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Her body looks touchy in the light,
I urge to play with her all night.
Yes, she says and I hold her softly’
I take a deep breathe, to confirm if she’s ready.

She didn’t mind, and i proposed for a birthday gift, she can’t say yet.

I run one hand up her neck
Just touching her makes me wanna peck

For I love kissing.  

Across her body, my right hand goes,
I have been practicing, believe me, it shows.

Another deep breath, the tension reduce
staying focus, every moment dues
Boldly toast her to the room'
She gently stand up, no offend and we move.

Getting to the room
I gently push her to the wall
I make her feel the groove
My vibes and my moves
Triggers her to do

With my two hands,
I grab her head while kissing her
She close her eyes and
French we go.
So deep and no, i need to go’
she pull me back

The sounds and feelings grow more immense
The movements, become more intense

My heart stops as I see the door open
Her mom walks in and says,
Your guitar is too loud, please turn it down.
And she reply’ ok mom.

Well, I’m a bad boy trying to be relevant.

She forwardly push me to the bed
Stylishly she unzip my jean and holds my pen
While she **** the head
She fingers herself and makes me lick.
At the long run, I inserted my sim.

She took her face off as she feels the hit
She screams and still pulling me in,

Why I diligently *** her with styles
She wonder how romantic I am  

Four rounds we go
Hard and slow
She’s feels light and dope
She’s smiles and says that’s your birthday *** BOB
Lipstick is red,
B a L L s are blue.
Your mom S U c K e D my D I c K,
And your dad did too.
Haylin Nov 2018
Shadows dance upon the walls
The clocks incessant tick
Why am I awake right now?
Because insomnia’s a ****
Why am I awake zzzzz
I don’t know
Where I went wrong
Do we see eye-to-eye
Do we even get along
You’re all over the place
It’s making me sick
I can’t tell if you’re shy
Or you’re just a ****
What are we
You’re not my friend
Your presence makes me crazy
So when does this end
Justyn Huang Oct 2018
The smaller the ****
Nah that's it, seriously-
I'm not ******* you!

A joke to compliment the small ***** ones prior - from the women's POV
Kora Sani Aug 2018
"Why don't you love me?"
I owe you no explanation

This happens every time
I'm filled with frustration

My feelings are sacred
They're only mine to hold

I'll tell you if I want
An ordinary man can be so bold

You're not entitled to my heart
You're kind of a loser

Stop thinking with your ****
Such a routine abuser

An unwanted kiss is placed on my lips
My "no" means "no"
Forget the traditional scripts

Your masculinity is showing
And not in a good way

My mind is made up
Please leave it that way

I shouldn't apologize
But look what I'm doing

Another man
Always endlessly pursuing
mjad Aug 2018
Hey babe
You say you don't like a **** talker
But my bad ***** energy just made you harder
Diana Garcia Jul 2018
I don’t know why I’m so attracted to people who don’t want me around

Maybe part of me likes it
When he feasts on my heart like a tri-tip

I could run for miles and he wouldn’t chase me
Why did he waste me?

The circles I ran
All the *****
Hitting the fan

In the back of my mind I knew
This **** was to good to be true
Your like salt to my open wounds
But in the end your what makes me stronger
Just when I think I can’t take it that much longer
My heart keeps growing fonder
Or am I holding onto false hope
What if this ain’t love and it’s just the dope?

I’m strung out, a fiend for your love
Yearning for a burning
I can feel my stomach turning

You’re only your sweetest
After you’ve been your meanest
And when all is done and said
I’m lucky if I’m the one you take to bed
When the odds are in my favor
Your minds on the neighbor
But at least I’ve got that purple *******
guess whose on my mind?
The mental manipulator

******* turned night terror
I got Charles Manson
When I wanted
Jack Herer

Ok maybe he’s not like Charlie
But he always made me sorry -
For wasting  my time
Wanting you was a crime
Gave you all that
I had to give
Even wrote you this ****** rhyme.

You ask me to stay when my emotions begin to sway
You’ve noticed me noticing him, all of a sudden I’m so far away
What happened to the gallery of ******
All the times you said picking me up was a chore
And when you said we can’t get married
Cause of your credit score
All of a sudden my absence is threatening
Here comes the beckoning
All I’ve ever wanted suddenly looks so sickening

The could of, would of, should of’s
You will always be one of first loves

You say this time will be different
Now the other man seems indifferent
You never wanted me and now you do?
I wanted somebody else
But he left my lips blue

I don’t know why I’m so attracted to people who don’t want me around
When they finally do
My hearts buried in the ******* ground
Wrote this running on very little sleep
BAre with me
Best expressed in a word for the listening,
People are *****, can and will be, both.
A ****.
Is such an intrusive thing,
proposed to bore holes
and fill bored holes
with ease.
People are *****, can and will be, both.
***** infiltrate.
***** find space.
***** will push
when you
push them
***** will push
when you
give them
a, "No."
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