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When I think of life,
I see an empty canvas ready to be painted upon,
or open blank pages that are waiting to be written on.
A baby is born, their first words in a book say;
"where am I?"
"what is this world"
"this is so cool"
or some babies have an anxiety
"bring me back into mothers womb?"
"I' am scared, what is this?"
But as you say, they do not know how to speak our language, maybe not by tongue but in their little cubicle minds...they have a language we once understood then only time could tell....
When I think of life,
I see empty pages and canvases waiting to be spilled onto,
but some art dusty and rusty, gone through 0-100 and have no space left but to die and leave it to the rest, because all those pages have been fulfilled.
Life carries on, into the next barrier of a woman's womb...and that is truly where the first page starts, or the first speck of paint draws...into the ****** of a fruitful woman most babies will call their mother.
Life and death
TomDoubty Apr 13
Unmoved everything is leaden
My thoughts are dry
Striving like a ship in a bladderwrack sea
My vanity is death to creativity

Give me lonesome insanity
And the truth in delirium dreams

Give me  truth that hammers in torrents
At the warped deck

Give me truth that seeps and runs
To the lowest point

Truth that  opens clouds
Rolls back seas
Revealing slime-rock ****-whipped  me

Give me the humming in the womb
The beating in the drum
That settled in my ancestor’s ear

Distant sounds, drawing near

Colorful balloons, chilly sunny sphere. Princess  lady Temi Otedola rebirth, ➕ 1⃣ today. She made it through the womb to a billionaire life. Chosen and heavenly elected. Happy Birthday Teddy mama, here are mine wishes to you. A salubrious happy filled life of peace. Happy Birthday mama Teddies.
Belated Birthday Wishes

Goes out to Temi Otedola,
Femi Otedola's daughter.
neth jones Nov 2020
Sound of the generator
Weak light leaves the bulb
Fed into the darkness
I calm my timid heart
; 'womb-womb—womb-—womb'
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Born to a mother's holy womb
Living body romps and romps
With spirit dead
At night sleeping in a tomb
Thinking someone would come
Worshipping Tom, **** and Harry
Of mother's holy womb
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
A character
In Hindu Mahabharat
Learnt a great deal
In his mother's womb
Learned and adroit
He came out
I thought it was a myth
I turned out to be a poor blacksmith
Evidence there
Some poets learnt poetry
In mother's womb
When they came out
There was boom boom boom
I look for words, ideas, stimuli
Quotes, poems, stories
Of other people
Try to express
In my own words and style
Things said time and again
Ever since thousand
Years ago
You can't change
The basic concept
Decorate it with
Your own style and words
Adding new dimensions
Hitherto unobserved
I often wonder
Am I in a monkey business?
Coleen Mzarriz Sep 2020
When I was born,
I was dead
In her womb I was bloodless.
It was Saturday,
and the moon is full.

Summer nights
became a desert
the child in me
was a gatekeeper.
All that was left,
'til now I was dead.

I grew apart
and my heart has swollen
'tis now I found I was fallen
oh, my heart bleeds for me
when will I not be forsaken?

It was tingling
the music of a bell
is my time here short?
The child in me grew apart.
All that was left,
gone by a swift of a wind.

Tomorrow might be
the last breath I breathe
'til now I was dead
in the hearse I am alive.

By the striking of the moon, gone of me was the child in her womb.
Writing this makes my heart calm for a bit. Writing is such a healing place for all writers. I hope you write one today.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2020

Body of the sea
All life swims about her womb
Don't lash her fury

New day, new haiku!
Still not feeling so great but I want to keep writing. I apologise for the inactivity.
I'm working on some free verses too. I'll let you all know when it's about to drop.
This haiku is for Thalassa, the primordial goddess of the seas.
She gave birth to the Telkhines, the four sea gods. They were also said to be warlocks and blacksmiths as well. Thalia was also the mother of the sea-nymph, Halia. This goddess was said to personify the very Mediterranean Sea and was a figure in Aesop's stories.

Being that her 'body is the sea', this poem is a reference to motherhood as well. For in her womb, various types of life, known and unknown.
And we as human begins defile her body with *******...
So sad...

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Please take care of yoursels and stay safe!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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