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Man to man, takes a bullet through hand.
Woman to woman, steals the knife of a lover
and stabs it into the chest of open fires...
I can smell and taste the fresh atmosphere of dead ashes across the sudden hot pavement in the midst of dismay.
Lovers die and some people cry, isn't that what we are here for?
Angry faces and sounds of a click, click, click that make you think,
who are we and what are we here for?
Time's of change, ****** fingers stretch across the horizon in the open meadows of the blazing hot fire of evil fortresses.
Look into my EYES and tell me that you SEE ME
Of all anguish and pride into all that we breathe the sun of fire of an evil temptress.
The King wears a Crown
and the Devil sits amongst the thrown where he can stomp his ******* feet into the muddy waters of hell and sin...
Strying Jul 2021
I often look up at the television
seeing heroes like the black widow,
and warriors like blodreina,
and I want to have this power,
but a society with people like this cannot function.

These people inflict so much pain on civilians,
that they would never be allowed to exist,
in reality.

Hidden under the depths,
they may be discovered,
but killers and the innocent cannot coexist,
despite needing each other to survive.
I really look up to Natasha from the new Black Widow movie. So proud of the actress for getting her own movie finally, but the character itself is amazingly strong and loving. Part of me wishes I grew up to be someone that strong, despite knowing how terrible her childhood was and how much pain she was forced to inflict.
Purcy Flaherty Aug 2019
Freedom dies with you!
What are you fighting for ?

This is your generation people,
I'm begging you; don't go to war.

Freedom dies with you!
you can't fight for peace!

I'm begging you, don't go to war.

Not in the name of liberation!

Not in the the name of humanitarianism!

Not in the name of freedom!

Not in the name of free trade!

I'm begging you: Don't go to war!
Wars are fought for resources thats all !
There's blood in your oil !
Colm Jul 2019
My anthem struck me like a chord
When a Willow tree become a whip

As a leaf I'd yet to be truly born
Into the confidence of another tune

It was The Killers first who slew my fear
Who called my snapping hand a whisp

With a firey, crackling, flailing hiss
My anthem, adrenaline, I'm in love with you
Open up your eager eyes
Orchid Jun 2019
Pity me from the angel's eyes,
Whose teardrops shine in a selfish pry,

Whiskey in a Mug, that earthly feel,
Wrenched from the bone off the Amazon eel,

Led into a hive, Bumblebees roar
Brunettes being leftย dancing with a hacksaw,

Born on Broadway, let them scream "Fantastica"
Pictured for suicide, yet only a massacre.
underestimated Dec 2018
They **** your brain
And your heart
And they make your kids feel like
You don't love them anymore
That's just the cold heart truth...
At once you feel it, stop, perform an about turn
Something behind you, into your back its eyes burn
You shiver and shake, rub the hairs on your arms
No-one there, but the goose bumps, the sweat on your palms

Carry on walking, swift, humming out loud
Desperate now to find yourself deep in a crowd
You are sure you can hear it, a breath, a refrain
Who is, who follows you home once again

It has happened before, in fact quite a few nights
A shadow appears in the glow of streetlights
It is gone by the time you shuffle up, when you dare
Whereโ€™d it go, did I see it, was it even really there

Put it down to exhaustion, a trick of your mind
The tiredness, the *****, the crap daily grind
The work, family, stress it is driving you mad
Makes you see things not there, youโ€™re so ****** sad

We all have our demons, horrors, creatures run wild
Dreamed up monsters weโ€™ve nurtured since we were a child
But monsters donโ€™t exist here, bold, out in real life
They are fantasies, just stories, imaginations run rife

Silly idiot, youโ€™re stupid, get a sodding grip
And you laugh at your crazy as you feel yourself trip
Something was there, it got you, hear a grunt or a bark
It drags you kicking and screaming deep into the dark
A little bit of pseudo-scary fluff for Halloween
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