I sucked the blood outta ma woman.
I sucked the blood outta ma hoss.
I sucked the blood outta ma pard.
Wanted dead or alive or Nosferatos.

I sucked the blood outta the stagecoach
of schoolmarms heading west.
Red bourbon beckons like cathouse
perfume from a saloon of necks.

When Sheriff Twilight rode out,
I sucked the blood right outta town.
Red eyes beneath a sable Stetson  
mesmerise Main St.  come sundown.

I sucked the blood outta the injuns,
tho' the Sachem sensed I were no chechaquo.
I sucked the blood outta cowpokes too,
whether Johnny Ringo or Clayton Farlow.

After feeding I hit the Bozeman trail,
atop the wagon teeters my coffin.
But this Drac Palance ain't killed so many folk
as John Wesley Hardin.

Van Cleef cast as Van Helsing,
or Clint with a crucifix can't hit
the Billy the Kid who becomes a bat.
My high noon's the dawn, tells me ta git...

My rivals draw their sixshooters,
but two bent dentine bullets never miss.
Colorado sucked the blood outta the lungs
of Doc Holliday, my daywalking dentist.

Founding father whose prairie
piranha legacy is red, red and red flood,
I'm only paleface the night cannot buck.
But the rest still suck each other's blood.

JJ Cooke Mar 22

Night coming down on the land shaded red,
As cunning and quick as a fox.
I rest in a cold lonesome room and bed,
When sharply upon my door knocks;

A strange subject standing,
A freak on my landing,
The twilight refuses to show.

I stay here and wonder,
I shake from the thunder,
I fear what it is I don't know.

With a moon resting dull,
Now the night comes in full,
A horrible shriek from there calls.

With a pulsating head,
I vacate this tense bed;
Curious the way this noise falls.

Outside rain dances to thundering drums,
While lightning exposes the void.
As I creep, I peak upon toes dead numb,
The knocking is quicker deployed.

Advancing the floor I see there is more,
to this unwelcome guest received.
Slowing my pace now i reach for the door,
It opens my eyes are deceived;

Before me stands still,
In a downpours chill,
This oddly shadow cast creature.

And even as still,
The lighting is nil,
Yet I can make out main features;

Without hair skull exposed,
Lacking eyes lips and nose,
Black tongue behind finely filed spikes.

It's breath suggests death,
And the chest 'neath it's neck,
Bares broken ribs sharpened as pikes.

Behind the pointy bones,
In the gore there is shown,
My caller is lacking it's heart.

So as seemingly stoned,
I now open my home,
In hopes that this beast wont depart.

Curious to know how this thing is alive,
I've opened my doors and let it inside,
I'll ask it some questions and then maybe I,
Should cut off the head to see if it dies.

When what we see is real,
We sculpt perfection

Refined chimeras,  
Hunt us by night,

Masked behind shadows,
Of trees along the road to a cemetery

The lady in a white dress,
Bare feet, boiling skin

Her long dark hair
Slutty all over her face

And a butcher's knife,
Shining under a moonlight

That is not blood, right?
And why is she walking this way?

Am awake

A tapestry of mosaics,
Of Autumn leaves,

Floating down calm waters
rays of a morning sun

The lady in a black dress,
Out the river of youth

Her crystal skin,
With a radiant smile

Colourful eyes,
And wet golden hair,

Down her shoulders,
With splashing waters

As she walks towards me,
And lo,

Am awake,
This time,

For real
Am I happy or sad?

JJ Cooke Mar 18

I wake from a dream, the same dream I always have; I find myself inside an empty  space dominated by pitch black.

A scuttle behind me -no in front-
I can't tell in this darkness; my senses are fouled and my whit seemingly nil.

Something grabs, stabs, scrapes;
I feel my skin tear on the arm then the leg then the back, my sense of touch has not gone as the wounds hemorrhage.

I scream and I run not knowing what lies ahead, the noise follows to mock; from scuttle to screech to caw to- gone.

There's a light ahead, I can see it pulse as I press on; my bare bloodied feet making a steady slap and squish on the floor not there.

A whoosh above and heat driven wind forces me down; welcoming the warm kiss from below I don't resist it.

I fall continuously spiraling out of control into oblivion until I feel the ground approaching and I embrace the gory end.

I feel nothing on impact as I watch my casing burst to a bloody rain.
I wake from a dream, the same dream I always have.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

Lie alone in darkness,
Inside daftly cold.
Ample anti-starkness,
Rot alone in mold.

A bag of bones and little more,
From barren earth your start.
And little truth rest in your core,
Lost mind gone with cold heart.

JJ Cooke Mar 18

Thunder claps violent as I rise from my bed,
The visions of flame dancing still in my head.
A memory perhaps or movie I've seen,
No sense to dwell as it was but a dream.

I dress for the weather and I steady my hands,
Then exit my home to begin my nights plans.
The wind forces rain like needles to my neck,
The unforgiving concrete keeps my feet well in check.

As I stroll through the town with my head hanging low,
I see shadows of strangers and the feet in their hold.
Spotting the first of my victims tonight,
I carefully follow through streets lacking light.

