Celeste Briefs Dec 2017

The infant Earth
Ripens in Her womb
Warmth of connection,
Sigh of full birth,
A crystal drop of moon
That night she did consume

Laid out upon
Her bed of dreaming flowers,
Legs spread apart, in openness,
Giving and receiving,
With each calm, awakening hour,
From the eternal canals of Her love

Her breasts were full
Of milk and glowing ashes
Of long-remembered stars,
Combined to form
The sweet mixture of vitality
She freely gave to all Her daughters
With Love and overflowing bliss

Her long, flowing hair
Whispered in the wind
She'd woven for us,
Glistening as the sunlight
Kissed Her head,
Smiling down upon
The new-born babe
She held securely in Her arms,
Eyes full of wonder,
She laughed and Her laughter was the rain
And as Her child
Suckled Her ever-burning heart,
The sun faded into Moon and Stars
In Her eyes,
And the twilight sky sang an evening song,
The trees held out their arms
To hold their overflowing dreams,
And the earth held Mother and Child
In its arms
As the Goddess lay down
And closed her eyes
To sleep.

Mark Wanless Dec 2017

"Wet Green Rock"

The wet green rock
That is our world
Floats round and round
A flaming torch
That sends its rays
Through cold dark space
To warm the air and land
And thus is formed
The womb and tomb
In which we live
Our mortal days
And pained we dream
Of other realms
To lay beyond this sphere

Diána Bósa Nov 2017

Only imagined the moving,
dreamed the breathing
for I was walled up alive
beneath the body of life,
its womb was my tomb,
its stasis was my shroud,
yet, my immurement
is come to an end now, though,
for I can witness the rising
of the dark harvest moons
under your eyes.

Eleanor Webster Nov 2017

Take me back
Where all is muffled
Lights filtered through meshed pink
Harsh sounds of existence slurred
Safe from harm

Ophelia, drowning in flowers
Escape a world I don't understand
Mottle my fingers I cannot see
Where I begin and the air ends

I wish to be this close to you again
Connected by a cord
That can never really be cut
Feed knowledge and experience
Into a pre-natal brain
Etch your wisdom into whorls
Thicken the pads on my fingers
Envelop me
The beginning and the end of my universe
My Dôn
Is it any wonder I cried when I left?

Take me back to a time before language
The only foetal words I know
Are the drum bass of my universe
I am, I am, I am,
And soon I will echo your confident staccato
I am, I am, I am

I wrote this for my mother when I was going through a really rough time. She's the one person who always knows what to say, and always stands by me. I'm eternally grateful for her.
Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017

Yes ! I am a girl
And I have a monthly guest
It comes without any messages ,without phone calls
Just with the flow of pain
Always endures me
I get lots of gifts
ache in bloatted belly
breaking back
Death hanging in the waist
pimples blush at the cheeks
Yeah ! I have periods
Red petals stain
in my beautiful white dress
like a bouquet of roses
These cease pains garden my womb
To be a  perfect clock
without tick tock and bell
But runs for  nine month
Just to change
bloody sperm into a baby...

Being a girl is a bless with a free gift called pain .

In darkness I slide
No fear and tension, for her
Womb's my fortress

Haiku - 69

Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017

I am in a womb
Please! Do not wake me up to
The horrors of life

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
Bongani Sibanyni Sep 2017

We use to ask each other with smiles in our faces
"What do u want to be when U grow up?"
Today we have grown up, look what we have become.

Just pray to be buried in graduation gown,
To be mined liked treasures,

Our dreams were made of closed fists
Made strong gold,
Today they made of decomposing fabric.

I have implanted dream in my girlfriend’s womb,
Dream will make you of himself after 9 months.

Celeste Briefs Sep 2017

I make love with Her
I am in love;
I am consumed by Her
I am dead;
I am conceived within Her womb
I am at Peace;
She delivers me into New Life
I am reborn

My Lover
My Death
My Mother
My Rebirth
My Goddess

Celeste Briefs Aug 2017

Like an infant in a womb
I swim in my safety
Glass bubbles and faces
Exploding all around me
So I close my eyes
Pretending that it's night
Still clinging to the residue
Of a love I once thought true
Am I a complex enigma
Or an intricate simplicity?
Signals of water droplets
Fall within the extraordinary
Subduing the beating fire
Raging in my soul

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