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acacia Jul 26
You don't see* these hues nor these cocoa grayish tones—you mess all over with spilled milk, take my silk from my open womb—spin with it webs from my ovaries—blanket you every night with clouds above your eyes—you take another hit, you fill the room with smoke, but I don't understand why you can't carry anymore—shades of delight, heavy beams on me—can't get up, I'm stuck on you—can't get enough, I **** from you—I do notice remnants of vibrancy in front of my eyes—behind the view—before you, too—neon colors in spaces of white.

No one should take control of this magical affair / no one can lay their eyes over your morning glare / this evening dew / resembles you / intense heat behold my eyes as you dabble over there /
and You never miss a beat while we sing and dance from here / shades of delight, indigo you / sheets of pleasure, I roll under you / spill of rapture, I dip into you / curtains of light, I plash onto you.
*[All I see are shades of delight twirling as if coffee creamer were dribbling into a cardinal mug like weighted paint, heavy trucks weighting on my shoulders in traffic between shoulder-blade-cones, heavy chests, large sounds, heavy breathing; red bulletin, over-hued saturate feelings of cold that never cross my mind; hurricanes unfold furling faster through the nile, namelessly opaque; the coconut astringent alternative never works, toning my skin with no toner; foresting wild, forthcome you, forthcame me, breathing in your smiles, hold me, too; Floridians laugh, cocoa hued, see swirls and whirls of miles floating like endless butterflies pulled from the root up, the pulled road drapes over my hedge like tarps of pomegranate.]

****** number 5.
Sophia Feb 4
Here we are.
Isn't it ironic?
The sleepless nights
followed by
questions that ponder my mind...
Is it possible,
That the people that come into our lives are destined to leave,
only to prepare us for someone better?
What if it's all planned out?
And we are just actors in a movie called Life?
Tsunami Jul 2018
257 days.
For the first time,
I don't want to shower him off my skin.

No need to scrub;
Your lips leaving delicate traces,
Your hands entangled in my hair,

No need to rinse
Feeling you,
Sending shocks down my spine
Fingers brushing against skin
Electric impulses

No need to wash the memories of;
Bodies intwined
Kissing shoulders and sternums
(whatever has been left exposed)
this doesnt make sense
Amanda May 2018
Waking up suddenly, too early,
It is dark and only 5AM,
But I know that there is no hope,
Of drifting to sleep again.

Thinking keeps me from dreams,
Heaven in my mind,
Night drags on and on,
Without peace to find.

There is a space inside my head,
Where a filter should clearly be,
Instead I relive the hurt,
Remembering with alarming clarity.

I close aching eyes once more,
And wait for sleepy scenes to start,
No relief will come tonight,
To ease hunger of this heart.
Written 3/20/12
Alan Jimenez Dec 2017
5 am and my mind is running wild
Since a youth I've felt like a demon child
Never really understood how life worked
But I know pain and how bad it can hurt
11 hour days at my job
She mad at me because I get no days off
She's feels neglected
This is unexpected
I'm working to fix myself
But I keep her out when she wants to help
I remember 15 years old selling drugs
My past memories beginning to bug
But I can't seem to let them go
Where I'm going in life I just don't know
But I do know I'm not where I once was
Miles away but people I still don't trust
If I could I'd give you the world
Please just wait, I'll let you in, be my girl
I put up a front at the start
Because I was afraid to let you see my heart
I'm just trying to figure out who I am
I'm just trying to figure out where I stand
Because in this life you'll get lost
And people will forget you and you'll get tossed
I never had someone to believe in me
So I was blind to the different opportunities
But girl believe me you're the only one I see
**** these other girls, you're the one I want it to be
But tell me am I just convenient to you?
Am I just a toy for you?
What do you feel for me? I want to hear what's true
I feel like your just playing
But what you really feel you're not saying
And if you don't talk I'm not staying
Don't worry you won't see me crying
I'm losing my mind
I need some kind of sign
I know you're worth it
But I feel like we ain't workin
Gia Garcia Nov 2017
I hope you know that I always cheer you on from afar and always hope you're happy, look out my window saying good morning to you when I wake up, saying good night before I fall asleep, look at the horizon every sunset and pretend I'm talking to you after having a bad day.
As if you're still here, as if you never left. Thinking only our bodies are apart but not our hearts, not our souls.
Wondering if you feel it when you're out there and I'm here loving you with every bit of me that I am able to
Wondering if you see my face in heaven as often as I see your face here on earth everywhere I look
I hope you find joy, happiness, and whatever it is in life that you seek.
Even if that life you'll find is a life without me.
For Carlos, my love
Mary-Rose H Jul 2017
Five in the morning
feels fresh
and new,
as if
the world has
renewed itself
and left
the early morning air
pure and untouched
against my skin,
within my lungs.

This is air
that the events of the day
have yet to fill;
it is a blank canvas,
whispering its request
to my soul:
for art to be
designed, created,
born, and painted
across its timespan.
Written at 5 o'clock in the morning.
Brianna Feb 2017
5:07 am: a man on a bike was riding exceptionally fast along a dead street. I smiled to myself. Where had he been? where was he going? was he leaving someone? or was he returning? The beauty in the moment is that i'll never know.
I hope he gets to where he needs to go.
Brianna Jan 2017
5 am
The feeling of knowing that you will never be more awake or alive in yourself in this moment. That you can say to yourself, "I am enough, I can be enough, I will always be enough" and believe it with your entire body. That you can stand alone on an empty beach after a thunderstorm and know that at any other moment you'd be wishing that you'd have someone to share it with. But in the time where the air is crisp and the waves are so gentle they seem as if they're caressing the sand it washes upon, you know that all you really need is yourself. Your own soul. Your own peace. Your own love.

5 pm**
The feeling of knowing that you will never be more adventure-filled and spontaneous in yourself in this moment.  That you will say to yourself, "why do I have to be so ******* lonely" and feel it in the pit of stomach, in the ache of your heart and in the rambles of your head. But when the horizon is pink over the water it makes the not knowing seems less scary, like maybe you're never really meant to know - even if you think you do. *The world is yours and you are the worlds.
This is probably one of the worst things i've ever written but in this moment i don't give a ****.
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