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1923 Feb 16
started a revolution

to make the sun jealous

and it felt like redemption

to watch her sweat
Sydney Dec 2022
It was just you and me
Happy and free
Until she came
You were not the same
Now, all I feel
Is jealousy
Eyithen Apr 2022
Why do we distort beauty?
Beauty can be power, but it can also be a burden
I never understood, but now I do

When we are not bestowed with it,
We cage it by any and all means possible
We mock those who lack it and hate those who have it

Green monsters rise in us
We blur the pure with cold blacks and angry reds
We blame them while we try to be them
I suppose jealousy is a fickle thing

In the stories of old, they say one is blessed with beauty
To gain the admirable attention of others,
How it must feel to be dotted on

But then comes the curse
Of having too much attention
Of getting the wrong attention
Of being objectified and not respected
Of being catcalled in the streets and attempting to ignore crass comments and rude remarks.

Like the attention
Don't like the attention
To be called beautiful is such a nice thing
Until it's not.
birdy Apr 2022
Your eyes oscillate towards her when we speak.
CJ Jan 2022
It is normal to be in a relationship
enjoy the company of each another
be there for one another
co-exist with your love

but It's not normal to be around them
I'm suffering from every sweetness
breaking from each affection
dying from other's love

I don't wanna survive in this world
where I am a beggar of love
a sucker for woman
and a history of failure

I just don't want to feel anymore
this emotion of injustice
that I can't different
If I am lonely or am I just jealous
I hate having to be around people of even numbers, When I am the only odd one out...
Sage Dec 2021
Why do I feel like writing poems has to be so deep?
Why can't I just type about sun shining on a leaf?
But no, my heart cries out to describe
this dark and lonely feeling inside.

Maybe I just need to work on me,
I can't seem to explain why I'm full of jealousy.
And even though you're my closest friend.
You're the one person I can't tell about my thoughts of the end.

You're with him and I feel left in the dust.
But feeling happy and smiling for you is a must.
I never want you to see this green side of me
but one day this side might be the only side to see.

I will try my best, to hold myself back,
because for you, I will take on any attack.
It's been a while since I was here, hasn't it?
Jake Oct 2021
I’m sorry I wasn’t better for you.
I was selfish.
I wanted to feel loved,
And I thought of you as my possession.
Love and ownership are not the same.
You were not mine to control.
Being with you was a privilege,
And I took advantage of it.
I won't make that mistake again.
The next time someone gives me their love,
I won’t waste time questioning it.
I’ll accept that love.
And then finally,
I'll truly reciprocate.
JR Oct 2021
I am a possessive creature
I am held together by passion
Fear me when I am mad
Love me when I am motivated
I am a jealous creature
I will love you to the moon and back
Break me and I will be vengeful
Kiss me but touch no other
Not one stroke
Not one glance
I want my name tattooed on your heart
Because yours is burned in my brain
I am a possessive creature but so are you

I don't know. I just started writing and then this came out. When I was writing, I was inspired by the show You. Enjoy it and think what you must.
TheSanguinary Sep 2021
A stinging sensation
Similar to that of a bunch ats having their way with you
A burning unscramble itch
Simlar to that of a couple bee stings
The uncontrollable feeling of anger
Like acid meet metal
Fumes and bubbles
Smoke everywhere
Ready to ignite watever comes close
This burning hot feeling
This uncontrollable yearning for something that someone has
Could it be?

An ordinary morning
Noise everywhere
Not wanting to get out of bed
An errie feeling crept up to me
Like a sense of dejavu
Telling to stay down
Dont get up
It felt like a thousand bugs
Crawling under my skin
Wat i opened my eyes to
Is this the reason why u shouldn't check your phone in the mrng?
Could this feeling be wat i think? could be it
But why
I hve no reason to be
We never had anything to begin with
Then why does my heart feel like this
Like a rag doll..... bound in twine
Untill the thread is almost cutting in
Then like a yoyo
Thrown around only to come back to the thrower to be thrown again
Like a soccer ball being passed around teammates
Only for the striker to give it a more powerful kick
Every second i looked
The string got tighter
And as i closed my eyes in thought
I could taste blood in my mouth
What irony
My head laughed
But only the sound of gritting teeth could be heard
As i endured the tugs froms my hrt
Yes this was it
Its the conclusion i came to
Yes indeed
It was jealous
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