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The lava that flowed down her eyes from the bottom of her soul,
Hardened to formed various shades of rough igneous rocks...

With a heart of stone she consoled herself:
"Only does he floats momentarily in this passing time like debris in the great ocean of my consciousness...
For in another time, sooner or later he would touch rock bottom...
Erasing all the paths he made in the great currents of my mind."
People leave...Drowning us in a sea of memories. Hope you all are doing well! Love and blessings❤✨
Piyush Sharma Nov 2020
I'm at the bottom of my heart,
And its so evacuated, so empty.
It's so dark and cold here,
But everything feels OKAY.
Now I'm here waiting alone,
Eager for console in my soul.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020
You want to fly
So far away

A fluttering bee
Take me too
Own way
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Be kind
Michael R Burch May 2020
Your Gift
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Counsel, console.
This is your gift.
Calm, kiss and encourage.
Tenderly lift
each world-wounded heart
from its fatal dart.
Mend every rift.
Bid pain, “Depart!”
Save every sorrow
for your own untaught heart.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020
If my priorities
Is to
Admire you
Embrace you
Hold you
Pull you
Nurture you
And strengthen you
To keep the soulful smile

Will you think of
Creating space to
Push me..
Drag me..
Drain me..
Break me..
Or self absorb
For the best of each other
Won't you reciprocate?
Holding faith
Won't you behave the same?
Can you hold the breathe?

Sincerely yours
Universal love
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Oneness
Note: I empower you, you empower me.
Randy Johnson Dec 2019
Certain people hate the Wii U, they call it a piece of crap.
But I like the game console and I think it got a *** rap.
It's no XBOX One or PS4 but it's not an abomination.
I believe it was good and that's not an exaggeration.
Yes, a few of its games do stink, especially Paper Mario: Color Splash.
When I played that game, I'd get so mad that I wanted to throw it in the trash.
Nintendo released the Switch after they axed the Wii U.
People hated the console and so it was discontinued.
I hated to see the Wii U fail, it has become another Dreamcast.
Certain people hated the Wii U and now it's a thing of the past.
Randy Johnson Sep 2019
I remember what happened 24 years ago.
I went to Walmart and bought a 3DO.
The 3DO was a video game console and it was 32 Bit.
Contrary to what some believe, it wasn't a *******.
It was almost as good as Sony's original Playstation.
I decided to buy a 3DO after some consideration.
I eventually bought the original Playstation but I bought the 3DO first.
It wasn't the greatest video game console but it certainly wasn't the worst.
It had some great games: Killing Time, Road Rash and the original Need For Speed.
But Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so terrible that it will make your eyes bleed.
I was only twenty-four years old at the time, that was half a lifetime ago.
Panasonic, Sanyo and GoldStar were the three companies who manufactured the 3DO.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2019
At the age of 10,
I enter a world manipulated by a smooth console
with knobs to weave myself into a different skin
level up with every ****,
and move with a certain skill.
At the age of 12,
I open a world stacked on my shelf.
Some world lying there parched like the desert,
accumulating dust and letting its texture fray away.
Whereas some lie there with their syllables
paving roads to adventure
and intoxicating the air with its tropic odor.
At the age of 14,
I scroll myself into another world;
where vision is pixelated
and lighting is perfect.
Instagram and Snapchat are the societies that exist,
ranking your position with the followers you keep.
Endorphins are the taps you receive
and filters are what you apply before you leave.
At the age of 16,
I pick up the VR goggles
and sleep under lucid rainbows
and a different constellation.
Everything is under my control,
the timezone;
a stimulation that feels so real.
At the age of 18,
I meet people of different hues,
discovering new worlds in them.
With different nations weaved on their skin,
and composition of carbon, nitrogen, spice and sweet ever so different in them.
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
Once upon a time
I came into this world
Where I've made bad decisions
and wrong choices.
Where I don't like everything.
Where everything's different
than my expectations.
Where my strength seemingly
lost beneath the shadows of my soul.
Where I had trusted the
wrong people once again.
Where everything I do,
I am at loss.
I find myself standing no where.
I cannot achieve my dreams
So, I have to dare myself.
Dare myself to dream.
To fly high and high
in the starry sky.
I have to stand again
to make a change in my life.
I have to let the colors of
my heart take command
that " Yes, this time I will. "
I have to paint myself in a picture,
where I am nourishing my soul.
Where I am reaching my dreams.
Opening up my heart
and letting go all
the sorrows and grief
from the past one year I have endured.
Closing my eyes
and searching for self love
which can make my soul glow.
Telling myself once again
that everything starts with me.
One warm hug can make me
full of life and energy
to appreciate myself more
for all those mistakes
I have made.
I found myself reflecting
on the memories of the past.
And I wish I could hold my broken self
in my shattered hands.
Strengthen myself and
wash away my all fears,
Give the world around me
peace and happiness.
So, my innerself can once again know
that I still have time for
the breaths I have yet to take.
For all those unwrapped memories,
I still have to unfold.
For those passions, secrets and dreams
I have yet to discover.
I have strength in me for all
the new adventures of my life.
I know, destiny is strange with
its twists and turns.
I've learned that I still have to
learn a lot.
Again, I am going to live this day
like the first time.
I make promise to myself
that I will make the most
of the moments again and again.
Maybe I will mistakes again
for the first time.
But I will smile,
I will feel hurt and cry old tears.
I will try for myself again.
I will pray to ALLAH for
guiding me on they right way.
After the completion of every year
On a special day of my birthday.
I will write something again to
encourage myself for the next year.
I will write some words to
heal my injured soul
with the bruises of last year.
I will console my soul.
The birthday girl
on her birthday will
appreciate her soul
and gather courage
to complete one year more
with the words " In Sha Allah"
on her lips.
The best gift I always give myself on my birthday is a poem written to me by myself.
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