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A freak and fruitful flower
I twirled in a frantic field of dandelions
The roots felt like the bald skin crawling on my bones
as they ****** the sunlight off of the structure of my stems
With the wisdom that the asphodels would find out
About the moment I planted myself in a hurricane last summer
He asked me to stay until the lilies grew back
Then his garden began to grow inside of me
during the spring time, and I think I must have drowned
Or maybe it was Autumn, when I found my piece of mind
I sat still long enough to allow myself to stay
If I refused to swallow the worms who ******* my tongue
If I was pure enough to drink the poison out of my vines
In a diligent essence of dignity, I might have tried
but in a clear perception of reality, I realized
I would always remain
A freak and fruitful flower
Same as I was, same as I ever would be.
Esther L Krenzin Aug 2020
not all of us were born stars
some of us were born as the darkness
in between
that exists solely for them to shine
all the brighter

Esther Krenzin
Daniserena Jul 2020
If only I wasn't such a freak then I could explore the world every day of the week.
being constantly stuck in this place I call home, I just sit and watch the other freaks roam.
all the normal people have someone to love, and I'm stuck here talking to the angels above.
maybe if I looked different I would get treated better, or pretty and famous then my fans would write me letters.
but normal is not absolutely in my inside, and I don't wanna act like something I don't define.
but it's okay to be different because different is better, whether it's pretty or not like an ugly sweater.
being a freak doesn't make you weak, being the same will always make you lame.
realize this cause this is who you are, and finding the truth isn't so far.
Zhavaed Haemaed Apr 2020
The stitch in mine
Is not like yours
A cut deep down
Into my soul
Am made of dust
From stars below
In shades I flourish
Deep dark I flow

At home I am
Inside my hull
Away from bias
Rubbed in salt
Away from dispute
Hatred immense
Inward I look
In my defense

Observer of time
A soul so old
Rivaling the titans
I stand so bold

Infuriating accession
From exterior advances
Yet trudging along
Onwards alone

I go
S Bharat Feb 2020
The Wind

She bites me
And wispers, "You're freak."
For I say her,
"You're cool" when happy.
When sad,
"You're bleak."

S. Bharat
Somewhatdamaged Feb 2020
All I see is you
Your heart stopping smile
And your never tiring glowing eyes.
All your beautiful etiquettes
And me drowning
In the twisted swirling confusion.
Nothing's clear but seems so real
Eyes shut, Dream on!

But the first thing I see
When my eyes wide open
Are the broken weak efforts
Trying to get off the bed.
I need to but I don't want to
Here I go again,
In the never ending spiral.
I am the mindless freak
The ignorant piece with nothing to feel.
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Big Top Cruisin' Freak Show Humans
Orchestrating Mass Confusion
Freedom Pleasing People Unions
Subsequently Crash Into Them,
Petrol Hoarding Leather Goblins,
Building Homes They're Paid To Rob
From Bigfoot Truthing ****** Loser
Tightrope Walking Mine Defusers.

Performers Of The Great Parade,
It's Storming Clowns On California
Pouring Bears In Maine,
Taking Stages Captivating
Trapping Kids In Lion Cages.
Uncle Sammy's Hat Is Full Of
Peanut Roasting Gophers
Toting Automatic
Pigeon Feeding
Battle Ready

We The Wild People
Take These Truths
And Hold Them Proofless,
On Glory To
We Glorious Few,
Cheering, "Circus-Circus!"
I heard you were
A freak


I'll freak
You out

The things that scare
Them other

I turn
Inside out

Let them spots
Shine in those purple

Get our freaks on
I'm always

So trust
Me when I look
You in the
Eyes and


You can't scare me
I was raised by circus clowns

You cry but I
Know how to turn
You upside

I'll show you my
Freak show
If you show
Me yours

Trapeze artist
I can
Always get
You more

New song
Hello Daisies Aug 2019
I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

I'm such a freak
I wish I could change
It's not fun in anyway
I wish the kids asked me to play

Here I stay
Lost and astray
Afraid to misbehave
I'm just a nobody slave

I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

God I'm such a loser
I cry every night
Look at me Ima fright
I got demons I can't fight

The sun doesn't give me light
I must run and hide
The kids all like to laugh
As I fall and hit the grass

I wasn't chosen last
I was never chosen at all
I wish I was ten feet tall
But I'm not interesting at all

I'm such a freak
      F r e a k

All I ever wish
Put it on Santa's list
I'm completely helpless
I can only reminisce
Other's lives

still  I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

Maybe I'd be better
Maybe I'd be clever
Maybe I'd be at peace
And not such a freak
I don't really like this or vibe with what I wrote but I was tryna write song type lyrics ? Idk
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