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i never got to hear your heart beat
i never got to choose a name
i keep losing you before i have you
and all i feel for you is pain

i never got to hold you
or comfort you when you cried
because again i’ve lost you
and no longer have you inside

they say that healing helps you
and moving on is for the best
but how can i sleep peacefully
knowing now you’ll forever rest

i’ve cried a million tears for you
and sang a thousand songs
because in my arms my love
is right where you belong
Jenna Lucht Sep 11
Is like being a toddler.

Everyone talking at you,
Not understanding your broken, new words.

And you scream
You cry

Begging for reason to resume.

Yet you’re just a toddler
Only having a temper tantrum.

That is what they will tell you.
And you will believe it.

Your hair won’t be thinning
Your skin isn’t covered in hives
Your bones don’t ache
You don’t have trouble focusing
Your mind isn’t hallucinating
You aren’t bruising easily
Your not having nightmares.

It’ll all be in your head.
And you will believe it.
Francie Lynch Aug 23
I never knew him to do wrong.
He left me here last Saturday week;
I never saw him again.
A terrible shock.
God was cruel to me.
Words cannot express... my heart is torn.
I have the others.
God spare them to me.
He was the loveliest of all.

My heart breaks day in and day out;
I am just now living for when...

He took a pain,
In the head;
He went to the hospital.
We don't know
What happened -
They didn't,
Until they got the blood test back,
From Dublin.

The next day the baby was born.
At twelve o'clock  there was a crowd,
Neighbours waiting on the news.

They did all in their power.

He was dying.
Words that will ring in my ears...

It was the saddest... most respected
The teachers and children formed
A Guard;
A hundred met him at the Creamery Cross;
Carried the little coffin up the steps
And into the chapel.
Six school pals carried him,
From the chapel,
And left him to rest.

He'll never go off this earth
Without first coming to see me
(Mary, at two o'clock in the morning he came up the hall,
And rapped on the room door
I do hope and pray
I'm not keeping him
From Heaven.

I wanted to write you to give you a surprise...
It was little thought it would be this sad news.

The baby... is the image of him.

My heart is torn.
I  could be washed in tears.
This is called *Found Poetry*.  I came across a letter my mother wrote in 1953, just days after the death of her first born son, Michael. My brother, Gerald, was born at the same time, so my mother never saw her son alive again. I hope I did justice to her grief and anguish.
RhiannonJanae Aug 14
He was the waking
The warning before the storm
But my ears were shut
My hands toppled over them
Like earmuffs frozen to my skin
I only listened to my chest
As it burned with menace
I opened my arms
To reveal my bravery was stronger than my fright
My chest bloomed for years
Carrying weepings of beauty and disaster
And when he went to the unknown
He left me speechless with crippling stories
Kai Jul 30
You are no longer by my side.
What should I do?
I'm dying inside because I'm longing to hold you.
If I wait, if I wait until the next season, will you be back?
What should I do?
There is no way for us to meet again, you are out of this world.
I'm breaking down.
What should I do?
I don't think I can ever smile again, never again.
But I'm happy with you in my dreams.
What should I do?
I'm wandering around all alone.
What should I do?
I can't get over you.
ALesiach Jul 28
I sit by sorrow's streams
Amidst wistful longing
Your first soft kiss that lingered
will forever haunt my dreams

How sad it seems
to be so slavishly in love
weary even of life,
such sorrowful extremes,

but I hear remnants of our song
and pine for your possession
to live without you is my bane
life has dealt a bitter wrong

lost in the loneliness
this bereft heart grieves
solace now I seek, in
whiskey's lullaby to forgetfulness

ALesiach © 07/27/2019
ALesiach Jul 27
Mommy, Mommy
please don't cry.
Here I am
by your side.
You can't feel me,
you can't see,
but in your heart
I will always be.
Now dry your eyes
and rest awhile,
holding me
in your mind,
remembering me
with a smile.

ALesiach © 02/17/2015
Jenny Ochoa Jul 26
God stopped your heart at such a young age, and ever since then our lives have never been the same! we will never forget your sweet laugh and gentle hugs, and your quote will live forever "smoke tires not drugs"!
They say give it time the pain will start to fade, but ever since you left its been a constant heart ache! I miss those nightly phone calls that seemed to last all night, and that goofy little chuckle you'd give me when we would play fight!
I miss your tight bear hugs as your long hair tickled my nose, and that sweet subtle scent you had just like a red rose! If there was a chance to turn back the hands of time, id be greedy and make sure your attention was completely mine!
I must admit my life was truly blessed in very way, when you stepped into my world, and spent by myside those couple of days! The summer of '18 will live forever in my heart, thank you for blessing it my guardian angle, FOREVER and ALWAYS my summer love! <3
Hailey James Jun 18
when you need him
he will be there for you
in spirit and in your heart
for a father’s love could never fade
no matter how long he’s been gone
and in moments when you’ve forgotten
what it feels like to have him near
he will remind you in ways
in the little things like flowers and birds
the clouds or the rain
and you will know
your father’s love will forever remain
untouched and by your side
tell him you love him
even if you think no one’s listening
he will tell you he loves you more
through the wind in the trees
listen closely for it
and he will listen closely for you
forever and always
Written for the beautiful soul who has passed on, BM. My heart aches for your family and for your only son, who this poem is written for. Rest forever in peace and happiness.
Ingram Jun 16
Do people ever admit
When they are two-faced?
If not, let me be the first
Because I need to throw away this toxic waste.
The more you get to know
My fake, happy shell,
You will start to learn that under that ****
I live in my own private hell.
If anyone gets this shell open
They always end up leaving
The real me is never good enough
So the shell stays closed and I’m left grieving.
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