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You thought that time was poetry,
Gifting each and every day.
But now the soft wind gently calls,
These leaves of life have blown away.

You thought goodbyes were poetry,
Just how the stars fade into dawn.
But they are only sleeping,
And are never really gone.

But maybe death was poetry,
And perhaps you’ve lived enough.
Farewells don’t need to mean the end,
And you’ll finally rest above.

So perhaps this was all poetry,
It’s not always bad to die.
Your dawn is finally breaking,
It is time to say goodbye.
Dayda Oct 4
Loss causes grief
One can suffer loss from death
Broken relationships

Grieving is the process after the loss
Done in so many ways
Some are more extreme than others
More verbal whilst some are more silent

It's difficult and different
For each and every soul
Some take longer than others
Whereas some are better at hiding

Don't judge
Don't criticize
Don't say otherwise
Don't compare

Let them heal at their own pace
Let them feel every emotion
Let yourself cry all out
Let yourself go

It's ok
Take your time
Build up that facade
It's ok
Live every moment
Cry when you have to
Sing if you feel it's best
Visit that grave if you need to
Pray as much as you can
It's ok
It will be ok
It's really ok

I lost my mom a year plus ago. Still coping and grieving. It will never go away. But I get to see how others do it too. And I find it really beautiful. Because we have our own way to celebrate and remember her. Not just about losing her. But how she made us who we are now. I miss you mom. Always and always.
If this is how it ended,
If this is how you died,
Let me finally take a breath.
Because I finally know the reason why.

If this is how I live,
If this is how I survive,
Let me finally close my eyes,
With no more tears to cry.

If this is truly over,
If our bond is truly gone,
Let me play your song,
So I can move on.

If this is how it has to be,
If this is honestly goodbye,
Let my heart hug you one more time,
To last me, this lifetime.

Four years to this day,
You were taken away.
I have suffered,
I have cried,
I have screamed,
I have grieved,
And a part of me died.
It’ll never make sense to me,
Why you had to go.
But it’s time to move on,
And it’s time to let you go.
But I promise you that I
Will carry you Forever in my soul.
For you, my big brother.
May your soul rest in ease.
send me away
to a place where i can scream
until my face turns blue
to a place where i have permission
to grieve
to a place where despair is a art
instead of a sin
send me away
for i cannot find that here

Esther Krenzin
cyrene Aug 9
half a moon, half a heart.

something so ordinary missing a piece, gradually losing itself.
a lifeline that connects a heart to stone - pointless, lifeless.

once broken, considered sold,
once gone, considered forgotten.
losing someone is the hardest thing to endure. It's like losing half of a string that is supposed to hold together life.
alessandra Jul 6
cuff my lips like the bile
you keep biting your tongue around

wrap up my limbs, painted pink
squeezing out the dissonance
and defiance,

the lengths you scrape my skin
sting like last week's argument
my throat's too wound to tell you
the soft you won't touch

drenched and tripping over again for every man
who's set me on fire to keep his idea of my form alive
the sear of distaste like apathy

the bones of those who suffocated me with their suffering
don't fit inside this body anymore
i am bursting, every seam a corner to turn
sunlit, anxious, promising

watch me rewrite this flesh
like a salve

watch me reclaim this life
like salvation
I sent you a message last morning,
still waiting on your usual reply...
But I'm strucked with the dreaded news,
your confidant...your friend, SHE DIED.
Ofcourse someone must have lied
because you told me you'd be OK...

So, how is it even possible?
How can this news be real?
Left in utter shock...
I'm fighting to breathe again,
but my airway just seems blocked.
Breathing has never felt this difficult.

I keep hearing it will be ok...
But OK would only be believable if you were allowed to stay
And you weren't...
Evil triumphs now in such an unjust way
What have you ever done to anyone but be Sacrificial, Understanding, Sincere, Absolving and Nonjudgemental
Yet, that never seemed enough- DID IT!
We all stood and watch you take the fall.
And Evil was only too happy, he took it all...

Now, here I sit...waiting for my heart to beat its normal pace
But that seems almost impossible FOR...
Yours has stopped beating
And I've lost the comfort of your smiling face
Your warm and affectionate embrace
Your encouraging words despite your fears
Your caring hands to dry my tears

I'm still waiting to hear your child-like voice
"ah girl!" "Hanging in there."
Still waiting to see you typing...
"Gm dearie🤗..."
"God is all we need in this world"
"No matter how things seem, God is in control"
I'm still awaiting on our next church date
I know I'll see you in eternity, but until then...

I'm still here... I'm still waiting to BREATHE...

                 For Susan who left me BREATHLESS
I wrote this poem after learning that my friend had died. I was just in complete disbelief at the time, think I still am by the way. I didnt feel like talking to anyone at the time, so I allowed my pen to do the talking. It could be about thirty (30) minutes to ink the words. Over all, this poem means a lot to me...
Berry Blue Jul 3
since his passing, I feel nothing
life seems like it’s for nothing
so I started to flirt with Death
like: “psstt, I’m here waiting for you”

shutting my surroundings

I feel so alone in it all
my future is gone
my love is gone
my best friend is gone
my baby is gone
my everything is gone

I’m slipping away ever second
wishing for him back
.I’m alone.

I can taste death calling my name every second
It’s very soothing
I want to answer...
Maybe I get to see him...
I miss you. Life is so empty without you.
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