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blackbiird May 27
i still taste your sticky sweet nectar on
my lips from the time you released your
seed onto my perfect *******,
then you traced your fingertips onto
my precious flower and tasted my sweet honey, watching  it drip from your fingertips
as you plastered your mark into my sweet flower--
my breathing becoming shallow from the sensations, thoughts scattered , close to the threshold before a beautiful release of ecstasy .
A perfect deflowering carved into my memory.
Darryl M May 9
Reminiscing on your lips.
Hallucinating on your *******.
Seizures on your ******.
A mind in a maze,
Finding direction in the Land of Heat.

Your body on my body,
What more can our bodies want?

Open your eyes, look at me.
Can you still see me?
Stare at the fantasy,
Hallucinate on the pleasure,
Remember it’s real.

Fear no corner,
Hit the right spot.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th September 2018 [17:20 PM]
Beautiful Wide Spread
Darryl M May 9
The innocence in her eyes,
The fear in her talks,
She knows I crave for her,
She knows I want it,
But she remains on a shutdown.

Up her inner thighs I want to go,
But there’s something about my touch
she’s sceptical about.

Allow me in,
Let me love you…

I haven’t even begun,
If I was to go deeper,
It’ll end with you biting the sheets.

For a man’s pride lies in being sexually required.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 24th September 2018 [16:00 PM]
Enough, yet too much
mikumiku Jul 2018
Don’t release your *******
Just release my single
I don’t think it’s stunning
When that thing is jingle
******* taste like Pepsi-Cola
******* taste like Marabou
See a ***** – I say hola
Eat that thing like caribou
Karisa Brown Mar 2018
Let me choke you
A few more times

I slapped his ****
Across my cheek
Held it in my mouth
And did it again

Oh you nasty little girl
You love daddy's ****
Don't you

Suction your head
And make a loud pop
As I come off

Finger up your *** now
Spit and slide lips round and down
Pumping finger in and out

Cupping your ***** like a ring
******* you
Till I scream
Now get every last drop
Mmmm that's right
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