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its weird to live
where past and future pulls you
in  its black hole
emptying every essence of you
like you are nothing.

its weird to live
where original
is covered with fakes
and being original are
labelled as freaks

its weird to live
where people look
at your mistakes
when the already have
loads of their own.

but its beautiful
to live in the world
where words help me
to escape my own truth
and find peace

its beautiful
that even though life
seems meaningless and purposeless
the meaning of some collective words
makes living purposeful.

hey writers ........ i am a 17 years old mess and i need a help
jay Dec 2018
Staring at an open screen,
screaming just to fill the noise.
Hoping that you'll never leave,
nothing else beyond the void.

Do we write to end our sadness?
or fuel the fires of our madness?
Do we write to end our pain,
knowing it will never change?

People always tell me
"Attention is what you seek!"
people always ask me
"why are you a freak?"
i can only give one answer
and that is "I don't know"
but is it such a crime
to just want to be loved?
Harsha Jul 2018
You & me in San Francisco grown men playing dress up plus nerds
With you on my arms I am immediately separated from the heard
The remaining 10% - the jocks only by chance furiously attending
They gaze then pass at you curious glares
As they aim at me their jealous thousand yards stares  
Stupefied and suspecting what we have in common to share
As you turn heads when you glide gracefully across the exhilarating COMIC CON air;
My fellow compatriots classify you as a beautiful figure that does not belong
A goddess among men browsing the NEW 52 graphic novel stall
As you broadcast your angelic smile while you enjoy this overflowing costumed hall
But all eyes are on you – you are the bell of this superhero themed ball;
My fellow geeks suffer in silence and in envious disbelief
Eventually overcomes as they go through their own stages of denial and grief,
Finally admitting this modern day miracle they begin to ponder
If they are in a FINAL FANTASY slumber
Day dreaming and sleep walking away into the yonder
Then they soon realize and dare for themselves to wonder;
If I - a geek just like them can accompany the company of a beautiful girl
There exists NEW HOPE for them too - that things can take an unexpected turn
From the ashes of common misconception and ridiculed rhetoric    a DARK KNIGHT has risen
Avenging a triumph for all nerds freaks and geeks across the world
After word – thanks for coming to comic con with me, you dressed as the sexiest of Valkyries, since I have always been a soldier and you always been an angel you are undoubtedly my Valkyrie – a soldier s angel.  

The common misconception: just because we love comics does not mean we are all losers who live with their mothers in dark basements playing HALO 24/7- more like intellects that choose to go beyond the average and limited imagination.    

To all the so called JOCKS who discriminate their fellow man - gentlemen strip clubs and big trucks are all good but sooner or later they tend to lose interest as they present the same thing over and over again offering nothing for the imagination the inner child and intellect in you to share.
Maxim Keyfman Jun 2018
I want to become like everyone else
Everyone says I'm a loser
I want to be like you
Everyone says I'm dumb
I do not want to be me
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace

Everyone was tired of my freaks
They say I behave like a fool
Everyone bored my clothes
They say I look like a clown
I do not want to be me
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace
I just want to find peace

if an ****** is an bundle
lior *****
what molly
calls ****
read my

sell your books
you clone like freaks
catching me sewn unique
bend you over

mountain peaks

think you know who


just because you say we
you got me confused for
the ******* and ******
me myself nor
do we

take your money throw it in the stream
molly klaudic did was my dream

take her and me put us in the book
watch me stick her in her ***** hole
while you pay me to look

you have nothing better to do than fear
and think about me

you will plant nothing
but an furnace

never alone
me myself nor

Heavenly Father clone

Stake an other sniff of reality
you could never get an grasp


is an

what lior sniffs
baby bark

**** on that
are my bullets
they pull my finger
letters an words

they are beggard

thief style is complete

me as an freak

they copy my style
and say they

me myself and i

never mind

freaking idiots
Seema Sep 2017 he said
You are the jewel in the crown
Skin so smooth, almond like brown
Teeth white as the winter snow
To you my princess, I kneel to bow

...and she replied**
If I am the jewel in the crown
I belong to a King not you clown
If my skin is smooth and brown
Why do you wag your tail around?
If my teeth is white like snow
So what! Why can't you understand my 'No'
Calling me a princess and bowing is fine
But if you try crossing your flirting line
My slap will turn your face red to shine!
Don't bother me, spoilt creatures,
Else you'll be counting your infinite stitches!
Move away, I am not here for roadside speeches
Else you'll be pushed in the ***** pool of leeches...BEHIND YOU!

Fun write
Kyle Dal Santo Sep 2017
The night I had her was the night I lost her
Our first night, was our last night
It was I who ended it the first time
I did the unthinkable
I chose my happiness over hers
I chose dreams
But now I was looking for a second chance
Oh, but she had other plans,
This wasn't a new beginning, but a final end
For the record, she was one of the best
And I pushed her away
And second chances don't always work
Especially one sided ones
But I'm an optimistic when it comes to unrealistic hopes
To me, her yes meant more than just a date
To me, it meant she saw me as more than a once upon a time
And for once, I was ready to make the jump again

Dinner was cordial, but the messages were clear
We were both hungry, and not for the food
I took the check and we hit the road
But where to go?
Destiny, it seems wanted us to dance
My phone began to tickle my pants
A friend close by
"Drinks and games tonight?"
I looked in her eyes, they lit up with delight
"Let's have a few, and have some fun"
I hit the gas like an action movie
We flew through the polite introductions
And the beer began to flow
By round three I couldn't keep my hands off her
And she seemed not to mind
By midnight we were covered in smiles
Dancing and touching beneath the spotlight of the old suburban garage
She breathed her breath into mine
Pulled me close and whispered
"Let's get out of here,"
The goodbyes were quick as we ran for the door,
Plowed through the snow and dove into the car
As the Chevy warmed up, so too did we
Our hands and lips protected each other from the cold
I readied the car to leave, but she stopped me cold
and cooked me in her arms
"Take your pants off, NOW"
Kyle Dee.
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