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rig Feb 11
meg j. chu, f, six-two; qz: park blvd. ny.

wyx, ph: v – strangled iq f/ muck jobz.

clef: vr. zygo-jab w/ u, q-pid, k? thnx sm.

cob jigsaw v. pretz’l funk – my hq x’d.

pangrəm – hub: wolf’d; sticky: j q v x z.
pangram - a sentence or expression that uses all the letters of the alphabet.
perfect pangram - the same but with only 1 of each letter, a to z.
(im)perfect pangram - sometimes i like to cheat, it's fun.
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
Ambitious you are,
By god's grace!
Courageous and contagious,
Dearly and divine,
Eager to see you,
Fly to me sooner!
Get all that you want,
Hurry my dear.
Ignite our spirits,
Just don't restrain,
**** our egos,
Let love prevail.
Mend the broken,
Nurture the needy,
Open your arms and
Pave way to your soul.
Quench our thirst of knowledge
Rest is up to the god,
Send him our message
Tell him that we need you.
Unique you are,
Very different from others
World's creator,
Xenophobic we are
You are our angel
Zealous and take us to zenith!
Travis Kroeker Jan 2020
As armed ants advance
Beautifully beyond blasted borders,
Crazed caterpillars create
Demoralizing defenses
Engineered effectively.
Fiery fights form
Gracefully. Gleaming gear
Hints hardily
In ill-prepared insect incisors.
Jowls juice. Just
Keep killing. Keep killing.
Lordly lust leaps, leading
Maniacal maggots mercilessly.
Not nearly neat nature now. Nasty new-horror negates
Original order. Overlords order;
Paternal pressure pokes
Quills quintessential,
Reaching re-riled responders. Rest rowdily royal
Slaves. Soon shrill sounds shout silently. Sun-break signals
Too-terrifying travesty
Under umbrella’d
Vulcanism. Voracious vulgarities
Wrap war wistfully whilst
Xeroxed Xanadus
Yearn yearlong. Yawing
Zephyrus’ zeppelin: zephyrs zoom zilched zealots.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Abundant Blessings Continue,
Descending Endlessly From God.
Happy Is Jesus, King Like Melchizedek,
Nary Other Potentate, Qualified Ransom,
Savior Triumphant, Universal Victor.
Wholeheartedly Express Your Zeal!
5/18/2018 - Poetry Form: ABC Poem - In this example, a poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. The first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. ("Express" phonetically represents the "X") - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Mark Toney Oct 2019
A Baby Cries,
Demanding, Emphatic,
Forming, Growing,
Having Intelligence, Joy, Kindness, Love.
Mounting Neuroses, Outrageous Propaganda,
Quickly Remove Simple Truth,
Unleashing Violence- Wanton, Xenophobic.
Youthquake Zeitgeist!
4/24/2018 - Poetry form:  ABC Poem
A poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet.  The first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. - Copyright © 2018 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
maggie W Dec 2018
I don't wanna kiss you under the mistletoe
Cause I only know you for two months and you're a Jewish boy,

I like talking to you about things, ABCDEFG
I'm not as complicated as you think
Nor is affection or feelings as you claimed it to be

Talk to me just like you're singing one two three
Politics, trade wars and tariffs
Don't talk to me about numbers or statistics
I only wanna get lost in your water blue eyes as you speak

No, I won't interrupt you this time
I will let you speak
Take off your blazer and ties
I will make you some veggie dish

Don't talk to me about Hanukkah, figures and power point slides
Why don't you push all the writings aside
I'll light your Menorah and make you mine
Take off my dress and get naughty not nice

Talk to me about the things I wanna hear
Things that's as easy as ABC
One two three
Shanah Tovah/Hallelujah
Kiss me till it stings
Hey Ross I wanna make out with you again
Sketcher Nov 2018
Actually feeling like death is better,
Better than letting her borrow my sweater,
Cold but she needs the warmth more and pleasure,
Doesn’t come easy when we’re talking Heather,
Endlessly flowing love has nowhere to go,
Fire and water that will burn and will flow,
Getting pain and repose all in one blow,
How do you regulate love? no one knows,
Infidelity fills the atmosphere,
Just like how the mug and all of your beer,
Kills you over time quickly drawing you near,
Little voices, the insanity premier,
More drugs to drown the drastic discomfort,
No way you know how much I have suffered,
Open the blinds but keep emotions covered,
Painfully black and white out the colors of,
Quirky emotions that fall off the shelf,
Remind yourself that nobody can help,
So you end up understanding that the self,
Tortures you and you can’t blame anyone else,
Under pressure and stress twenty-four seven,
Violence seeping out pores till’ I’m deafened,
Woke-wise so I won’t make it to heaven,
Xenophobe so no change cause depression,
Yields surprising results in the face of,
Zipped up introverts in the place of poets.
My first ABC poem.
abecedarian Jul 2018
~explaining light to the blind~

~for Suzy~

the insanity of even attempting

who among us, the sighted,
has the capability to clarify
an animate inanimate,
an untouchable invisible,
that can be folded, bent,
travel universes unseen
at its own chosen speed,
even to another sighted

and to the blind...

imagine then light
as something that
be recognized from the inside only with
in- sight

~think of the continuum from
warmth to steel furnaced heat,
that is an element of what is light,
the sun cheek kissing, the furnace of chests
when you grasp another’s body first time

think of light as water,
the faucet spigot a measured pouring,
that can overshoot, the stream behind the house,
a toe tickling masseuse caress,
a dam’s waterfall endless crashing,
a sea, wave licking sudden raging dangerous

blend these sensations that belong to all,
and you’ll know light better than most,
indeed, light is for those who cannot vision
except from the inside with a sight that can be
touched, felt, imagined, and which the sightless
command better than us ordinary thoughtless

indeed light is as simple to understand as
which you have never seen, but creates the words
that we all
even share
MsRobota Jun 2018
Black roses scattered along blank pages
Coffee cup is half-empty and in need of a refill
Dawn is about to break, but I haven’t slept
Flowers placed by the window are wilting
Goodbye, let’s continue tomorrow
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