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Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2021
Pettiness runs deep in our species,
Humans are nothing but a disease.

We're all naturally racist,
And we're also full of hatred.
You heard me,
that's what i'll always be.
Maybe not to my eyes,
but to yours they will see.
Different is the word to describe
the abnormalities in ones self of
I' am different because your music taste is awful,
but who am I to judge ones flavor in artistry.
You **** me in and ******* out like a dragons fire.
I' am the girl who you never thought you'd heard.
Different is what they call me, and in some other terms
just a freak in disguise.
I' am different, or maybe just a freak.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Sometimes I was afraid of my own reflection,
The monster before me keeps judging me intently,
It keeps on mimicking me
But there are times that it's mocking me.
From Coffin Of Thoughts in Wattpad.
jǫrð Nov 2020
I thought you, another bygone vessel in the night on to some warm destiny.

How terribly wrong I was to ignore the depths between us.
The History: Was actually written as a description to a similar thought.
Shilpa Harilal Aug 2020
A black dot at a distance, going up and down with the waves
appearing and disappearing, in the dancing rays;

I lie at the seashore, with my darkly tinted glasses on;
shaded by the brightly coloured umbrella above

Basking in the cool shade, and loving the fresh air
I see the black dot; such tininess, against the blue backdrop

Huge ships and jet boats, swoosh the waters;
creating white rush; glamorous, in the mid-afternoon spell

Time ticked off its way to dusk; growing the dot;
giving it body and life; and before I knew more,

Men with galloping energy, stood there at the shore;
Their muscle flexed and zeal pulsated through the air

I searched for the disappearing dot through my tinted eyes;
emptiness of the sea, stared back, from the dusking sky

As the crowd swallowed me to follow the thrilled voices,
of the rugged men of the sea, standing tall, on their fishing boat

I stood there; a disappearing dot in the crowd;
discerning more than my tinted eyes could see.
'Everybody is genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid' - Albert Einstein
Flynn Apr 2020
This ****** organism
Flowing with Lyricism
Endowed with Witticism
Maybe lacking in rhythm...
But not in favouritism
Look under the skin
Why the schism
What is the division
Needless criticism

Wait... did I just become the villain?
Is there ever any need for judgemental comparison?
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
for a woman
all too often
it's not about
the reputation
that precedes her
but rather unfairly
like a stalker
it's what follows
closely behind her
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