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The Last few days felt so strange
shut myself away from the outside
world just didn't want to see just
couldnt face these past few

So I wrapped a blanket of dreams
around me and there I stayed for
five days and nights drifting from
dream to dream

Happy to just stay wrapped
up In my dreams of yesterday deep
In thoughts of one time sweetheart
Helen been passed a year

And I've lost her but I'm still asking
why was she taken from me far to
early In life far to young to die that
the way It felt she was stolen from
Helen always feel this cruel jealous world stole Held her from me because can't stand people being happy
Sketcher Feb 7
Okay... see... I really like this girl and I've liked her for a while. She's a silly type of girl that would go the extra mile for any guy that might want *** from the forest to the tile. They might seem as sweet as can be, but they turn out to be vile. There's this one ****** guy who's only nice perk was his smile. He got her pregnant last year and she's about to have a child. I guess this was bound to happen, cause she's that type of wild that would get married at 18 and then immediately file for divorce in the courts, of course this would happen. While I'm studying the art of pickup, she gets sitting on his lap and then he might decide to stick his **** up and start clappin, cause I was never able to man up and I was too scared tap in. I guess my major hiccup was my constant state of rapping. Where has poetry ever even gotten me. Just a hobby while I'm stuck in this secluded monotony. I just hope one day I can say someone spotted me. In the meantime I'll be a lonely poet in the club of 'Forgoten Thee'.
I wish there was a word beyond “sad”
Because three letters cannot capture
The way my heart breaks and bends every time you enter my mind
Adolescent abstract thought

We discover a plane of subjective reasoning beyond our adolescence

One filled with abstract ideals we struggled to grasp within our infancy


To what do I owe this Divine pleasure

We should explore this at our leisure


Left dumbfounded by a previously dormant state of mind

Hysterically excited

Meadows of intangible priceless objects

Share this
Cherish this

Upon the meadows are wavy seas of love, trust, and hate


Through age we find the capability to comprehend these new concepts

What a gift

The indescribable amount of wonder and freedom it provides is to intense to fully comprehend

Still I choke on one idea


Which fills me with jealousy as much as it does with hope and desire

I want to feel that
I want to share that

A social illness would consume me if I were to admit that


Being alone isn't strong. Fear of alienation has brought this idea to fester.


Intimacy is alien. Connection is weakness. So ****.

False fulfillment

Left alone but together afterwards.


Shared fear of understanding real love. Our age enables the understanding of the abstract idea of this concept


To love is to ****. Connection is to ****. Intimacy is to ****

All this leaves you is ******.

Just utterly

This goes off of feelings toward the fact that we begin to understand abstract ideas during and after adolescence.
eva-mae Jan 25
mary jane has taken you away from me
you're so obsessed with the sensation
of breathing her in
it seems you have forgotten the feeling
of my lips, my hair, my embrace
in place of what you perceive as a better

mary jane has taken you away from me.
the people who love could never
love as intensely as she
caresses your senses, changes the tense
in which you think
do you think about me at all anymore?
see if you will tell
that i haven't been doing well.
Bettlejuice Jan 22
My heart wants to let go
My mind just can't
And you're not helping

My heart breaks everytime
You show less to me
And more to others
My mind keeps locking
My heart away
Because of how you make us feel
Because you do
No matter how much I'll deny it
Or try to stop it
Something is happening
Inside of me

You're confusing
Jealous maybe
Or curious?
You're not helping me
Jade Jan 19
I’m jealous of the way they have your attention
I’m jealous of the way they smile with you
I’m jealous of the way they laugh
I’m jealous of the happiness you give them
I’m jealous of they way people make you a person
I’m not jealous of someone
I’m jealous of something
Something they have
Noah Jan 17
I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that you get I love you texts from your mom for no apparent reason.
or that your dad makes funny but loving tweets about you often.
or that your sister is still living and breathing and thriving.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that you come home to a full fridge and pantry.
to a dog whose treated well but not adored more than you.
to working lights and ceilings that don't look like they're gonna fall again.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that your mom wants to go on a road trip to tour colleges with you.
that your dad will buy you instruments and play guitar with you every night.
that your sister wrote a play based on you.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that you can not only afford but expect fancy sheets and blinds and rugs.
that your mom will still let you crawl back into bed at night if you have a nightmare.
that she'll do your laundry or dishes if you're having a bad day and she'll make you hot cocoa.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that your parents don't guilt you for needing therapy.
that your parents aren't ashamed to talk about you because you got a A- instead of an A.
that your parents don't avoid talking about you to your friends now that you're out.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that your parents take your side over your families.
that you've never thought about what you would do if you got kicked out.
that you don't have to plead to get your parents to call you the right name and pronouns.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that you don't have to prove your worth to your parents with grades and sucess.
that love is more common than shame at your house.
that you aren't just the kid they had because the first one died.

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous that you've never had to struggle with money.
that you've seen your mother proud of you for something other than an eating disorder.
that you aren't treated as a burden.

I'm not jealous.
I swear, I'm not jealous.
Its just that I would give anything to have parents who weren't jealous of other parents with "good" kids.
at least I get to move out in three years. my parents **** yayyyy.
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