They lead me down alleyways and back behind homes,
And through the old graveyard where dead store their bones.
The world now grows darker for the towns at our back,
And the lake that's in front reflects the moon on cold black.

We turn down the pathways that lead to the beach,
And the stranger is close now almost in reach.
I stop in my tracks as the first does the same,
They sit on a bench raise their head and exclaim:

"Why have you left me?
My loves -oh my dears.
You said that you'd always,
Be close to me -here!
I point to my heart that you've broken in two,
Now watch as I take MY life under this moon!"

While I listen I creep up behind this poor man,
As I reach him he's just finished sobbing his plan.
I watch as he lowers his hand to his pocket,
He draws out a gun with a thumb he does cock it.

Raising it calm he takes aim towards his head,
I'm decided behind him 'he won't end up dead.'
Quick as I can without thought or delay,
I grab the man's gun and toss it away.

He turns looking back with his eyes full of tears,
But I am not there as his vision it clears.
He sits there alone for a while and I view,
As he looks to the moon and thinks his life through.

The man is still sitting as the Sun does its rise,
But soon follows suit starting off a fresh life.
The new day begun I now walk into town,
With the sun at my back on my face rest a frown.

No matter how many I help to be free,
There's always that loneliness deep within me.
I shake my head clear of these dark useless thoughts,
There's a new victim now in the shadows near lost.

As I walk down the path on the street to my right,
Stands a girl with a rose in her hair golden white.
She seems not to see me or any other,
It looks as she's blind black shades eyes covered.

But still talks wise and wonderfully sings,
And her beauty is greater than all other things.
So why have I found her and why does she glow,
What is to happen and why don't I know?

There is always a reason and always a rhyme,

But not in this case.

I follow behind as she carefully walks,
But it seems she aware of this man that does stalk.
What does it mean I keep asking myself,
Where is the trouble and how can I help?

We walk out of town to the dock by the shore;
At the lake I was last with the man who was sore.
As we come near the bench where he sat cloaked in black,
She stops by the edge of the lake and looks back;

Where the once shaded eyes had appeared just before,
I saw myself now a reflection and more.
As the truth through her eyes had been brought into light;
It was I on the bench whom I'd saved just last night.

The question was answered before it was asked,
She showed me a glimpse of a memory past;

It was years ago now that it all happened quick,
On a night like the last raining cold icy pricks.
I was sitting at home with my wife and our child,
At a table for dinner holding hands we all smiled.

It wasn't much later that my mind had a switch,
I could see my face darken and an eye had a twitch.
I looked to the woman and baby together,
I swore that I'd kill them they deserved nothing better.

The wife grabbed the baby and took for the door,
But my hands were too quick and she fell to the floor;
As I noticed her standing I reached for a knife,
It flew to her back and drained her of life.

The baby now trapped underneath it's dead mother,
I chose to just leave.
And let it to smother.

Flash back to now from my eyes flow red tears,
Emotions rush fast from all the lost years.
The blind girl still standing there only but now,
Her eyes glowing bright and staring me down.

I melt in her gaze as she calmly states flat,
"You've been here too long child, now Hell wants you back!"

There's no more confusion just clear words of reason,
Once again now aware that inside I'm a demon.
The eyes of the blind girl now brilliant black,
Mouth opens wide and her nails pierce my back.

As she draws me in nearer I feel a great fear,
Her tongue splits as a snakes and tickles my ear.
While she whispers:

"So now you know why I've been sent,
You've lived too long your time is spent.
Now come with me you've got no choice,
I've got you fixed you've heard my voice.

There's no escaping this your fate,
We've just now passed through Hell's last gate.
Witness here you're soul shall burn,
Forever more you're limbs be torn.

And from your flesh drained all your juice,
Then 'round your neck a barbed chain noose.
You'll dangle there for years and years,
Your wounds will burn from all your tears.

Now come with us to Satan's room,
It's there you'll finally meet your doom."

All went dark as this was said,
And no sound found but in my head.
'What has just happened now,
can I be free and if so how?'

The darkness though it never goes away,
and here I am still to this very day.
There's nothing here but I and black,
No sight no sound no going back.

Just now I see a hint of light,
Up in the distance burning bright.
A blue red green speck comes up close,
Growing quick on its approach.

The darkness dies to burning flame,
It's clear I'm back in Hell again.

Jovi Limin Feb 13

From rotting torso at the noose,
Fierce cries of life were sound.
So born from maiden hanged, was it
With bloodied claws, we found.

I felt to pity it at first,
Until I saw its face.
Oh ghastly thing, it was! No less.
I wished then to erase!

When I had said to let it die,
My wife threw me in place!
She cut it from Tod’s kinder grasp,
And tears fell from her face.

She held it to her case and cried,
“This child we will love,”
And so that creature, on that day,
Came to be known as Glove.

For twas a glove I made it wear,
Upon each wretched claw.
And twas a glove upon its head,
To cover every flaw.

