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Jupiter Aug 31
we were bestfriends instantly,
it took me just seconds to choose you,
and only a minute to realize,
id do anything to never lose you.

from our first conversation,
right up to our very last,
i loved you every second,
but our love is in the past.

ill never forget your secrets,
or how wed lay together to rest,
i wont forget your hugs,
or how wed share our every waking breath.

its very tragic how you left me,
you promised you never leave,
but now you live so freely,
and i cant remember how to breathe.

i forgive you for breaking my trust,
for breaking my heart and my soul too,
i guess now its time to move on,
but oh babe, how i miss you.
jennie Jun 19
I’m sorry to bother you..
Promise you don’t mind?

I just want your pixie dust please,
oh no.. I won’t take too much.

just enough to fly,

feel high,

and be beautiful too!

being an earth fairy is unfair compared too a glowing gazelle like you...
you are
my sunshine.
my love.
my rock.
my protector.
my big spoon.

you are the reason
for my smiles.
for the laughter through my tears.
for my sweet dreams.
for my hope and optimism in hard times.

i can't wait to marry you
DzulJumadi May 11
"Do you do Netflix all day long?"
Yes, but I don't chill.
See there's a difference
Between "Netflix and chill"
And just a plain Netflix all day.

Orange is the new black
Was my favourite show.
Yoga Jones quoted,
"You don't ask why people are leaving when you pushed them away."
That **** was real.
Have anyone ever in this junction before?

Reason why people hurt other people
Is simply because they are not happy.
With their life or perhaps with the other person's expectations.
They called them toxic people.
Always finding them negatively-rejected.
Humans need love.
We use things not humans.
Poussey Washington said,
"Love. It’s just chilling, you know? Kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes. And, like, not even wanting to go to sleep, ‘cause then you might be without ‘em for a minute. And you don’t want that."

Don't choose hurt, babe.
Always choose love and beyond.
One day, what goes around comes around.
And who knows that day, we are no longer around except the lovers of love.
Heyaless May 4
I didn't hurt you in this short span of our love story

Always cared for you , when I craved your affection the most .

Always protected you , when I only felt insecured.

Always loved you , when I only felt unloved .
Always trusted you , even when I saw you breaking every emotions .

I have loved you ,even when I was just getting hurt in my guts .

I've loved you , even when you're piercing my heart into million peices .

I've loved you , even when you're with someone else .

I still love you .  
But I am so coated with a bad darkness
I don't know how long I can hold .
You know what I am afraid of the most .............. (Silence)
I can't say what I'm afraid of .
Baby you’re so fine
Help me read your signs
I can’t catch them all the time
As bad as I want to, take control showing me what to do?
V C Vaughn Apr 7
Sometimes we get lost,
We wander off our path, or we forget how far we’ve come,
Or we forget that we’re not girls any more.
But women in charge of our own destiny.
Not depended on a man’s opinion,
Of who you are, or who you should be.
Hold fast to this.
Know that you deserve to be loved,
For the strong independent Boss Babe,
That you are.
Never settle for less than you deserve.
Rise up and show your daughters and the Nigh Sayers,
That though your world is small,
It is yours, for the making.
Create a world where Warrior goddess strive and thrive.
The path is yours.
You are strong, beautiful, smart, and a warrior.
You come from a long line of amazing women,
Warrior and goddess in their own right,
Women who survive and thrive,
Always remember you are a warrior goddess,
It is a family tradition.
Remember to always hold fast to father God,
He is always there for you.
Honor and respect mother earth
Don’t forget Karma is a *****,
that takes no prisoners.
You have the wisdom of many at your fingertips
All for the asking, WE will be there.
Mane Omsy Mar 18
Coffee brown lit light skin
Silk rolled glowing lights
Heal my heart, mere smile
Shining through berry lips

Rose petal imprint on my cheeks
With a racecar engine
Beside fantast filled lungs
Her warmth touch, current spikes
Melodies, vocals can't compete

Here hear my heartbeats sweetheart
With a kind response, patting kisses
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