the day before yesterday.
Grieved by it, personally,
Reputation: few or no friends
Suggested art - lost its erratic stars
A dreamer! Dwelling in ideal realms
                          -the brain-


Indistinct curses with eyes upturned, already damned.
Happiness wit hglances introverted, shrouded in gloom,
arms wildly beating spirits - sought to forget
close by,
those glimpses
open to the doom of death

I pulled these lines from the Obituary of Edgar Allen Poe to construe a poem that I feel has both a theme of its own but draws aspects from Poe's life as well.

Sat here in my flat I think of Norway,
of all the places I’ve seen there and the bands –
Gaate, Blood Red Throne, Satyricon, Amulet and more.
To my Norse gothic bands I’ve seen here in England –
Mortiis, Madder Mortem, Leaves Eyes, Octavia and Tristania.
How I love it and can’t get enough of them.
When will Sirenia come gig here?
Norway and your music, I love you very much.

Dark Delectable Delicious Destructive -
Poems For Goths, Gangsters and Other Mysterious Souls
20 Years of Nick Armbrister's Dark Poems


On the barren northern moors lies a dark lonely tower. No one ever goes there, not a bird sings or a rabbit jumps. This is the place of loneliness and of despair and foreboding.

The sky is a leaden grey and the wind howls around the tower. Long lost souls cry for release. Some may be your friends of long ago or some long lost lovers of times gone by. This is a night time place of the lonely day.

A traveller comes along, over these barren cold hills. He sees the tower over the horizon distant, far and on its own. In a minute he is there standing before this stone monolith.

Slowly he enters the dark tower. The stairs are steep and the walls cold. Coming to the top he sees the souls, they are of everyone we knows. Just his presence there will set them free.

Violet light hits the tower, the sky turns blue and the souls are free. The traveller meets his long lost love dead for a thousand years. Now Lancelot and Guinevere are together again.

JC Godfrey Dec 2017

The Warden announces; as the Diseased children cower in fear,
The mother stands beside the Warden.
"Evy'body remain calm, The Plague doc'or is 'ere!"

May God forbid; That you ever see that Mask,
Those cloaks, those masks,
those herbs and flasks...

It creeps towards the children; Looming in the silence.
equipped with little mind for medicine, a cane for violence.

Those soulless eyes,
the Putridly herbal aroma close, they despise,
but this masked creature ignores their cries.
The warden feeding mother Lies.

Dimly lit the cold room,
the pungent fume,
''I'll leave 'im to it"

The warden leaves.
but the Doctor stays and silently breathes.
Question on the matter if this Doctor's even Sane,
As it stares upon the child then whips him with the cane.
No Law defies,
the Mother Cries.

Pulling out it's Vials of  vial Herbs, this Freak,
Staring coldly around the silent room, pointing everywhere, it's beak.

It passes the two Children pouches of leaves; Mother grieving,
everybody remain Calm, The Plague Doctor is leaving!

A Grieving Family of a Mother and two Children are visited by the plague Doctor.
Adam Robinson Dec 2017

A face at the window
A whisper from a crack
Ghoulish white eyes that stare from the woods
A knock from the cupboard door
Aching moans of a lost soul in a cave
Something lying at the bottom of a pool
White and shining unmoving and alone
Hanging maidens of pale beauty dangle
While cold mouldy men of newfound dread crawl
Old sodden coffins lining up a shore
Blowed out candles from the wind off the moor
Near large holes of blackness
Under beds of torn mattress
Hearing sighs of the dead
Leaves nothing left unsaid

Get Out Of My Head
Nickolas Niles Dec 2017

My heart can bleed,
My heart will sing.
My heart was yours,
Now its not pure.
My mind was clear,
My mind was here.
My mind was sick,
Give it a lick.
Look what you did,
You silly kid.
Dont cum again,
You worthless can.
My system crawls,
Here are withdrawals.
Never my friend,
Here comes the end.
It was all you,
This sickness new.
Let it out now,
Let it out now!

I wok up on the bad side of my bed this morning with inspiration; luckily the poem doesn't completely physically speak for me. I woke up singing my own literial punk-rock lyrics.
Ophelia Dec 2017

on summer nights, all nights, you can hear the sounds of fiddles and tambourines, rustling among willow trees and fireflies.
your dog gives a growl and thumps his tail.
when the moon is out, you fight the urge to follow the sound into the forest.

Nickolas Niles Nov 2017

When you turned away from me,
I turned too walking back on.
The saddest thing of all time,
The secrets told between us.
It was then all I could see,
This was a battle not won.
I ask myself even why,
We have this love not so bold.
For now I know I must be,
Not your lover and no one.
Keep on walking with a sigh,
Knowing yourself to grow old.
Time not on your side with glee,
Knowing now I’m far and gone.

Inspired by Sam Smith’s recent “Too Good at Goodbyes,” I couldn’t help but to pump this love song out
Sasha Raven Nov 2017

We entered slowly into the silent house - room,
there was dust, skeletons, what a gloom!!!
This is definitely a scene of the horror - crime,
the walls were so bloodied and with grime ...
We were, with my girl, frightened to death,
I could almost lose my mind, I was out of breath ...
Upon the skeletons there were ugly spiders,
his/her soul had to be filled with Demons - Riders ...
A silent room was full of Ghosts and Shadows,
we ran away quickly through those green meadows ...
In my memory, there will be always this room – house!!!
‘’How could he/she do this? You are such a louse!!!’’

Sasha Raven Nov 2017

You want to live in a Paradise,
but just the Sun will rise and rise ...
Yes, still is going to be the same,
just there will be no me and my name ...
I cannot live in this World anymore,
going there where I was before ...
On a funeral play the Chelsea's songs,
only to her my Wizard's heart belongs!
You want to live eternal, endless years,
cannot you see my broken heart and tears?
Live in a Paradise with the man another,
give him a child and become a good mother!

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