But when my loving wife fell ill,
Glove cried and could not move.
Such wraithlike sounds, obstreperous,
I sent for Docteur Ove.

He said he could not help my wife,
For she was past the cove,
Yet mused that he could take the thing,
We must have known as Glove.

Oh Glove could all but comprehend,
Until Ove took its mask,
But horrified so much, was Ove,
To drink his death from cask!

And so from then, Glove wore its mask,
With hatred on its mind,
For no one taught it how to love,
Which left Glove, rather blind,

Still blinder yet, was I, it seemed,
When Edith kissed old Tod.
I thought that I could kill it then;
Oh how my plan was flawed!

I reached the attic where it lived,
A sharpened knife in grasp,
But as I pushed the door ajar,
With angered shock, I gasped!

The mat it slept upon was gone;
The room was very bare.
My thoughts were that, the beast had left,
To seek a darker lair!

So with cold sweat and fearful heart,
I stumbled from the house.
“Where could that blasted thing have gone?”
I could not help but grouse.

Just then a flock of maggot-pies,
Soared by with doleful song.
I laughed and held the dagger dear
Then fled to right this wrong.

I burst upon the disturbed wood,
Quite red at my poor plight;
Its mat and things lay tossed about,
Yet Glove was not in sight!

I rushed and screamed its beastly name,
From here and there throughout!
But stopped at last, when I could hear
I frightened child, shout.

I ran towards the sound at once,
And found a few young men.
While gathered ‘round a battered Glove,
They beat him, with amens.

“Oh Devil, you have cursed this town!”
The oldest seemed to roar.
And then the others howled along
Far louder than before.

At once, I felt a turn within,
My stubborn, bitter, heart.
I realised I had been the one,
To wrong Glove, from the start.

So I, with dagger in the air,
Chased off the foolish brutes,
Then gathered Glove up in my arms
And carried him en route.

When we had reached our quiet home,
I placed him in my bed,
I couldn’t look upon him yet,
But still, I kept him fed.

He often tried to speak to me
But could no word pronounce
Until I finished up the tea,
And “No!” he did announce.

At first I could not help but smile
“The child speaks at last!”
Yet little did I know, this day,
Would come to be my last.

He pointed at the tea and screamed,
I failed to comprehend--
Until I coughed up specks of blood--
No doctor here to mend.

I saw his eyes were full of fear,
And I returned the same.
He’d poisoned it so long ago,
I knew I was to blame.

I had so many things to say,
But little time to run.
So with my final breath, I said,
“I love you Glove, my son.”

Where the cold wind blows and the tree tops sigh
Crows upon a bough loose their cry
And he can't hear nothing --
Nothin' at all.

When prayers of the pastor are the only sound
A cradle of blood will fall to the ground
They won't see nothing --
Nothing at all.

A single black crow flies overhead
Eyes stare out of branches
And he nods a sleepy head
We cry and you cry, repent too late . . .

But the screams they start in the hollow of our lungs
And something wicked this way comes
And you can't see a thing for all the faces
And blackness fills the skies.

He tries to run away but they make a screeching sound
Louder than a train wreck leaving blood upon the ground
Thousands of crows swarm --
Slowly, pecking out his eyes.


But the screams they start in the hollow of our lungs
And something wicked this way comes
And you can't see a thing for all the faces
And blackness fills the skies.

You try to run away but we make a screeching sound
Louder than a train wreck leaving blood upon the ground
Thousands of crows swarm --
Slowly, we peck out your eyes.

A single black crow flies overhead
Eyes stare out of branches
And you nod a sleepy head
We cry and you cry, repent too late . . .

Evan Crow Jan 20

Never let the voice that whispers softly in your ear .
Dictate the direction of your soul.
As in his embrace you find passion but do you know truth?

Make no diffrence between the two.
For a fools logic often allows passion to blur the reallity .

For in blood promises writen agreements seem easy till the price need be paid.

Locked doors will not shield you from a end simply create your tomb .
On full moons and othet dark ocassions often there is light even within the darkness.

Did the promise not live up to the truth my dear.
Did that temptation just seem to sweet to deni .
We can ignore are nature but we are carnal animals just the same.

Death finds us empty as alone we must enter to whatever may be .
Never make promises your not willing to keep.

And so in your demise the whispers softly as they were spoken from a forgotten lovers release .
Were still lies just the same.

The dark sky faded as the light comes bright;
it's the beginning of the dawn.
As the light glimpse on my face,
but still cover with dim.
This anguish of mine,still hide
and i think the last hope is burning
behind me.

deep inside is filled with
blurred eyes
and hidden things
As i worn my veil
on this head of mine.

No one knows,
when will i put this veil down
as they can see my failures
as i could see my frailties.

I still keep moving forward
to reach the light
and let go out of darkness;
pale thoughts to bring me down.
To save the last hope,not to
buried down.

I see the light and it reflects on me.
i see my reflection.
behind me,i see my savior.
He tried to put back
the veil on me
as what he did before;betrayer.

but i get it and burned down
i left quickly without him.
As i found,my savior was a traitor.

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