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Some time's my heart is made of stone
and some days blood drips down it like
a rose petal falls off it's stems in the
middle of a hot summer night.

I get days where i'm filled with
anger, jealousy and then
grieve myself
within until the morning
Just for once, why isn't it me?

Is there a curse, lying beneath the earth,
or is it just me living alone in a life
where everyone seems to be free.
Sometimes my heart turns to cold stone, when the core ignites, my night fills with a hurtful site.
Page wasn't a sage
He wrote a blank page
Oceans for him were lakes
His page more than a book
Inanity made him smile
The Sun envied the shine
Page wasn't a sage
Petrified of his putrefaction
He wrote a blank page
Oceans for him were lakes
His page more than a book
He stood on the stage
Petrified of his putrefaction
Audience ran away to escape
The stench
The pleasant fragrance
Page thought he emanates
Page wasn't a sage
He wrote a blank page
Estelline Jun 15
Why talk to me
And say I’m cool
Just to leave me be
Thinking I was just a fool
To think you’d care
Just like before I must of
Slipped up somewhere

I’m not perfect
But I try more than others know
And it’s not easy
To be so insignificant
(you could have said hi)
It creates a burning feeling inside
I wish I could cut it out
Even if it’d mean I’d die

What should I do?
I’ll just remain here
Maybe one day it’ll end
Or be too much for me
And I’ll end it myself.
Cold indifference
Jealous of your frozen heart
How you don't feel things
Why cant I be like you?
Dawn Jan 26
Insecurity is a fast acting disease.
Pouring into every cell,
thickening the lens,
distorting view.
Erupt in jealousy,
tension fills the chest, breathing deep feels sharp.

Pick at their flaws,
make them feel small, tempt them to inch down to your level.
Do what you can, in every desperate attempt,
But the self disgust still radiates off your skin.

The unjustified hatred will
consume you,
convince you,
that you truly are the victim.

But it is merely a sickness that will eat you away.
Juno Dec 2020
This pit of jealousy has grown too deep.
I lash out at the walls but i only hurt myself in the process,
and as i sink lower, deeper;
I feel my friends stand on rising mountains.
my childhood was so sheltered i’ve grown behind everyone else in many things, and it seems everyone thinks me a toddler because of it.
Juno Dec 2020
Silver rings
lined with gold.
High heeled boots,
fancy coat.
It seems that you have everything but i know it can’t be true.

Brand new phone;
shiny case.
House such a
dreamy place.
I turn away and act like i’m not so jealous of you.

I’ve been content in my small home.
My few possessions, outdated phone.
But to compare our lives is strange to me;
your brand clothes and my hand-me-down hoodie.
I just hope you’re aware of your money.
maria Dec 2020
when I first met you
you were like
and I was like
Not happening
You were like
I don't care
And I was like
Why don't you
When you talked
to other girls
I was a boiling volcano
And then
I was a maybe
And you
were like
try me

and -again-
idiot me
I never did
Too scared to admit

I'm definitely a strong
You are
a fair
Losing chances when they're right and realising it when time moves on and so does relationships.

Dedicated to the most passionated feelings I had for someone

Written on December 23, 2020
© ,Maria
lua Dec 2020
my hands bled
small red crescent moons
etched deep into my palms
that drip onto my lap
when i watch
                 i    c a n ' t    s a y    i t
and i breathe
spelling out your name
across my skin
in goosebumps
but my blood goes cold
and boils too hard
bubbling into my temples
popping in my brain
a banging
a raging
my vision goes red

and yet.
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