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Having a hard time finding that right now...
Pathetic right?
Without a sound
the day dies
and I’m left with
a loveless night,
and a saddening morning
The understandment we had

Devoured by madness
My heartbeats for
another day to die.

Living causes hate.
Lost souls evaporate
and dissipate.
Black haired
Woman walks down
to the docks.
Her ravens land in their cage.
A ghostly ship
With a skeleton crew
Takes her aboard.
They wash away
to the forgotten land.
Alone in a fallen kingdom.
The broken hearts never tapping.
Word for the fearsome,
our heart is cracking,

All my soul within me snapping.
The past love
she brought joy
but left sorrow.
s Willow Jan 13
You always are complaining
about how you don’t have enough of me.
When you have extra of me you waste me.

I’m not a physical thing
but an idea.

I’m always off by a little,
no matter where you look

I tell you when to do something.
If your early or late.

I’m a grandfather but I don’t have kids.
My pendulum is what digs your grave.

I am fathertime.
s Willow Jan 11
The darker armor
on the stand.
blood dripping
clenched in it’s fist.
s Willow Jan 9
skull’s lit.
Teeth chattering.
s Willow Jan 8
Wispy moonlight beams,
enter the barren church
a place of dreams.
Outside next to a silver birch.
Inside women in search for someone,
someone long gone.
I kneel upon the alter.
The pain fills the void with slaughter.
A *****, frozen to his peace.
Nothing left to hang on.
It’s the end run.
Robbed forms,
lifted the storms.
However, my ***** flesh spared not.
Philomena Dec 2018
Darkness creeps
And children weep
While shadows roam the street
Just a little bit of darkness.
Helena Wayte Dec 2018
Caged marionette, dance for me
Your glass chains hold no reins
It's time to break free.
The Light only shows you known lanes,
I will lead you down greater plains.

Your gaze is uncertain,
You falter ever so slightly.
Fear not, lost kitten,
I am yours for eternity.

Young Antoinette, come to me
A train of sorrow ー your best dress
So throw away that leaden pedigree.
The old masters may try to oppress,
Noble heartache you must suppress.

You take one last look
As I wait for thee,
At the safe sullen rook,
A prison it will no longer be.

Naive brunette, sway with me
For the heart and soul you sold,
Was it not I who answered your plea?
Tonight, we shall step past a new threshold,
Its whereabouts ー to *** and enlightened beings, untold.

In darkness and damnation,
You remain smitten with me.
With no fear or salvation,
We waltz through tragedies.
His name is Mr. D
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