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Dream Fisher Apr 21
There's spiders crawling up my back
They walk beneath my skin
Following my veins as tracks
If I give in to the itch and scratch,
They'll only go deeper down it seems
In a whack-a-mole, I'll never win
There's no cut to end the scene
A T virus living within me
Too young for this vaccine.

There's a dagger digging in my side
Giving a twist every five minutes or so
As hard as I've tried, I can't remove it
For a few weeks then I guess it resides
I don't know if they can tell me
Why I always throw dice and end up
With such luck of drawing snake eyes
But they seem to be on the slither
Scaling quickly up and down my spine

There's a room that's been spinning a bit,
A headache for days that just won't quit,
I'm losing focus and maybe you noticed
But I'm trying hard not to throw a fit.
I'm anxious and truly I don't wish to mingle,
I'm twenty - six and I have the shingles
And my roof is leaking a bit.
bk Apr 18
My last lover left a bitter taste in my mouth.
It is something I cannot quite ignore.
Oh lover, why did you leave me like this?
You have made my lips sore.

My last lover did not know my heart is of paper.
He did not care one bit.
He tore it and now I have a cut.
Man, it hurts like ****.

My last lover let go of my hand.
He let me fall.
He left a void in my palms.
Who am I supposed to call?

My last lover did not treat me right.
But you put me above.
This does not feel like last time.
Wow, could this be love?

What I write
Whenever I write
Your memories start eating me.
Loved you when you were broke
Eased you when you were sore.
Existed through all the infliction
To make you an addiction.

Too solicitous to behold you
Well that’s the path I’ve travelled through.
Endured enough with utmost tolerance
That I Can ever take your absence.
Loved you when you were broke!!
Kirsten Hunt Jan 6
Tell me your pain.
I'll show my scars.

I am my own problems.
Every break and sore.

I won't deny my thoughts of death.
They have become me.
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
Insomnia leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
How is it that I am tired to the core
and sleep evades me another night?

The sun rises, as do I.
I'm so tired all the time now
Everyone asks whats wrong,
and I don't even think before I use the automated reply,
"I'm fine"
But am i really fine?
I truly don't know anymore....
I'm to tired to even care about my own well being.
Am I the only one?
I sure feel like it......
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