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Siviwebaraza May 26
You touched my soul
And heart like how
The sun touches the earth
In the morning and made
My world bright
For that i love you
Light of my life
I love you for being you
Era Apr 14
Sometimes I feel like
It's good to have this kind of life,
And feelings that don't cut like a knife;
It's better when you don't text me,
It's better when I just live for me.
But there are also times
When I remember those nights,
And those daydreaming flights;
When all I cared for was you,
When all I craved for was you.
and I never again felt the same.
Era Apr 14
Its been two years already
Didn't hear a word from you baby
Think we're good at ghosting each other
Or why wouldn't we hang out together?
Feels like there wasn't even a thing
Like all I felt or said went into nothing
How did all these moments just fade away?
Like it had never even existed?
It felt so real felt so lit
Little did I know
That it wasn't it
She saw my dark side,
And said black is her favourite colour.
Baby, all you wanted was the love,
The food,
And the attention,

But you never asked if I could give you that.
She told me she has a thousand friends,
But out of a thousand friends,
She had one that stood out
Dougie Simps Apr 3
Ive thought long and hard about how I wanted this to be spoken
Hard to feel you can complete a heart that’s already been broken
But I’m young, dumb and hopeless
That’s why my romance has a chance
I’d take you back to prom days and ask you for one dance
Relive ya memories and make them with me
But understand you go through those obstacles to finally make it to me
I’d take those long drinking nights, with the blues melodies and do it all over
I’d take on the whole world and cry myself to sleep if it meant I’d get the nights that you come over
I over react - I over think
My mind works like a workshop that never closes
But that all changed the day I saw your smile and addressed your beauty with red roses
You are my purpose, you make it all worth it
I’ve spent my whole life looking for you
I’m so glad to be done searching
You’re the morning coffee that starts my day
The perfect song to make the sorrows fade away
The feeling you get when you’re surprised and forever endure that love
The most gorgeous soul I’ve ever seen
My Gabrielle,my bubs
Imma show you a life you never ever imagined
And fly with you anywhere
Just you and I...let’s leave behind all the baggage
It’s our world - you’re my girl
Let me be the one to wipe away all your tears
Fight away all your fears...
Walk with you through life
Holding hands for years and years

When your heart is tired let me be the one to love you
Promise to be your armor and protect all the pain that comes for you
I’ve found a love that only those wish upon
Guess my shooting star granted
Cupid took some shots at my intuition and that arrow perfectly landed
Moral of the story is I went through life ripped, damaged goods and constantly having to restart
“You complete me” no Jerry McGuire
I’m just so grateful to finally have found...
My whole heart.
Wrote this for my girlfriend-l
Luna Jay Mar 28
You promised you’d never let go;
You promised a lifetime.
Standing there and holding her
As if I’m completely blind.
He thought he could hurt me,
But I am completely fine.
I’ve been with a cheater,
A beater,
A super overachiever…
Now I need some me time-
Some bubble bath and chai tea time.
No reason to shave time-
I am fine with who I am.
Rozey Mar 21
I am beautiful
Stronger than ever before
Don't forget that babe
Haiku are my favorites!

I will never allow another individual to denote my power and potential. I am beautiful from inside and out. I have fought my demons and I am proud of who I am and where I am today.
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