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Lace Sep 22
I can't ever
Make up
My mind
But with you
I don't have
A decision
Amanda Sep 14
Babe I hope you know
Every silver lining found
Is shaped just like you
My silver lining forever
JAW Jul 29
You look divine
The way you hold the glass of wine
as if it will never spill
Seconds pass and I am under your spell
Pick me like a spring flower
show me there is no hell
Tipsy like the glass slipping from your fingertips
Now its hopeless
The carpet is stained
it started to rain
You give up and go to bed
Without my kiss on the head
Just red on the floor
Was not meant to be poured
Butterfly Jul 19
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
killian Jul 17
i know you're up to something, babe
just tell me the truth
i know you've got some other babe
who's been handling you

i'm not up to loving, babe
or giving up my youth
if you're hiding something, babe
someone who's been loving you

i know you're up to something, baby
when you give me that glance
why don't you try for some other baby
who you can put in that trance

i'm not up to loving, baby
if there even is a chance
that you're loving some other baby
and tainting our romance
Siviwebaraza May 26
You touched my soul
And heart like how
The sun touches the earth
In the morning and made
My world bright
For that i love you
Light of my life
I love you for being you
Era Apr 14
Sometimes I feel like
It's good to have this kind of life,
And feelings that don't cut like a knife;
It's better when you don't text me,
It's better when I just live for me.
But there are also times
When I remember those nights,
And those daydreaming flights;
When all I cared for was you,
When all I craved for was you.
and I never again felt the same.
Era Apr 14
Its been two years already
Didn't hear a word from you baby
Think we're good at ghosting each other
Or why wouldn't we hang out together?
Feels like there wasn't even a thing
Like all I felt or said went into nothing
How did all these moments just fade away?
Like it had never even existed?
It felt so real felt so lit
Little did I know
That it wasn't it
She saw my dark side,
And said black is her favourite colour.
Baby, all you wanted was the love,
The food,
And the attention,

But you never asked if I could give you that.
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