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If I could rewind time
The world is ours
You and me
With nobody else

Some silence
Some whispers
Some praise
And glitter in your eyes

For a while
Everything aligns
So on and so forth
It seems like a dream
Or more like a magic
Or like a home
Worth being

He/She said
Genre: Dead Romantic
Theme: All Good Things
Imagine my arms wrapped around you, holding you tight.
My lips kissing your forehead, and my hand gently touching the side
of your face.

You feel my touch and the warmth it gives you.
You smile when I say the words,"I love you."

I'll comfort you and stay by your side forever.
I'll never leave you, so please stay with me forever.

When you think of me, remember all the times that we shared
When you look at me, remember that we were always meant to be
M Grace Sep 26
I wasn't what you imagined,
but how could you know what love was
until you met her?
Tony Tweedy Sep 25
Separated by half a world but united by their dream,
Two dreamers who would be lovers share in true loves theme.
In cottage upon a hilltop among trees in blossom their love stands,
Nightly, imagine being there together whilst tightly holding hands.

Each knows of the other dreaming love half a world away
Alternating as one loves by night and the other loves by day.
Thoughts so very similar of the love they wish to share.
Knowing that only by dreaming, together can they be there.

Imagined love by day and dreamed love to ease the night,
In mind alone, things that lovers do, tells each the dream is right.
Only by dream and imagined time there in that lovers place,
Can they know the others kiss and passion born of loves embrace.

And So nightly I will go by dream to that cottage on the hill
Where again she awaits and for our love, time is standing still.
It may not be everyone's dream... but I think its pretty good.
Bede Sep 19
To re-mystify, here's what i mean:
Imagine a well planned out, ancient scene
Imagine the Druids all clothed in white
Waving their staves, a pure, wondrous sight

Can you smell the fire burning?
Can you hear the kettle turning?
Can you see the embers rising on high?

Can you hear all the chanting?
The rhythmic drum bashing?
This is what i mean: Re-Mystify!

Bring back the comradery
Of dancing round, fondly,
A fire that's meant for a king!

Take all of your friends
And tie all of your ends
May the mystical triumph ascend!
Bring back the righteous, the virtuous, the dancing ways! Even virtuous pagans can be saved, if not, we'll learn from their dances!
Mark Sep 12
It seems more like a spiritual being, than a big bang meaning
He wrote be kind, so don't go changing it, trying to convince ones mind
Who will create all your free choice in the world?
They wrote to convince ones mind, but who’ll create your choice in this world?

Why have human beings only one thought, is it because there is  only one true meaning?
While every believer with unknowing blind eyes, trying to persuade everyone else’s mind
But who’ll create all the free choice in the world?

Strangers always taught me, to be mindful of what I speak
Just hop on board and preach about, our great son the saviour
My friends always taught me, to be mindful of who to trust
Telling me, ‘To be mindful of what I speak, because it might just make peace’

Human beings are not so trusting
They tell false teachings, that convince someone’s mind
But their words are not my own
Their thoughts try to convince someone’s mind

After many sights and after many fights
The truth was on my side
But, who can deny, when it's a lie?
Their scams and plans
Because we all create free choice in the world
So listen to ones advice, just agree with your life's vice
Your life vices

They said, ‘My words would bring me down’
Then, they even screamed abuse at me
They forced on me, a holy comic book
It’s passion was felt deep down inside
So, go and create all free choice in the world, people

Strangers always taught me, to be mindful of what I speak
Just hop on board and preach, about our great son the saviour
But, the pastor never told me, I'll go to straight to heaven or hell
He's already sent his archangel, who just came to see me
Then I realised what I had to yell
This was always deep down inside
God always treated me like a long lost son

Human beings are not so trusting
They tell false teachings, that convince someone’s mind
But their words are not my own
Their thoughts try to convince someone’s mind.
annh Sep 8
Neither to imagine inarticulately the moon,
Nor to articulate unimaginatively the sun,
But to scan the celestial sphere for sublime inspiration: the poet.

‘I think our lives are surely but the dreams
Of spirits, dwelling in the distant spheres,
Who as we die, do one by one awake.’
- Edgar Saltus, Poppies and Mandragora
Twelve years a slave
I worked down my chains
Hauled off my plantation
On an underground train

Got sweat in my blood
And tears in my sweat
I paid the price-tag
I conquered my death

Magic follows me
Wherever I stand
You don't have to believe me
I am more than a man

Evolution happens
To not everyone
You can't take it
Or leave it

You can't
Try to
Outrun it

This planet is
Falling back

The Ancient's
Are speaking
The trees are
All singing
If anyone's

Preparing the way
For another
solfang Aug 28
just imagine if it was us getting old together,
just imagine if it was us getting together,
just imagine if it was us,
just imagine.
[warm up post] just imagine if I've more ideas for this.
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