane Omsy Nov 2017
Simply the hammers ruled
What the judges decided
Weren’t justice speaking

Clearing the obstacles ahead
They walked smiling two faces
Told the lies weren’t the truths

Later found inside yellow tapes
Do not cross, crime scenes
Didn’t they warn you earlier?

What counterfeit and black spoke
Never revealed the pointy tooth
Now devils ruled angels and souls
Francie Lynch Jun 2016
The courtroom was buzzing,
Deals were struck,
Before Her Worship
Heard from the docket.

Will Luke be saved.

A line of roguish consorts
All on Legal Aid,
Paraded before Her,
In judical chains.

And the lawyers are asking
About The Game of Thrones.

There are too many cops,
All creased and shiny,
Carrying file folders,
Outling the crimes.

I was a spectator,
Small in my corner,
As Luke went to stand
Before his maker,
Before his deal breaker.

All charges dropped,
As if a matter of course;
Except for the charges
From the laswyer and court.
Simple possession charges in Canada will soon be expunged when *** becomes decriminalized and legal.
ALamar Jun 2014
How we treat ourselves
Is the tenor upon which we represent ourselves
The hell that raised us
Doesn't have to be the hell that sustains us
We are blessed to have our own minds
To choose the course we want for our own lives
Our course was meant to be a horizontal one
And it can only be undone by the One who called us to be his daughters and sons
We are not judges
We weren't put here to condemn
I believe it behooves all of us to leave that for Him
And while we may disagree whole heartedly by someone else's choices
What right do the rest of us have to be disrespectful and poisonous
We may have taken the traditional route and even made our lives better
But to make light of someone else's LIFE
Does little to make any of us better
It makes us lesser
Because in the end we are all the same
And we are all just one bad decision
From sharing the same blame
abs Jun 2015
You know whyI like keeping things by myself?
because the society we live in judges,
without even understanding.
Estherzz21 Apr 2015
Thy who have no hatred,
will never have love;
Thus says the one,
that knows hatred is in love.

Emotions are hateful,
depression is lovely;
yet they say its the opposite,
because they've never tried.

And so I close my eye
in hatred and in love;
To advert it from you,
to amend my mistake.

So Hatred started to fall,
to fall into,
to fall deeply;
and finally In Love.
It's not love when there's no hate.
bear Jul 2014
Judges please welcome
your runner-up for the past 17 years!
She has great talents and abilities!
but you judge her on what YOU want.
YOU want to see a sweet, loving girl.
You want one that can juggle 40 different things.
A girl that everyone loves to be around,
One that will do every little thing you want.
I'm sorry judges,
but you can only find girl that in the toy aisle.
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