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Mayah Seals Dec 2022
Small pebbles crash through ashen skies,
So intricate and divine.
They pitter patter the pane.
Window pane;
Inner pain.
Cracked and spidering;
The sensation remains the same.

Snapping crisp twigs like heartstrings.
Plucking the chords on this beating violin,
A somber sound barrels around  cathedral ceilings,
Dripping melodies in pools at the edges of cold lips.

Victorian grace with hippie peace.
What a hollow sound without the clash of chaos you bring.
Oil and water, emulsified.
Fire and ice, married.
Beautiful chaos, skyward bound.
Earth to ash, burried.
To Sue: much more than Grammy; my teacher, monk, guru, my DaVinci. I will treasure the gift of simply being known by you
Mya Dec 2022
Poor soul, grieving is all you’re bound to know
You burn the weak bridges of distant bays
In the barren shade you will never grow

You’ll reap the rotted seeds of all you sow
Doomed to be alone for the coming days
Poor soul, grieving is all you’re bound to know

Neither pain, nor pleasure, will make you glow
Stuck forever in your pitiful ways
In the barren shade you will never grow

Through evil, twisted words and forked-tongue woe
Do your everything to push them away
Poor soul, grieving is all you’re bound to know

In the haste of fright, you condemn your foe
Care little to not for the truth they say
In the barren shade you will never grow

I’d give you my heart for this final blow
Even for the fruit of love you’d not stay
Poor soul, grieving is all you’re bound to know
In the barren shade you will never grow
Rosie Dec 2022
I don't know if I deserve to be sad that you died
It feels like I didn't earn it
Like if I'm sad I'm pretending for attention
I don't know if we were close enough
I don't think I texted you back enough
or respected you enough

After so many years of resentment I don't know if I get to love you
It doesn't feel like my loss.
It feels like my siblings lost their dad
And my mom lost her husband
And I'm so sad for my family
but it doesn't feel like my father died.

Everyone tells me that you were a good person
And I believe them
But I don't think I thought so when you were still here
And now we share the same sins
It's the first thing we've had in common

When I was writing your eulogy it felt like I was writing a paper
It was like I was writing it for someone else
Someone who knew their dad
Someone who liked their dad
Someone who was liked by their dad.

The only thing we understood about each other was the bad parts
Because we recognized them.
And neither of us liked either of us.
If you were such a bad person I think I am too
The passive aggressiveness
The drinking to be likeable
The sneakiness
The lust
The pride
My personality is like mom's but my vices are from you.

I don't think we were so distant because we didn't understand each other
I think we disliked each other because we understood each other perfectly.
Sally A Bayan Aug 2022
The heavy downpour
took longer,
easily, it spread all over,
the weight of water,
drenched the ground,
the doused
the body and
silenced the mind.

I stared
at the gloomy, grayed
horizon...while rain
poured without end.
the water level
rose...and swelled,
all active and dormant fears
lost their tethers
and darkened the floodwaters.

It seemed, the sky
really needed to cry.

and here we are, humans,
twisted...tangled up in the chaos
of a grieving universe.

With just thin raincoats
and light scarves as shields,
how do we escape the aftermath
of life's heavy downpours?

For lots of reasons, the sky
disencumbers...and cries.

sally b

© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
August 31, 2022
...but, there is no escape,
.....just choices
........on how to cope...
Toyo Douglas Aug 2022
a lack there of,
an unattainable reach.
a call that merely rings
a voice that begins to fade.

a memory
the past.
How long will this pain last?

The mind springs i need to call !
the heart remembers oh, not at all.

The fact or process of losing something or someone.

Someone dear,
no longer near.
gone afar.

take a look up there
a look within,
they’re right there
gleaming like a Star
written in 2020
Debbie Lydon May 2022
He became infant prescience,
He had to go so far ahead of me,
A strange and whispering comfort that brings,
One who was one with me in our growing,
Knew (or still knows) the bird that never sings.

Many times I had wondered, when in my loneliness,
If it could be that he still exists somewhere,
Only a question without perpendicular relief,
But perhaps it is possible that he still laughs,
Because he still resides in my question and belief.

I feel my closing drawing closer,
I feel it will be soon that I could meet him in my dreams,
So separate for so long, and our reunion means ceasing,
Our hearts once played their percussion together, and when mine stops we can meet in new grieving.
Andrew M Bell May 2022
Radio news bulletin in the car
the last item read in those mellifluous tones
is about a seven-year-old boy
struck and killed by a car
in a poor suburb of Wellington.

The protocol around the legal and privacy issues
means it’s “no name, no pack drill”,
but he was someone,
someone’s son, grandson
perhaps even great-grandson.
He had probably had siblings,
definitely friends and playmates.

Somewhere in a house with
inadequate winter heating,
where the household income is
constantly under siege
and life never rises above a struggle,
there is a mother and a father
who bear this greatest grief.

 Andrew M. Bell
The poet acknowledges "The Typewriter", the online literary journal in which this poem was first published.
Now I truly grieve
A final thread’s been cut
While my action was bold
Yours was bolder still
Now I truly grieve
I feel Your hand slip from mine
You turn from me
And look on to the future
Now I truly grieve
A single path splits in two
Two souls I thought always together
Now diverge on separate paths
Now I truly grieve
With the fullness of my decision
No longer predator
No longer prey
Now I truly grieve
My shattered heart weeps
But your happiness is imperative
Even though it I will not share
Now I truly grieve
One last kiss speaks volumes
One tight and lingering hug
As we say goodbye.

I love You, Scruffy Lobo and I always will.
Sophie Mar 2022
I just wanted comfort
somewhere to lay my cold
before I leave this plane.

She ran so fast up those stairs
He was there at the top
to stop her and
make her wait
for me.

So we could go together
about a dream i had of my dog just before she passed away. i was on a trip and she started getting bad, on the day i got home we had to take her to the vet, she couldnt walk or eat or drink. i know she waited for me to get home and say goodbye
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